Thursday, September 30, 2010

PS: from loyal

Between Adzan and MIRAGE there's a lil pray for Him.

If there's a moment to get it all , just be it coz i'd be on that place like always.

Stand and forward to that liberty things.



Spreading Wings & Heart Tree

Whooo almost forget here, i'd like to share something i've got out there.

This panorama was amaze me a lot...

Yesterday between my rest time on typed i walked out and saw the sky.

Then I said, "Whooo GOD this is cool! A huge Spreading Wing is outta ! up our home"...

Very white, soft and so calm to see that thing.

Just take a look here then ... well it might be not as clear as i saw directly, but may u all can feel that blessed too.

Majesty Of GOD - Love YOU always!
Another picture is about a tree that I saw it around some hospital here in my town. I caught of it coincidentally.

Feel very funny to see it shape. Just like a Heart --> hahahaha

Dear lovely GOD, UR creation are unique.

Haa what a splendors September !

Full of surprises , direction, memoir, etc .

Thx GOD for this september may in the next trip that'll be lots of Happiness and Cherish.

Warm regards for u all readers.

(^_^) yip yip yip

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My sketches (Part 3)

Hai again just wanna share this sketch of mine.

It was made yesterday night after i comeback from other place.

Someday i have some intention in making sketch, but some other time it just speak out from mind without I realized. This one is the speak out directly without intention.

When it done , I just have shockin' smile. "Oow! How come yeah?" - shout out.
However I'd like to share it with the readers.

Have fun with it, GBU all (^_^)

It titled "Once Upon a Time at Harbor"

South Sulawesi in Action (2) - @ Tambang INCO


Im back everyone, to post some other pictures that took when I've been in South Sulawesi. All this picture was taking at Soroako, the town where PT. INCO exist.

So here we are still at the mining place with other angle> Enjoy (^_^)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

Actually i know this line since a long time ago.

But some pal always using this on his status.

Someday I felt curious about that sentence, but no over reaction from me.


Until i realized something about life.

And dunno how it sentence made me grown up a lil bit.

It was impact me deep.

For now I'd like to say thanks for your faithful on keeping that lines.

It juz saved me from blur perspective.

Thanks a lot.

And for you faithful guy, i am spreading a piece of peace.

Have fun and GBU always :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Juz can be on silent hill while every elements are jumpin' high at mind.

it'll be flood -but not yet - ...

not easy, but i am tryin'

it isn't easy to open the door and let new fresh air come

it's hard for real to get back but life must go on

so am tryin' to see and tasty some freshen air comes by

and all are valuable lesson to take

finally the time is coming, where the door have to be open wide than before

and i am tryin' to stand

Now here i am

standing for gaining the liberty

Not easy, but i am trying

About Them

This one is quite interested story too. I knew them because we were on the same university. Me and Yeni was in Communication Faculty even different major, she's on Public Relation while me Journalism. And Audi was in Law Faculty - i didn't remember what law he took for the major.

However friends, knowing them is like some fireflies goes on me. Hang out with them made us back to childhood time. Full of adventures, songs, laugh, mad, tired and happy also. From them I learnt much knowledge about life, friendship also, saddy moment too, hard emotion etc.

For them, hey u must gratitude that I was coming like a wind so that u both can be strength and see each other on balance. It's a long ... long time ago indeed but u both learnt something too right?
The important study u must tell ur son someday in the future, so there wont be some friend get injured emotion because of unwise attitude.

I was injured for long time after, that's why am lost several years. Pretty heavy to be on that position at that time, so that i closed the door in many years. I couldn't open it very well until the time is coming. It's recovery now a days, that's make sense too why we can be back in the friendship again.

Every side, both of u and I must be get the point, right?
Knowing u both finally can stand right on ur faith is great deal. Very pleased to know it, happy, cherish and merry. May in da future u are all can be a wise person. Taking care each other in good harmony.

Audi is a good man , so just let him be a good leader like he always do.
Yeni is a good will person too.
So both will be a match making of each other.

Have a wonderful new journey for u both on a marriage life.


switch stories with old friend. Zas ! my friend at college. thx for ringing me today, very excited to know all.

stunning about ur own story and feeling SALUTE 4 every step u chosen.
and yes ... very happy i am that u are in right hand.
met good guy that love u full.
like to hear ur story about whole situation happen, Zas.
loved to hear that u are fine after logged in hospital couple months ago.

Wow! this woman is one of struggle, may u always in good life yeap, so that we could gathering again like the old times.

Amin :)

Love u Zas .

dear best friend :)


I knew their name from you pal. Whoww so long not meet ya and having crunchy and juicy talk.

The last time we met ... just a lil conversation blown out of mind.

Dun think so u like the old days, yes everything is change.

Pff someday i juz missed those day where we can share the day all together.

Very simply time with fully laugh on the air, fantastic stories that connected, the movie!

hmm ... but still glad to have u as one of ma best friend, may GBU both.


end here then, may in da future we are all still being a best friend

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When It's Elevator Door Talked

I just remember something, it's about a door ... eventually this is elevator.

That day wasn't a really bright one either dark. It's gray .

Between all chat from the 1st until last time, there's a mark came without realized.

