Friday, September 30, 2011

Concordia Terrace

Now is the time for Concordia Terrace, one of the beautiful place too around our neighborhood to joy the meal or even lunch or dinner.
Concordia Terrace is the mini resto that is part of a building named Bumi Sangkuriang.  Bumi Sangkuriang is a historic place that in 1897 known by Societiet Concordia .  Wanna see how the look, well don't go anywhere because they will store after this line (^_*) :

Picture was taken on July 2011 at Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Lui's Post Card

As I said yesterday, about the post card that will be arriving and it said so

This juz received few days ago

With Lui stamp sticky on it very fun way to learn (^_^)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maxi's Time

Recently we had our spare time at a restaurant called Maxi's. A representable resto that i loved so much to be there.  Not because the place that nearer our home, but also the great food and green yard plus the romantic sphere around (^_^).
It's good time to relax with your friends or family while sniffing FresH air, feel so peace. I recommend it to those who will be come to Bandung City, Indonesia.  Just looking for them at search engine then to catch their address.
A classic building since a dutch time can bringing you out from the 2000's era to the past.  With few painting masterpieces in their rooms and mini window waterfall up stair.

It was a rainy season always, so can't get the whole view.  You all can see the entry way at pics 1 and 2, parking lot on the 3rd and some green classic yard that around by it plant on 4th.  My Goodness! This is a great place that you can't compare with. Simple, classic and elegant this a line for it place.


Morning at Post Office

Its a morning time when I've been there with Lui that had an outing time from her pre-school.
They were all learning about what is Post Office and the basic knowledge about it stuff.  The teacher was giving them a postcard to sent, sticky the stamp, sending it through the box, meeting the mailman, and processing letter to sent to the destination from the back office. So funny when did it, looked at them who are still in 1,5 yrs to 3 yrs practice about it field.  Bless for whole teachers that having a dozen of patients and spirits to conducted it.
Btw not so long from it day, we are home were receiving Lui postcard. Hahahaha ...

This picture was taking at Central Post Office Alun-alun (Jln. Asia-Afrika) - Bandung - West Java.
Thank's GOD for being there so that I could met and buy some Indonesian Post Cards. I let placing them later yaa. So you could know lil bit about Indonesia. :) 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Airwalk time

Airwalk time is stand still every day.
Stay in a loyal .
And smile forever.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lady in white and that heart beat

That lady will coming The one that wearing a white dress in a peace Walking slowly, step by step in every aisle Someday her eyes caught-up the time And seeing around To find the right door for She is feeling about some heart beat Close with her The one who always guarding her invisible She is knowing who heart beat is that Somehow the person are hiding in one of door It's close But not knowing which door that'll lead her to She looks tired someday But that heart beat are so strong "I know u are close enough, just give me sign to where u are ... "

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Noon and Canon by Johann Pachellbel

