Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spin and Shine

Spin ... Spin ... Spin ...
Spinning around
Like a free bird
Fun and glory
Spinning around
Had a brainstorm
Lively and lovely
Spinning around
Fresh for valuable future
Spin ... Spin ... Spin ...
Spinning around
and Shine on!

PS : Keep on Spirit with a healthy mind : POSITIVO (^_^)

Friday, January 27, 2012

In Between Yours

Here a place where the head of household is working as a scavenger.  They are living depth down near the river, with 8 children on the hand. You even couldn't see their home when u are nearest that place.  It was in between homes and appears only little space of grass from up.  We wont ever thinking that there is a family will living depth down.
Hmm ... many frames in mind flying but the reality just captured on that way .  However,  pure intention for kicking poverty from our inside is more strength than whole frames.  We were connecting and related to that place through a pure mind and heart.
So , just take a look a moment, this little i can share to you when am and friends came down the path. Just open your eyes big when step, coz it can be slippery.

Marriage system between grass and rubbish

Their home - bird angle view

Their Home - Hmm ...

View from front the window

The gate - way to that living place


In every way
In every corner

In every way
In every corner

All around the world

Poverty is staying inside the box
moving smooth
without unseen

unfortunately many boxes
just locked
when the circulation happened
inside only

they are flying, jumping, dancing
as free as their wants to
whispering n blowing to not

Slick poverty
is one way into
the downfall of human era

They are building
Plastics to package
Masks to cover

Where place you want to stay in then?
A great without heart
Splendor place

Poverty oh poverty
you are unbearable

Poverty oh poverty
am gonna kick u outta
so the grant of life could be delivered

How's yours?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Its all about us and them

Miracles juz coming without unknown ... to whom believes so the faith with flowing okay even if that'll be the hardest way to do.
Nowaday are about you for us and me for them need it.
So am gonna force as i could to be, just like u do yours.
I believe in the time that will be a good moment for the grace.
Kanpai Mr. www! (^_^)
You are everywhere. Hahahahaha :p

See you and all around.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Angels of the month!

Hahaha juz shot some angles for this new year beginning, what I have? Hmm ... let's see then (^_^)

Evening dragon head (*) - powerful spirit!

Feel the sphere :)

Walk down the street

 They just look similar to yours, hehehe ^_*

 Just a little of Jasmine at my hair, i think that is a funny to put them a while like a band-head ... hahahahaha.  So it'll be Jasmin and Jasmine :

Fly Indonesia!  Go!

between old & new items 

A Gold evening grace at up hill (^_*) 

Best friend Wedding

January 22 nd was a great time this year because i had best friend wedding day on it. Finally both were setting up clearly after fluctuated way. Glad and happy for both of course, traditional style is the way it celebration with. Grace is everywhere and that's quite good, smile in every corner.  I like what they look a like at.

The Groom may kissed The Bride
 Several of this are represented of some kind traditional ceremony before the real (reception) party was starting.
Waiting for The Groom

Waiting for the groom family line

From this pic to next were the time when reception party started, you can see the complete family were in their line and ready to go to the ballroom.

Ready to go!

Interview with the newly bride 1

Interview w/ the newly bride 2

Yippiiii ka yey! Congratulation for both of you (^_^) - feel so merry at that day hahahaha

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random Dream Memories

Just a remind of old memories about dreaming session, whether the background setting is told many such as Train, green creature, stranger and new people, a simple line like "the prince is waiting for you there ,,,". 
"He can't came up because his routines, he wants to, but still can't" 
"we need you here"

If i remember that dream frame again feels like am going to meet many new people from around the world (not a 100% released, but it was starting since last year before new year)
And they are awaiting for great moment that'll be happening in the future.  All for goodness for many people and mine too ( more to the emotion satisfied not material value)

Funny it supposed

Specially when the Train brought their song on "Marry Me" - voila!

Dunno why sometime it flies to , hey is this kinda sign? to get along with new people in the real meaning also for new member of family ... hmm 

Their song also back some memory of an old dream that there was a woman wear white gown that is having an invitation from a man that very busy a lot at his work. She is coming then while thinking who is the man. At the other hand, the man is thinking how brave he is to give her the magic spell, when she's about face to face with him.  Because they are actually have a good friendship
Somehow that dream was showing when that women coming up stair and find her friends notes and cry (because she's been long not get communication with that person) .  That man who is stand back the woman with his suit then pinch her and said 
M : "long time no see, sorry been busy a lot..."
W: sighs ...
M: "yup that all are about you from my frame..."
W: smiley face
M : "i love you just the way it is, as time flown away"
W: shocked n silent
M : "Marry me, will you?"
W : silent
M : awaits the answer with H2C
W: .... finally bowing
They both hugging and smiling
By the way the office color is white, not too high building but lil touch of modern is on there, and that office is surrounding by tree seem located at Capitol city. That man is the one who likes stared to the window and thinking about many.
(Gee! this is really an old dream from 2005 or 2006 ...)

Man in the suit ... 

