Thursday, December 31, 2015

Be happy :-)

Giggles here Giggles there Just like the way it goes Sleby here Sleby there Finding grace on the way To everywhere Fun And Fine Captured what fun to catch Learnt what HE given to Walking the path in grateful For every lessons thanks For everything hey! I am smile What's next? Sleby here Sleby there Keep walking through This is a huge universe Explore, expand view, cheers n be happy As HE stored many for us enjoy in all. Keep PositiVo, positive keep (^_^) #thankful Today will be yesterday Yesterday are lessons Tomorrow is tomorrow Keep walking and across all Be happy :-)

Colorful life

Land of Life :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The beauty of diversity

To learn in knowing Nusantara = knowing world = knowing KeTuhanan Yang Maha Esa Its the beauty of diversity Be happy to learn about everything and reach the rich through all your sense. Burst PositiVo :)

where r u?

Where r u? Graciousland Why u called it that? Coz just the way it is The place where the diversity living in a longest time with so many miracles happened. The place where the brainy are staying in humble way. The place where every lessons will reaching us to rich the mind in positive tollerance. Broad minded goes to the world and alive. Where am i ?here with those wow people. Whole are great chain in diversity. Every points of this land, well its a bridge to the world, so colorful to say. You must known first then say something. Respect to its diversity value. Well this is my see sight , yours peobably different. Anyway just the way it is. #thankful

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Be :)

Be The Sparkling One in Simplest Its okay to inspired by But No need to be somebody else Just be you Sometimes blink blink is too much Just take it easy and sliding everywhere Its okay to start all from zero coz life and HIM will leading you somewhere meaningful. Life isnt always about one feeling, life is contains by mixed feeling. Just be alive without annoying or forcing harmful things. Bon voyage to every journey of life ! Keep PositiVo, PositiVo keep.

Blessing December 2015

Blessing time in this december Happy Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW for all moeslem in the world Merry Christmas too In both we know how to respect every point of view in living. In both we learn to spread love and caring. Be happy may the joy of kindness and caring will finding everywhere at your life. Blessing blessing blessing time, have a warm cheers to you all. Burst PositiVo See you when i see you people (^_^)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Outside Reside :-)

Outside the window where that simple view stand. Like something stories from the past, where it said thats the way HE is giving smile for everyone. Be happy for you all where ever corner of the world. May the simple charities of smile could companion us. See you when i see you. (^_^) Burst PositiVo . Wihiiiw thankful to HIM, our Majesty one.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ber 7

Ber 7 Dalam ceria Pesona Perca Nusantara (P2N) Craft Gathering Warna warni asik laiknya Pelangi Yippi acara santai dan burst PositiVo everywhere. Untuk segala minim hei lagi2 DIA tersenyum untuk acara ini, dibuatnya suasana yang manis dalam berbagai cuaca. fuuuun! Sampai bertemu tahun depan kawan (^_^)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

haiii love haiii world ^_^

Have you ever find activities this weekend? Well this one might be a good idea to catch. To see a different beat also rainbows in the middle of green sphere. Tadaaaa! Or been so long not to go here? Good things to be back again then with another captivated colors. Be happy and welcome to this agenda all ^_^ where the universal love attend to say haiii to the world :) .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

dec ^__^

Dimana-mana hati senang temu suka cita dalam kegembiraan sederhana itu renyah rasa hmmm rasa surga ( something yg tidak terdeskripsikan) however soever its delight for sure. Just like universe giving us happiness all around Like having meal with corn flakes and friends then meet heavenly ice cream at rainy season continued with dinner somewhere next to big window and sees that simplicity of human life. Simple simple simple cheers cheers cheers smile smile smile With whole charities of HIM, be happy (^_^) Circling at great path of goodness ♡♡♡

Monday, November 30, 2015

To the december within Miracles and colors Sing a song in great symphony purity in joy love to the world it said ^_^ Full of stars Filling so fun and fine Laughter in grace. keep on PositiVo all

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Salamatahari di penghujung minggu ^__^

