Monday, February 28, 2011

Twinkled ... twinkled White star at February

Twinkled ... twinkled little star
Twinkling here and there
Dropping with smooth and gentle
So pure

Twinkled ... twinkled little star
twinkling here and there
Running then on high speed
So energetic

Twinkled ... twinkled little star
and staying with the warmth of day
With them

The guardian star family

Welcome to the world lil twinkling star
Enjoy every second you will passing on
With whole

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Lost French Style, enjooy :p

what am I mumble of tonight? humm enjoy the lost french style hehehe...

à l'amour avec toi n'était pas mon commandement,
en quelque sorte ils ont peur moi beaucoup
mais ce qui se passe, c'est que
dans quelle mesure je lance à partir de ces choses, alors là, il sera fin
alors je suis pour lui crier
ne suis vraiment pas prête pour cette
mais que les choses amour sonne un langues différentes
ne peut pas le contrôler
tout se produire, c'est ma zone de couverture
whuaaaa: ((
Mais Dieu sorts pour m'aider avec le temps
étape par étape i est inhaler mon auto et a dit, oui vous pouvez oublier tous les
le temps peut guérir tous les
vous pouvez sortir de là
Je ne peux oublier tout ce que je peux oublier ... toutes les
que ce que je colle à l'esprit de tous les jours jusqu'à ce jour
le drôle est, i tous les jours vous avez effacé de telle sorte que tous les jours pour vous de nombreuses autour de
un jour je me sens si libre dans une minute, puis prochaines heures est à vous
alors inimaginable
tous les efforts je n'ai pas de travail tout comme à tous les
complète de sourcil quand il s'agit de vous
je décide de vous laisser distancer et passer à autre chose
alors ce que j'ai trouvé plus tard, sont toujours
ne se déplacent jamais, même d'un pouce
comment se fait?
Je ne la méditation souvent une
Je ne me vider l'esprit
Je ne succès un jour, mais seulement un jour
Je ne l'oublier, mais seulement un jour aussi
plus tard, il sera un signe pour un étranger et d'arrêter dans le même point
Donc, je ne peu de temps pour re-penser, ce qui se passe de toute façon?
et la réponse reste la même ... ce mot sonne l'amour toujours là
dans quelle mesure et comment i dur a effacé de l'esprit il sera
Huff ... ce qu'est un cas pathétique que j'ai ici.
Donc, je viens de le laisser couler avec le destin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hadiah bagi si penunggu Unggul :0)

Tepuk Tangan bagi si penyabar

Mmm belum tidur seperti biasa, membaca sedikit blog teman dan mendapatkan info manis seputar menunggu.
Betapa menunggu adalah hal yang menyebalkan untuk orang-orang masa kini.
Tapi di balik menunggu itulah seorang atau bahkan lebih dari 500 orang akan menunggu untuk sebuah pilihan yang pasti.

Dari blog seorang teman ini lah ku mendapati sebuah pelajaran tentang seni menunggu akan sebuah kepastian.
Begitu sederhana, namun banyak godaan yang harus ditempuh.
Dan bagi siapa yang bersabar untuk hal itu ... serendetan tepuk tangan akan menjadi hadiah terbaik baginya sepanjang masa.

Luar biasa yaaa?

Terima kasih TUHAN, karena selalu ada hal-hal sederhana yang bisa membuat mata hati kita terbuka untuk segala nilai dan mempelajarinya.

Semangat selalu teman-teman (^_^)

Keluarga Besar

Status "Keluarga Besar" memang bukan sebuah hal yang aneh untuk keluasan pertalian keluarga kami. Besar dan luas, tak hanya lintas kota dalam sebuah negeri, namun juga lintas negara dan samudera. Whoaaa ....

Dulu tak pernah dibayangkan kalau akan se-aneka ragam itu. Hingga WAKTU memberikan jawaban kepada siapa kita akan terikat di dunia ini. Benar-benar sampai di kata bahwa Manusia adalah MAHLUK SOSIAL. Bagaimana tidak? Proses pengembangan sebuah studi kebudayaan , adat istiadat, hukum, agama dan lain-lain berasal dari sebuah pertalian PerNikaHan...