It's about the last time before say goodbye, they too busy one each other.
the man had talked with his new friend - a woman, while the woman had chat with her old friend on mobile phone - a man. ...

This might be crazy thought - or - poor to them who are like watch kinda movies that talked like this:

when 2 will disjointed then their face starring each other and both heart knows that 'll be the last time.
--case closed--

What the connection between all?


They actually didn't make a right move, for both of them -(man and woman). Because of their unnecessary busy time, when it elevator door closed they even not starred. They both reacted when it door already closed.

Seem both of them felt fool about their action.

This frame remind me to some friend notes... let me see where??...
(O.o) ---> I think i just lost my friend notes :(

Well, it's okay ... might be GOD wants me to forget it notes for a while . Hahahahaha :p

The funny from both are they heart still beating one another. Even they was disjointed in many miles away plus cut by the ocean too. Both living on each ... daaa!!! very an extraordinary life would be.

So, how's them?
Is it gonna be end for real or got some miracles?
Well, pretty hard enough to judge this one ... coz every mark founded or will find, is only their secret with GOD.
We can't make sure about what will happen on them in da future.

Wow! Harsh eh...

Like already I said before when
Then adding by this "AND GREAT LEARNER CAN ACCEPT IT ALL WITH BRAVE HEART" (word wisdom by belinda JK, 23102010)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A promise that accomplished

Once upon a time friend I was asking you out for looking some paintings exhibition at capitol city. It's last year (if i wasn't wrong ;p).
We did some communication about it a weeks until few day before, but when the time is coming, apparently it wasn't doing great.
Everything just blown out by its own times. Every scheduled time was back forward. I even can made a contact with you on skip time.
Then I succeed to come at that exhibition place, minus you.
We never meet at that interesting paint exhibition.

After all ended I made a promise to my self.
One day if it possible GOD, I'll let time showing that I'll be somewhere for meeting this person. Just for doing a chat or other ... :)

Lovely GOD, we never know indeed.
Until HE really given me a chance to make my promised possible happen.
Thx for u too that was so nice in conducted us, that showin' on rush hour.

Even it's happening in a year after but that's memorable one.
Because of its sudden rendevouz I could have best time to reach my other wishes, which is using that busway for around the city. Feeling up again that atmosphere of night life at capitol city with some old friends.

Met an extraordinary taxi chauffer too, made my trip full of knowledges than before. Every emptiness was filling up in one great day on fasting month. And feel so grateful for everything.
Mine is accomplished and others are HIS amazing flavor presents. Awesome!

Thanks GOD :)
Killing time by :

Watchin' this movie called Grown Ups credited with Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek and etc. What a funny movie but good too.
We can learn everything about to be a grown up person.
A complete movie i've ever watched.
Tons of laughs for real!

I recommend to ya outta ... (^_^)

"Everything is a process".

After that, some friend give me a clue about James Douglas Morrison (Jim Morrisson, leading vocal of The Doors) that have a great quote. Actually I like his sounds:

Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have
total freedom to be yourself - and especially to feel. Or, not feel.
Whatever you happen to be feeling at th...e moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to - letting a person be what he really is.

James Douglas Morrison

Then I tried to listen their music that so rockin' hehehe - not quite okay for the 1st hearing but going okay after several times passed by.

Not so long, I remember about Kurt Cobain, so I ' ve been searched for NIRVANA. Wheeww the soul still get it! even so many years never listening them again. Still rockin' too, well grunge is never die :).

Not only for Nirvana, it was continued to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin' Park, R.E.M, U2, etc. Some rocks genres that so long not touched by me. :D NICE!

Finally i put my earing again after so long not ... Hehehe nice to catch up them again :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stuff I like A lot

Mmm seem i've got stuck a lil bit. About sthing wants to share ... but then I caught up the idea

Very simple ... it's about stuff we like a lot. What yours guy / woman outta?

Mine are :

a hat ( can be on many various style )

a short pants :D (not too short too - pencil pants are okay )



simply shirts (could be really simple or classic style with ruffles )

ethnic necklace

someday it'll be fun to sketch some motifs in ur skin with pen - like a temporary tattoo but nope

Monday, September 13, 2010

Noon Riding on Rainy Day

Those are some object that I found few days ago when I went somewhere and back again.
Long time enough I'm living here, but not yet caught up them. So now are their turn :)
This is located on Rancabentang atas street and Gunung Kareumbi Street. Enjoy then (^_^) spoil ur eyes with them.

Learning from Aisle of Fantasy

Just stayed tune for a while at friend home and companion with those accessories. Amazing ! I said so

The funny from it's stuff, they are all twins thou brought in different time each.

This things remind me to every creature of HIM, that every one have their own couples. Wherever, whatever, whoever when HE already declare each person meant to be so IT WILL BE no matter how the pattern are - easy or hard.
Thx for my pal that already took my picture in front of that butterflies wall
Thx for his daddy who already answer my question with simply explanation
Thx for his brother too (u) that already opened the coincidentally way to bravely quest I have to through. Not using been because this is running still :) - might in the future u will understand what's going on.
Thx to GOD too for bringing them all into my life (^_^)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

South Sulawesi in Action (1) - @ Tambang INCO

Actually this trip wasn't on the first move when we arrived there, but hey why don't I put this on part one story ? :p

This place We've been through is mining place in Soroako that famous with INCO company. Just giving you all clue that their expert on Nickel mining. So that you perhaps can guess where am I right?

