Thursday, June 30, 2011

Juno Ending

Ending again on Juno system ... what u've got here?

Well, the answer will be SO MANY :)

Meeting another family from other Island and revealing again something unspoken facts about who are they and I that still part of them. They sounded me a lil thing, some steps to bring our traditionally still alive from this generation to the next.

Another was the time to make friends who already didn't meet for years met each other -- finally.
Very glad can make u both seeing each other again Aviv and Widya. (^_^)
This time is one of the good present from HIM to me on this JUNE. Really enjoy to have a meeting with both of you on directly.

What else, ooh yeah thanks to you for the greeting. With that Sparkling Cranberry Juice inside - delighted (^_^). May in the new days we can really taste them under the night sky and spreading star up there. Cheers ... \(^_*)/

Ooooh yeap yesterday was o great day too when I just about at second floor on back balcony and there's a cool black eagle. Awesome ! With those wide wings, very ooooooutch.

and so on

so lets close juno and facing thru next month :D
GBU all

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YukY Peinkeik

Humm what is Peinkeik anyway? Well, its derived from Pancake to be some slank term that so much doing every where now a day. Well everyone have their own style to catch some good things eh ;)

Let's move to the story

Well it's called YUKY like the owner called by his friend. How many people around to this place?
Many! Can't counting by a finger of course.

What abot this place anyway?
Uhmm, this small place is located on Tengku Angkasa , st # 28 b - Bandung - Indonesia

Small and lovely under the green green tree, around UNPAD (Padjadjaran University).
So do the menu they've got there :)
Being there is reminding you about somewhere cozy, like when you were at ur home.
Well , I do catch now what that black board said about HOME SWEET HOME (tadaaaa!!!) :p

Ooo yeap, because it said peinkeik, so this place are having their home made pan cake with enough variation of it.
Some pancake I like to order and recommend are Apple Cinnamon, Super Creamy, Spring Tuna and find the new one simple called Strawberry Pancake.

Not only those, you can handle ur thirsty with some cold drink and other simple menu such as fettucine carbonara , etc.

Above all the menu they are good, so dun forget to come here - YUKY's peinkeik - when you just arrive at Bandung City and do some culinary hang out :)

Well just enjoy some pics that i've been taken several time ago.

Sweety color in front

a forward view (^_*)

simple en delicious
The other catchy from this lil place is you can find some masterpieces of nu talented artist. All are sticky on the wall. :)

This painting was hung on the wall for the 1st time i came by

Then at several weeks after, there was this one
Little and many expressions everyday from the customer that made this place warmer day by day :)
Juz take a look of them - and me often :p LOL!!

Finally they all here - enjoy (^_*) . Welcome to it place someday u have a time.

Welcome Greeting

Whiiiii :D welcome to new readers from Ukraine, Iran, Spain, India, Estonia, South Korea.

Welcome to this simple blog that shout out of colors of life, love, spirit, motivate , creations, passion etc ...

Thanks to stop by here, may the simple thought of being caring each other could be a good stimulate for u all.

Well, every notes here mostly come from reality situation.
Juz drop it here, so we all can learn from the past and forward to the future in POSITIVO way.

Enjoy (^_^)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Side by side

Side by side views it said

Side by side is one line that make me smile on this minutes

Just like to see somebody next to you

Who that derives on something together

Then looking each other smile

And hop into some place while discuss a lil journey about

Hahahaha ... what a life!

You can share it with fully heart that it's real you


What a grateful time we all had here on this world.

So ...

Dun excuse your time for shut up , just sharing it to the world

To your companion, fellowman, lover, best-friend, or etc as side by side views

Till the lighter fit your time reach up happiness

Full that spot to empty that emptiness

Hmm am sending you HAPPINESS and MERRY time from this lil room (^_^)

Let it be

Let it be ... let it be ...

The huge secrets are only in HIS mind.

Everyone can said a,b c d - z or 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Let it be ... let it be ...

