Monday, December 31, 2012

menuju detik-detik terakhir itu suddenly remember es krim kacang hijau dan royal cookies.
hmm jadi lah kita mengganyem mereka berdua sambil tertawa dan berterimakasih padaNYA karena sematkan si kacang hijau ke dalam pikiran kami di rumah malam ini.

Oh ya hari ini disekitaran meski hujan turun dengan senangnya gak buat alunan berbagai musik berhenti, belum lagi suara mercon yang kanan-kiri okey. Fiuuuh ...

Greet for the new day

Ooooh yeap before i forgot,
an officially sent a warm greet to those living in England , may the best unison can keep family alive in good and great.  As the root told so am giving new years greet to for those in Germany also Russia. Every our is a great person, why have to hates just meet at peace all (^_^).  May HE always giving all prosperity in good action.  Every moment is the best time to fix things better, i believe that miracles will landing us in best gathering of ... well universe if i can say that properly :).

To those who reside at Australia , East Indonesia and all place in Nusantara - Selamat merayakan tahun baru 2013.

To readers let's have a pray to be better tomorrow and so on .  Spreads purity smiles as much as you can.
Remember people do count, but destiny is undertaken by HIM , so just to be a grateful and thankful for everything.
Bliss in our heart and mind without a doubt .

Keep on spirit, keep in love and stay Positivo.

Have fun, cheers, merry also sparkling time in 2013 everyone.
It nice to see you all on the way.

Middy Time at the end of 2012

It was middy time at the end of 2012, intend to go to Museum KAA ( Asia - African Conference Museum) just because there are a good event that talking about Bandung present also the future.  And hey! This time is having some trouble shooting too just like the time when intend to go to some event at Jakarta few months ago.  There is no accident only i was trapping on the jammed.  Every way to go to that point are stuck, daa! Seem the natural said no to me ...
Humm can not going there, stuck in the middle of the riding, so i made a decisions to do others for my self.  Go back to the safe point at my own district and say hai to the beauty house, made my relax time for the services.  Uhm nice pretty light than before.  After that continued to see some entertainment stuff, while i feel hungry after then its arrived at a resto called d'lumboenk .  In the past time some friends have recommended that place, never have right time to stop until few hours ago.  Eaten their sushi, mushroom cream soup plus trying carrot juice, well so far all good with worthy price and portion.  Having nice representative interior too for youth and family :).  It was the simple place near of Ciumbuleuit Apartement on Jalan Ciumbuleuit Raya.
Well, well, well,  fortunately there are good side of everything when things not walking like we want.  At least on my case, I've got a good time for caring and joy my self.

May you all having great opportunities to do fun too at the end of 2012.
Keep Positivo as always ^_^

Lalala time at ending 2012 ^_^

End year with happy news from best friend that having new baby born and that's he :D
yippiii merieda that was a good news lalala ^_^

Others just finding the old result of some generators game on internet that released after typed our name on it. Gee i even not remember anymore what was the name of it games (peace yaw!) , this is it:
Sagita princess the brave who is light royal and blood countess too
and said  long "oooo" after read it
mmm ... sagita maybe is coming from the Sagitarian a centaur that carry on an archer to shot into something precious :p ( hahaha ...)
eh, just free your mind with those kinda games it can be a good trip to add character in yours story too :)

Oooh yeah I've got great pic of the sky , just took it on Pasupati flyover when jammed come yesterday.  just take a look then :)

