Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spending Time @ Lawangwangi Creative Space

Its a noon time with friends (old and new), spending time @ Lawangwangi Creative Space on Jl Dago Giri no 99, Dago, Bandung - Indonesia.  That was the 1st time for me being there and feel glad to know about it place.  An art exhibition is on going now a days and will be there until november 25th, 2012. There are a Solo Show titled "Matahari Centhini" by Edi Susanto . Its on the 1st floor we met large frame about famous spy that called Mata Hari (eww I just known her yesterday - hehehe ... yet knowing the story but never care about her name till yesterday came hahahahaha x-))))  )  .  Other is "DESIGN/ART: RENEGOTIATING BOUNDARIES" that contains from many art-designer that good at each fields.  C'mon just take a look what I've got there!  Unfortunately not clicked all, just few of them, well you can see all at the sites from bold line i wrote before :)

Happy Weekend All :)

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