Hal yang kadang membuat semuanya terlihat lucu adalah ketika muncul pikiran-pikiran aneh yang tidak seharusnya ada, yang kemudian di berikan jalan keberadaannya oleh YME. Dan pikiran-pikiran aneh tadi melebur sesuai dengan fungsi manusia sebagai Mahluk Sosial.

Untuk itu rasanya aku akan berterima kasih untuk segala jalan yang DIA berikan pada setiap manusia untuk lebih mendengar, melihat berbagai hal dari banyak sudut pandang.
Berbahagialah manusia-manusia yang diberikan jalan oleh NYA demi kebaikan di masa yang aka datang ... amin :O)

Terima kasih untuk memperlihatkan betapa indahnya keragaman dalam Keluarga Besar ini. Mudah2an kami yang terhubung akan selalu dalam naungan kebaikan, kepekaan di jalanMU.
Senang bertemu dengan mereka2 yangbaru-baru ini terjalin lagi persaudaraannya, karena ketidak tahuan (^_^)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "Wh" Quiz

Today I set up my time for play some quiz, it titled "who's your arabic names?"
Dunno why, there were a temptation for me to click the button.
Typed my name till the middle name and ... there's an answer that mine will become Noor Afifah.
Based on my knowledge it word Noor refers to Light, so I predicted that's all good meaning behind.

But then I was searched again about Afifah, and the result directed me to the notes: that Afifah is the other name of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra. Well, am not to good in remember who the person is but knowing that one is a daughter of Khadijah - the 1st wife of Muhammad Saw.
Hazrat Fatimah Zahra = Shining Fatimah.

Its a curious stand still at my mind, so am tryin' to surf more about this woman. And I am arriving at this link :

Just look at that poem then it feels so "brigidig" to remember.
Some lines that shout about swords and chain make me flyin' to some doodling time I did last year. It's so make me speechless and thought again, hey what is going on btw? Is there any something that burden so long and need a long time and journey for opening again? Weww... (@_@")

Those line of a poem is the same with fragments that always splish-splash around for more than this 5 years. Well the lines that sounding these:
(And brought a new system of law
He is the chosen one, solver of all problems, the lion of God
All he owned was a sword and a coat of chain
He was the chief of the army of Love
etc...- just see it on the link above)

kyaaaaa what a life! what a clue! are they a part of some life sign?
What this all about anyway? (probably just can try to translate it lil bit) - hmm but still couldn't share with an anonymous.
Why that pieces always coming without an invitation?
Do I have to care about all of this? - hehehe all just up to me eh ... LOL! ;p

Huffttt gtg now...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Syibly & Adagio for String opus 11

Hahaha finally I put you on this too pal (^_*).
With him is like meeting the magic world in a real life. Dunno why with this one, but yes he is a special best friend. He is a good quality of friend that so rare u can find on this era, and i say much thankful to GOD about it.

Maybe because our interest in good common...
He's nicest person that knowing where he stand up for.
He's a good teacher for life too, because after all pall in every discussion we did there always a or few lessons to take.
Well, Sir u are really have good improvement on teaching eh...hahahaha :)

Mmm when i put that word "teach" then I remember about Aslan ... well just a coincidental but what you do for life is the same path with Aslan did for the Narnia warrior. hahahahahaha LOL but hey just figured it out by yourself...that's just mine frame.

why that music labeling at the title?
because I was listening for it when wrote this notes

O yeap btw, May everything goes well with the baby birth.
Best pray for your lil family - always

Aslan , Syibly wewww both of u are so familiar hehehehe ... just be you then pal :)
Nice to know you.

The Last of Narnia

pic source : google search - images

One of my like movie to see

I juz watched the third about couple minuets ago and tell my friend about it movie.
I said hey what an amazing CS Lewis are, he's a humanism person on fantasize movie. Glad to watch this movie. Thanks for the one who produced this chronicles.

Then I saw my twitter timeline, bam! shocked a lil bit because it said that the producer of it movies just died. Weww...

This might be ridiculous but I will said that your movie is the sweet way to remember us about ourself. Time to grow up by finding every treasure He gave us. :) Thank's for filmed them into and could be joy by ours. May GBU wherever land you are.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Every Second Counts

Yes dear ... every second counts ...

Every where since we were all take a breath on this earth and wears whole of HIS properties.
How the days will be passed by? With happy , sad, yelling, silent, starring, singing or anything simple that we almost forget.

