Monday, March 13, 2017

The marrying of alphabet 🔤

Alphabet Word Sentence Next is the marrying of those that flying everywhere through so many doors, poem or whatever the term. This is mine which already stored for many years ago and finally born. Yihhiw. Mostly its in bahasa, for those buy and not coming from here just take your seat in learning our language then 😊, voila! For its our mother tongue. Thanks for it. Here's some opinion from them whose already read the book.
Thanks for choose, grab,buy and reading the book 📖. This one wouldn't stop me making the next so wherever you are, when I met beautiful soul maybe it'll be there smiling for those reading them. Be happy all ✌ with the creation 😊. Keep PositivO, positive keep. And so on.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kreasi Kriya Akhir Pekan by P2N

A week to go, haii again from us at Pesona Perca Nusantara (P2N) . Still in colorful jam, colorful smile, colorful bright and etc. We are back in some weekend time for you whose having time to go to Bandung and create things in craft world. Our main still in live with quilt. Anyway anyhow you can find some another creative class also the craft market. Not knowing wanna go to where at March 18-19? Just step up your feet down to our event then 😊. Be happy and cheers with everyone there while knowing some creation too. Be there and meet up with lovely all. To this :
Let's get along and smile in positive sphere. Have a great time all 😊.