Friday, October 28, 2011

Walked out to remember at Selasar Sunaryo (1)

At Bale Handap
October have some days that I spend with friend.  This time will be a walked out to remember about our time at Selasar Sunaryo art space at Dago Pakar , West Java Indonesia.  What can u see here? Well, because the title is art space, so you can find a gallery that belong to Mr. Sunaryo for presenting his masterpiece on painting.  Not only painting, but u can also find some sculpture that contain from many materials.  Its how he see the nature with art language.
Many angles u can find too such as cafe, shop, library and space to do exhibition or culture performances.Well, probably many of you already known this place, but I don't think so this one will make u boring too.  So this is us when stayed there for hours in the morning until noon time.  Actually, I was companion her that never went there before :) - oops !
But thanks to her for giving a good direction to go there in early time, so we could get much objects and angles to catch. Hahahaha (^_^) - she is funny for real.  Btw, this trip is a marked that we both already being a best friend for 16 yrs.  May GOD bless us always for that good friendship ever - amin.

Okay then, lets looking for caught up objects there :)!

Just smile :p

Was appoint to building title outside the gate

Info about open hours

A step before entered the Gallery

"Hey they've got a directory machine! So we can know some info about the place"

Hmm ... Like this sphere around Bel ;)

NOTE : We can't have a photo click inside the gallery , so we are going to continue to another angle.

Enjoy the next yaa (^_^)

That will be continued to another time - hehehe
just patient to other frames come


Dago CFD (2) , Punclut, Ciwalk, dll

Its a morning time when she was waking me up.
Her name is Nuke, one of my friend at college. She is living outta town (Cirebon,red) and came over for hanging out with others. We've got some reunion moment held.
And this is our run down time when Dago CFD at Sunday, not to many people around but still catchy to have click here or there.  Just enjoying the time in a gloomy morning with a sweet wind (^_^).

"When she acted at red O circle - part of the red DAGO line" 

"Waiting for buy some potato snack that pretty famous on CFD time" 

"Finally!  I got my own potato :) - nyaaam " 

"Some lines of a bicycle community" 

"Make a pose between other"

"Owww look at him! A nature guy that stood on his long leg :p"

Not only at CFD , well apparently time is ticking so do we that clicking somewhere in Bandung city on that time and the days before.  Hahaha just enjoy this too

"Let's have a seat for a while ... Hey I liked to be here ^^"

"Thx GOD for this time ... feel so Free and Fresh!"

"at some spot in a skywalk" 

"Among them that we met at reunion in Punclut :) "

"Waiting for the big rainy ended while chat with them at Punclut"

All photographed was taken between October 7 - 9, 2011 at Bandung - West Java - Indonesia.

(^_^) loved whole moments here ...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Early Childhood Education (1)

Lately , I'm back to learn something about early childhood education.  This training is held by one Australian institution that having their children center here in Indonesia.
It's still a lil bit in learning but feeling so fun, because hey we can feel to become them - an early childhood.  In fact , we were all it before grown up to be an adult eh.  However, when we were in the stage of it we juz a child that not realized that there are a dynamic level of life each time.
Compare than now, when we are at adult level and learning of their world then it will shout : Gee! This is an incredible world, full of creativity, gross or fine motoric, social-emotion, etc.  Lots of psychology is turn on at this part.  Because what we are now is growing by all that scenes.  Amazing I said so ... and u know what? Feel so SALUTE! for people that bring this study to all child.
You are rock! :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fresh Green Coconut!

Daa! What a part of this one "Young Boy Drinking Fresh Green Coconut" that made by Brian Feni (inhouse artist)

That was a title of a post card that I've been got from ...
A delighted day when receiving it while rushing everywhere, at least I did smile like a pure child that time.
Imagine ur self as a kid around 6 or 7th yrs old that got it from a close person.  Very appreciated well eh? (^_^)
Cheering is everywhere , even my own niece like it piece.  We both like that card and smiling together in a sunny day.
Hey You! the one who wrote on that card - maybe you've got a magic hand that can make everyone smile.  hahahaha ... u know what, even she was handing that card for a quiet long time.  She always asked what is this? and sometimes she was appoint to your signature and said "apa ini?" then I said that is ur signature.  Not so long, she is repeated ur name in funny way.
make me laughed.

Green shirt with Fresh Green Coconut feels like a Go Green Day
So fun with all of it.
Nice to read the simple story too ...
Between homework i juz wanna say hai lil bit
And smile

So sorry coz i have to catch another time to write down here

See ya all :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lui after all :)

Finally juz met her after more than 2 weeks nope.
Funny lil toddler - she's about 21 month.
She was running at me happily
And wow I said so, what hapz to you lil lui, so growing up fast ... she was launching her laugh then ( sweet)
Not so long, she was spelling out my name in a funny sound.
And hold my hand to her playing area.
She was inviting me to play with her Barney, BJ, Dodot, Jojo and Pooh.
Then here we are busy with our story with those doll.
Once upon a time, I said "Peek-a-Boo!" with my hand fully the face and lift it up - then Lui said "pik ... pik ... pik abuuu" and imitate my gesture.
Few months ago she doesn't want to tell that lines, but today its done. And okay ... I said ow their have their own attitude about things. They can manage their own feelings whether it will speaking someday or not. This kinda step is make up my mind than before.
Lui today can pick what she want to or not, still like jumping with her two leg, stepping and dancing like a ballet dancer.  She likes to climb all over the furniture or things that possible to do that, including climbing our body too...
She likes to point the member of family who were on photographed.
She is so interested when we were all gathering and hate it when everyone gone.