Minggu mendung dengan bacaan dari negeri yang tak pernah mendung untuk segala macam cerita hidupnya. Matahari di negeri ini, heii gak pernah gak menyenangkan selalu menjadi salah satu yang dikunjungi. Mungkin karena sang pemelihara matahari menanam hati di setiap kata :) Kemana-mana kami suka, tersenyum dan BERLARI ^_____^ di (dan heiii! kenapa pagenya gak kebuka ya? hmmm, yah sudah dibuka saja halaman pencariannya dan ketikan "salamatahari" disitu ... yayaya disitu kalian akan menemukan suasana negeri yang hangat selalu dengan cerita para penduduk yang rupa-rupa menyeangkan ) lalala selamat berkeliling dengan putaran suka-sukamu dan membaca halaman-halaman senang tersenyumnya juga. Setiap kata-kata yang tertuang disitu hei seperti biasan sinar matahari yang hasilkan warna-warni cerah. Hidup !

Monday, November 23, 2015

Jam inspiration ^_^

Jam!! ( jalan2 minggu :d ) Back to home town again with them quilters and etc Lovely sunday not the lazy one, cheers are everywhere from the early day. At that green little yard we met again. A friendship time yeaaay ^_^. Its a simplicity fun and chat meet with Ibu Siska Dart from Melbourne quilt. Learning each other plus exchange knowledge about that quilter parts is something wow-fun. Not quite many members come but still having good time in sharing this and that. Happy as always with some extravagant inggredients was fine for sure. Tadaa
"inspiration come from everywhere for sure never stop for stay in PositiVo sight in everything"-bjk 2015 Have a bless time and so on people where ever you are . Yippikayey! ^_^

Sunday, November 22, 2015

November doodle :D

Doodle Doodle Time Without a noodle at bowl Doodle Doodle Time Whereas sweet sphere just make me drawing them Lalalala November Miracles and The Anonym Lady Lalalalala Have a beautiful warm day everyone. Cheers to the PositiVo.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Adventure and the Venturer

Friday bless Adventure! Heiii and everyday are with us as a venturer itself To where? Everywhere fine May you all be a great venturer and meet much good people outta ^_^ Beautiful for sure meet and learning from them about everything PositiVo Its like HIM showering us with great water that refreshing. Awesome! Be fun Be lovely Be happy Be with HIM The One that always guard us Yeah let HIM with us we never know what will be there in the next 5 second never but surely HE will conduct us to somewhere extravagant ^_^. Have a bless everywhere you venturer!

Friday, November 13, 2015

^_^♡ smiiiillleee

You get there by realizing you are already there - eckhart tolle
PositiVo sight is walking in time handling secretly only by HIM Patronized leading still Whereever it goes HIM inside always What next ? ... Meet you everywhere through HIS path within the faith to share many PositiVo Lalalala Life is about connecting anyway Cheers to heaven all Yipikayey

At Prambanan

Once upon a night at Prambanan Jazz Festival There were a rhyme from some instruments flown Its Prambanan Mood brought by somebody in a fine tunes. Anyway those lines below were born at that time. Be happy all Prambanan Pelangi Borobudur Bercahaya Garuda melesat Siwa tersenyum Orang-orang baik tak kemana Melingkar sempurna Saling tilik menilik dalam bisu Dan mengerti Tentang Satu kesatuan yang Utuh Oktober,16,2015 21.11 -BJK-

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


PoSitiVo PositiVo PositiVo Sphere Everywhere in many places of world
Met them all boxes on the way from everywhere Be happy now be happy then HE just giving us splendor way to back alive Never forget HIM whatever it takes. Have a bless day everyone (^_^)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

cheers and cherio (^_^)

What is inside universe? Miracles Yes it is Us, human Nature Fairies Dream Etc Etc Etc Whatever it is Can you sniffing happiness in many places of world? Between all trials everywhere, everyday, everysecond Hey! There are so many blinking ,twinkling, signing in happiness Yippikayey! Be happy now, be happy then May the gracious always be the loyal fellow to u all Cheers n cherio! (^_^) ☆☆☆ just said ☆☆☆ ▪▪▪ignored whether you not understand ▪▪▪

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nov nov nov november

Novaaaaa not yet to the scotia but heiii this is november November lalala parapad syubidup dap dap duup Have a bless November all ^_^ November nova just step forward everywhere you like. Yeay! #begrateful

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

28 oktober semangaat!

