Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last day at november

the last at
the funniest and happy after
Because I can meet early child at my course place
Titled ACSC (Australian Child Student Center)
Play and learn lil while with them
Found simple things that is having great deal if we think of it
They are very funny with two lovely teacher
Hohoho ... they just make today sparks

Not only that, today I met Lui again for coincidental
We both are enjoyed in peek-a-boo session under the pillow
Hugging, cheering
Arranged the simple puzzle
While her mouth busy with the story of Barney , Beruang and Rabbit
What a day!
At course place and Lui's home
di Dam dam ;)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Djakarta Boulevard

Hmm yeah am giving that title after having weekend at jakarta city.  At that famous boulevard called BUNDERAN HI.  We are juz orbiting it point when it comes everyday activities, but not stay a while at that place. Until last weekend finally I just stand it on that place.  A circle that giving a means about that city -- "a never sleep city" .
Its about mid-night time until the dawn, when we were relaxed our time under the night sky companion by the crescent moon that sometimes show-up then hided (mm kinda weird night i supposed).  Yap the crescent like dancing something that night.
How ever so ever me and 2 other friends were having a great time and finding cheer by some new brainy people there.

"Boulevard oh boulevard 
Crescent moon ooh dancing crescent moon
On the night sphere
Orbiting by many lights
In that dot
Some magic and miracles came
Revealed good major of kindness
To safe time from darkness"
(BJK, Nov 21 - 2011)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

simple accidentally click

Long time ago someone just shoot this frame.
Thank you for clicked it.
Maybe someday in the future we can meet.

Nova Blessing :)

Once upon a time ... oh oops nope
Somewhere over the rainbow
Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere out there
Where HE wants some magic come and enlighten days
Between the crowd of world
And the humming time
Also the rolling words beat up the road
On November 16, 2011
Somebody just waking up after long time been slept
By some wounded ego and eyes missing
Finally she's back
By the power of world master
To do great things on this environment
Through the best way we never knew
Well, well, well, ...
The princess is waking up
What a blessing november
Now I'm smiling deeply for her return
Be thanks to YOU too for whole magic and miracles that never stopping around
On her sleep or life time
Blessing november
For the crystal clear light from heaven
And nature companion
May the pure could cure the cold into warm

Cheers everyone

Don't forget to like your self like the way you are because GOD has make u all beautiful like a crystal clear. No matter how (^__^)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

B for balancing and HIM

Gloomy still stood, however the sun calling too
Every cold there must be warm side
Every thought and visions come away
So it'll be bring some process cycle to do
Yes up there dear
Where the brain lived
And everything are running directly
Without any machine
Just by GOD engine system at human

Okay then so don't forget about HIM right.  Coz everywhere HE always companion us .
Enjoy (^___^) to love HIM deeply than him hehehe ...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BeluBelloBelle: North

BeluBelloBelle: North: It'll be North anyway Where the light begin And when its over Northern ... Northern Nightingale Fly fly away through those dimension Ti...

BeluBelloBelle: Rainbow noon

BeluBelloBelle: Rainbow noon: it's an april 7th,2011 (yesterday,red) around 6 pm here in my place. i was fascinated by the clouds because of the goldY sky at that moment...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

november ... november ...

Well well well
humm windy love at november is blowing and make wondering
about whole magics and miracles happened
november love, would be sweet come near?
november love, its showering deeply from the ocean
where everything are possible
november love am starring above the deck
whether it comes or nope
november november
hard, slick and lovely
november november
just let it flow
like when GOd handling u all the way
november oh november
let it answered later


Juz bring the passion of patient (^___^)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Doodle Doodle Gump ;p

doodle doodle gump
in the delayed delayed time

cheers :p
happy weekend all

Thursday, November 10, 2011

His From Her

He wasn't a knights like in the stories
He just he
Man that bring something in his heart

Having smile like Mr Snowman
Liking staring at nature
Swaying to where he wants to
Contemplate and sight seeing the stars up there

Beats up and hop
For best wishes around

He wasn't a knights in the stories
He just he
Like a Sunquick

Bringing something good in his mind
Flowing like an air
Chattering in long way journey
Forte in coloring life he wants sure secure

Holding in slow
For the excellent aims

He wasn't a knights in the stories
A jumper in the right rainbow
That crossing somewhere
And good for respected

He just he

Monday, November 7, 2011

November Handwriting

In the middle of practicing my own handwriting.  It just buzzing the mind yesterday, to make about what is around us with another reflection.  Just started yesterday, so can't published in fast time.  Anyway I'll do it using mother tongue - so, perhaps it'll be translated on for it pages when everything is ready.
So far is an excited doing this ,  every simple having hardest position to get their reflect, but I'll try the best to enlighten it.
Hahaha well, well, well,...

Have a pleasure day everyone (^_^)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Peace November

Peace november
String light come over
Full of energy
To unite
To refresh
Lots of


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morning and birdie song

Without the crystal clear, but hey they are a loyal fellowship still playing  .. mmm .. nope ..singing the song.
What a cool in a cold time around ...
Whawww GOD thank U so much for them that always have beautiful song everyday.
Someday its different beat - but all are good
Many thanks to YOU coz U juz landed me here to feel them all.
I might never had their photographed to post out here, but u all can feel them with the flowing sentences :p .
Oooooh yeah the last smooth wind that blowed the gordyn so I could see a green scape outta - that feel so mesmerized.
Big Hug to You for every big and little moment, also the hard and good time, etc.

Well have a pleasant day everyone whether its Gloomy, Sunny, Dark, Rainy or ... may every seconds of your time is a great study of life.  And they can be a positive motivation. Cheers (^___^)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hai to all of you (^__^)

Hello Indonesia, United States, Canada, Germany, French, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Colombia, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom \(^__^)/ yippi duuu ... thanks for stopping by here while u are all having time.  May everything been told were something good to know and learn.
Thanks for those who are in my connecting link too, because u all are having great stories to catch up .
Wonderful time can reading yours too.

Warm Regard for all readers

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanks for October (^_^)

Dear GOD

Many thanks for beautiful October with those stories inside between me and them
Sharing a smile also love
Staring each other thru the air and sphere
For the par avion too
Etc etc
Warm Hug to the world
And keep SHINE ON (^__^)

W.O to remember at Selasar Sunaryo (2)

Take a rest a while yuuuk

Those are yummy and melt ... sllrrpp :d

Aw aw red box!

really enjoy to see this Yona :)

let's have a close up shot yon! :p

wanna shop s'thing but not open yet. So cheers here ^^

Whaaahh :)

Joy the relax after clack en click :p
Daa! Finally I could be back to write oooh no posting the second that will be the last part at Selasar Sunaryo with my best friend. :)
Do enjoy and wink it all (^_^).

pretend to dance. LOL!! :p
pointed @Bale Tonggoh

Oi im in Bale Handap

Lil piece of peace that remain to u too (^_^)


Peace yaw B! :)

We're free

see sight to the shop

Wohoooiii we were feel so excited and enjoy to the earth that time. hahaha what a wonderful world. To be there and be with her (^__^).  Arigatoooo Yona xixixixixi .... :p
And there more fun with .

Act while waiting for lunch :p

Her and tea that remind me to u :)

Her between bamboo heart :)