Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Pancasila ada lima dasar" :)

Ending this month, i just remind to this game called "Pancasila ada lima dasar" then we shout of the 5 point of Pancasila before counting how many number will show.
This games could be done with more than 2 players.
Each number are refers to letters - depend on what the count is , ex : from 3 players there are 15 fingers showed then it will be the 15th letters from the alphabet (O).
After that we have to find a names of nation, city, fruit, vegetables, things that is beginning with letter "O".
The one who is letting blank whole column will be get zero point. each column with answered will get 10 points, and this game is ending depends on the deal between them.
Hahahahaha .... what a fun games and educational too.
Old but still okay to run our memory in good sharp.

Do u want to try this game?
(^__^) just play it then

"Pancasila ada lima dasar"....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hanya ingin bercuap-cuap ini:

"alon-alon asal kelakon

sesuatu yang niatnya baik maka hasilnya akan baik pula apapun sektornya.

Semangat terus!"

Saat Melupa Datang

sebuah intermezzo tentang

Melupa ...
Baru saja mendengar pengalaman beberapa orang yang melupa karena keadaan yang tidak disengaja.  Ternyata melupa memang cukup sering terjadi , dan rata-rata butuh waktu lama untuk memunculkan memori lama yang hilang.  Sama dengan yang kurasakan which is sakit kepala itu akan muncul ketika kita bersikeras untuk mengingat hal yang dipaksakan ingatannya.  Humm, kadang masih suka terbayang apa yang terjadi hari ini ya?, kalau saat itu aku tidak jatuh pingsan setelah kepentok rak sepatu.  Hahahaha pertanyaan yang tidak bisa dijawab pun :p.
Melupa itu awalnya tidak menyenangkan, karena banyak hal yang hilang dan kita tidak bisa menggapainya saat diinginkan.  Kesal bukan kepalang, bingung juga sih kalau sedang dalam percakapan seru dan kita tidak ingat sama sekali materi yang sebelumnya pernah diperbincangkan.  Alhasil, kita tersenyum dengan penuh tanya dalam hati.
Namun melupa itu tak selalu negatif, soalnya itu seperti ketika Tuhan memberikan kesempatan hidup kedua.  Menata lagi dengan lebih baik tanpa harus menghiraukan ingatan-ingatan yang hilang.  Sebuah perbaikan ke arah yang lebih cerah.
Dalam melupa, kadang saat kita ter'sontak' dengan sesuatu maka ingatan lama akan kembali dengan sendirinya.  Tapi itu juga tetap membutuhkan waktu, gak semua 'sontak' menghasilkan ingatan lama yang hilang.  Kalau sudah begitu nampak sesuatu itu memang harus hilang dari kehidupan kita dan digantikan dengan memori yang baru.  Meski begitu jangan terlalu sedih, santai sajalah karena hidup terus bergulir.  Sayang kalau tak ada sesuatu yang baru masuk ke dalam memori baru kita :).
Nah, untuk teman-teman yang punya kerabat dekat yang mengalami hal-hal seperti ini, nampaknya kalian harus sedikit maklum sama orang yang terkena melupa akibat tertumbuk sesuatu.  Soalnya memori akan datang melompat-lompat dalam waktu yang tak bisa diprediksi.
Saat melupa datang ... aku hanya mengingat satu nama yang sama sekali terlupakan siapa dia sebenarnya.  Hanya saja sesuatu dari dalam hati mengatakan kalau dia orang baik.  Waktu bergulir dan berkomunikasi.  Akhirnya aku kembali mengetahui siapa dia meski tak selengkap yang dulu (- mungkin yaa) atau lebih lengkap saat ini (hmm, not sure).  Senang berkenalan dengannya lagi dan terima kasih untuk kesabarannya selama ini.  Lega sekali menemukan orang seperti kamu yang mencerna semuanya.
Salam ketawa :o)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy February 27

Special date this year ..February 27th (^___^)
To those who are feeling the sphere full of positve energy spreading on from north to south and from east to west.
Spinning around through to all corner of world.
Spirit boost for Peace and Love
Perhaps this is happening too because of the Jupiter-Venus and Moon conjunction .
Ow My God !
What a Yiipiii :)

God bless u all
Miracle is everywhere

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Q for life (1)

Woops don't think so sharing many thoughts on tic toc days. Mmm so, am just sharing several of this quotations, happy reading :). found them on the way of living life clock, came in from everywhere . Again just give 'em applause for those words. (^_^)

"Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found." - Lao-tzu
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement." - Helen Keller
Giving your son a skill is better than giving him one thousand pieces of gold. -Chinese Proverb
"Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown
"Safe... When I'm with you I feel safe... Like I'm home." -Garden State (2004)
"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump (1994)
"I knew I would find true love. It was just a question of where... and when." -'Til There Was You (1997)
“Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn.” -The International (2009)
“Timing – it really is everything.” -Charlie St. Cloud (2010)
“Maybe we never really know how good we have it, until it’s gone.” -Megamind (2010)
"My number one rule is: hope for the best, plan for the worst." -The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
I could be the blossom, and you could be the bee, and then I could call you honey. –Winnie the Pooh Movie
Whatever we may do, you are here for me and I'll be there for you. –Jasmine (The Return of Jafar)
Patience, boys. All good things to those who wait. –Mother Gothel (Tangled)
Children aren’t puppies, they’re people. And sooner or later, people have to grow up. –Mr. Darling (Peter Pan)
When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you. –Jiminy Cricket
I know it is, because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you, and I'm home. –Dory (Finding Nemo)
Books keep you company when you're alone. They're your friends through a rainy day. –Owl
Dory: “Trust me on this.” | Marlin: “Trust you?” | Dory: “Yes, trust. It’s what friends do.” –Finding Nemo
I've been on this incredible journey and I've seen and learned so much. I even met someone. –Rapunzel

Hai ...
do everyone have a great week?
I hope so :)

Welcome Brunei , Colombia and Ukraine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Shots (^__^)

 February and them - dududu dadada dum di ba dada dum :p 

Cover and back cover from an old book

Home made Pizza and Lemper (when east met west :p )

Colors of Love (^_*)

Off air doodling (^_^)


Comic! motifs :p

old jumper titled John Brown :)

Back cover book & The Reddish

Had time to dismantle the old things and found this. A back cover of an old diary that saved on somewhere.
Somehow , the way of that pic is remind me about the poet i made around last year.
The one that is titling "the reddish".
Wanna laugh too, because it was made from a pic of person i know.
In fact by looking at this, they were having nearly same style of sitting.
And oops ! u both wearing the same color of shirt (OMG!)
Hohohoho maybe just my thought ... well, otherwise you see this notes then :))

How this February have its own treasure that impact some smile from day to day :)
Voila (^___^)

Monday, February 20, 2012

3 musketeers

Three musketeers !

I saw it advertise last year (2011) and just seen at friend place.
Entertain enough, especially at their gadget system (hahahaha...)
Made me flying to the time i written some project of education script about archimides creation for war stuff, etc.  Even probably wasn't from his era, i respond that old time they were having many potential knowledge of making it (war stuff, red)
Btw am not talking about the technical here, just a feel after watched it.
Otherwise, i saw it became a chocolate bar titled too.
Hmm but never know yet the brand of it chocolate.

(by the way you can take a look this site to get know about that choc bar - juz get it several minutes ago: )

Hmm great!


However so ever, from the old time this movie is always have their own special in winning smile from the audience.
So have fun when you watch that :)

(pic taken by search engines for images at google )

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mother and Son

Like mother like son

They are having different style of life
Same beat too somewhere of course
Being free like a bird
Loved the nature
Strong will
Bond each other
Super duper cool (= cuek,red ;p)
Being simple and just the way it is
However beside some characteristic seeing,
This two people been generating many loves sphere around
Pleasure to meet you both (^__^)

see you around
have a pleasant day full of bless

(Thx to YOU for knowing them between the colors of mine.)


Whats up on Friday?

Dunno, not a special things happening yet.
Only get boost energy for keep on spirit and keep alive than before.
And smile everywhere, even for the anonymous, just spread on
Hahahaha ...

Happy Nice week end all (^_^)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Juz the way it flow

A month passed
Juz feel that everything is going alright, even some trouble happened to that little machine.
Get the trial again, to learn patient.
HE is good for whole test upon us, human.
Lil upset in the first but hey! Nevaaa give up right ;).
So, just the way it flow
Learn until get into that finish line (^_^), wont easily stop.
Because HE always handled to find you when the heavy smoke prevent the way.
Or when was in wrong side of the street.
or when falling to the deep forrest.
or etc.
There always a bright after the dark.
Hahahaha ...

Keep on faith! (^____^)

Stay positivo :)

for a lost guy

The lost guy is coming back , i guess.
Voila! The old guy whose been locked somewhere with system and missing.
Is that true?
Is it you? who've been lost for more than 7 years .
7 for mystery years u abandon her, hmm ... ?
No comment dude, juz bring yourself ok when you meet her later.

