Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surprising Weekend

Meet lil taurean and virgo at weekend
both are huges than the last time saw 'em
Cute to have a greet with them as surprisingly
Can hug them both - yip yip and krip krip ;)
Lil taurean now look so chubby - and hug him is fully of hahaha + hihihi , we both missing each other
Lil virgo look so pretty , still chubby and having more babblement than before with clear spell

again have a pleasure weekend all :)

aurora in grey :)

grey weekend here not because of things just a gloomy sticky since early morning here :p
with this quote, everything feels like a Smiley face around (^___^)

"If my heart keep singing, will my song go winging to someone who'll find me and bring back a love song to me?" - aurora

Good things happen

Good things happen indeed
In a flatty or bad or regular life or even in a happy-merry-pleasure-etc
be grateful :D

Happy weekend all :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pen ...

everything are seem so well-explain and starting from the simply things such as pen .  What a time!  What a moment hehehe :D

and its start when these life knowing pen things into other media to release knowledge  in each mind of ours. story of life, experiments, views, etc. in every corner of world were having almost same stories that develop into something called culture. and in every culture they were had a folk-stories or folk-music or folk-buddies that picturing of something in the past era. in every its packaged UNIQUELY and GENUINE. depend on which area that expanding and being an expandable later. that two's were something that can't be imitated by human beings in everywhere, whether you are a richness or powerful enough. That two's are belonging to HIM.
That two's stories are connected everywhere and bond each other.
Funny to how everything as in on processing line, someday its look a like weirdo things but sparkling become an exquisite frame of travel around.  Like a cells that surrounding by magic and becoming an exhale of very cool  air.  And at the end of time you can only SMILE and THANKFUL for everything happened.

To smile and thankful to HIM as THE ONE who is creating this livelihood.
Have a pleasure life and time everyone , May we are blessing by Him always.
Amiin :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Morning at 22 october

Morning at 22nd of october
Its lovely!
Was seeing 2 orange butterflies around the bamboos and pines down there (I was in the 2nd floor), while listening to Lucky One by Vertical Horizon.  Whiii feel happy :)
Not so long there were few of them in different colors such as white, green and the blue one.
Lalalala what a warm morning.
Thank YOU so much (^___^).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why the sky?

Why the sky?

Because on it i saw many shapes beauty , bad
Like an absent of angel and devil
There are so many stories up there
Including one I can't forget
Its shaped Allah (arabic typo) in a bright day
I was a little and walked home after activities
It stand there up our home
And i can say : Waaaa Tuhan!  Kok bisa kayak gitu awannya ...
Wanna take a picture of it , but hey that years not like now -- gadget era hehehe ...
Since that time
Sky is the one that companion life with many this and that
Its a fun things of HIS created.

Well, enjoy your day
and keep positivo all

Thanks Grandma (^_^)

The last sentence she said before died was, " tolong hadapkan pada kiblat "
and on that day i was beside and companion every minutes left with into that line she wished for. We were holding hand in lil minutes that so precious.  Me as her grand daughter and Kleerissa Palmer (Aisyah Anang).
Remember her tears, not a saddy one. Its a beautiful one like sparkling jewel .
That was the 1st time i bathed up a dead body, grandma.  Saw her in blue than pouring that water and seeing miracles with whoaaa the blue color was changed fast become white.  A pure white ... the woman from the mosque told me that is an amazed , she must be the one loved by Him (Allah SWT, red).  Rarely that could be like that into minutes.  I just stunned with all info stored at that time.  Feel awesome to see her face smile after.  So beautiful and bright indeed.
Everyone knew her was coming from everywhere.  And praying her with well ...
Its been 5 years ago.
A day full of present from HIM to the nature with brought that Saturn stayed peace upon the clean night, with many stars glowing above.  She was Rest In Peace in an unique time.
Me just can said Subhanallah when starred into the sky. And had a little wish too, for having peace in good way like she does (hehehehe ...)  : leads Mecca (mengarah kiblat, red).

That was a simple favor of her that direct me to a journey of life full of surprises. Whether there never a favor so am will dismiss the whole ventures, but hey thanks a lot for that simply grandma. Thanks to You too dear Allah SWT for simplify all beauty lies on around.  Abundant happiness for that :) - Syukran.

