Thursday, June 1, 2017

Pancasila in June 😊

As it named Pancasila. As it is in our blood. For its Indonesian smiling to the diversity of nation and world. The study have a bless lesson in charge to view and valuable its own differences. In one way to the righteous. How far your horizon of Pancasila? It's your priority matter, however soever as an Indonesian there are us that learning to be in a soul of it. Be happy wherever you are people. The unison is born right infront of so many things and by the great point of view. #borndayofpancasila #keeppancasila #behappy Keep PositivO, positive keep 😊

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ramadhan 2017

Month of blessings is coming again. May in this Ramadhan there will be so much present in joy. Much kindness born and spreading everywhere too.
Grateful to be here again in this month. Keep PositivO, positive keep 😊.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dalam putaran penuh

Berpikirlah dalam putaran penuh siapa yang selama ini didewakan. Lalu tertawa. Woffff... Masih banyak yang lupa.
Ada yang bilang hilangkan kata jangan, lalu kubertanya apa kata lain yang pantas untuk tidak kebablasan. Freethinker area just shout.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dalam Putaran Waktu

Dalam sebuah putaran penuh, muskil ambisi. Ambisi yang keluar dari mana saja dan oleh siapa saja, hei kalian pasti tau gambaran besar dari sebuah ambisi berlebihan. Jangan lupa berterimakasih PadaNYA. Semoga damai selalu beserta kita semua di dunia yang kaya dengan ceritanya masing-masing 😊.
Keep PositivO, positive keep. Be happy 😊.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


May your time at this month are going well, fully cheers, be happy, fully grace everywhere. May the sky smiling and giving PositivO vibes too.
Be happy 😊 ✌.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Kreasi Kriya Akhir Pekan April

Lalu Hai kembali! Bulan April dan kegiatan yang berjalan dan selalu berjalan kemanapun senang. Kreasi Kriya Akhir Pekan tetap berjalan untuk berkumpul dan berkembang bersama dalam karya. Quilt tetap menjadi perca-perca bersahaja yang mengiring kegiatan ini. Kegiatan regular dari Pesona Perca Nusantara penuh warna untuk semua tak hanya para pengrajin. Datang, melihat, memilih kelas-kelasnya, berbincang dan lain-lain. Menghabiskan pekan ini dimana? Di Kreasi Kriya Akhir Pekan teman-teman. Dimana? Di Jalan Braga no 40 Bandung Waktunya? Pukul 10 pagi - 5 sore. Yuuuukkk melipir kesana dan ketemu sama berbagai workshop seperti dreamcatcher,log cabin mug rug, baby blanket, sulam pita dasar,coin purse sulam jaring, puppet kitchen towel, sashiko coin purse, needle case, long wallet,no sew clutch, leather coin pouch. Itu dari pengisi acara, sedang dari Pesona Perca Nusantara dengan Kriya Sejuta Bunga memiliki tiga karya pilihan workshop seperti: Ganci Hexie, Hexie Secret Box dan Half-moon pouch.
Dua hari di akhir minggu ini sambil menyemarakan bulan April, sampai bertemu 😊.

Hai 21 April 😊!

Hai Perempuan Indonesia! Hai semua semangaaaat itu ada dimana-mana, beda-beda bentuknya, penggeraknya dan sebagainya. Met jalan-jalan menemukan positif, menempuhnya lalu tersenyum dengannya 😊.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Terimakasih 😊