Yes in so many ways time make us forget about who we are ... someday time had taken our mind into somebody else priority that aloud us to not to do something basic anymore. We forget to greet any man or woman or anyone around. We forget to share our spirit to anyone not a parting of corner only.

Time make somebody become a conceit one, while every one have rights to respect. Not only the one who is on the top of level, its something that use for every level of society of every nation in this world.

We might not an angel, only a human beings and we forget to thankful about it too to our GOD/Allah/Allah SWT.

A human beings is a top creature of He is the one who created whole. So why don't we start to make the world having big smile than before. With spreading as much as can love every where, so that the world will be on minimize circumstance of being hates each other or gaining on track who will be the powerful place to lead on the world.

We only human that should appreciate well what GOD had given to us rights for living with good.
So just appreciate the world too as the great place ever that welcoming us always a comfort zone of life, how hard the time are ...

Every second counts everywhere...
So let's start to do something better for the better future, don't forget to thankful for every moments passed , present or that who will be come in da future.

if u smart , you must be known since the old day that Majesty always giving signs everywhere.
and for those who think HE is showing us a pleasure and treasure time to arrive at peace section.

Every second counts indeed, for every human beings do for filling their life.
what must have to do and what mustn't, to those who loved think so the true will be coming into and meeting PEACE for sure.

Don't ever thinking that we are lonely , because we never lonely since our birth time.

Cheer up then every one, for the living HE let us feel on this earth
And for every scene HE showing us on different frames

Love you all, may we are all being someone that always be thankful and never forget about HIS existence.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bandung (2) - Lembang

view of tree at Setiabudhi St way to go to Lembang

an information board about hot water at Lembang, sari ater :) number red number on 15 february it means we have free day to enjoy the time.
So that's what am doing today...gone somewhere to up hill with old friends.
In grey weather we were drive on to Lembang.

Where is Lembang?
Lembang is a town in the province of West Java in Java, Indonesia. Its located up hill Bandung city, higher than it place.
Lembang is situated between 1,312 and 2,084 above sea level, with temperatures between 17°-27 °C.

What you can get here?
Well, there are so many place we can visit or just through the way to feel natural rhythm of it hahaha... :p
The most famous since the old day is Tangkuban Perahu, Sari ater - Place where you can hot bathing , Observatorium Bosscha - Place where you can enjoy the nite sky through giant telescope - u can turn to this link

What else?
Well you can get a panorama of Pine Tree, Tea Field and different atmosphere between cities and uphill society. hehehehe...just try to come then...

today i just share about some of place called Sari Ater , place where you can hot bathing. this place have different level of temperatures in some dots. And lil the way to where it belongs.
Enjoy :O)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oooh No!

Oooh No!

it just lost ... my old template :((

whuaaaa juz with one click and gone in a second

so I wear this one 4 a while till get the other one

Breadcrumbs + Juice

Hohohoho it'll be add with a glass or a pitcher of juice too ...

How many breadcrumbs?
Well, it's around 15

How about the juice?
Well ... it'll be enough for everyday meet and greet lovely moments altogether.
And framing everyday with positive energy and spirits

Just wait and see for others ingredients.

Stay cool and lovely every one...GBU all


Yeaaaah ... u are in ... u are in... ckckckckck
I met this one on coincidental way ... hahahaha but we just face to face finally.
Everything happened with this guy mostly have a "Coincidental Label" ... someday it could be make your eyebrow raised with all situation

But hei hei hei, he's good guy anyway ... polite and classic I said so - hohoho
Some of faithful person that good in guitar play and dunno - what else yeah lil forget here. Ooo!! He have a good skill at writing a story. I believed he have so many stock of events on his mind.

About his language on story you can see his link at
Pretty calm person and helpful too, GOKIL? so so lah :D
Not much I can tell about him because our unique time for face to face that always connect with that label ( u can see 1st par, line3) - wkwkwkwk

How silent he is? hehehe so so juga lah
The most busy person I knew on this Breadcrumbs lists Daa!! hahahahaha
Btw we are all just crumbs indeed, and knowing this guy ... you can learn some positive energy for life and that's nice.
Juz tryin' to be his friend then :)

What am I like with this one?
Well ... its his story lines and that warm smile (^_^) - dun be boring with this words because its true >>Like the way you smile<< - Fresh and Peace - (eitsss!! jangan terbang oom ...) .

