Friday, August 29, 2014


hanya menemukan pilhan kata menarik sewaktu pulang

to be notice is okay, but its not sure whether you are felt or not
the life said
we must make life felt us to the right point
and don't be a pointless with

kinda agree with Maya Angelou quotation that sounding like this :

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

be happy

Simply new
New simply
In the new era
Breathing smooth
As smooth as fruit smoothies
Fresh and likely full of heart
Cheers and energized
Living life is the continuity from today to tomorrow
Not today to the old time
Next pages of mine
Well ...
Just like the supernova travel something quite interested and filling with surprises also happiness
Goodbye past welcoming now for tomorrow.

Be happy all :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sampai juga di Gunung Padang

Yiiha! Fun enough, thanks Lord for the way to get there, the places that  famous with the Megalithic Stones reside in Indonesia . M for Miracles lalala thx dear you too that bringing the awesome time to step in there.
Btw, here's a fun when we were on Gunung Padang.
Its located on the borderline between Gunung Padang village & Pananggulan, Karyamukti village, kecamatan CAmpaka, Kab. Cianjur. Well it can be through about 20km from the intersection of city at Kecamatan Warungkondang.
Dont worry to lost in space while you've got the GPS system because its loading perfectly on it. U'll be arrival there as it placed on the map.
Is it pyramid?
Well, this place is the famous ancient terraces building that believed by the mass as the place of Prabu Siliwangi, Sundanese King. This is a place where u can find Andesit stones that can sounding a various of tones. Interested.
If u search this built by the satellite then the shape will be looks alike pyramid. Well, to mention whether is it or not, I recommend you to come and see by yourself.
Its more than a 25 hectare , wide indeed. To get up there we must through about 374 sidestep of stairs within 65 degree of the slope land. Wow!!
What its tasted?
This one is named as "Batu Kujang"

Andesit stone that can sounding like gamelan things

This is the 1st part that called
"Aula Utama"
Well, am pretty exhausted but its not feeling okay whether we are not through that track! So keep on spirit when do it ,feels FUN for sure!
What i've got there? Well i can see a king seat, discussion area for the king, stones like the kaki maung and kujang also the andesit stones. Great.
What i feel up there is almost the same when i were on Borobudur. I felt that the mass at that time surely believe in HIM, the one who creates the world precisely.
I felt KeTuhanan Yang Maha Esa :).

Well thats a lil from me may those pic could companion ur time in reading this one.
Happy tracking all ^_^

try to sit at the King seat.
how big they were whose living in the old time

this is a footprint of the tiger
named " Tapak Maung"

Was sitting on the place whereas the forum held at that time

A view i captured from the 1st floor

View in the 1st terrace after the stair

Yeaaah! Finally steppin' into woohoy!

The guide person, he is good person

A unique tree that I captured then

The view from the seat of the King,
its faced to the North
wonderful see sight indeed

With them too the wanderer
that loved to stepping everywhere
precious land!
Hahahaha What a Gracious ^_^

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A soulful full moon

Yesternight moon is so lovely for sure.
It was up there the night sky right up on our home.
Run to catch the camera and click that yesternight is a worth it
Finally i could see the moon with the rainbow circle around
That was the sweet one.
Its around 19 celcius degree when captured it and feel blessed.
Maybe its only the moon but its the great when caught it with .
Thank YOU again for letting the universe conspire in giving a reminder at me to capture it yesterday.
A soulful full moon at august 11th ,i said so.

Love that painting

Love at the 1st sight with the painting behind.
Its masterpiece belongs to a painter name Arjuki Jahjali (alm)
Feel grateful could having photographed there at that time.
Everyone could be have the same pattern but not everyone have his scratch
That smoothies and soft
Even in his cubism
You can see those light comes around
Have a long rest sleep dear painter
May HIM give you the best smile as i pray for you in front of ka'bah
Thanks to YOU that allowed us met in short

here's another link that you can enjoy the painting

Sunday, August 10, 2014

lately sleby time


Dear Sir

Funny is HIM that always shown us in unique moment to remember as a part of our life journey.
Yesterday are black - beauty - and peace for somebody that loving his canvas very well.
We met on life for several time in humming but never speak because of his sickness too.
Every i looked at his painted, i do some lines in mind. Dear Allah can I learn for painting from him someday he went well from his sickness time? Love the way he made his masterpiece.
As the answer is not. So i made this notes for him.

Its a sunny time
Noon and warm
The Sun just lightened the place in glory
Very beautiful 
Its lost for a while 
And back again within more beautiful sunrays
The birds sing a little song before the silent came
Its shaped something and feeling 

Bjk, august 10th 02:02 am

Yesternoon when the sunrays just say hai
In a beautiful way to the face, while am
Wearing black jacket

The 2nd moon that shown twice on this week
Dunno what suposed the mean, but feeling grateful
To catch up
Its beauty in the same time with somebody back home yelled by HIM
Its a humming noon yet so beautiful.
May Him rest in peace will be on HIS guardian.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wooohoooy :)

August 7 at usual place after passed a fasting month
August 7 with all sphere and feel brand new
Lalalalala what a gracious precious
Perfectly fun to have this feeling again
When HE always with us everywhere we step on new journey
Feels like HE is burst many PositiVo energy to live a life with
Merry and Cheers inside
that Creativities showered the time too
Whole vibration feels so grant
Have fun for SC time!
SC = Sleby and Creativity

be happy with color(s)

When I wrote blog for the 1st time was starting with the blue polkadot but then i lost it.
Then I met Black on the way while reading about kehematannya
after several time it was turn to White and then Brown , Green , Purple and here with the Orange.
Maybe it'll change again later, somehow still feel comfy with this one.
Anyway all colors will coming and passed by are fun!
Juz be happy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

when sleby meet-up bestie ♡

I said to them
Hey you pall come on lets meet and having photographed by me
Palls who likes me captured them of course
Then one by one just came up
Today is the 1st time meeting her after dunno how long
However soever its fun!

Smile here smile there so gracious n impact us happy
For every tough it medicine well by meet-up!
How simple is that ya
Have a delight time then anyone
Keep humble n PositiVo

Saturday, August 2, 2014

libur bentar time!

Meet! Those who are long time no see is a fun n happiness.

Its concordia time again lalala

Wale and smile 

Finally arrived here after saw this place on
Television channel.
Move on at CocoRico resto n cafe
With good beat of music

Under the sky whete we were spend the time
All together
Whiii!  ♥♥♥
Lovely day indeed everywhere we go and joy the time.
Thank You dear GOD for every scenes we through yesterday.

Have a happy positiVO time everyone