Mmm what else?? ... well having lunch at place called The KiosK that is located on Baltos jalan Taman Sari.  Btw they had a good portion too hehehe ;p. We were ordering Tahu Gejrot, Batagor, Mie Kocok, Es Kelapa Jeruk, Tahu bumbu and some ice cream that ordered by my niece.  All is yummy sllurpy dup hehehe. Uhmm sorry you have to go to Indonesia and landing at Bandung city for having this kinda food into your mouth , so tasteful :D :D :D.  Just incase you are arriving here just try any kinda food you probably never see in hometown.  Its a memorable indeed.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pov! -- point of view ... :)

to be or not to be
if it find away another moon or sun, there must be a reason for that
to be or not to be
its already written somewhere
beneath the earth and sky
protected by the law of HIM
to those respecting, shall be learn how to accept reality
when somebody shout that love is painless to the ass
while it the way you are starting to love and know HIM deeper than before
everybody learn to be something
none perfecto, none
just keep open your eyes and see what is happening
listening to the right rhythm
keep on walking through your faith
thinking without annoying some input
action as a passion of life guarding you to the light of life
and love of your life.
May in the new year everyone can gaining things you wishes or hope for.
Amiin :)

GBU all, Positivo cheers on the air ^_^

Krucils Night

Krucils night! Krucils night! Krucils night before end of month.
Hahaha what a blessed! to see them hanging around , here and there all in cheers before the end of month.  And before they go back to their town too.  Yesterday was a celebrating night for my twin husband b'day. He requested for my mommy Nasi Tumpeng, so that was our dinner menu that feels so yummy :d  (ooops i forgot to save the pic of it).  Way happy to see them run here and there hahaha ... btw those are their expressions.  None only the nineph, we also invited next door, then you'll be look another two's in frame :D

Krucils ... krucils night so warm inside with all together.  Krucils krucils night pours by a warm smile and heart of everyone there. Pretty enough :D

Have a warm time everywhere ^_^.  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Learning from Charlotte :)

Starting earlier just because finding this simple lines on an old gadget (hey my 6600 had many stories from the past - very funny thou :p ).  Well just bought a battery for it and its on again voila! Btw, here's the line:

"... the miracle of friendship.  It isn't often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.  Charlotte was both."

When it typed Charlotte ... i believed this one is coming from a simple and sweet movie titled Charlotte Webb in a frame when Charlotte just met her destiny end.  This little spider have a good tunes for remember us about what friends are for.  Good Moral touch indeed.

Peace is good rather than war.
Well, GBU all and have a good packages off long holiday ^_^
Keep Positivo!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

inhale exhale inhale exhale ...
this white
ki semar
bentuk2 naga di atas awan
special occasion
white building
good music
good food
along trip
good fashion
... all in long breath of next year
inhale exhale inhale exhale ....
just see what is tomorrow bring

Di Chakra Borobudur :)

This is coming from the other blog of mine.  Its a poetry about unison of the special ingredients in a place.  Things that very simple, pure, bright that forwarding into Positivo

Ramadhan Di Chakra Borobudur

July 24, 2012

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Kali ini panggilannya begitu dahsyat dan megah
Keajaiban yang serba-serbi bergemuruh diantara bising mega
Memanggil dengan gentar
Dua yang hilang dari pancaran selama abad-abad tak terhitung
Ramadhan di Chakra Borobudur
Menyepi dalam hening tumpahkan gaung – gaung elegan nan memikat hati
Sentuh jiwa dan raga
Ramadhan di Chakra Borobudur
bersama ramai bergemuruh untuk hadapkan
Padha Jaya

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Miracles Coming

Put a big smile to this word today : Forrest Gump
Thank you for asking about it this morning so it was running at mind and voila !
That feels like Miracle coming for joy  the time and so on :p
Hehehe thanks a lot bu Hassan (^_^), maybe u wont understand why, but there's things like magic glue that making things stamp on right track.  Appreciate it very well.

some of the scenes here just bringing me go to the past and future with great heart beat.  also on this preview too. :)  .  What a greatest Majesty He is, pouring a good combination things into one delicious bowl of soup. Taste so good, yummy and sllrrp also sweet like a chocolates.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tadada tididi

believe is tadada tididi,
hehehe just listening to OST of Polar Express that singing by a famous Josh Groban :D
well well well ... like this song too

"Children, sleeping. 
Snow is softly falling. 
Dreams are calling, 
Like bells in the distance. 
We were dreamers, 
Not so long ago. 
But one by one, we 
All had to grow up. " ......

