Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rolling Clock

Halaman baru di waktu yang baru, well just enjoy the rolling clock where the way pleased me to every road of life.  Langkah tegak maju jalan saja.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cheers Day :D

Today is the bless for the twin sista among the others that celebrated b'day too.
Yiippiiii duuu.

Today there's a splash of things about balance.
Everyday is a born day in 365 days
Everyday is a happiest day
Everyday are moments of tear+happy, life+die, plus&minus, move forward or back forward, etc
In everyday don't forget to HIM that always showing us about LOVE in simple smile :).
Everyday Miracles it said so.
Ours is today so it'll be the great time to smile wider than yesterday in every aspects of our life.
In every prayer of yours, so that the same wishes for you all too from us ^___^
Can't mention one by one, but life itself already said those names.

Cheers for all ^____^

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Powerful Glue

Just re-write this poetry of mine (^___^)

Monday, July 11, 2011
And HE is giving FEEL for the huge ball

He is adding 3 basic color that collide, then turn to so many

He is giving some sugar to sweet wholes

He is flapping 4 seasons

He is mixing hot and cold into warm

He made mountains - hills - villages - savana - lakes - ocean - beaches

He is creating Sun that being a lead for moon and star on the wide sky

He is giving you to me and me for you to learn each other

and compile it into one album called "MAGIC OF LIFE"

that created by pure seasons everywhere full of something singing in a harmony through the RAINBOW

and everything are sticky by one powerful glue named LOVE

Thank YOU for giving and filling us that feel

<3 p="">

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sunset Time ^_^

Few days ago with all the steps of Sunset, the beautiful one ^_^
Just take a look of 'em - Subhanallah I said so , may you feel all the gracious stand still .

can you feel the warmth of ?
so shine on!
hey who are they stand in the window staring the sky?
hahaha they are Rama and Shinta - wood wayang that i bought from a seller at Borobudur last year.
My 1st wayang! Love it so much coz it remains about the history of Cartoon world ^_^
Everything is connected , right?

These all frame captured at Bandung city but my feeling that day ... All sphere are mixing into one great rhythm. I felt Borobudur, Prambanan, Big Ben.  I felt a huge Unison of many nations around the world. Hahaha cool eh? Only from one setting time in the noon.  Well that's mine , yours is up to you.

Happy looking to that sunset then :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bluish blush

Blue bird has coming in silent yesterday, hey you the mate of it bird - must be feel happy with things ^_^.
Never know what , but the Blue bird under the Blue sky standing stable at green Bamboos is wonderful view caught up.
Looked at to the silent Blue Bird that flying with gentle and calm also a good sight.  Beautiful indeed.
Today we had Blue Sky with many white forms up there. Smooth wind too ... gracious.
With all the Blue packaging, well smile is just sent away .
Bluish blush full of love.
Thank YOU for the day.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Kangeen ! Yaaa hal - hal yang bikin manusia kangen akan sesuatu tuh lumrah banget.
Saat kangen bisa saja dipenuhi oleh waktu-waktu merangkai kata atau merangkai warna.  Seperti yang dibawah ini.

Garis awan (ku) pada Skylover folder
Pada suatu malam di balkon

Braga dan view di tahun yang lalu
Lapang yang bersejarah dan sejarah yang terlapang
:) at Bumi Sangkuriang
hmmm nanana sebenarnya masih banyak gambar yang diutak-atik kayak yang berikut ini pun
Yogyakarta itu sesuatu yang melekat ya, bikin kangen
Hanya borobudur dan prambanan yang terpampang mmm cukuplah buat jadi obat kangennya :d

Borobudur and I
Prambanan and I

Semoga selipan kecil ini juga berguna buat yang kangen liat tempat-tempat yang saya klikklok ini :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Klik Klok :p

as promised, this are some of the pics around

a group of frames captured at Jatinangor , Cikuda :)

Just klik this one day ...
This is a sculpture head of National Hero Woman from Jawa Barat
She is Rd. Dewi Sartika

Funny plant! :d

one day at best friend place

This is her ( mommy hand)
Made her own Pastry in one cold night
How the taste is?
Yummy of course! :D

For Her From Here

missing her again 
hupple puff poff
kleerissa kleerissa
may she is in good as always with HIM

kleerissa kleerissa
missed whole your moral stories about life
and what they are bringing into our mind
kleerissa kleerissa
many of my old friend surprised with the news about your died time 
they are missing you here
dear YOU
keep her smile as her habit when in alive time
warm hug from here
to there
for her
thanks a lot 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Things :p

believe it or not , music is one of precious thing done with miracles
they were sing and said to be in a strong will to get the aim 
included the path from the door or key of ... ( u know the rest )
ain't easy but the air helps it out in sweet suiwww way
bringing crisp and merry around after many this and that
hmmm sweet like a chocolate

"jingga di bahumu , malam di depanmu
dan bulan siaga sinari langkahmu
teruslah berjalan
teruslah melangkah
kutahu kau tahu
Aku ada ....."

( itu bagian lagunya Dee ya dari rectoverso eh atau buku lain yah?? ( >.<") hiaaatccchh hehehe ... )
Gak sengaja kebawa kesini cuz si lagu muncul serba pas banget pas tulis notes ini
That circle is very funny indeed.
Hmmm why this all like pointing into some great story ya.
Ow hohoho smile sajalah and enjoying every second passed
We'll see how all rejoice coming naturally

dll dll dll

Jingga is Will stuff
Yellow is his book
Brown is Oom Bintang space!
Green is ours
Genderangnya sangat tajam
Penuh semangat dengan segala kebaikan
dan Kesederhanaan

Di dalam jingga ada gelimpang fresh idea dan senyuman
Di dalam yellow ada ceria yang cantik!
Di dalam brown ada sederhana yang kokoh
Kalian ^___^
Di dalam hijau ada aku, kamu, dia, mereka dan lain - lain
Di dalam setiap gemerlap warna ada kita semua yang saling menangkap dan menyambut hangat satu dan lainnya dengan biru yang setia
Di setiap garis ada hati-hati yang murni berpasangan dan berpegangan erat sambil bersuara pada dunia
Refleksi cemerlang sangat

Di dalam semuanya ada perputaran yang anggun :)
Setiap lirikan adalah cerita
Setiap jengkal adalah cinta
Setiap deret adalah hati
Setiap detik adalah rasa

Happy to know you all Staaaaaaarrrrrs ^_____^
May there's a space to us say tralalala trilili together
:D :D :D :D :D

Yeaay at Juuuuu juuuu :D

Juuuu juuuuu .... Junoooo yeaaay!

Juno lirik kanan - kiri - atas - bawah

Many photographed was taken and founded will uploading later.

However so ever

Have a cheers in ur spinning time.

hehehe tetap di cengar-cengir dot com :p

Why cengar-cengir? Coz HE handed precious lines to find precious point on the way.


Cengar - cengir ma lalala nya lagi dalam kerja kelompok , eh no no no mereka bumbu baru siap diaduk lagi .

Just be grateful buat setiap adukannya.