Ini 28 oktober kawan! Ga lupa pasti ya ^_^ SALAM SEMANGAT SUMPAH PEMUDA To PositiVo Bercahaya ^_^

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Octoventure Time

My home my stories with what surrounds My #octoventure time Where ever my sleby steps and learning about this and that.
Sometimes people laughing you for this and that. Much and many but Allah SWT let us to go everywhere fun. So why bother to step and get along in PositiVo . Be happy everyone. Just be you no matter what, life is beautiful indeed. yiiihaaa For the Bright tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Companion by Cahaya (^_^)

Smile to the fullest coz the Bright Light just say hai from everywhere part o world. Its not a failure to choose in simplest happiness. In everyday life well Cahaya itu ada . So why bother coz HE is always with us everywhere we go or step. Never give up dong tetep! Ini hidup maju terus pantang mundur! Yeaaay.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Wuuussshhh To everywhere fun Meet fantastic and good people Where ever it is Have a bless time everyone!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


New Year yeaaah New spirit add and ready to launch No wonder Wonder no Nanananana Lalalala Be happy! To those believe in HIS way and meet Miracles on the way, heiiii dont forget to say hai to HIM and having some smiley chit chat within. May in the new time the light will brighten your steps everywhere. Tadaaa! None just :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Good Vibes Around

Good vibes Could known What - where - who , they must connected with Blend is casuality good In resulted wonderful pure To those not understand the rhymes, no symphony will return clearly Their rhythmn are soul that touching directly from universe into heart and feel. Its an wonderous things full of love, light and very clear. Its a rhythmn that came from GOD. Terimakasih Allah SWT for everytime in good and so-so plus bad. There's a reason for everything to those patient and grateful, HE'll present u something great later on. Unpredictable fun! #behappy :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello october

Hello october! 1 oktober untuk Pancasila Tersenyum 1 oktober untuk kembali berkarya Dimana2 hati senang 1 oktober Dan tetap semangaaat untuk semua hal Menuju cerah Yippi #behappy #grateful #thxforthosegivingmotivation #foreverypositivesphere from around the world #heart you all

Thursday, September 24, 2015

In the weirdo situation lately ... This is will be finishing at this line "Guardian isn't follower, they just move forward"

Friday, September 18, 2015

No body is Perfect but the Beauty is coming through from the best way HE given them whose believing into Miracles. Bintang sebagai teratai yang terbuka Terletak di atas menara Dijaga oleh banyak ksatria bintang yang berhati Terjaring dengan kekuatan yang solid

Saturday, September 12, 2015

(^_^) weekend

Sticky over the edge of roof Green and lovely Shapes like birds between the blue that dancing freely in the sky while enjoying the smooth jazz rhythmn from the radio. Its dancing with the rhymes What a view What a music What a HIM creatures within souls Every of that little one just born a big smile that companion the lime time. Have the best weekend all :-) Keep PositiVo n smile Being a wonderous (^_^)
Pray for Mecca We really never know about everything Anyway anyhow lets pray for them.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Kemana-mana nyengir aja Positif aja Yippi duuu

Hari Radio Nasional

Hampir kelewat Selamat Hari Radio Nasional Banyak doa untuk setiap waktu penyiarannya Konten siarannya BERGUNALAH DENGAN POSITIF JADILAH JEMBATAN YANG SEBAIK-BAIKNYA JEMBATAN KOMUNIKASI


To they know things they will simply learn without bored
To they know things they will let go
To they know things they stay tuned to walk away and having see-sight
For PositiVo
Input the importance, discard unnecessary, development and create things
To they know things they know how to applicate all in the right place for the right choice
To they know things they are stand in their feet thou keep beleving into HIS miracles
They are not a delusional people coz they know what the step are.
They are venturer of life for sure
Their smile are like diamonds spreads on earth
Cheers everyone (^_^)
Keep PositiVo, positive keep