...."Trains move quickly 
To their journey's end. 
Are where we begin again. 
Ships go sailing, 
Far across the sea. 
Trusting starlight, 
To get where they need to be. "....

...."Believe in what your heart is saying, 
Hear the melody that's playing. 
There's no time to waste, 
There so much to celebrate. 
Believe in what you feel inside, 
Give your dreams the wings to fly. 
You have everything you need, if you just believe"....

you can find the lyrics here

enjoy the holiday then :)

Ding dong ding dong ^_^

ding ding ding a dong dong
ding dong ding dong ding dong
whitey whitey comes!
whitey whitey glazing
whether it were there
whitey whitey shimmering
like a magic comes from nowhere warm
and say hello for all
those believing to miracles
this time is for them
that keeping promises to the memories of special day

have a wonderful and cherish moment at your x'mas (^_^)
peace and lovely
plus stay Positivo!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Selamat Hari Ibu \(^_^)/

Happy Happy Mother's Day buat semua ibu-ibu, mamak-mamak, inang-inang se antero jagad
Semoga semangat terus setiap harinya.  Never stop to cheer-up everywhere (^_^).  Salam Salut untuk kalian semua.

PS: pakai word 'seantero jagad' coz setiap negara kalau ga salah punya penanggalan yang berbeda untuk hari yang satu ini, selain itu orang indonesia ada dimana-mana bukan?  cheers ^.^


New neighbor finally end at our simply house, hahaha fun night with four of them the parents and babies :p.
They are come from Minnesota, been living in Jakarta before be our next door here.
The one i remembered in chatty session with the father was when he said my nickname meaning at Spain.
Whooo what a funny world , dunno what happen with that place but seem Spain are around the world on my December time.
What memories of Spain do you have inside?
Humm spain ... their beauty dance, the bulls , someone calls queen Sophia, Madrid, Barcelona (hey do I mentioned about economy spere here? :p) mmm dig dig dig deep humm what else it can be yaa ... O! yeap that movie called Zorro (daa!) etc. Huuu maybe Spain will be purchase on Miracles someday in da future. Lalala no one knows what HE leads human to , enjoy for whole joys :p
Btw, this family seem falling in love with Indonesian language, they are trying good to improve it everyday.  Not because for living only.
Love is something came from heart, you can feel and believing with ^_^.
This library is great!

Btw thx for a reminding about philosophy word :), its a valuable deed in knowledge :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

mid december!

mid december! mid december! looking for this and that and so on until met them at way (^_^). Btw all were taken at dec 16. 2012

guess what i've found and made? :p

Green TL! (^_^) - automatic remember of green green grass :p

My crafty necklace for sista, finally its end after :O)

dove box!

When the wind blown suddenly that green back was clicked too
hehehe ... what a funny time!

Finally its done!  Heart Satellite pin, just  learning to make some pin
Blue heart like the ocean
Sparkling like a jewel
Twinkling like a star
lalalalala :p ....

let's make another craft product

hmm ... so rare to get the one like this 

and this

Also this one

and this too

Monday, December 17, 2012

Once upon a time

Have you ever feeling sad?

I am only human

Why I always see you in happy face, B, since the old day?

Whoo?? ... Hmm ...
Do I? Well it must be because of HIM dear friend :)
I do feel sad sometimes, but in every each there always a part to see and meet light for life.  It can be make us - human are having good moments for everything happened.  Feel so bless when they are coming up from nowhere.  That saddy things just moved and left a goody footprints of time to remember not repeat it.  Every passes was a learning field of life. Every early is a knowledge to life in present to the future.  Just appreciate that life itself .  Ooooh yeap don't forget to say how much you thanks for every happy and saddy time in life to HIM.  That thankful is born some new seeds that'll be grow and bloom in the right time and companion world full of colors, beautiful indeed (^_^).
Rainbow is everywhere.
Human is definitely rainbow, its everywhere and alive.  Every color is completely other :) 
That's all are come from the inner one and compile with the outer plus the brain too, so that'll be the best and healthy fruity juice ever.