BeluBelloBelle: BillY The LioN

BeluBelloBelle: BillY The LioN: Yes it is, the old poem that I've been written about last year it's called BiLLy The LiOn http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=1199860...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Starry Night Love

time may spinning in a fast mode and let the memories go out the line
a while
before they'll be back again
liking whole about moves, stories, pictures, movies, season, like or dislike and others
gradually alive
pure and gently
world miracles
swaying every where
without a spell
just coming suddenly
and sparkling
angels are in every corner of their heart
beating and following
also cheering
when both down
and skip somewhere
to reach out the border line
in speaking of
spirit, life and love, harmony
also symphony
both have different rhyme
and logic
but somewhere over the universe
a resemble of beauty had falling love with both
they were met
with an unbeatable vibration
of true love

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Morning Glory

Two morning glory have festivity this January time ... remind closer for both notes in mine morning glory today in Indonesia.
On his warm at the opening that touched skin,it whispered to strength me about every possibilities favor of heart.
Hmm ... magic morning glory that make me confuse at first but closing it with smile.
Few hours after , the right star just flowing inside and made some question up there.
Wondering about what is going on to ? ...
And that's hmm rhyme was back,
On its time I just pray to HIM for giving me a right direction to it favor.  Not doing it for a racing time, because it wasn't.

Thanks a lot for the magic morning, may good day will come in best harmony.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Their Lines

Today ... uhmm not knowing why but just wanna stick them into this note :)

Friends tell this on their lines:

"No matter where you go, there you are ...."

"PERNIKAHAN....CINTA adalah ketika kamu dapat menahan keinginanmu akan kesempurnaan. Waktu tidak bisa berjalan mundur dan hanya cinta yang memungkinkan kamu menerima apa adanya. Lalu, PERNIKAHAN adalah kelanjutan dari CINTA itu sendiri, yaitu proses untuk mendapatkan kesempatan kedua. Ketika kamu terlalu menginginkan kesempurnaan dalam pernikahan, maka justru kamu tidak akan mendapatkan apa-apa." - PLATO


"Let's take a walk"

"Till there was you ... "


"Pisaaaang!  Aku suka pisaaang "

"Missed my childhood"



"Daun-daun yang keren"

"We learn something new everyday"

"Happy born day"

"So Close ..."

" Don't worry"

"Waaah!  hari gini angkot-angkot mulai tebar pesona sama sistem tivi nya, lumayaaaan sih toris pas macet. Hahahaha ... fenomena pernikahan angkot dan media lucu yaa!"

"Kecil-kecil cabe rawit!" - eeh jadi inget cabe rawit sama lo :p

"If plan "A" didn't work.  The alphabet has 25 more letters!  Stay Cool "

"Times Change"

"SEMANGKA! ( semangat kawan!) " - hahahahaha

"Nevaaaah give up!"

"If you don't know - then ask me, if you don't agree then argue with me, if u don't like then say it to me.  But don't keep silent and judge me"


"A man can love million girls, but only a REAL man can love ONE girl in a million ways ..." 

"Friends always happy together"

"Be Happy!"

"Feel perfect when we both together"

All are pretty catchy, aren't they?  and fun also to display them here.
Some of it are usual to read somewhere or from movie or song, anyway meet them are juz like meet colors.  Wonderful (^_^)

That's life, not always perfect but fit up each other - (:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Tuhan memberikan percobaan kesabaran tadi malam hingga detik ini.
Data - data yang hilang membuatku cukup terengah-engah untuk menempatkannya kembali dalam daftar.
Ada yang tak hilang namun cukup menguras sebagian pikiran.
Hampir tiga perempat hari dibuat uring-uringan , sampai melewatkan jam makan pagi juga jam makan siang normal.  Meneliti lagi yang belum komplit dan lagi dan lagi, hingga perutku berbunyi.
Hmm sudah sore dan kutadahkan seporsi kecil nasi , telur dan nugget untuk mengurangi rasa lapar.  Minum setelahnya seperti biasa.  Lalu dengan sedikit perasaan uring-uringan yang tersisa, aku berjalan menuju wastafel, memutar kran dan membasuh wajahku dengan air.
Dan lagi kulakukan yang berikutnya adalah wudlu.
Sekelibat aku mengingat pesan salah seorang dosen saat kuliah dulu, dia berpesan "Ambilah wudlu, ketika kamu merasakan tiada ketenangan dalam suatu waktu, insyaAllah hatimu akan tentram seketika.  Dan beban pikiranmu pun akan setenang air yang mengalir".
Wudlu itu sesuatu yang simpel namun penuh rahasia dibaliknya.  Niatan yg baik akan membawa perubahan yang baik pada diri kita yang nyata adanya.
Setelah wudlu, aku kembali tenang dan tersenyum sangat lebar untuk pelajaranNYA.  Hari semendung apapun itu terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan dengan satu warna.  Heiii!! benar saja setelahnya hariku kembali berwarna-warni.  Tinggal seperempat lagi memang, tapi sesuatu yang sederhana itu menyelamatkanku. (^_^), Subhanallah.