Glad meeting you at that 'label' , everything happens for a reason
Reason for educate our self from the blindness of something, that is what I've got anyway

So thankful to GOD for the meeting (*_^)

Jamil (Emil)

Hahaha you are on list dude! (^_*)
Never known before or never guess might be?
But I let you in then because you are one of my best friend too.

With this man, ouch! I've got so many fluctuate motion, debate about ... lots of thing
And sharing too
And the result are smiling, mad, fighting via phone in many ways, stop talking and back in friendship again.
Just like meet LORD OF THE WAR with him.
But you know what??
He is finest guy :)
One of best friend who great to be talk and share about everything ... (^_^)
He's like my brother too

To those who have an appetite to him just caught him then.
Hahaha man! I'm promoting you ;)

What kinda acts he likes to do ... mmm he likes man stuff such as bikes, motorbikes, etc.
U should ask him directly - hehehe

Anyway busway Mil! Good to know you
Adios amigos fella :D

Anggita Meutia

This one is kinda ma'am ... cute mom with that all characteristic she had.
Mmm loved to talk with this mom, she likes to smile that bring her so sweet. Hey You Sweet Anggit!
Love the way you speak with your language in Sastra.
Love the way you spirit about woman
Love the way you tell a or many stories of life
Appreciate all of your input into my mind.

Love you dear :-*

It's nice to know you and your lil family
God Bless you all

Monday, February 14, 2011


pic source : google search engine ->

Hmm what is it in february 14th?

Well for among them who wasn't celebrate it days , it just an ordinary day like generally.

But for you all who celebrate it so I'll bring you a merry of Valentine's Day moment. May you are all having a great time with everyone you want to be with. May all of you get a blessing love always.

Peace and Love on Earth like I always pray for it every day. (^_^)
May on Valentine's day this year it could be bring more and more spirit of love for every human beings and HIS creatures too.

Have a cherish moment for you all and keep on POSITIVO spirit for LOVE yaaa - everyday (^0^)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eriana PSCD

Wo ho ho ho there are 5 words to expel her name. So looooooooooong
Btw let's we call her Dewi :)
This ma'am is one of a unique person i've ever had as a pal
I guarantee only 1 her in this giant ball - hehehehe
This is a creative person ever ... when u said only one words, then she will continue it by uncountable topics she had on her mind. So FANTASTIC person :D .

An independent woman but sometimes like being spoil too. Can cook, like to chat, energetic one, loved to laugh and smile even till you drop - bwahahahahaha :))))
Oooh yeah she's good in arts and culture too.
A tomboy one? I don't think so coz she is pleasure in so many ways with beauty touch of women needs hahaha, she likes make-up too. Don't foolish by her look like, on the deep deep inside hey she is pretty good on that stuff than I do.

The one I don't like from her is when she is cryin' - too sad to see you on that situation.
Loved the way you spread the energetic atmosphere to other , that's so awesome :)

Well, well, well to me ... this Eriana Puspita Sari Chandra Dewi (am I wrong about your name Wi?)is one of best pal that completely me too with her creative way that handed by Allah SWT.
Thx for bring me her for 11 yrs of our friendship GOD, love and hugs to you always. BFK


How about this one?

Alvaro! What a man names huh? hahahaha ...
He is a pal that i knew someday at some workshop of his pa, coincidental moments indeed.
I thought you are another person - some person that have been worked there too before.
Thanks to the time and Emma too who given some code at that time - hahahahaha ... even not recognized it until we met on the next week after.

It was happened on 2007 if I'm not wrong.
Just like an iron how to works system, through that way too our friendship maintenance
Even not much playing around because your busy activities but we still keep in touch with well until now.

You know what Al?
It's a pleasant to see you again being a catwalk person.
Hahaha - secara ... u never want someone knows another side job of yours (^_*) - LOL!!

