Monday, March 30, 2015

berputar dengan rasa ^_^

di Terminal Kopi ^_^ - senangnya melihat ini

Pindah tempat ke titik yang baru itu hei menyenangkan! Berlokasi di Jalan Cemara, Terminal Kopi dan kru siap memberikan menu-menu kopi terbaiknya. So far asik si kopinya dan menu-menu simpelnya.  Tempatnya yang simpel juga asik buat ditongkrongin sambil ngobrolin aneka perbincangan bareng teman-teman kita.  Jangan takut ketinggalan waktu shalat disini ada musholanya juga kok. Asiik kalo menurut belu si sleby :D
Sempat icip roti maryam coklatnya! endezz
Kopinya si jangan ditanya bikin happy.
Setiap titik penuh hati ni jadi pas masuk tempat ini ya ada banyak rasa senang.
Silakan berkunjung lo kalau pembaca lagi ada di Bandung

berputar dengan hati ^_^

Menemukan hati2 yg bersemangat :d
Dua kotak diatas itu perjalanan berputar dari satu titik ke titik lain yang asik banget dilakukan.  Penuh eksplorasi dan semangat.  Rasanya senang sekali bertemu dengan para manusia yang dipertemukan dalam setiap titik.  Gak hanya itu banyak juga pengetahuan yang masuk ke dalam otak kita .
semua titik adalah lalalalala
dan lalalalala
lalu lalalalala
Be HAPPY ^_^

Selamat menemukan rasa pelangi di jalan ya kawan-kawan ^_^

carry that on

What im spoken to are those happened around us.
Whether some people asked do i read a lot of books? Then i said so so, reading to things i interested in as my major told many so they are what i read about.
What im carry on? Simplicity
Whether you know how simplicity happened?by process of HIM hand
Is it a handy one to carry on? Well its up to ourself how to carry it.
Funny carry that on everytime
Funny carry that belongs to HIM
As the smile will pour within hearted
Funny carry on that make whole seeing in bright as the crystal clear
Like the magic coming from everywhere to guide us in the right pattern.
Its showering in beauty like the blooming time
Its fantastic as HE Given us breathing well at this giant home
Just be thankful for all happened
And stay with HIM everywhere we go.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

cikini - art performance - be happy

Oooo iyaaa ada yg seru hampir aja lupa .
Datang ya kalau ada waktu senggang.
Menyaksikan teater luwes dengan salah satu master Mime, (suhu) Yayu Aw Unru dan kru.
Happy berasik2 ria liat ini.

smile for cikini

Smile for cikini

Used to be its a word that shouted everywhere in some periodes of year. Till its forgotten and heii its showing again :)
Cikini cikini cikini
Now i understand what the reason behind all.
Haha the simple thing just remember.
For cikini
Well u might see me with people surround that smiling for world.
Not anymore about one person its about many stories of people eyes.
The one sounding cikini , well its just a dilivering without his concious.
Cikini and one love to history
Cikini and one love at art
Cikini and one love to see those
Cikini and that old soul 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

dimana-mana murni

Dimana kmarin2?

Di sebuah tempat dimana murni berjalan dengan menakjubkan
Dimana kemarin?
Di sebuah tempat dimana seorang monk berjalan dgn senangnya
Dimana kemarin?
Bertemu kebaikan
Dalam bising

Hahaha dengan rasa yang wow, heiii semoga kalian mendapatkan hal2 menarik juga positivo

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


TAFSEER (Interpretation)

With Tafseer by Indyra
That was the titled of this masterpiece of  Indyra.  Yes, been in Jakarta to see again one of her masterpiece.  As the Exhibition theme is Aku Diponegoro, so that the masterpiece of her I looked at this exhibition.  Was held at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jl Medan Merdeka Timur  that exhibit since Februari - March 8th,2015

Captured from this angle

Captured again from this side
Was looking there and saw from different angles and feeling the sphere of its masterpiece.  The first thougt that came when saw this is Wow - cool!  As if I see it again after looking at other paintings there, then hey! There was something powerful here at this painting. Kind of  powerful sight that came from Diponegoro. A great sight of how the life should be , on that masterpiece i'm feeling how varieties of thought that he pleased at his mind.  He is the real one who have great abilities in doing right for many and he does have its rights.  Its not only about the battle field but the right reason behind and to do all .
Within his view on that screen, well people could having their own perspective but he is really know what, why, when, where, who and how the circle is going on.

The Shadow, everyone gets it, didn't know why the painter made it clearly, but it feels like that big behind is come from ourself too.  Shadow ... is it always means by its black side?  Is it possible to combine that black into our personal life that conduct to constructive frame of think? - well this part is mine question to her , however that shadow i believe have a great contribution too for his sight seeing as a leader.  It is the positiVo shadow that lead him to his own path for being struggle.

Face, looked at his face on that depth of everything its shown the tenderly.  That smart face just glowing with those spirit around.  Sparkle here and sparkle there in a glamorous way , through that score i could feeling that he is the one who have a trully heart too.  Pure heart person, noble and polite.

Pointing to something far nor near ...
We can't see what he was pointing to
But for me its about how we people could step right by looking what is around us and do the brave things in preserve what the best to act useful for many people.

About all perspective I've got from this ... , well both of them believe in HIM so well.  They are in somewhere that believe that The One will lead us through HIS unique way in showing what the greatest are.
Its not about the battle or the show thats going on.
Its about the TRUTH of being struggle that came from HIM as our creator.
In the name of every battle of life, there is Spiritual come too.

This is a powerful painting indeed , very grateful could be here.

"Saat pandang dan telunjuk menuju pada aliran yang dahsyat, disitulah semuanya terjadi" - BJK, 2015
"Sinergi itu terasa adanya pada mereka yang percaya akan kedahsyatanNYA" - BJK,2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

14th from 20ies

14th from 20ies at morning time
Morning time! Where pa juz said that were blooming wijayakusuma in front. Without ba bi bu be bo then took the camera and shot them.
Hehe it were 14th  blooming from twenties looking so pretty .
Been visualized em in mind with night vision. Huuu it'll be like staaarr(s) - cool!
So lucky! Coz between the 14th well there was one that still have perfect beauty. Opening very well ^_^
My morning staar!
Wijayakusuma staaaars and smile in beautiful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BeluBelloBelle: Color of Life that opened Our Mind

mengulang lagi catatan ini karena begitulah adanya ^_^

semoga tetap menjadi sesuatu yang berharga untuk dijadikan sebuah isi dalam setiap hidup dan nafas siapapun itu yang membacanya.

Tetap bersyukur padaNYA.

Bermain Sekaligus Belajar

went to Ullen Sentalu museum . A nice place where we could learn many :)   

A sculpture that were stay calm at Museum exit ^_^

An epic driver with his engine - our guide in Merapi. Cool!

Mount Merapi behind those green grass at noon time between the rainy time

Free with the Breeze, the fresh one!

Juz shoot them whose having fun style :D

Candid them !

With Bapak dan Ibu Wigyo that were a close people of Mbah Marijan. Coincidental meet that so fun :D

Mount Merapi before we went home.  Suddenly clear from the gloomy gloom gloom dumdidudidudidamdam

All photos taken at March 2015.
A simple ventures with education value inside.