Waaah B!  Is that inside you for real?

Yes ... hehehe
And will be yours too and them ... them ... them ... etc.  I've got all from people i met in life, they are teaching me for being like now.  Long journey, not easy but worth to do.  Never forget the lessons , someday many ppl say history is just the history.  Somehow history is a great contribution to adding in future life. it'll be remarkable session of our tiny life on earth.

Hohoho i thought u weren't sad ever B.  Thanks anyway yeaaap

Hohoho no no no i am human, have a rainbow feelings too.  Thanks to HIM then dear friend for this time we can share some thoughts here. This is just a little pieces, maybe you'll get plenty outta. So let's to be the Positivo for thing happens. In my belief it said "Syukran" = BE GRATEFUL

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Owl and Pussycat story

I was in some pages and looking at to that frame, hmm obviously compromise story.
Its fun to see sumthing different and blend into one good touch of miracles.
Not every cat have to be with the cat
Also the owl that not have to be with the owl
What a reflection of things here . Great indeed :D

you can see the frame on this :

its titled as The Owl and the pussycat : Love Story :)

just value it with yourself then :D

happy weekend all

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2 M :) not a meters

Somebody was asking this to me.
B, what is m&m at your notes few times ago? is it refer to something?

Me :
Yes, actually its Magic and Miracle

Ooooh i see

then both of us was smiling

Magic and Miracles that falling down like a pixie pixie dust
Glowing, Twinkling and Sparkling
so Fun-tastic motion
that bringing Fantastic sphere around

I do believe in Miracles

Friday, December 14, 2012

go flow :)

flowing as the lord given to
glowing as the time shown to
mesmerized as the buzz caught to
cheering as the world spoken to
loving as the life been teach to

kadang kesulitan yang berulang itu jadi bahan tertawaan mendalam yang bisa jadi renyah ... because of what?
Pasrah :)
Its beauty of life actually.
Btw when you just doing that , then Allah SWT is giving you the best answer you wait for so long.
Will not detected by human and only will receive by them who is having rights for it answered.
After that ... just flow!

have a great weekend all keep on POSITIVO

HelloBelloBelle: twist of fate

HelloBelloBelle: twist of fate: the world whispering somebody is return home between the busiest twist or fate? ... the world sounding to somebody this time will hav...

just ping to the front page :D :p

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life of caterpillar

caterpillar ...

then just found this yesterday that remind me of story titled "Wedding Gown" from Vahdventure Storybook.
by the way there's a pic too that having a line like this:

"Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over ...
... it became a butterfly"

(from mayapada world)


Drawing Time

Opening old pages of sketches file folder , and make few new pages actually.

looking to the pencil color again - lalala how merry i am drawing again since ... mmm not quite remember.

Enjoy , may the sketches can bring happiness to you who seen it :D

The Simplest Love

Sweet suiw :p , mid 2012
just a sketch

(every each got different date on made)
"rainbow hat" - march 2012
"colorful freedom" - sept 2011

"Love of Life"
12 - 13 december 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Color and Me

Ceritanya is am very happy to meet them on the way :)

hehehe do you guys missing this place? ;)
@Kota Toea

one time at Lembang


in every steps
in every leaves
in every butterflies
in every framing
in every point of views
in every ways
in every shadow
in every yards
in every lines
in every starring
in every blinking
in every corner
in every bells ringing
in every ride
in every pointing
in every freshen air
in every memories of them
in every pocket books
in every tap tap tap
in every linking
and twinkling
in every children yelling
in every public transport
there always Alarm for we people
remembering someone
and praying for

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


seem many people waiting for this date on 12.12.2012
is it right?
even the person on radio asked the audience for what wish do you wanna say in this lovely number?
Whooaaa ...
As far as i read whole number it will be resulted 11, as i know that eleventh has a great meaning behind
but if u wanna adding again becoming singular number so it would be 2.
2 is a number of relationship , so what do you want to make a wish on this date?