Everywhere is HIM

in every place been through
in every pages left
in every street passed
in every views beneath
in every beaches, rivers
in every stuff
in every heart
in every faces
in every shapes
in every tears
in every steps
in everything saw
i see HIM smile always
to those who is believing
to those who wants to open wide their brain
to those thinking
to those catching
that simply and light door
to heaven

BJK, octo 21, 2012
Salam :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

around keraton yogya & vredeburg fortress :)

Above are some pic from museum kareta keraton @ yogyakarta

Tic toc tic toc at around kraton Yogyakarta

Vredeburg fortress at noon time

Unfortunately we were late for half an hour after it s been closed :(

But we were lucky, because the cafe was opened ... so here we are after till nite drop
its cold plus lil bit dark :p

However soever, step up and been caught them at night, pretty enough eh :)

and them too

and this before we went home ... brrr

explore - dream - discover - capture

it spells "change colors and flavors!"
wow must be having so many process through even the idea was so simple
make all colorful and tasty for every heart eat 'em
saw the title 1st then up a lil bit to the word "everlasting"
r u sure Gob?
then turn the box and finding another words chattering :
Greetings ( voila to you too ^_^ )
Many tasty treats awaits you ( hehe let's praying then for every good motions and notions around )
Scrumdiddlyumptious ( hmm this one just bring an idea about Ice Cream - hahaha )
Beyond Measure ( yeaaah that is just like whole fluctuated path doing all the time :D )
with the closing -- don't just Stand There + Go On + Feed Your Imagination  ( seem having some meanings w/ a line saw at urs about things "taps shoulder" hahahaha )

its all about explore, dream, discover and captured behind whole things running. voila! voila! voila!

btw it was red 1st then turn to orange and the last is soft-pink when i took one of 'em into mouth
hehehe ... red like a reddish and pria cabai.
refreshing indeed
swing and sway
dududu di damdam

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tetap Semangat :)

pelajaran minggu ini :

ada hal-hal yang besar dan menggiurkan untuk diikuti tapi kadang gak kesampaian.  lumayan bikin sedih, Namun bukannya Tuhan tidak menyayangi kamu untuk semua yang besar dan menggiurkan itu.  Ada yang lebih penting dari sekedar yang besar itu.  Ada yang sederhana dengan makna yang jauh lebih besar daripada yang menggiurkan tadi.  Dan sesungguhnya Tuhan selalu memberi POSITIVO dalam setiap apa yang kita lakukan di muka bumi ini.

Tetap Semangaaaaaaat!! (^___^)

Monday, October 15, 2012

tiga warna dasar

pada setiap kita bertitik pada seni
dan setiap kita merasakan science
terduduk, berdiri,
tertunduk menelaah
tengadah tersenyum
miring, lurus, jajaran genjang
merah, biru , kuning
tiga warna dasar
tim penggembira
yang bersorak sorai
untuk kebebasan berekspresinya
dalam hidup yang bertingkat-tingkat
namun sederhana
dalam setiap hati mereka

clink and clank

a room
a shelves
that showering by clink and clank objects
under the dim light
in the night time
once upon a night
at a sufficient height
in every twink, spoiled
asking to touch in smooth and gently
someday ... 
if it possible
but when it say no
just let it flow
another around will giving bright
with greater light than a dim
held by
to the answer
that never known before 

just a little words

the atmo was fully reddish man for about many hours
and angled
the traffic not allowed to meet the grass
not yet
not the right time
later the universe will shouting you from nowhere to come
and joy the day light with
after all cleaning path
even traffic was function well
the water succeed poured by
many thanks to HIM that listening every word said at that noon time
may everything is going to be alright
and well-done

Sunday, October 14, 2012

K- l - e - e - r - i - s - s - a

and it spell as K-l-e-e-r-i-s-s-a ...
is it for medival spelling or ...?
now on the spelling is written to be Clarissa
curious, in what yrs the spelling are changed?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

W.O to Beautiful Prambanan

waiting at trans Jogja shuttle for pretty long time .
finally we've got the 6th bus after :p
well, it happened because of something so the occupant have to wait until ...
not always happen so just relax :) 

Prambanan in noon and Sunset :)

The candi plus the sky its so WoW 

some corner of 

The sky :)

and again :)

Our turn on click session after clicked those candi

Behind Prambanan after Sunset
What a beautiful panorama indeed

Btw, while we were doing late walked out that day, everything rolled in smooth way of HIM.  Waiting for few hours in the shuttle has made good result when we were arrived, no umbrella or hat needed to use and get that sunset view. Hummm humm hmm great !
Thankful for that GOD (^___^)

Funny Saturday ^_^

Saturday , 02:30 pm

Its a time when i was in my desk for working
Good day is being a good companion since morning time
A little gloomy showed at a short time into middle and change to a bright day
Like a gold and will make you have a big smiley (^____^)
Then something happened, dunno what was that but feel like something pouring inside you from somewhere.
So purity, clean and etc
Like somebody has giving a best pray for.
Another miracles perhaps.
And that's make me smile smile smile and smile again.

Well, have a blessed weekend all
Keep positivo then :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

culinaries at holiday

holiday culcul (culinary, red) :p

Bubur Kuah Santan ini enaak juga @UGM Sunday morning

Kalau yg ini nasi soto yg dipilih kakak sepupuku saat di UGM Sunday morning

Makanan Barat - recommended @ R&B Grill - Mongisidi St, Yogyakarta

Penampilannya lucu ya yang ini di Indische Koffie @Vredeburg fortress
Pisang Keju, es kopi, bir plethok plus ice lemon 

Kue jadul (dunno what the name is, yummy ;)  )

Mmmm seem i was missed one place to tell.  Its a resto that build in Dutch architecture, located in Jl Wolter Mongisidi 19 named KopiTiam Oey.  I'm sure this one is familiar at Yogyakarta.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


a question mark is always stand in people mind.
why, what, where, who, when, how
what is your recommendation when a question established in your mind?
keep asking to yourself
looking for the answer around
asking to someone that higher knowledge and can be trust by
or just stick around and silent and none ...