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tentang Matahari

suatu hari dan memandang kemegahan di atas itu rasanya menyenangkan sangat.  memandang pancaran yang rasanya akan membawa kita menuju masa yang benar-benar megah secara natural tanpa banyak basa-basi dan tetap mengena di banyak level kehidupan.  Matahari yang menghidupi dunia dengan sinarnya, hangatnya dan lain sebagainya.  Matahari sebagai keajaiban dari tanganNYA bagi penduduk bumi manusia, hewan , tumbuhan.  Matahari sebagai sumber penerangan dan kehidupan semesta.  Mataharinya asik, langitnya ceria, dan heiiii jangan rusak berkas-berkas kebahagiaan itu dengan segala bagian yang akan membuat mereka pingsan pun mati.  Hei para manusia jangan terlalu bernafsu sampai diatas dan melukai kehidupan mereka.  Karena melukai mereka sama saja dengan menghancurkan kehidupan manusia di bumi.  Ini hanya sebagian catatan kecil saat melihatnya ke atas dan mersakan kehidupan kita dengan beragam permasalahan lingkungan juga kesehatan yang kesemuanya melingkar.  Tentang matahari , beberapa teman yang tinggal di luar negeri berbicara "beruntunglah kalian yang memiliki matahari, jangan disia-siakan karena masih banyak yang memerlukan matahari namun tak berkesempatan untuk mendapatkannya"

warming day with warming people surround
hello world may the warm being the best companion ever
smile with it from the bottom of heart
have a bless day everyone

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Fine Day at (^_^)

One fine day it said when this coincidental time just arrived like a Wow!
Not everyone could having a meet directly with this the 40th Datu of Kedatuan Luwu , YM. Andi Maradang Mackulau and The Empress.
That time was the awesome too for the special pin gifted.
To me this is a valuable trip ever.
Thank you dear Allah , awesome enlightenment indeed. 
From one fine day to the bright future of everything.
After in last year met with some Emperor and Empress of Nusantara, well this is the 1st in this year and feeling so happy for everything.

Keep PositiVo, Positive Keep (^_^)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Tracking :D

Sleby here and there , this one ... well been there to meet all and meet new comer of writer that compile their ventures that'll be published  

Kapurung! Nomnomnom this is a traditional food from East Indonesia, South Sulawesi, Indonesia dalam Nusantara

Just captured that moon on night walk at Kota Tua Malili, South Sulawesi, Indonesia dalam Nusantara

Those are views from somewhere in Malili, just captured them in fun

Yeaaaay! The fun in time where we are under that Red and White.  Merah Putih! That's our Spirit, Soul, Flow, Rhyme, Rhytmn, Dance, Chat, etc.  To be stand up there is an honour for us

Whereever fun and cheers with friend

Friendship is a friendship however the road is heiii friends is a friend :)
Sometimes its contain funny moments
Otherwise friend is friend , we can flow it at some point as it friendship dot.
Friend is friend they don't say un polite things. They are great people that complete and inspiring for every logical thought and knowledge thou.
Siapa tau ada yang kangen sama mereka semua. They are still the great teacher in life.
In a friendship we learn to say Sorry for things not quite good to sound or attitude.
We are human, the logical one, when u can put RESPECT then the reward is always something pour by LOVE from HIM.
No body is perfect, no one is a superman like in the movie however so ever, the life said to filling each other blank to be in great point of friendship.

Life , Love, Living (^_^)

Jalan menuju okei can throwing everywhere
With anyone HE allowed us to meet.
Everyday falling in love with life.
Falling in love with the way to bright tomorrow.
Falling in love with the rhythmn such as great, adorable, beautiful, elegant, etc.
Even in silence the melody still dancing.
Not for the crowded only peace listing on it.
To fallin in love with cheers, merry, conducting, introducing, etc
Those elements just going to HIM only.
Be happy to all reader everywhere on earth
Keep smiling
Keep going to PositiVo, positive keep.

