Sunday, August 28, 2011

BeluBelloBelle: Side by side

BeluBelloBelle: Side by side: Side by side views it said Side by side is one line that make me smile on this minutes Just like to see somebody next to you Who that der...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

shiny summer

shiny summer juz landing
to picky a beauty
with some patient tips and trick
and catchy the light

shiny summer juz arriving
to complete the sweet
with polite steps
and goodie smile to a corner

shiny summer
so gold
and wonderful
under the blue

shiny summer juz loving it much
better day to day


hei stranger , apparently ... not the end yet.

how ever so ever there's something still

never knowing exactly what it is

but hey

am may hang around ya still

hmm *curious*

it's always something fluctuated and floated when all are connecting to

never understand why

dear GOD, what exactly is this?


magnetic power

that chain is so powerful enough

how hard to remove from

it steal some still

walking with brave and sure

to the future

thou some magnetic powerful enough still tight


something already being a destiny, even can't cut by our stubborn

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hai There

Now is my part to say hello! for readers of mine that is coming from Malaysia, France and Ukraine.

Thanks for stopping here.

Have a pleasure day.
Warm love from me to you all (^_^)

New Home of Free Your Mind Community

Whoops! Fortunately this is still a news from Free Your Mind community.

We just moved to the new site , just come and share our POSITIVO free minds creation, activities , etc to this address:

have a blessing day everyone.

Peace, love and POSITIVO (^_^)

Free Your Mind and Japan

Hai hai hai long time not talk about this community right.

Calm everyone, we aren't stopping to do something for better future. We do some activities lately (only not release yet)


The latest news about our book that titled A Bundle of Free Mind's Masterpiece "The Sun" still on road to sell. And finally through HIS way ours was arrived at Japan. Not yet clearly which area of Japan, but the buyer is a Japanese who is wanting this since it published, last year.

Maybe you all forget about this book, then I'll direct you into this page :)

Yippi ka yey ! it's a happy sphere to know that our simple community can reaching you who are living outside Indonesian.

Thank you for new friends too at Thailand. You are all such a nice to accept us there. (^_^)

Warm greetings for everyone at everywhere around the world from us.


free your mind greetings full of love and peace .

Friday, August 19, 2011

BeluBelloBelle: Dari Komik Miss Modern

BeluBelloBelle: Dari Komik Miss Modern: Hehehehe buku ini masih saya simpan sejak SD, dunno why tapi rencananya akan diturunkan pada anak atau keponakan saya nanti...ketika mereka ...

Summer Breeze Popped

Summer breeze popped every light surround and lift me up

To the new place with full great story than before



Summer Breeze popped

Time to leave the stranger

You are awakening now, time for the soloist move forward

Summer Breeze popped

The soloist smile and prepare to go another destination

Summer Breeze popped

Goodbye Stranger, just stand up by your self now on

See u somewhere in another sparkling time

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 18th gift - fasting month

Its a good morning gift when i started again . Everything are very bright and clear after lil discussion with somebody that i can counted on to hear an opinion.

Like a birth gift from HIM everything happened so gladly. Positivo is coming gently, very genuine and like it a lot.

Peace and pleased to do all in new circle of life.


May everyone can be on best luck like i do too.
Keep smile and POSITVO will ya (^_*).

GOD is never sleep, He is guiding us where ever we are.
Never give up yaa ....


with or without that stranger guy, the point where have to be stand is there still. To have a journey with a goody that'll be stand equal at some dots like Pancasila Building to some places such as A, B, J, NY, DC, NC, EV, E, ITLY, L, Irsh, etc.
that's all connected with diplomatic world.

so what will be will be when dream come true in steady spot!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

exhale a moment

exhaling a moment just to get fresh air
and make it all clean
so the step can conclude well

not yet get the best response so choosing for an exhale is the best 4 last.
move forward
and ganbate still!

Harus Bisa! itu ...

Harus Bisa!

Merupakan 2 kata sangat baik untuk mengembangkan niat yang ada dalam pada diri setiap manusia.

Harus Bisa! terwujud ketika hati, keyakinan dan niat berkumpul menjadi satu sinergi yang kuat.

Sinergi kuat ada di dalam diri tiap manusia yang dapat dikembangkan sesuai tujuan menurut kebijaksanaan emosi kita.

Ketika HARUS BISA! muncul dan mendapatkan jalannya di sebuah tempat berkedudukan maka HARUS BISA! dikumpulkan lagi menjadi kekuatan untuk melawan angin-angin negatif dan mengkolaborasikannya dengan hal-hal positif yang muncul.