Nah teman-teman, kalau lagi suntuk dan berat beban pikiran aku menyarankan untuk mengambil air wudlu.  Dan ketenangan pun akan kembali padamu.

Stroke for happiness

Someday stroke was coming and made  some chaos
But hey again HE understand well his creature, every negative there are also positive side.
Every lost there is a happiness moment to gain.
Like this earth, many you never knows even stepping so many road around the world.
Sometimes the unknown give the right spell for whom said i know things ...
Stroke has given us a learnt to not judge something like a thing u really thought, coz hey! again we are not alone, and everyone deserved to have their own happiness.
I need one so do you, i believe .
For that i wish u can do yours and me on my portion.
Today stroke wont stopping my self to joint wrong venture, voila! that was awaken me to spin more enterprising than before.
Stroke for happiness is about to begin (^_^) , sparkling everywhere.

Hey world!  Keep on Positive yeah .... Yuuhuuuuuuuu duuu.
Love , Peace and Liberty!
Semangat! Getol! hehehe :p

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple surprise

Surprising is when u never said something to somebody and they were gifted you simple things that not everyone knew about it.
Feels so speechless but merry jump inside.
That was good.
You can saved the smile ever after for it.
Partly of miracles i said so.
Thanks to you who've been give a simplest .

Monday, January 16, 2012

Funny Rabbits

Two and funny with simple named Bego (dark-gray) and Begi (light-choc)
They are so little and cute, make us happy to see both.

Begi the England - Angora , her

I'm Hungry :p

was stroked by ... aah so warm (^_^)

Annoyance :p

Bego the Lion, him
Hai Hai hai!...

got stroke too. woohooy! 

She likes me too
huuu warm hug for both that wasn't mine :p.
Thank YOU for gimme funny night with them.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pleasure day for Oom Bintang (^_^)

Finally in the 1st month of 2012, Oom Bintang was celebrated his day (yesterday actually).  A happy b'day time, yiiihiii so long no see ya! Anyway couldn't come to the event but fortuna goddess let us meet at other hours. And voila! Nice to see you as you are pal pal (^_^).  With that little creature that have same color with one of your sock.  Daa! I dunno remember his name, only the nickname Vanya.  Prince Vanya _ heiiii that creature likes to call as a prince.  What a hansom rabbit prince! - poor me not having the pic of it.
Anyway pal pal, congratulation for every achievements of life, may the luck always surrounding you in the future. Be happy! :D

Btw oi oi oi i got the pic - finally. Hahahaha :))))

Pal pal get the old happy face like used to be.  Thanks to Prince Vanya (left).  Btw there was two other friends
named Begi (right)
and Bego (center)

Where am I lately? 
Humm dunno the sphere given many fun about people around
Somehow its good to see that some of them happy (not knowing why) , however still glad to know u all can keep smiling
Chatting something left behind

Outbound w/ Menggapai Bintang Kru

it was few days ago when we - partly of Menggapai Bintang crew had 2 days rest time after working. We went from BITC (Baros Information Technology Center) at morning with a bus to Sukabumi.
Sukabumi is a regency of West Java, that having several tourism routes to catch.  And here we were, stayed at some hotel and doing outbound activities there in a first day.  Then at the last day we were all checked out at morning and continued the trip to rafting start point.  Our team were having fun to do that outdoor activities.  Poor me can't do that because of un fit body :(( .  However , still got a view to capture that famous river - CITARIK.

Day 1
Leaving bandung to Sukabumi, rest a while and started directly to do outbound session 1 ( games in door area and turn to out door) - concentration game until we drop aka hungry to the max for having lunch :p.
The we removed our baggage to each room before continued to the 2nd session.

2nd session were consist of : creative game to arrange that red slim rectangle into one stage that can placed a bucket of water up of it. with min height requirement (pfft ...)
other was blind puzzle that using straws to arrange became a words
after that ... big rain were coming and we're still on that activities.  hahaha then mud is everywhere became our part of games.  :)))
We were doing to remove the ball as in group from one bucket to another from the big one until the rest that so lil one. (pretty hard tough! but we were a winner group) Yeeha ;)
Mud still and getting mad but we don't care anymore fun is stand already to act in the last stage which was arrange the right path of bole tree.

at bus to Sukabumi

Yipiidu! Musang group is the winner!

finish all together

mud mud mud

view after mud bath

Day 2
Went to up hill catches the start base for rafting time.  On the way I clicked a mountain that can produced chalk (chalk mountain) that u can see here at west java.  That was our based that called cherokee adventure, everyone get their stuff there. Did some preparation before launched to the water. hehehehe ...
gunung kapur (chalk mountain) at Sukabumi


citarik river and bridge

pretty hmm and hmm and hmm


After rafting finished so there will be the team will take hours for relax.  They served a massage service after rafting, lunch and drink fresh coconut water. hmm what a day ...
Leyeh2 place after Rafting time