Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Will

If it the will said have to be through this way
So it will be like that
How hard the will is, I'll try the best on passing all
With hand of GOD


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Once For A Life Time

"Once for a life time"

Dunno why but this sentence had been followed me for whole day today.

I am wondering why...

When there's an exchange moment it become "once for a life time and it's you".

Hooooo ... Omigosh!



once for a life time in weird way
once for a life time and so on
once for a life time it's you

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stupid or Foolish by ;p

Funny experienced was there tell a story 'bout stupidity that comes from their ego.

Wanna have big laugh for it.

Since everyone have a lot side, someday they were forget and spelled out something that shouldn't and make it whole become complicated feel you have.
Poor you my friend, i think the skill already removed from you without un saying words. Just lost without you realize.
Anyway and anyhow that what u should learn more.
To pay attention for every step , you'll never know when it lost.

You just punk'd i guess.
Just enjoy the lesson yeap.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Love You On The Way

Never realize before but it's already there waiting to find

Never meant to but it was there standing still

Long enough time in keeping those un ending clues

Long enough moments in talking with HIM too

Having a juicy chat around your stuff again (with HIM)

and Bamm!!

Something hit me on the center

It was a crash one

It was waking me up from un clearly area

And there's another slap of words flyin'

It sounds ,

"Love You On The Way"

So ... just like that and flowing

q(^_^)p --- PS : I love You

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 3 That Cut on Way ( -- The Palmer's Generation --

Far far away one time in the past, your family had a cut story that never reveal until now. And making whole story blur still. And it sticky on mind, dunno why.

There was a little information I had about your papa an grand ma (= great2 grand ma to me ).
For this long researching and hearing stories that used to be told by grandma , i just getting that Palmer s had sold their product in Indonesia many years ago. It's famous biscuits around -- on that time. Palmer's Biscuit that's the brand on the old days. Every body who known that said that they like it. Nice! , even i never know how's the taste because i was born long long time after the store and biscuits gone 4ever from Indonesia.

Never mind, with this notes perhaps someday in da future there's a family connection which could tell them story about our big families. My grandma name Clarissa Palmer (it took from her grandma names - England). She was a daughter from Daniel Palmer that moved out England to Indonesia long-long time ago.

I just known that Daniel have a brother called Joseph, if i'm not wrong he was a violin actrist in England. Hummm ... it's all sounds interesting story i heards for many years since ... (?).


Anyway I'd like to share my poet that i was made last year, once upon a time after I met them in the dream i never expect before.

Here the poet is:

-- The Palmer's Generation --

My special grandma
I know you are in sleep tight now
Perhaps you have a dream too
Dreams where we spent the day together again
Do you?

I saw you someday
You look so pretty in that white gown
Companies with little angels
Beautiful grandma
You look so happy and peace

Not only you there, I saw some people behind
There's two and looks like you
Both of them look so 'bule'
I think it's Clarissa and Daniel Palmer
(Your Grandma & Father )

They looking so care to you
You are all seem so happy as a family

And that's a special moment I could be with three of you
Wonderful , indeed
Might in the new time we could seen each other yeap
Love you all (from the deep inside)


It's funny i met 3 spirits from Palmer's generation :
Clarissa (= my great great great grandma)
Daniel (= my great great grandpa)
Clarissa (= my grandma)

They were all in good way of GOD hand i guess. Glad to see them all together.
Huff someday is still someday yeap, but if u are invite me to hold you up there i'll do it in pleasure. But Still it's all up to GOD way.

Never know what the reason meaning behind, but Thanks anyway GOD that U've been met us together in peace ^_^

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wondie Afternoon In Memoriam of Heroes Bed

Yesterday afternoon (17012010) with two companion friends -- meitha and aviv, we've been gone to one of historical place in the city. It named Taman Makam Pahlawan ( Heroes Graveyards) "CIKUTRA". Again, after years living here, Bandung, i never stop by in this place.