Smile at the end of august \ (^_^)/

End of august
still with the smile
and keep seeing beyond for good.
Right deceison just made and voila big and brighter smile just stand in loyal for happiness
Peernya banyak but heii!
All are awesome.
What is inside the story?
Hmm let the time rolling and we can having great stories of nation :)
Not for the harms just something great.

Never give up for the simple aim that will impact in a greater way of life.

See u when i see u all everywhere (^_^) for the good reason of course.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Dan perjalanan lain ttg nusantara nya dimulai.
Yippii ka yey!
Never give up to learn
Sampai berjumpa dimana mana hati senang
Sampai bertemu dipertemukan dan berlalala
Nusantara cemerlang
Bekelnya kamera doang
Coz kamera apapun jenisnya heiii its life deeds.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Everywhere! its everywhere :)

Miracles are everywhere to those believe
They can see what have to see
They will knowing exactly what is pure
Pure pure pure
Purity hearts where HIM put magical without the intention to make it out loud
Its pure that make whole beautiful
And will blooming in the right time
To cherish the world
In good harmony and symphony

have a bless weekend all ♡

Thank you all :-)

Thank you world for every mentioning some reminder everywhere.
Heart it very well and noted
Every each filling and inspiring.
See you all on the way.
Gracious to keep you all in mind.
Till the one fine day in gathering.


You you you you you and you at many area of the world
Have fun to be a great motivator wherever your land are.
Its an honour to be with you all.

Keep PositiVo, Positive keep :-)
Dan hanya tersenyum
Untuk semua yang lewat dan jadi pelajaran dan untuk semua yang akan datang
Ga mikir yang aneh-aneh
Coz DIA memperbolehkan kita untuk hidup dengan :-)
Hidup itu terlalu indah untuk dibuat :-(
#CahayaNYA ada

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hari Kemerdekaan (^_^)

Hari kemerdekaan!
Gak banyak opini
Maju Terus Pantang Mundur!
Ada cerah di depan yuk menuju kesana
Dimana ceria kembali muncul dari pribadi pribadi manusia Indonesia dengan ke Indonesiaannya.

Salam ulang tahun Indonesia (^_^)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Love is

Love is friendship
Friendship is a gift
Gift is precious
Precious is a grant
Grant is HIM

Love is HIM (^_^)
Love is
Love is
Love is
Love is





Thursday, August 13, 2015

Over the Edge

Over the edge

After long time pay attention to this and why always them seperate.

after long time questioning it what the difference at enlightment and illumination.

I've read much what in litterate also what life gift to us, human being.

Purposes and delivered

By wholism of it.

Enlightment is something precious where we are find some point to be at better place. In enlightment there are so emotional , logic were mixed up to be.

By what?
Through medium that illuminated and make it like from zero to hero.

If you asked me what enlightment is?
I will said it is like a journal. There are so many process on it that make a great constructive review to see what the good for beyond.
There are process like a birth, baby, child, teen, adult, old, died. Which is from each there are many lively systematically of thought.
Enlightment is walking and running like this universe meant to be for good.

In enlightment you can learn what is us on purpose. In that we knowing HIM step by step. In enlightment we can know how tiny we are than HIM who creates all.

To learn and accept what it should be at process that what makes people get into some point Of life.


Keep PositiVo , positive keep

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

precious noon

Gracious light in precious place this noon

Simple green under the sun. Voila!

Ice Cream!
all were today at noon
At precious place that always sticky wherever the step forward everywhere place artspace

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nemu lagi

Tiap hari itu waktu yang baru
Tiap hari banyak keyakinan untuk berdiri di atas kaki sendiri dengan segala kemampuan yang kita punya.

Tahu diri lebih baik daripada membuang tahu dan lupa diri.


Friday, August 7, 2015


its not built to falling apart and finish
its fall for rise
brighter than before
to those believe
of what truth is
there will be the great path ever
to discover
not for stop
sky isn't the limit!

Be happy !

Thursday, August 6, 2015

be happy terus dan terus dan terus

Karena dunia itu luass banget
Gede banget kalo dicompare sama kita yang cuma sepersekian jentik.
Kebanyakan ini itu tu bukannya malah bikin bingung ya?
Hehehe ...
Yang ini jawabannya hanya ada di tiap kepala beda-beda.