Everyone have their own style

They are pick about and living with they manners

So do us

You do yours

And mine too

Somewhere in the other line may we both could be consummate it

And born new kinda things

Let it be ... let it be ...

When HE said it happens so it will


When Blessing Day Come

Yipikayey 27 is mine day in every years.
Amien dear GOD for every shots happened for the last year behind.
May in a brand new day, there are always something POSITIVO sphere can spread to the world.

Let's having simple wish for world, thru this date ...

Dear lovely GOD ... May every single things happen can be charge LOVE for everyone in every where so that the live will touched by pieces of caring each other.
Blessing every one to that dot, so they wont hated or doing unreasonable war for such minus things.
Just keep up save from every negative actions by the world, give every person to catch your light and feel the warm of YOU on their heart.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

webbing and braided

yeap that were sumthing else spin around for the last couple days , so wow!

Ketika Gondrong :p


Wow! How gondrong i am , but loved it because the hairstylist was creating such a good cut to me. Poor i am not remember the face even his name on mind.
Eww ...

How ever so ever wouldn't cut this for several time. So it can make some gorgeous model when have to hang somewhere or party too. Feel so good after so long dun have any mid-long hair :D

Somebody say, hey just fix it a lil bit, make it look straight ... am just shut up to hear that.
And looked at the mirror after all.
Non wrong about whole, if i made it straight so that my face will look like not so good.
Otherwise I liked how the wave happen on it.
So natural...

Its good anyway somehow and someday. Dun think will remove it to be a straight box.

Hehehe everything have a purpose, so do my hair with whole naturally value around.
Juz be you then
Coz u'll be feel worth it than have to be someone else, even so many womanizer outta say "Beauty is pain"

Mine thought, "Juz be thankful for what you are, no matter what coz GOD always having a reason behind :)"

Enjoy the world then :)

mid nite intermezzo :P


is the same with LOVE U THERE

(hahahaha....juz showed up in last minutes)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Roller Coaster Time!

Roller coaster means spin , waving up and down ... meet so many colors like the perfect day when you at the park.

Oooh what a bless day you let me feel it again, in one smooth wave.
Feel soooooo happy, brighter along the ride.

So love it for every cherish you giving me.

Guess will meeting much role-play under the blue sky.

Thank's for the roller coaster so refreshing (^_^)

Have a pleasure day everyone. Woohoooy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crochet - ing :p

Yes, that's something i do for couple days lately. Not a new activities actually, but juz doing it again after have been cut several times. Yeap I do some crafty activities while i'm not in the working session as a writer. Hehehehe...

Not yet done now a days, reminding I juz started about 4 days ago :D. And this time is CROCHET(ing) time. Yippiiiika yey (^_^), what a delighted time to spare . Well, for someone who never working with this, I suggested you to try coz you can have fun with all that stuff.

Wkwkwkwk , mine wasn't to good but pretty enough to decorate some corner of place or something. (^0^)....

Uuuugh can't talk to much now, hahahahaha...
Bye then someday they will facing the readers I guess so. Hahahahahaha .....

Spinning around

Spinning again!

Whoooo , I thought it wouldn't happen when I not having a connection with ya through social-networking. Kinda peace around me a lil while, until someday i found some dot that make whole the system back in running time.

Daa! Seem the first thought about it was wrong, because I still spinning around without you on my social networking system. Peace yaw (^_*)...

Maybe juz the way it is, everything have a good reason behind why I always on that spinning ball that having connection with you without our conscious or knowing about it. Very funny thou ...

And i think, i'll be on some point where ever it is, that always connecting with you somewhere beneath. Hahahahahaha

Just Like Another :)

Just the ordinary...

Living like them who exactly born as an Indonesian, so do I.

Why I write this notes?
Because somebody had asked whether this and that - seem like i am not a people who living on that country. So weird actually, coz my birthplace is on that place so do my nationality even someday you heard them called me as a world child.