Btw, I've got a lesson from that lil session that don't worry to much about something delayed because in the right moment they will showing us a progress. Just like GOD giving us a try when everything not coming in like our hope, He's always slipping some surprised things in another time.
Be happy (^_^)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When duo is stated to you

Duo is coming to you
It is spinning around without your command
In every way you juz met them
But real and seen by the eyes
And also some people thought
They don't guessing for it juz feeling while you don't
Never know why something sticky in the mud

But duo is stated to you

To feel and filling that empty field
without your expecting of
Because HE handing you into like always HE do
And we never can't refuse

However when duo is stated to you
HE'll guiding and charging you to the right pattern
So everything will be done in a good harmony

(written based on friend stories)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Orange Burst! (^_^)

What is going on with an orange?
Anyway ... I juz spend a time at walking under the hot day several days ago.
Thirsty that what I feel that moment
Then I imagined something that could possible change the mind sphere back to Fresh
I met some burst splashed
Then colliding them both
Orange and Burst
Some spectacular frames hop in hop out and generalized great things in mind
Feel so great! Awesome! U want to spellbound it out
So I decided to use them into this boost spirit line:
"Happy Orange Burst!"
Just feel it then (^_^)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Loving the natural that's the path
Not pretend for faking area
Juz be real you
That a simple request
Let it be
The genuine
Without masking
Coz you are with me
No matter how
That is the path
Not seeking complicated
Juz a simple faithy and brave
that sure for life
Not the hang over forever like a dead
Coz am not a dead poet
Unfortunately the one among lots who is
et cetera
et cetera
Let it be ... let it be
those hand finding it mates
Let it be ... let it be
it hands speaking of
some victory
that is transferring with free
through the purity heart
of them
who felt
Unconditional LoVe
Showering by gold leaf
Under a great seasons of life

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


humm dunno why juz wanna say this

World is only a transit place where u, me, them stay for a while
until we are meeting sleep time.
Something unspoken will be reveal on the right time and right place
Even if all was blurring by things
Every mankind can't stop it
Deflection of light having a good deal to be straighten up
And all goodness will bring great to whole
Just like the movie told us at continuity

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Backyard , Bench and Time

green backyard and bench
place where the view
are a grateful moment
them - parents
their - children or grandchild
us - u and me
under the blue
brown jackets of ...
smile is every where
in a chill time
that speaking of cheers
and glad
for everything
HE said about life
and also
every angles of our thought
green back yard and bench
with holding our hand together
while seeing that smiley face of urs
a good man
standing with top level of loyal
aah many thanks for this one
classic and faithful
that is bringing
later on

same in every way

never know why
coming in suddenly
with so many adventure inside
divide into fragments
showing again between
old storage of memories
that flying free
to this dot
some clue about whole
that separate so long
lands and ocean
place of living
with different style of
in the same rhythm
face to face
everyday unconscious
in every seasons
same in every way
the story goes
same answer stand still
not knowing what years
How many
come and go
it is same still in every way
the stop point where
will going to next level

(Inspiring by noon chat about old dream with best pal at october first)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

POst Card! Post Card!

Hahahaha this time not because i get the post card from friend. But more to the Post Card I've been purchased in the Post Office few days ago.
Finally, I can get them after loooooong time no see
And still feeling good for catching them
Post Card is something I like too, because in there we can see so many color of life
Post Card is something special I respect
Rarely to get them now a days but hey they are alive still.  Awesome!!
hahahaha ...
Let"s see this only 5 but love them all

Batik and Indonesia


Batik ... Batik :)

Happy Batik Daaaaaay everyone (^_^)

Why i said so? Because Batik is already recognition by UNESCO on october 2nd, 2009 as a Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
In the same time our President also set that date as Nationwide Batik Day.

Batik here, in Indonesia - you can see anywhere people are wearing them. Many value of historic behind a Batik making.  Just like the motif of our weaving, every batik motifs also have a great meaning behind. Its included traditional life of ours.

So just have fun with your Batik and shout them with proudly!
Indonesian  Batik is COOL also SOPHISTICATED (^_*).

Let's accustoming it friends ...
Batik is life! am wearing them since kids and feel very great always.
Batik today are having modern varieties model to catch up.  Not only a clothing, but it can around as your shoes, sandals, bag, hat, wallet, had-fan, belt, etc,etc.
They really are everywhere even inside your mind :p hahahahaha ...

So don't worry to feel old-fashion because they are all up to date and up beatin' for us (^_*).  great isn't it?