Be happy!

Neko Teko dan DIA

ga neko-neko
Ntar juga isi teko mengalir
Coz kita ada di bawah naunganNYA selalu
Tekonya ajaib dummmzzz
Isinya gimana DIA aja mau rasa apa, dialirin kemana, diminum siapa, dinikmati siapa untuk kemudian disyukuri 
Aromanya juga terserah DIA 

Coz hanya DIA yang tahu apa yang ada di pikiran dan hati setiap manusia ciptaanNYA.

Ada yang torcher well percaya aja badai pasti berlalu.
Dan selalu ada hal-hal begitu
Mungkin biar kita ngaca lagi kemaren2 kita neko-neko gak.
Kalo masih neko berarti rem aja neko nya biar ga serba-serbi-serbu babi buta.
Bernafas aja lagi dulu

tetap percaya pada kekuasaanNYA yang paling top ituh.

Be happy!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hari Bercahaya

Hari Bercahaya!
Semarak penuh semangat
Semat senyum merdeka yang sederhana , anggun dan tetap menggebrak jiwa-jiwa yang melihat juga merasakan keberkahanNYA.
Hari Bercahaya di dunia Ajaib

Semoga kesederhanaan selalu bawa indah dunia penuh senyum.

Keep Positivo, Positivo keep.
Burst it!

Friday, July 31, 2015

lovely end of july

Lovely july!

Bring happiness from the start till the end
Humbly duuuuu
Assiiiikkkkkkkkkk ♡

May the lalala swing sway with smile n cheers
Dududu didam
Positivo Burst!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Liburannya selesai
Dunianya ramai lagi oleh senyuman para anak yg bersiap menjadi sesuatu yg berguna di masa depan.
Dunianya tersenyum untuk setiap harapan akan mimpi2 mereka.
Hebatnya mereka dalam sederhana yamg penuh ingin tahu lalu bergelak tawa ceria dengan santainya.

dan dan dambididudidam :)

Dan lalu
Dan lalala
Dan hmm
Dan nyam nyam nyam
Dam dididudidam
Smile o smile
For every lessons met on life.
Dan heii sampai berjumpa dimana hati senang yg simpel aja.
Makan baso di emang baso , cilok, baso tahu jg gpp.
Angkringan boleh boleh.
Nom nom nom
Selamat makan siang :D

Salam semesta tersenyum penuh syukur ^_^


Lost - found
Unseen - track by for many years - seen
In this universe, there are sea world, land , sky,
All of them were saying thru many ways of stories
Even the story about colors on earth have a variety o stories too.
In every captured session o life ,the real and realm they always talking about stars which they are the x factor o life its self.
They could be an ordinary people and without they never known before, voila! Surprised!
They just bring the life more brighter.

Blessed those who met them on life.
They are they, a pure stars for real without any this and that language of rock n roll. Somehow, people will knowing them by the heart beat and the symphony they made of.

They dont pluck juz watering what should be watered.
They are them who understand what life is.
Thru them we are get lesson, the precious one that couldn't exchange by anything.
They are good people for sure, having HIM inside and outside.

They are staaaaaarrrs!
They smile as pure as they are, you will know .
.. You will know when met them on the way.
The richness of how they think about life and poured it gladly to be something wonderful.

Thx dear Majesty that leading us to meet and get lesson and alive more as the essence of life itself.

"Stars living in up there
Helping moon to brighten the dark
Balancing the night
Guarding the time" ... #randomwordsspoken

Friday, July 24, 2015

Masih July

Ktinggalan di posting gbrnya!

Semua di bulan July bersama segala cerita yang lewat.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015 nya luar biasa
Ketemu semua yang pernah diminta dalam doa itu yippii!!
Jalannya selalu ga disangka-sangka :-D
Just say that HE do listening to our pray.
Never stop believing to the path HE given us to track it.
PositiVo keep ^_^

Monday, July 20, 2015


These are July
Please joy your views below

Have a good vibrate everyday