Noon and Kopi Medan :p

a hot mug of Kopi medan just saved my day from boredom, hahaha ...

Sniff it well and the boredom just go away ... voila!
Every coloring was coming back at a moment.
What a precious time i had with this kinda black coffee.
So entertained while i seen the wetty floor and trees outdoor.
The flavor of it ... oh well well
The warm and everything was great.

Thank you Kopi Medan
Thank You for giving prosperity at our land that having so many coffee varieties
Hmmm :d

0---(^o^)---0 = hugs to YOU for all blessing products here that coloring a world full of fragrant.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Everyday Love

Not because this is February that mention as a month of love, but more to love that standing everyday with us in a loyal.  So that am posting them here that I've got from people outta. May this posting give you a strength to face everyday life, love, journey, etc.

Well, seem have many thanks for them who already done this creation for world.

Catatan hujan yang lalu


hahaha ... hanya bisa berdehem dan berdudududu sambil memandang sekitar yang berada diantara terang dan mendung. Kadang terlonjak pertanyaan apakah hari ini hujan akan sederas kemarin atau sebaliknya.
Waktu menunjuk pukul 2 siang, mendung terlihat sangat nyata di pelupuk mata.
Hmm ... hujan ni pasti bentar lagi.
Aduh Tuhan, jangan hujan dulu yaa ... lupa bawa payung nih. - sambil mempercepat langkah menuju rumah.
Semakin gelap, tapi sesuatu yang hangat melewatiku dan membuat langkah ini terhenti.  Kepala kutengadahkan sambil melihat pulau kapas, lengan ku bentangkan dengan sedikit gaya mengepak.  Hahaha berasa jadi burung ... entah mengapa tapi posisi ini malah membuat diriku rileks.
Tak lama, titik - titik menembus kapas dan melakukan manuver ke bumi.  Aku masih di posisi itu, tersenyum, merasakan butir titik yang menghantam kulit dengan sempurna.  Bukannya melarikan diri untuk berteduh, aku malah membuka alas kaki dan merasakan tapaknya di bumi yang terguyur.
Senyumku semakin lebar, lalu kubilang padaNYA : Terima kasih untuk waktu ini Tuhan, begitu menyenangkan.
Kalau boleh Tuhan, beri aku waktu seperti ini lagi di masa yang akan datang.
Lagi , ... terima kasih untuk waktu ini.

--- 0 ---

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Dancing :0)

Been watched some dance movie, not the good one but that's pretty much entertain.

Between the scenes i was realized something.

There's he go, stood in front of things with black shirt.
Thought he was a dancer with the way of stand up.
And none based on field fact - am smiling for it.
Somehow, he is spinning, jumping, running, tracking
Also breath like a dancer.

Been so long not to say this
But this year seem an exception, am gonna write this to:
You! yes you the one standing there
Happy Valentine, may all the dancing can bring positive to the life

Since the coffee is black so am giving ya the extra strawberry cheese cake.
Then that sweet will make some catchy match of ur valentine time.
Keep on dancing will ya :0)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bandung Goodreads Indonesian Gathering at Potluck Kitchen

Sweet Sunday February

Its because of them, whose i met at Kopdar Goodreads Indonesia in Bandung.  Not only from here, but they were come from other city too such as Jogjakarta and Jakarta. Thanks to Yonna that already given news about this event. Hahaha refresh the sunday with their funny expressions. Met again with new faces, feel so yippiii (^_^).
Having hahaha - hihihi , some quiz to get free books, chit chat, click clock :p , also sharing about great books to read at Potluck Kitchen that located on Jl Haji Wasid, Bandung. A right place chosen for the book lovers. Cloudy was companion us but warmest inside juz made yesterday be a sweet Sunday February.
Sweet was adding too by the b'day cake that brought by ibu tio.  She's special day just run few days before the event. Mmm yummy sweet choco :d.
Hahaha what a day!
Beautiful of the lover and books (^_^)

Intro ... 1

Intro ... 2

Cheering :)


No complete without a book in hand :p



action for free book quiz !

Februari yang Mencengangkan

Februari ini termasuk yang penuh kejutan.  Kejutan kah atau kado?, hmm mungkin diantara keduanya memang terjadi disana.  Aaah lagi-lagi hari yang penuh dengan ikatan antara dua atau beberapa hal yang berbeda namun saling berhubungan.