Kesenjangan pasti muncul dalam kehidupan dan kadang jikalau tak kuat HARUS BISA! terkalahkan oleh kesenjangan dan hasilkan dilema terbesar yang pernah ada dalam setiap diri manusia.

Kita bisa saja menjadi kuat ataupun tenggelam dalam kesenjangan tersebut. Kembalikan saja dulu diri kita ke titik nol dan mulai menyatukan spirit HARUS BISA menjadi NYATA!


Tidak hanya sebatas jejak pena dan kepuasan semata

Melewati proses perjuangan yang dilakukan bersama dengan mempelajari kehidupan ( mengamati, menikmati, mencermati dan memeliharanya)

Miliki kebersamaan sebuah tim

Bergerak dari sebuah, berkembang menjadi, berjalan seperti

Harus Bisa adalah sebagian dari KOORDINASI mengenal dunia. Tak ada kata terlambat untuk menerima pelajaran dan atau saran , memperbaiki kekurangan, dll.

Selamat menjalankan HARUS BISA! jadi keNYATAAN terbaik kalian teman-teman.
Maju Tak Gentar jangan lupakan berdoa juga yaa biar lebih mantap.

Salam positivo (^_^)

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia

Yippi yeee

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke 66 tahun. Semoga di titik ini Indonesia akan menuju perubahan berarti ke arah POSITIF tanpa banyak intrik-intrik yang memberatkan banyak pihak.

Banyak masalah = PR untuk berkembang bukan untuk ditindak lanjuti secara "MENGGANTUNG"

Sebagai warganegar saya percaya negara ini masih memiliki banyak celah untuk kembali ke jalan yang benar.










Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best of Indonesia

Is when u are finding this:

Moment when our national flag is flapping companion with our song "Indonesia Raya"
so simply, elegant also beautiful.

Our archipleago

Our richness of language

Our variety of foods, dance, music, habitual

Our geographic

Our biodiversity

Our animal diversity

Our color

Our perspective of thinking

Our graduation

Our belifes

Our unity

That fused on "BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA" motto

And the GARUDA icon that contain with Pancasila .


Monday, August 15, 2011

Red and White for Indonesia

Today I'll speak about my country flag. It's Red and White..
This red and white were flapping since long time ago when it wasn't being as a default setting like now on (as a nationality flag). It was detected that the Red and white already shown at years 1292 in a battle field (war between Jayakatwang and R. Wijaya). Red and white been using at many royals over nusantara and their commonwealth territorial.

Every royals got their own meanings about it color. In Majapahit, red and white are having means of glorious. Like a Bugis Bone - South Sulawesi those color means about an honor and greatness about their kingdom and etc.

I've been got a learn that red refers to a bravely and white to purity. That notes are developing widely in our society. However we can find some appropriate means about that red and white on a book that titled "6000 tahun bendera merah putih" by M. Yamin.

Can you imagine that red and white already organized in this land since 6000 years ago. Very far away times before the famous story came out about Yamato and dennis Incident at War of Indonesia Independence.

Woww! and awesome ...

Well that's a lil story about our nationality flag.

How's my feeling about that?

Well, when I was child everything just through so flat. Just knows that every nation got their own flags.
But somehow when I was starting become a person that involved at Routine Monday Ceremony til join Paskriba, I just realized that flag isn't only a matter that effects by coloring system. It's something that brought many values to our personality in finding what exact the flag is and who we are as a citizen.
You can know the story of nation through it simple things.
Seeing them on high position up there can make our patriotism raising.
and finally we can find RESPECT.

That's my opinion about it.

How about yours out there? (^_*)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simple story about Sharing :)

Many stories were flown away ... someday it is filling by surprises here and there.

hehehe yes to many at rolling time. Not to remember what exact happened, but I'll have one today. It's brought by my nephew and niece.

Today they learn about SHARE SOMETHING

The lil one, Freideline was found a chocolate bar at my room and showed it to her brother, andrey. Not so long, Andrey was came into my room and asking if that possible to him get the same chocolate with his sister.
Poor Andrey, coz I answered that is the only one chocolate bar I had.
He was telling me that he wants to while back her body and gone.

Downstairs, Andrey still busy to take over the chocolate, but Freideline didn't give it to his brother. Then we are all (mum, dad, their mum and I) said why don't ya SHARING it to your brother. We can devide it into same size each. Then Freideline said "No way! Don't want to ..."

We : Humm
My mum : Ooo I know, you can share it by biting it. U can start first biting then Andrey
WE: that's a good option ma, grandma :p

So that was happening to them in a minute, they shared it and happy both.

What a wonderful time when everyone can describe something about what share is.
May keep on sharing could be one good stimulate for keeping positive life.

Amien :)

have a pleasure day everyone.