Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleby at Locafore \(^_^)/

LocaFore 2013, that's the name of some routines events that held at place named Kota Baru Parahyangan. This is an active support to creative people that initiated by Mr. Jim Supangkat, a curator, sculptor also art critic of Indonesia .  What we could enjoy when be there? Well, this is an action for them creative at sphere like Art, Design and Jazz.  So, that's I've got when were there.  We could see an art exhibition that enclosed to 43 artist. its came from many subject of art such as sculpture, painting , installation and others.  At design sphere, well there was a design transparent spot that filled with tents.  Each tents was represented their own product design , its quite interested to have a joy there.  How many tents? Hmm its many , i saw more than 20 ...probably around 30 to 40's gee! a lot eh? hehehe.  their product are awesome too.  Not only selling the products , in some tents we could say hello to do some lil workshop , so entertain.  Btw this spot had good layout design that very simple and attractive (poor me , the cam juz end suddenly, couldn't have that angle to share on this notes)

What else? Hey i didn't mention that Jazz thing!
This Locafore that held in 3 days were companion with 24 great musician of indonesia such as Ireng Maulana, Ermy Kulit, Glenn Fredly, Benny Likumahuwa, The Doctors & The Professor, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Margie Segers, Sandy Winarta, Dira Sugandi, Sierra , Raisa , Jafuzz Cobre on trio session and many more.

Whose i met there?
Well I met friends that having good creation at drawing pictured, I called him Seniman Zodiak, why? because he is good for sure to draw people character based on their zodiac through his see-sight.  His name is Rukmunal Hakim.  Then met others too named Ario Anindito.  Both are having different style of making paint but got right spirit into this world name of Art :)

Who else?
Hmmm i've got bonus again from HIM, I could meet Indyra art ( if you remeber, i was wrote about her few times ago). Yeay! So happy to see her again, old and new friend that long time no see.

The most precious from all is i could see colors in every point I stand. That's lovely indeed.  Gracias for those time i spend and filled with smiley face everywhere. Lalalalala (^___^), what a day! what a moment full of happiness.
Sleby  at Locafore with friends - yiiha , fun and wonderful.

Finally, have fun with those :D

Indyra Art (the one worn hat) and Friend

This one is great :)

People and their action at :D

Some situations at art Exhibition

Their Stage + Booklet + Lampion! ^_^

Colors! :D

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spirit Sang Pesawat :p

"Pesawat Terbang penuh cintai itu layaknya manusia yang berjalan menuju daerah baru tanpa menapak tanah namun masih berjalan dengan segala pikiran-pikiran manusiawi yang tetap bertumpu pada kebaikan sekitar.  Sesuatu perjalanan baru dalam biru yang luas hingga berakhir di hijau yang membentang sambil memiliki ragam cita yang ingin dicapai.  Sayap-sayapnya bilang pada kehidupan manusia untuk mencoba hidup seimbang, tidak berlebihan ataupun berkekurangan."
BJK, Sept 2013
Terinspirasinya dari sebuah peristiwa memang, sesuatu yang bahagia en penuh cinta tentunya :)
Mu liat?
Boleeeeh , silahkan menjadi penumpang Pesawat Terbang Penuh Cinta yang satu ini.
Semoga bermanfaat ya ^___^

Monday, September 9, 2013

Salam nyengir :D

grateful for every way passed and come in many colors.
grateful for every meet with anyone unexpected
hehehe smile for positivo :D
have a bright life everyone ^____^
hidup berkreasi!
salam nyengir hahaha

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sprinkle Sprinkle September

the 5th september for belubellobelle here, may the 5th could be bring positivo as always.

Sprinkle sprinkle september
Where the new season come
Sprinkle sprinkle september
When the orange room feel so amazed
Sprinkle sprinkle september
To those step forward, may this month become ur happiness
Sprinkle sprinkle september
Just the way it moves
Enjoy the life then :D

yippi duuu (*_^)