Its some kinda called because lots of variable countries at my family tradition. And yes I do any activities like another people do at our environment. Since I was grown up here so I have an attitude like them too. Just like the ordinary people I guess so :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tangkuban Perahu - Bandung (2)

Tangkuban Perahu is a tourist destination spot to see when you are about coming to our city, Bandung - West Java - Indonesian

What kinda view can you get on this spot?

Well you can enjoying a view of sulfur that stay still under the mountain mouth of Tangkuban Perahu.

What kinda name is Tangkuban Perahu?

Well, Tangkuban Perahu is one of dormant volcano at Bandung - West Java - Indonesian.

This title was coming from a legend story of Sundanesse culture , whereas a failed relationship between a man named Sangkuriang that falling in love with her own mother.

(So complicated yeap - ...)

Somehow his mum was knowing that the man who falling love with is her own blood, so with a creative way she made a requirement to Sangkuriang.
Her mum said "You can be my husband as if you can build a dam on the Citarum river and a big boat to cross it before the sunrise is coming"
Without so many argue of it Sangkuriang then tryin' to figure it out by helped of some mythical creatures. All of that "things" working in a diligent way, so that Sangkuriang almost done it before sunrise. ALMOST ...
Fortunately, her mum - Dayang Sumbi is knowing that and soon thingking another trial to break down Sangkuriang initiate to marry her.
And bam! She get's a good one ... She was success to make those creatures stopped working with giving a light effect that made a day brighter and the chicken is gobbling.

Dayang Sumbi glad to her deceison, otherwise Sangkuriang is feeling upset for everything. He kicked the big boat and unfinished dam that causing a flooding after. A big boat is inverse , that's why Sundanesse give it name "Tangkuban" = "Inverse" and "Perahu" = "Boat". Simplification is an inverse boat that causing a flood on the river.

Further more info you can search by : Tangkuban Perahu, Sangkuriang, Dayang Sumbi :).

Welcoming Greet :)

Front views before we buy an entering ticket

So many people arround just to catch the angle view - full parking too :D

The mouth of Kawah Ratu

Kamal and his message

Someday some lil things could be change your life, everything are worthy lessons to explore. Tonight I found an old picture with a friend. He is Kamal, a person that let me brought his book to me.
Kamal as a person that is becoming a part of mine and the book that bringing lot of stories and new friendship after.
Someday when u read this Kamal, I juz wanna say thank you so much for the permit you've had given me at that time. Now I am a learner still, but I do understand about whole simply stories you've been told me before. And yes am pretty shocked someday, but everything are process of getting better.
And am filtering it to the positive basket.
Hmm to every where you are dear friend, let's have a meet again. Juz for fun in one simple gathering time.
May GOD bless us to see again.

Rejoice Power

Rejoice power is here ...

Coming with an ignorance of around

To be a good smell

To be a simple smile

To be like the way it is

Rejoice power is come

To be a new companion

At new atmosphere

Between whole actions happened

Rejoice power is stay

For every purchase of experience thankful

From HIM to you, him, her, they and all


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Smiley Voice :p

Again YOU had given me SMILE to save a day :). Thank You so much dear GOD for every miracles about it corner. (^_^) YOU saved me from unknown to be know through some lil friends of mine. YOU just coloring back the day with those FEEL that so flatty lately.
Touchy the special room that only good key can opened it. Then that blooming white flower can give special scent too...humm... very refreshing.

Very well to listen again , too long not to hear that kinda voice when u just wakin' up.

Btw i do write this while listening Peter White, so nice to enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone (^_^)

(I'll write some interested info about Bandung again on next notes.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Have a great day ... even the other member was in other country, this women we teach doing all their homework in a good spirit. They do want to actually, so the angle i can get from this is a chance to try. Coz so many people failure to their life because there's no excuse for trying something. What a poor reminding that no one are pERFECT

yeah blah blih bloh :p

lil entertain about what we discussed couple days ago, after long time we were busy enough I supposed.
hmm ... :)

Its June (^_^)

Yihiiiii gud morning everyone...

June here and there ... have a blast good day ya (^_*)