Terimakasih 😊 Sudahkah kamu berterimakasih untuk siapapun yang membantumu melewati hari? Pada siapa? Pada... Mereka yang hadir untuk selalu ada. Mereka yang ada dalam posisi menguji. PadaNYA yang selalu memberikan ujian kecerdasan tak berbatas pada kita,manusia. Mereka orang-orang besar yang menyemangati dengan jejak -jejak tertulisnya. Mereka yang selalu berdoa tanpa henti untuk kebaikan. Dan lain-lain. Kata terimakasih itu mudah dikatakan namun mudah sekali diabaikan. Hey! Terimakasih pembaca semoga kebaikan selalu menyertai kalian. Dimana pun kalian berada. Keep PositivO, positive keep 😊.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Measure. How is it? Is it possible when there's no measurement in developing something? Measure are everywhere thou. It's in our body system, receipes of much, built a building, doing photography, spellbound and etc. How's the taste so familiar when its all lost? Any result of development or just things unseen that being a prisoner of the mind only. Even the mind still have magical measures that made all thought stores in balance, whether its not then there'll be unbalanced happen (and its happening - u could ask the psychological major about this kinda lap). Not everyone have a great ability in numeric,calculate,and doing measures anyway whether we want to take a deep breath, silent for a while we can pay attention a lot for what's surround. Filtering the good and smile for everything where in everything is a real guardian thought of HIM, The Majesty One. DIA mencukupkan kita, manusia. Be syukran with the decision of HIM. Be happy measures your mind to the bright point. Discard the unnecessary, keep PositivO, positive keep.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The marrying of alphabet 🔤

Alphabet Word Sentence Next is the marrying of those that flying everywhere through so many doors, poem or whatever the term. This is mine which already stored for many years ago and finally born. Yihhiw. Mostly its in bahasa, for those buy and not coming from here just take your seat in learning our language then 😊, voila! For its our mother tongue. Thanks for it. Here's some opinion from them whose already read the book.
Thanks for choose, grab,buy and reading the book 📖. This one wouldn't stop me making the next so wherever you are, when I met beautiful soul maybe it'll be there smiling for those reading them. Be happy all ✌ with the creation 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep. And so on.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kreasi Kriya Akhir Pekan by P2N

A week to go, haii again from us at Pesona Perca Nusantara (P2N) . Still in colorful jam, colorful smile, colorful bright and etc. We are back in some weekend time for you whose having time to go to Bandung and create things in craft world. Our main still in live with quilt. Anyway anyhow you can find some another creative class also the craft market. Not knowing wanna go to where at March 18-19? Just step up your feet down to our event then 😊. Be happy and cheers with everyone there while knowing some creation too. Be there and meet up with lovely all. To this :
Let's get along and smile in positive sphere. Have a great time all 😊.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Simple way

Simple just the way it is. Sometimes what people need is simplicity way. Way to spent and get their quality time as it simple things for grateful. None have to having the maximum just ordinary stand at an extraordinary time with everyone allowed by HIM. May your day running at fun fully grace 😊. Mine weekend : Morning Glory for the 1St time Bandung history Park for the 1St time Etc. Be happy all around people. Keep PositivO, positive keep 😊.
How great HE is to put everything lovely.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Simplify Beautiful

Simplify Beautiful. Its been around the world, perhaps. Could be different varieties of flower, anyway anyhow there must be lots of place where you could having one like this. Simplify time and panorama where smile just all around. At the highland while remember all stars met on the way before and those who 'll be meet next. 😊. Wherever you are people, just breathe so the fresh could be yours too 😊.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Star, little lion and violin

Once upon a time 9 years ago some friend just shout his dream to be one of stars above. With every bravery steps he started all. Nowadays, he is there as a star lightning others within his capabilities in reaching the beautiful thought of his hope. What a wonderful and gracious to see someone be at the point of their own view. Little lion steps everywhere in lively vibes. Within wider angles of everything like the violin sounds, he is traveling in well done as a grapholog person. Ganbate! Ps: believe into ur own dream, doing the effort to get the best effects of everything. This what I learn from him. Pour with pure heart and voila! Cheers are everywhere to find you 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Haiii! 😁😋

Hai!! Any good stories begin? I believed so :) Whatever it is people,just rise your own happiness. Just the way it said before by people around the world , your happiness is starting from yourself. Mine view for the opening and so on, Make great the rhythms of your wings to everywhere. Make it double and more. Be happy 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep. Sampai ketemu dimana-mana.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Two O one seven. Kinda interesting sphere surround. Today's zero,none yet and will starting immediately of anything. Since everyday is everything stories, just make it meaningful in every each. Happy new time everyone! See you around in points HE let us meet. Keep PositivO, positive keep.