Just remember in every numbers HE already given us richness
Every number is a blessing from HIM, means everyday are lovely day to learn, joy, love and peace :)

Btw i am agree with this quotes too :

He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.

many people say this and that , beneath all , we are human beings already given a faith
; purpose driven to be something and do many
on this great world
by HIM - The One

Have a pleasure time everyday
don't forget to grateful
for everything lies in front

wondering and smile again

twinkle twinkle little star

i wonder where you are

somehow it blinking in white

sparkling in quite night

and that smile is gathering seen it

best warm greet to where you are (^_^)

300 in love

300 will be this one , showering life with the love around for a year :D ... wont stopped here. as long as HE allowed me to share thought so there will be many lines here. In a small house of Belubellobelle :) energizing by the spirit of life (^_^)

yeaaa just be happy with every single simplest

pic source : mayapada world

300 in love that sounding rhyme for the precious
300 in love with stories met in life
300 in love with purity heart
300 in love with the smile
300 in love with the warm
300 in love with cheers
300 in love with soulmate
300 in love with so many
300 in love with moments
300 in love with bantal
300 in love with mr.snowman
300 in love with peri pohon
300 in love with mr.www
300 in love with tuan jendela
300 in love with muka layar
300 in love with chococandy
300 in love with mr.tempe
300 in love with stars
300 in love with sky
300 in love with atmosphere
and so on and so on and so on ....
hahahahaha :D :D :D

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gloomy Cloudy Ice Cream Party :p

ice cream ... ice cream ... ice cream ...
there was an invitation of ice cream party last weekend.
what? ice cream on rainy season?
wooo why? why have to worry to eat 'em at rainy and cold season, there is no wrong about it.  take it easy and free your mind with those just jumpin' then.
and hahaha also hihihi.
i love ice cream - yummy here yummy there none big deal what seasons i eat them :p .
so ... that was an invitation from my friend that is a member of some communities for traveler name Couch Surfing ( many of you must be knowing this one ).  Well this occasion was held by CF Indonesia at Bandung city.  Its located on jalan Cihampelas at that time, so just jumped there - bringing some snack and meeting new people again. Voila!  everywhere and every way there always meeting new faces feel so good indeed.  They were came from some cities such as Jakarta, Jogjakarta also everywhere such as Germany and Spain.  Not to many ppl was coming that day said one of member to me.  Somehow  we all were blend into one ice cream party on rainy season. plus chat and play some games and etc.
Generally they have a regular time gathering in every early months, can conduct everywhere they plan. Lots of activities, the last before that time was doing at Bali.  Next , well i don't know just waiting for another news i supposed.  Btw here's a little click-click time with them that time.

full table with many flavors of ice cream plus other snacks

that's the name of card play - Espresso - pretty fun to see them cheers on it

that's their label 
mmm seem i lost some of the pics, anyway nice to be around at everywhere and get new friends there.  thank you best friend for the invitation. a nice day before you moved on other city. (^_^)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chococandy + Smiley Face

Suddenly met this on the way ^_^

"Time is a precious never waste it " - Willy Wonka & The chocolate factory

Hehehe what a life!
What a miracolous time after :)

Sending this to Chococandy
well stamp some smiley face too.

Before after rain (^_^)

btw i caught this in the playground yesterday, dunno why that style of roof kinda reminding me to things around peri pohon.  enjoy this :)

cloudy for real, rainy was coming before and after click-click time but still ok to see ;p. (^_^)

have a pleasant day all :)

Playground time :p :d

Playground time (^___^)
Thank you GOD for giving every simplest in companion life brighter and cheers.
Play ... play ... play again wiippiiii duu :p

hoho finally that taz are being w/ me at photo click x-p

cute !

 i wanna click here! Santa doll plus x'mas tree

beautiful dove! looking this at PVJ in the night time ... she is smiling

Lui day! singing loud with friends,
Kampuang nun jauh di mato .... :p

hip hip hooray! to see them here \(^___^)/ dududud di damdam