Yes I've got a chance to be a participant at that bus tour (^_^) --- NICE for having that occasion on coincidental time :D.

It's amazing to see that huge vehicles running through our bus. They called it triple seven that can loading by 120 tons of slags. Very heavy indeed right? Whoaaa ... just see them ! the steerer very big huh? even our bodies not as tall as that stuff otherwise our weight. WOW incredibling one! ...

Other pics, said that it's a triple seven vehicle that can't ride by our if we don't use some special shoes for it. Cool!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Me

How little I am

Beneath the pale moonlight
and blue blue sky above
also the smoothies air

How little I am

Between the mountain
those valley
also the genuine water

How little I am

Compare than anything
That HE made of

How little I am

and for that I wanna asking an apologize
and wishing to learn more
from YOU

Gone for Unknown

Finally dear

The time for gone is already come.

To you dear

May your new journey is promising like the way you want to everyday of ur life

Finally dear

You are gone for unknown

May GOD bless you always

Here dear

am becoming a prayer of earth that asking GOD to guide their Venus prince

by the bright of moonlight in the darkness

and the warm of Sun

Someday dear

In unknown time might we will seeing each other

and learning side by side

about what life is

For now dear

I assume you gone for unknown

So just enjoy your time

Meanwhile am doing the same here

But when the time is calling me gone for unknown

just let it go

Like I will to you

Rumah Yang Tak Lagi Tertawa!/note.php?note_id=487376392587

secara tak sengaja injakan kaki di rumah itu.
Bangunan yang cukup tinggi kuduga sebelumnya dengan warna yang cukup menyegarkan.
Meski letaknya di titik tengah kota yang kesejukannya mulai menurun ini, bangunan kokoh itu tetap menampakkan kesegaran dan keunikannya.

Kuduga hanya unik karena bentuk yang tak biasa kalau dilihat dari luar, ternyata begitu yang terjadi ketika masuk ke dalamnya. Seperti ada dalam sebuah pesawat besar dengan berbagai koridor yang miliki auranya masing-masing. Cukup sejuk di dalamnya.

Ku dapati berbagai pesona dari rumah tinggi itu. Begitu hidup dan hidup dan hidup betapa pun sepi-nya saat tak berpenghuni. Diakui rasa-rasanya dulu saat menyelami berbagai ruangan unik di dalamnya banyak pesona tertebar dimana pun. Penuh dengan canda dan keajaiban tanpa sentuhan penuh arti.

Rumah itu selalu menampakkan keceriaan di pelbagai cuaca...apalagi ketika payung bintang berada tepat diatasnya. aaah indaaah sekali, damai, begitu pun dengan keajaiban-keajaibannya. Rumah itu akan tertawa sangat lebar dengan kepuasan luar biasa layaknya manusia yang tersenyum dari hati yang paling dalam.

Rumah itu bagai sebuah magnet bagi siapa pun yang mengenalnya. Karena ia adalah sebuah keajaiban, kedamaian dan keceriaan.



Rumah itu dalam keKINIan adalah keSEDIHAN...

Entah berapa lama sudah , karena ku lama tak munculkan diri di tempat itu.
Namun sesekali kulewati saat hanya ingin dilewati tanpa harus menepi.
Memandangnya dengan diam 1000 bahasa.
Hanya kata pada pikiran yang teruntai tanpa keluar.
Magnetnya HILANG kurasa ... entah tercecer dimana. Membuat hiruk pikuk seisi rumah termasuk keajaiban di dalamnya.

Sesuatu yang entah apa seperti menCABIK sedikit demi sedikit mutiara-mutiara berharga di dalamnya.
DIcabiK dan diREDAM ke arah yang tak menentu buat linglung muncul dan berkembang diantara koridor-koridornya.
Sesuatu ... aaah tidak itu adalah suara teriakan. Seseorang berteriak TOLOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG...
membuatku sedikit brigidig dan minggat cepat dari hadapannya.

Dan ku pun berlari mundur beberapa saat. Hey! dimana-mana orang berlari maju bukan?? tapi mengapa yang ini begini??....

TOLLLooOOONG! TooLLLOOONG! dan suara itu kembali membuyarkan pikiran ketidaklaziman dari cara berlari yang tengah kulakukan.

Semakin jauh memang posisiku dari rumah itu, namun dari titik yang jauh itu ku melihat siapa yang teriak dan bersedih. Diantara keberwarnaan kulit dan topi , ku melihatnya semakin gelap meski cuaca sangat-sangat bersahabat. Dan ku hanya bisa tertegun.

Yaaa teman untuk sementara waktu ini ku hanya bisa tertegun penuh tanya pada sebuah RUMAH YANG TAK LAGI TERTAWA.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A notes on the wall

Hai all yet I juz found this when I was in Soroako.

Simply message and deep thou...

Agree with it .