Taman Makam Pahlawan Cikutra was build on 1958, it place have two towers in front of the gate. very tall u can see it when u are in jalan Cikutra. Some people using this place for a ceremony in give an honour to great people that died for this country (=heroes, red).

We were arrived there about 5 pm, the weather looked gloomy around. Otherwise we still moved forward and entered that place. How lucky we were because we've got wondie atmosphere up there. Great view of clouds family upper our head ^_^. Thank's GOD.

Here they are :

Not only that, u can get another spot too for taking pics, like them we've got :

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stepping On Museum

What would you do when mall is becoming things that bored you to visit?

Dudududu ... (loading some attracted things to fill the answer)
A moment later :
"Hufff i don't know where I can find more relaxing place to go".
"Yeah, blank...blank edition here. Can you suggest some then?"
Hohoho well okay, I'll try to giving some alternatives place you can go beside the mall.

There's a place, it's a quite place but having so many stories inside. Not much people coming to this place -- at least it's happening in my own town.
I am living in Bandung city, Indonesia. And I suggesting you all this: MUSEUM.

One day my best friend, Yona, asked some favor to me. She wants me to company her in going to Geologist Museum. Wow! What an exciting invitation i thought. So we were just doing that.

And the stories begin:
It was december 24, 2009 during the holiday seassons. We met in mid-day of that day in great level of happiness and exciting to visit that place. But poor us that time coz the geologist museum was closed. She was upset, but not her if dun have any other plans.
Near that place it's located other Museum. Yeap that's POST MUSEUM. So we tried to catch the place (between fifty-fifty feelings about open or nope).

Almost unlucky, but we were lucky that day ^_^.
This is the first time for me to get know about this place (even i'm living here for the rest of my life ;p ).
Pretty interesting even someday you can see dusts there. The position of that Museum is on basement floor in Main Post Office beside Gedung Sate.
Here's some pics taken there:

In front of the Main Post Office.
In the 1st gate before enter the building

With Yona inside Museum, @ some corner of it, oh yeah that sculpture is the man who was being in leading this office, his famous calling is "Mas Soeharto".

And other pics like this too, just check it out ^_^ :
You can find the 1st stamp made it called "black penny" and the price is 1 penny when launched, a 'gerobak' that Maluku used it in the past time, variation of posting box, and many countries that becoming a group/union of post ...

Last but not least , like this one

entertain enough right?! wkwkwkwk...


So what are you waiting for, just prepare to catch it. Have a great day everybody.

Friday Morning With a Coffee Calling

Friday Morning here I am ...

Annoying your sleep so you can making me right away.

C'mon ... c'mon ... let's having nice activity right now while bright is out there waiting for your creativity in making me.

(well at least that group of words already flying away in mind since early morning today).

So I just wake up early today and direct my foot downstair and make that.

Your wish come true my friend.

I put 1 tea spoon of sugar, 1 1/2 tea spoon of black nescafe, 1 tea spoon of rum - 40% (usually it used for ingredients in cake), and lil bit of Sprite/ others lemonade.
Filling the cup with 1/2 hot or warm mineral water and 1/2 of Sprite

And ready to drink ... Simple and nice mixture of them.
I think it will be great if you put some "kayu manis" on it.

Or when you wants to drink it in cold motion just add some ice cubes there.

And my simple opinion about it is Loved It ^_^.

Whoo do you know what I am thinking now?

How if someday we make "Coffee Punch Party" - a bite of pastry and coffee somewhere.

Can't wait to make it true IRL. Hohoho let's fun yeah :)

Touch Of Pleasure


What do you mean by that honey?

Who is daring to do that?!

The woman : Haaa what? am I doing something wrong darling?

That words honey ... the one you've been shout out couple minutes before

The Woman : Which one?

Ow...Ow...Ow you've got poorly memorize yeap

Well, it's about 2 minutes ago. C'mon are you remember yet?