This noon i was working in front of screen just like usual I did when there's a nu task to do. While listening classical music that my best pal given me. One of the music rhythm that i heard was Canon in D by Johann Pachellbel. Used to be i recognize this song from some movies that contain of good value. Without knowing what is the story behind it masterpiece. So the activity I did last noon when heard it was writing a simple note that i titled it "Unconditional Love" - its about human that having so many options of the right path at marriage session, there's a message about just looking simply to the one you love without so many requirements . Then the night time when I'm about curious about that classical music, I'm typewriting it on search engine system and pick some article to open. And voila! what a great to what I read 'em. It told that ..."One writer hypothesized that the Canon may have been composed for Johann Christoph Bach's wedding, on 23 October 1694, which Pachelbel attended." (source: wikipedia) Hahahaha ... well just share this one, because feeling so funny about.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Seorang teman baru-baru ini berkata, "Apa yang si A kerjain itu rasanya mantul. Mengingatkan masa-masa muda yang pernah gue lalui dengan sejuta perasaanh dan prilaku yang terjadi di masa itu". Sebagai manusia biasa, saya pun ikut berkata-kata layaknya teman yang saling berbagi pembicaraan mengenai topik tertentu. Tak lama dia kembali berkata,"Nah kan, ni apa yang barusan lu omongin juga berasa mantul ke gue. Ada apa dengan dunia sih?" hehe ... dan selanjutnya pun saya mempertanyakan pertanyaan tentang ADA APA DENGAN DUNIA? Tak lama beberapa kata muncul di benak dan memulai aksinya dalam sebuah susunan jawaban. "Gak ada apa-apa kok, dunia baik-baik saja. MANTUL1 itu pun sesuatu yang kiranya normal terjadi, apalagi di bumi yang bergravitasi ini. MANTUL! itu sebuah kejadian luar biasa dengan sifat yang sangat mulia which is MENGINGATKAN. Iya Mantul ternyata membantu manusia MENGINGATKAN lagi apa yang mereka lupa karena seringnya menggelinding. MANTUL itu asik meski kadang gak selalu positif. Hanya saja teman , hidup memang gak pernah mulus dan ketika gagal mulus menemukan celah lain dari pantulan rasanya benar-benar gak tergantikan oleh apapun. Gak ada yang bisa menggantikan sensasi MANTUL! yang kita dapat selain oleh kita dan NYA. Hebat yah Allah SWT. Hanya dengan MANTUL! Hidup kita bisa kembali berwarna :) Cerah rasanya kalau sudah begitu. Senesta itu ajaib, jadi ketika ada yang bertanya lagi tentang ada apa dengan dunia, mungkin kalian bisa jawab dengan kata MANTUL! Hahahaha .... Selamat menikmati jam-jam kegiatannya yah.

Orange Time

Not a juice nor a shirts its an orange time for: a pendulum, a flower and a butterfly the most interested today is the orange butterfly that flown away with smooth and gently at front garden while I'm almost falling asleep. it makes me wake-up at a moment and seeing it moved good. what a good time indeed :) Thank YOU dear God for showing me it on this brighter morning

Hearty Cloud at Blues

Again! Another creation from HIM landed up our home roof yesterday ... it's coincidental time when i moved my face to the sky upper. Looked at them on the sky and hey! there was a hearty cloud... Amazed me for couple minutes and I said Subhanallah for it. None camera closer at that time so fascinated by ... beautiful indeed , i believed that can make u speechless when see it by yourself. Every minutes i remember itu then I shout wow! for HIS LOVE. :O) It's some sign from many that HE shown us, whether there are something called The Majesty of World ;) HE never leave us and still be our leader :) _The Great One


Bridges ... There are so many visual of bridges can be straight , curve or up to the designer who made it. The real dimension is having that as a connecting stuff so that life can be conduct well. So many people around the world using it. The material are also having variety. The power too. rough or no and etc etc. However, this exterior product not always attended at real life, but also in our un-consious . It can be showed like a rainbow bridge, old bridge, good bridge , etc. It can be saw at difference condition too. Mostly rainbow bridge is famous. When rainbow is containing from 7 color so the way must be colorful enough. U can see many objects with different angle. The bridge still stood as a connecting for people. Well,well,well ... so which bridge u've got in your mind? ---end--- Have wonderful time everyone :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Skywalk time

Skywalk! Yes that was a day when me and pal spent a noon together. Having fun at some point of it. Also back to game master - the place where many games around - :p. Mostly we do basket stuff - well that was one of great games that can make our body stay fit (hahahaha) x-p anyway it's delighted. Thank YOU for the beauiful noon and evening :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September again

Whiii so fast time rolling up and here we are touching the September. Btw for every moeslem around the world , Happy Ied Mubarak. May u are all having great adventure everywhere with or without the family. This September aw ... very nice with a group of little birds jumping at the durian tree. Can not captivated them while take care of lil child around - juz imagine yourself how beautiful it is :) This September is starting between the smile of children is a good vibration. Juz like it :)