Saturday, January 7, 2017

Star, little lion and violin

Once upon a time 9 years ago some friend just shout his dream to be one of stars above. With every bravery steps he started all. Nowadays, he is there as a star lightning others within his capabilities in reaching the beautiful thought of his hope. What a wonderful and gracious to see someone be at the point of their own view. Little lion steps everywhere in lively vibes. Within wider angles of everything like the violin sounds, he is traveling in well done as a grapholog person. Ganbate! Ps: believe into ur own dream, doing the effort to get the best effects of everything. This what I learn from him. Pour with pure heart and voila! Cheers are everywhere to find you 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Haiii! 😁😋

Hai!! Any good stories begin? I believed so :) Whatever it is people,just rise your own happiness. Just the way it said before by people around the world , your happiness is starting from yourself. Mine view for the opening and so on, Make great the rhythms of your wings to everywhere. Make it double and more. Be happy 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep. Sampai ketemu dimana-mana.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Two O one seven. Kinda interesting sphere surround. Today's zero,none yet and will starting immediately of anything. Since everyday is everything stories, just make it meaningful in every each. Happy new time everyone! See you around in points HE let us meet. Keep PositivO, positive keep.