"have you ever try to do communication with HIM lately? *The Majesty one"
if you haven't so just try to
because HE is never sleep and very patient to hear about your stories.
i know this statement can build another question such as:
"HE is GOD, why I have to bother telling HIM stories while HE already know about everything?"
"When HE will answered my questions?"
"What if ... ?"
"How ... ?"
etc, etc ...

HE will listening to your stories and never boring with those.
Then HE let you feeling Glad after story-telling time
Others, HE lies many answers for your question in everywhere/ sectors/ area/ mankind
HE is giving a permission for you to learn, observed, researched, comprehend, think and decided about everything too.
Now what you feel after ? -- only yourself can describe how the taste of doing something with HIM who always standby.
Sharing it?  well, if you don't mind why not, because sharing can give some enlightenment for others.  Doing share in POSITIVO smart way will be a good things to do.

From now on stop give an opinion that HE never give you an answered because the REAL answered are lying in everywhere around ya.  HE shows the move with Smart attitude also smooth , so that you will be feeling more than glad after.

Never give up will ya (^___^)

Views @ Taman Sari, yogyakarta

that was several frames i took when hangout at Taman Sari , yogyakarta.
the great from this is when we have to search which way that will bring us to
the ruins of it place.  Because it point nowadays are placed in a round of mass housing.
hope you all enjoy the angle :).

took by Emilda K 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

once upon a day my friend said :
better pakai bahasa ibu, bahasa yang satunya kurang bisa dimengerti
then i told him :
bahasa yg satunya memang biasa aja, bisa kebaca kalau pake hati ( tambahan sama otak dan feel yg bener)
kalau bhs ibu suatu hari nanti dibuat kali blog nya.
Then there's the last blog i made titled Kotak-Katik- Ketik, domination by mother tongue

The Dolphin Squad

Today ... dunno
Just remember that pinky dolphin necklace that i bought from Bali many years ago
And remember that trip from the sea craft, where i saw dolphin squad :p companion our way , while the security staff said, "biasanya banyak lumba-lumba dik, tapi sudah beberapa lama mereka jarang muncul"
Me : "yaaah padahal pengen liat mereka kalau di laut lepas pasti bagus" (then I asked HIM to show that squad - dalam hati aja lah)
Me : " mungkin sebentar lagi ada yang lewat ya pak"
SS:  " ya kita tunggu saja dik"
Me + SS + dll waiting but there's none, so i just intended to go downstairs.  Then my sister yelled me up
S: "woiiii lumba-lumbanya muncuuul, sini cepetaan!"
Me just back to 1st point and starred at them.  Huuuuu what a day !  They are showing for real.
SS : "eeh muncul juga ya dik?? tumben ... hahaha kamu beruntung dik"

Its different taste when u saw them in sea world place and the other at the ocean.
Hummm , thanks for the memory dear YOU ...
Refreshing the time in a sweet way.
By the way the place where we stayed also beautiful, dunno whether it place still standing or not.
These Australian couple had a guest house that so simply and elegant.  There are several dogs too, however so ever both are good people :) - hahaha

What a memories :D very yipikaaduududidamdam

kiss kiss kiss :)

request Tuhan!
request ...
berhubung semua menggulung kayak bolu gulung (mmm nyam nyam slllrrrp ...)
hmm request pendeklarasian secara sederhana aja yaa
kapan pun itu di waktu yang tepat
kayak mottonya apa gitu KISS ( keep it simple and short)

mid orange! x-D

middle week and orange juice
hwaaaa so refreshing in the sunny day
thank you life!
for reminding some alerts, such as this:
EaT WeLL, HavE EnougH SleeP and enOugh Rest :)

be blessed everyone :)
boost spirit!

have a pleasure day too ^_^


bukan anak kemarin sore
yang hanya cap cus cap cus
bukan juga pemberi cap
karena cap itu dipegang cuma sama 1 saja
bukan anak kemarin sore
yang bisa dipadati impresi merayap tak bergerak
bukan anak kemarin sore
cuma anak biasa-biasa
yang sedang belajar
dalam perpustakaan yang super duper guedeeee

once upon a time
he looks like a monster!
is there any heart inside it GOD?
why it seem like a warm monster ...
means not bad at all
is it possible for pouring a heart to that monster?
will it working well
hmm really scare to him actually
just trying? ... mmm not so sure about that dear GOD
even the magnetism running pretty well
hmm okay ... i'll try but if it isn't good so i just doing to pray
may the monster can leaving as clear as the sunny bright
can breathing well as life blowing the wind and the air as well
can feeling the touch of coolness heart

Have a great day everyone :)