Saturday, August 21, 2010

Noon in Moist

How I enjoy the time?

Hmm actually I enjoy every seconds of our time, how nice or bad the story behind it all.

However just wanna show you something , when I was in relaxing time with some stuff at way home.
Kinda like this while it's on moist time :)

This kinda stuff are making me love this neighbor :D. hehehe

Free Your Mind book birthday

Finally it's out after several time on hectic mode on.


It was launching on august 17th, 2010 ... dunno how but it's our independence day too (Indonesian). Held on BARLI museum and entertain by an acoustical performance, very simple and special ;D.

So far it was a delight moment for us. The book that filled up with notes, poems, photographs, and music on it. Also POSITIVO spirit for tomorrow. Simple idea that lighten days on the future. Using English and Bahasa so everyone can learning each other about what inside our about tomorrow (^_^).

Okay then her's some pic of it day . Have a nice moment yeah (^_^)

me between BARLI typograph ;p

our souvenir

pieces of art

some views

natalia & Sundea

well,well,'ll be more photos add...but later
so see u next time all


Dear You

There's a special place i'd like to share.

This is kinda old place but I just found it yesterday, because i can't go there for several time.

But finally I did and glad.

It's our studio house.

Make our imagination goes by into place out Bandung city, might be in the mid 70's or early 80's

so classic!

Poor me who came out in night time so I couldn't take a photograph of it.

But s'day I'll take it and sharing with you.

PS : you should try to go to it place and feel that atmosphere :)

another peace pieces that so yummy to bring into our mind.

Lovely :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who am I?

Just an ordinary human being.

That always falling love with those day that passed already or will be come in da future :D

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gift From GOD

someday it just

a starring

a talking

an offering

an opportunity

a gift

that are flowing smooth

made by GOD

to learn by mankind

so that will leave harsh

and bring treasure

without realised

and become

then there are huge value come from it

to those whose patient

just watchin' for it

and having great moment after


Wishing ... wishing and wishing...

wishing a freeze time 4 several moment so that can enjoy the time

on it wheel

with ...

wishing a little conversation for an untold message

wishing to walk out for life

wishing... wishing ... and wishing...

to enter new page


say goodbye to the past

leaving yesterday for tomorrow

and doing tomorrow till the last

with the righteous

wishing still running

until the way coming for

it happiness

dunno how

with all magic and miracles spreading away

above both of us

Friday, August 13, 2010


finally after...we were back to it place.

together with new people around that are including into Free Your Mind book. we all were there for promo casting about it books by a local television in Bandung.

they've got different look now, the desk we were used before on FYM 1 wasn't there anymore. however the atmosphere just like the same.

enjoy then :)

Tuesday with Salamatahari at Giggle Box & Free Mind's Masterpiece


It was noon time when we were met.
There were me, Meitha, Gorky and sundea from salamatahari. Not so long mae come too.
Sit well at place called Giggle Box at Jalan Progo to have some interview about our book.

A Bundle of Free Mind's Masterpiece - The Sun. It's content on 238 pages and filled by 15 people.
They are coming from different background such as poet writers, writer, librarian, cinematograph, ambience - musician, artist and many more. This book is kinda the positive one because we just sharing today for tomorrow that means sharing positive thought for tomorrow that will bring happiness and love around the world without a separation gender, age, religion , etc.

I like to be part of this creation because I realized that we are one. and LOVING is better than WAR or another harms things. With being a fellow on this means I just donate some new spirit to people around the world for stay tune in pEaCE. And still make the world having meaningful colors :) - coz that the life it is.

Btw here's some pics of us when the interview goes on:

The Place

Just Giggle Box :)

Crunchy Interview by Sundea -

Click with Sundea - one of lovely writer here (^_^) - how happy I am

with other member after Sundea gone

Oooww unfortunately, on of us were come too but she didn't met Sundea for the interview time. So here them, killing the time for a while n chat :D.

However hat was a great time to know that place, simply en ... (just fill it by yourself then)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


On this pic my two princess - Amandha Freideline Rayendra & Nashita Luiginia Santoso

Hmm I'm jealous !!!

That's something habitual in grown up people life eh? very humanism to have it.

Lately I just know that is happening too for babies or kids. It's between them, lil baby angels.

I remember when my 3 angel were coming to our house and the playing time is on. I said "hey my princess Amanda how beautiful you are". then the other baby gal - princess Lui get mad to me with sounding some dislike voice (whoaaaa) - very funny for 7 month baby got a jealousy to her sister that's on 10 month. :)

Not only that , baby is feeling dislike too when they mom picked another baby. Screaming loud that what they will doing until the mom action stopped. Hehehe ... COOL language they had eh?

However soever it's still a delight moment when they could shook hand each other after some noise time.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Those Color Back

Whoaaa infact there's only needed few days to recovery, GOD how much I love you more - thank's for all great news.
YOU juz giving back those color to my life. And whole is meaningful from each side.

May all those joy come will bring sparkling day trip.
Amin (:

Yippiii (^_^), am going to travel into new land called hopeland.
Hopelandic City of love, spirit, faith, liberty and peace.

Where exactly the place is?
Hahaha becoz of it called Hopelandic , so it'll be in our heart and have strong will to discover.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Break Da Rules with Chocolate

hmm...lil chocolate for gaining happiness ;) at least it's saving me from monsoon season.

juz like this and silent.

weww ... c u all next time, when several colors get re-unite with those spirit up there.