Hal yang lucu kadang terjadi diantaranya, misalnya saja beberapa waktu yang lalu saat sedang berbincang dengan seorang karib mengenai dunia penulisan, dengan spontan aku merekomendasikan sebuah blog yang menurutku memang bagus untuk direkomendasikan padanya.  Yaaa itu blog (kamu) yang juga masih berada dalam lingkup persahabatan dengan ku meski tak dengan karib yang satu ini.
Hahaha dan pergerakan persahabatan pun berjalan melingkar bahkan kadang terasa seperti unsur atom, berkeliling sambil menemukan padanan yang memang berkenaan untuk unsur tersebut.  Meski begitu entah mengapa dari satu blog ini kukira suatu hari si penulis blog dan pembaca ini akan menjalin pertemanan yang baik.

Tahukah kamu apa yang terbesit dalam otaknya ketika membaca blog itu beberapa saat diantara menit-menit menganggurnya dengan editan artikel yang ia buat?  Well, dia adalah seorang wartawati di sebuah harian di Banten.

Dia hanya berkata , "Eh kayaknya gaya pakaian kalian mirip, lucu amat yah".
Lalu dia kembali berkomentar, " ... hei dalam setiap tulisan yang dia tulis di blognya, saya merasakan kamu ada disana, berjalan sambil bergandengan tangan dengannya di sebuah taman".

Saya hanya bisa menarik nafas sambil tercengang membaca barisan itu sambil berpikir, "hey aneh sekali, mengapa tiba2 dia melontarkan kalimat itu?..."

Lagi dia meneruskan sedikit perkataannya sebelum mengakhiri waktu mengobrol kami di suatu malam.
"...Entah kenapa , aku merasa kalian akan pergi jauh ke dunia belahan yang lain.  Skandinavia, hehehe hanya itu yang tiba-tiba terlonjak di otakku.  Udah dulu ya aku harus kembali ke tugas..."

Hmm, kali ini aku yang sedang mengulum ujung pensil kembali tercengang dan menjatuhkan benda itu terbaring di dekat gadget yang digunakan untuk mengobrol dengan karibku tadi.

Percakapan kami berakhir dengan cepat layaknya "the flash", namun tak dengan dengungan kata Skandinavia yang kemudian hinggap di dalam otak.  Aaaah bukankah tempat itu penuh dengan legenda-legenda.  O My God!! Apa lagi ini?? ....

The House of Four Seasons

Juz found this link several minutes ago. Pretty much surprised with the pic and the name of those simple character.
The House of Four Seasons

February welcome

To you there who are coming from Finland, Italy, India, Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, South Korea, Slovenia, Japan.  Welcome to this small house of words (^_^).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fresh Blue and Green Mint (:

Yesterday, Feb 10th

My present were meeting some of friend families, chat with them that so long never see.  Lucky, because I can saw the baby born that very sweet (am lucky coz whoever seen her always got at her sleepy time , while me not (^_^)  ).
Chat with my best friend from college too ,by air link with good feeding of conversation.
Over all from every topics, they were handed me a same pray, the special one.
Very funny after spin from one stop to another I've got special pray from them, thank you so much.
And the beautiful thing was coming when the day became bright after I've got whole prayers.
From the badly weather then turn to the fresh blue and green mint favor of nature. (^_^)
Life is an amazing also mesmerizing .

Hmm may you and all are getting a great present everyday too
Happy Fresh Blue and Green Mint! (^____^)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

in every skies

in every skies there are breathing, blowing and flying spaces
in every skies there are a wide place to fun
in every skies there are many faces and silhouettes
in every skies there was you since long time ago
in every skies that always our smile stand up
framing by angel of love
in every skies and forever

Noon at february 8th

February 8th, noon time several minutes before Maghrib time was a moment where I spontaneous commented : "Masya Allah plus Subhanallah " for couple times while clicked the objects.  Wish u see this too, but hey and since then so - joy this slots.

Its Marvelous indeed with those layer and color on that time.










What a great noon with :
gold color that same as itself on precious metals - heeiii its flying peace up there with motifs!
light blue
light green tosca
thin white mist line - very smooth like u seen them on coffee or cake

humm fantastic and peace with a strain of adzan (^_^)

may your day just tough like that view.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Enormous 2012

Enormous 2012

Not easy
but ...
everything are showing up in the great parade
old and new friends
rang from the particular
every path are streaming fine
in a great year
powerful chain of QCD
powerful of trust
powerful of hand in hand
all about togetherness
for better life in da future