The woman : Hmm ... 2 minutes ago! Such a daring personality you are darling. Why don't you remember me what is all about I'm saying before?

Still --> The clue please ... coz I feel so clueless here

Oooh okay then ... it's about something you've been made more interesting, connecting with your idea, handy too. What's that?

The woman : Handy and idea ... well well well ... uhmm. Still zero here

Ooow GOD ... you gimme a break hon!

The woman : no kidding darling

Okay okay you win honey... You Win @_@" - pffiiuww...

The woman : are you sure? I'm winning the game


The woman : Okay, I'll count now 3 ... 2 ... 1,5 ... 1 ... ending time. Really win yeap, thank you :D

So, can you tell me what the answer for the shout out that you "forget"

The woman : A-haa ... it's about changing perspective in the brand new days. For this case I just add some elements on my blog pages.

Haaa!! that one is parting of your Touch of Pleasure, isn't it?

The woman : Correct ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revealing the Unspoken

That what some friend told me last week. Revealing the unspoken ...

To me it isn't the simple things to do - someday.
And it sentence made me think - again.

Running...running...running again in my brain even I didn't want to - huff hate it when happened.
Then this line came to me in unexpected time and it's speaking this "Just reveal them on the right moment, coz there are always a right time to open what u keep or lock in your secret room" - and almost everybody doing that. Sincere I am just ordinary one, so I just do like they do.

So, here I am friend waiting for the right time in revealing the unspoken. Not the right action perhaps, but definitely brave choice of mine ^_^.
How bout ya? :O)

American Violet

(Pic taken from Google Search engine)

That's what I watched last Sunday when I was alone awaited for my parents.
Finally it was opened after a month delayed for some activities I've got.
Nice movie though...
I mean this is remembering us that someday getting forget or laziness in spreading "To Be One" without any differences.
U can see how some people who had an "interest" in world hurting others for their ownself happiness. Not in hurting with some stuff but more than that, like drowning some personal who never act wrong to be on that LINE. How's the bad person make crowded whole things in another living life. How's the psychologist having influenced for the suffering object.
Feelings regret to what I see but yes it is still happening in the world today. Not only in that country on the movie, but in another part of continents it still there. And they are REAL.
So for whoever you are that already seen this one or might be searching this movie, please just put our mind into One. LIBERTY are for everyone in every places , fully this world with LOVE. GOD bless u all.

Amin ^_^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Guardian Star

Not long we've been met, but there's so many times we passed together.
Feel awkward sometimes, but still sweet like a blueberry jam that slippery in our tongue.
You've been guarded me in the best way of your ability and glad to have it in mind.
Polite, Patient, Encouraging, Smart are staying in you.
Someday in some movement there's an unpredictable slight of expression that made me laugh.
(And just give that laugh for you - only GOD know it and you later when read this one ^_^)
Confused perhaps always stick on me, because of your kindness and protection (do I in wrong feelings about this?)
But i feel you protecting me from something I never known before.
You already heard many stories I'd been told to other friends of us.
About all magical and miracles happened around me. (Even from your subject it might just an imagination things)
Even you were not actually next to me, you are good in development hearing skill.
You are the kind of not seen but seeing inside with heart beat that you have.
Someday I was thinking, who the hell are you?
Still stand there without spoken anything, just watching for .
Watching with that diamond eyes you've got.
However Guardian Star, I'm glad that Allah SWT let us knowing each other even not much, still.
Thank's for giving me a secure feeling (at least that what I know ).
Take care of your health then yeap ^_^.

Happy Birthday,
Wish your dream come true and Allah bless u all the way.


New month already here again, running in year 2010.
Preparing new spirits in gaining whole aim that'll be representation in this 366 days.
Many project flying in random way inside mind.
Whole positive.
Thanks GOD again coz U r already put me here stepping on next expedition of life.
Having new experiences with other people that new or still in old packages.
And still feel YOU in my life.