This person is the one who will sparkled with his way too.
Let his flow smoothly and those sprinkle will around him like a magic from GOD.
Alvaro will be as an Alvaro like now a day, he know what he wants to do for life.
A strong will person that have a great heart beat ability to feel gathering with others.
Even he likes something crazy too.
He is nice pal indeed :D

It's great to meet you Alvaro:))
GBU always :)


Nice name though ...
He is my friends since we were at under 5 years old, he's my next door friend that leaving Indonesia for many years and caught up again when we were on Senior high school. However , so ever he is still being my next door friend until now.

Being a friendship with him means ready to do some crazy act somewhere because he is a fun guy. Like to travel , used to be he likes read Agatha Christi series and playing some computer games.
He is nice, kinda a romantic person too - hehehe (^_*). Loved the way you dressed on shirts so fit with you Fop. Good enough taste on fashion...daa! ;p
He is smooth and cheerful, lil bit spoil but can handle it thou ... and he is smart too yes :D

Over all Foppa are sweet guy and fun \(^_^)/ - it's yiiiippppiiii to know youuuu

Deri Y

This one was introduce by Emma at her house once upon a time.
He was showed up on black shirts and look so seriously person while brought a box of donuts - heiii do you still remember this Deri?
Hahahaha....a very funny night with happy faces around. (^0^)

From a simply met the three of us like to spent time together.
And always having rendevouz just for chat at my home, and get refresh by some dinner time.
Or we were make an appointment to catch Emma and playing around together.

He is fine and pretty fun too, that's why we just like a brother and sister now a days. So far he is a good man, reliable, smart, and really love Indonesian food.

Nice to know you Deri :0) and whole stories that we had switched before... hahahaha keep on POSITIVO spirit Sir :).
Oh yeah now its about 5 yrs becoming my pal.
Hope you happy ever after too :)


Novi and I are becoming a best pal for the last 15 yrs.
The 1st meeting with her wasn't too excited because I thought she is a shy person.
But we just friend at the begin.
After several years passed including the time where we spend the time as a desk mate, i've been learn many knowledge from her.
With her we can learn something simple that never thought before to be a thoughtful things and use for our angle view of life.
With her we shares so many stories that full with laugh ... laugh ... and laugh even we were trapped on official moments.
Both of us like doing walk out from one mosque to another (it's to bad never doing that again since we were on different city and etc ), we also like to celebrate our moments from the little one to the big at small warung bakso at jl Panorama. Hunting for "jajanan esde" is something we both like too.
Having chat about everything, hunting for photograph, drawing, etc.
Lots of interested and attracted doing in random and ending by laugh every where.

If I say about her so I'll tell that she is LAUGH treasure of life.
This is the pal that already being my soulmate woman - someday absurd with her 'frumpish' but still cool (^_*)...
She doesn't like being captured by a camera click, while she is one who always have the best angle view when caught somebody on frame.
She is a pure heart pal :D ...
Love you everyday Mrs. Novi :D

Bandung (1)

Where is Bandung city?

Well, if you take a look the world map, you can find that on Java Island at Indonesian area.

what story you can get from this city?

It's Bandung a place that surround by mountains and having good climate between another place. Feel colder than our capital city - Jakarta.

The old spell of Bandung is Bandoeng, but nowadays every one used the newest.
This city was calling as a Paris Van Java by the people at old times. It's a Dutch when they were still stand by at this Indoland long long time ago. They build so many building like they have on their own country.
Not much you can see now on but still have their Paris Van Java touched when you just stop by here.

Dududududu that's a lil bit about a place where I lived on today. And would like to share some angles of Bandung City now a days.
Have fun :)

Well, some other day i'll show you another angles from this city, but now on I have to gtg.
So will be end here for a while.
Have a good taste of life everyone *full of love and hugs for u all* (^_^)

Star Fruit (^_^)

Have you ever like a star fruit?
Well it wondie time to have that fruit mixed by some ice cube and syrup together.
How the taste of it?
Well, it's nice, sweet and Fresh ur day enough.
Wanna see them?

Take a look, spoil the view, imagine that u are swimming between those cube - wohooooo feel Fresh indeed :))

Enjoy the time at lil garden

Warm weather had been arrived here at my home town Bandung, it was couple days ago when everyone just went out and just me myself at home.
In some peace time , I was taking my step out to the lil yard that around with big leaves that grounded by my father.
The sky look very nice at that time.
A good harmony day ever and kinda like it.
So I just click few angle of it too - plus me of course - hehehehe :p

Just take a look then (^_^)

Sunny Noon @ TeKo :)

Yesterday I was stuck on TEKO for couple hours, but no feel guilty at all, because I can spend my time for doing my scrip writer job. Finish the un - finish ;p. Sunny noon with three cats around that can't make me peace a lil while, because two of them spin around just for begging what I ate of - pheww (^_^")

Otherwise , feel happy because I could pleasure the time to enjoy the green, red, yellow, blue, purple, brown , etc in one package. Good music too. Even just me on that place for couple hours but feel not lonely. That place is having good nuance that bring everything are always together with heart.
So Peace and lovely. (^_^)

May someday some or all the readers could be here at this lovely simple place.
Enjoy then :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yonna (Usa Chan ^_^)

Usa chan!that's how we called her someday. And i've got a unique angle when met her at the 1st time.

It's a time when we were both at Senior High School...I was standing behind her when walked to our class someday. I watched her long long hair, so long . it's about to ankle...Well in my time that already step in 1990's - it's a sparse who have a long hair like she was.

I wondered, hmm looks like an Indiana girlz - hehehe ... no no no but some people in Asia but not Indonesian...(Ooopsss sorry pal, never spit it up til now so Peace yaw! ;p)
However I feel she's a kinda good person that can be a friends too. Well, we were on different class at year 1 and 2.

But our friendship is starting in the 1st year, not in the school but it happened at course place. It's a 1st time i've been a fellow of English course. And met her there...I didn't familiar at the first time, but later than I saw around and "that she is!" - "with her long long hair"- "wow!" i said so just kept in mind.

Then not so long we shook hand,bla bla bla...en continue until now. It's count by 15yrs - whooooww!!

Yona is a kinda love-story woman, have a kind heart , so pure, and again thx GOD i've got the smart pal too (^_^)...she like's to have a joke, someday so serious, moody-ugly kid joe- sweet too. you can feel free with her, it's so pleased and pleasure having moments with this woman.

She likes manga, novel and korean movies - genre drama :)).


Her name is Emma, we met at campus, she was one of outstanding student that so active at some forum or class that I attend of.

1st time I saw her, juz thought huff smart! weww but I'm not in capable of to be her friend anyway. We were on different class and so rare to meet until some semester we do really at one room for the same subject :p. So the other friend let us to know ...

After that we have joining at the same activities at several of event at campus. An inspiring years I had past with her were extraordinary. So many hahahahaha (laugh) at those moment. Being a friend with this woman is bringing you out in so many unusual tracked ;). but feels sweet

She is a kind motivator friends that so down to matter where we stand juz feel relax and have glittering moments. it's like you have a walking out with a queen of ...

Hohhooo Emma u r a queen! tadadadadada tudududu di dam dam
A stubborn-sweet queen that have a brave heart, uhmm I bet it's a rare things now a days having a friend like this one.
She's sparkled with her way.
This queen that already walking together for almost 11 yrs.
Hey Emma! Nice to meet ya

No one ever had a slicked life i guess, like we do too...but every mistaken or mad time will be generally good with smile.
So Emma, juz recognized this today, from who I 've been learned about how to SMILE for others.
Thank you so much pall (^_^)

What else...behind her beauty there are a "GOKIL" side of her that can make you LOL till ROLF hehehe.
So far ,,, it's all about direction, gokil, bawel, beauty and joy with when you are with her.
Yes she is the queen of her family because she's already one prince nowadays.

Hahahaha..again and again...that's her (^_^).

PS: dear Emma however, whatever, whenever you just will be you...long lasting from the old days till later ... Speak for spirit energy where ever you are because it's you.

*hugs dari bantal :p


once upon a time, they were fragment spreading fully some part of garden.
there on green carpet I found lots of breadcrumbs...

it took several time for me watching for them and remind one by one about my friends
they are like a whole bread that ingredients from so many crumbs.
they are so delicious companion for life.
a great to mix with coffee or tea that you'll consumption in the morning beside the newspaper or noon time when chat session start with some cookies :)

they are all only crumbs but so special - every inch of them
and I'll write about you that I remember always for so many years until (^_^)
because part of them is mine too...

So after this notes , when you find a name as a title so it'll be part of that crumbs