Sunday, December 29, 2013


could get some refreshment area to exhale is a GOD bless.
hello all thx for still reading this lil house.
do anyone have a great plesure at holiday seasons? hope so
here some people just do it and some again keep loyal to do activities
well, working of course, never give up for get the main idea why doing all activities
what i've got lately ... mm many and fabulous
something that never predict to happen before then just slap it on face directly
feel so fantastic!
grazie to HIM as always
Btw, may everyone get a great gifts and life
Meeting a harmony also the symphony
Remember HIM always as the life companion and give a shot everyday

God Bless You All
Have a pleasant holiday season and stay PositiVo

Thursday, December 19, 2013

poho (sundanesse) = lupa
poho for a nickname is things resulted smile
its a positivo smile anyway
meet poho stand somewhere is like finding a reminder
not to be poho with HIM -- The Maha Kuasa
meet poho is recall to see that the language is very rich
so many kinda , but at the end everyone can recognise it to something wonderful

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sore Cemerlang Sore yang Hangat


voila! and the Sun just came suddenly when the gray and cold are everywhere almost whole the day.
this is the noon where I told ya about Human and Rainbow (well its in another blog - hellobellobelle)
goldie goldie light in the noon
goldie goldie time with a wider smile
under the blue between greens
goldie goldie sphere
where the love just about on the way to share
What a Joy!

have a warm view everywhere then :D
Sore Cemerlang Sore yang Hangat
Bermain bersama Pelangi oooh indahnya :D

(^_^ ) [^_^]

When door to door got their depth meanings everyday face to faces
with or without our command its make our life wealthy
be grateful for every knowledge come and go
... gracias for every meeting
thankful for every Love HE swing to us, human being

Have a warm time everyone (^_^)

Friday, December 13, 2013

BeluBelloBelle: Best of Indonesia

BeluBelloBelle: Best of Indonesia: Is when u are finding this:

Moment when our national flag is flapping companion with our song "Indonesia Raya"
so simply, eleg...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flying flying night *

flying flying night
flying without wings
with those spread stars above

flying flying night
flying without wings
cross the border

flying flying night
flying without wings
catches each other

flying flying night
flying without wings
where old and new just about beginning to meet

flying flying night
flying without wings
with spray of Miracles
that say Hello for all

flying flying night
flying without wings
in an unique ways of blessed

flying flying night
flying without wings
on december 11th
warm cheers everywhere

BJK, inspired by so many people surrounds

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Color of ... :)

@bandung, jakarta, malili, towuti with our flag nation and randomized pics

@bandung, yogyakarta, palembang for the weaving pattern, some museum and park 

Sleby here and there and everywhere
Sleby with colors of places and things
Not so many seen here but those color been decorated my country - Indonesia
How do you feel ? Are those warm enough? ...
Well well well u should come to and feelin' it
From Sabang to Merauke
U are going to feel the difference sphere in every part of Indonesian ( west, middle, east )
By those mountains, lake, ocean, beaches, grassland, river, forrest
By our two weather in summer and rainy session
By the culinaries

Monday, December 9, 2013

Masa, massa

masa yang waktu
massa yang berat
massa yang banyak
dalam ragamnya penuh warna
why bother
just be happy
as joy giving to you
by HIM

Thursday, December 5, 2013

BeluBelloBelle: Belinda JKNusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatin...

BeluBelloBelle: Belinda JKNusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatin...: Belinda JK Nusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatinya tertanam subur dengan akar yang sangat kuat. Hanya akan lebur melalui kehenda...

Celoteh hari dan malam bilang

Hari kemarin berceloteh,

purposed - angle shot - window - lens - view finder -  mirror - reflection - sleep mode - button

dark room - film - filter - etc

Hari kemarin tetap berceloteh

Put the heart to the objects,  choose the right point that alive whole dots

Lalu malam bilang

tunjuk satu diantara mereka dan itulah kamu yang berjalan mencari bagian lainnya untuk menjadi satu kesatuan yang utuh.

Spare part that complete another parts to stand, cooperate for operate ... Hand in hand without annoying each parts for One vision of life

Nanana lalalala belajarnya bisa dari apapun termasuk kamera yang berproses sederhana namun mengena
untuk sebuah tumpah darah
Bahu-membahu dari aliran yang berbeda untuk sebuah satu

Malam kembali berbisik,

Psstt ... Ini hanya teriakku untuk mereka yang melupa jadi sederhana dan miliki hati

Semoga mata-mata itu terbuka untuk melihat NYATA dalam bagian kelereng yang menimangnya selama ini.

Sebelum pulang tanpa hasil.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple Orange Candy :D

Candy candy!
not that comic just a sweet orange candy from lil angle
Candy candy!
a simple smile from it
Candy candy ... The Orange Candy
At some gracious time of our
Happy warm and greet :)

Funny languages of HIM

Sinatra at gloomy time on the radio!
December 1st and it song title Strangers In The Night just pour some smile into a bowl of
Hahaha just cheers to HIM and lalalala after
Grazie gracias dear YOU for every funny stories lies on
Better and bitter, all just okay.
and lalalala again


Dec dec dec

December just arrival
Lalala happy time!
Lalala water time.
Lalala crystal time
Lalala healing time
Some are frozen and some aren't
Some are cold and some are warm
Some are white and some are colorful
At the huge ball
Called an earth
All under the love spelled of HIM
December just arrival
Best wishes for all friends and readers

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

just say ... (2)

thanks a lot for read
just say to urself
to be urself
even we are facing the uncountable mirrors in every second
and filtering so many from it
captured what u should captured
craving what u supposed to crave
keep the Idea shown because of ur self
that realize things around
put them as genuine as urself
so that will be flowing naturally
not only copas semata
imitated wont stay eternally
it'll be lost somewhere
Fresh from the oven just bring healthy
even if it just some simply cooked
not everyone spontaneous to eat them
anyhow it was made original by you


Adios amigos!

Keep PositiVo

Red Carpet and Fun

for brave!
for smile
for fun
for warm
in a magic carpet of HIM gifts
Red not for reddish
just Red Carpet and Fun
in another space
that so wonderful to achieve
for yippikayey
for the flower motifs
companion the black and white and green
Red Carpet and Fun
in a busiest years
and cheers!

Happy Red Carpet and Fun! :D

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sleby at ... yeay!

spinning around ... fiuuuuh happy anyway
blue that came into warm Sunday of
Blue wears - coincidentaly
Blue sky
Blue bell sleby and friends

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sleby everywhere fun :D

everyday fashion, fashion everyday ...
where am I?
still on earth of course
where pallazo, harlem pants and etc are alive
where stiletto , boots, heels, flat-shoes and else are stepping forward around
where the necklaces, tiara are something standing still in a loyal
of fashion world
do we the slave of it?
just hahaha then :D  (all up to you whether u are part of it or nope :D )
how ever so ever
its an art still,  beautiful things that is collide somewhere to fresh the day

words came since childhood is ...

"Everyone are having their own style, just enjoy it ;)"

Monday, November 18, 2013

some are ...
like a puzzle probably when u seen them - words that flying free here
reading and guessing who is the main character been told
sensing will the next step of understand each.
puzzle in a labyrinth perhaps that you caught , every notes have their own door to somewhere.
do i write this only from my side?
nope in some cases here, there could be similiarity out there.
just like the life itself
every second counts to minutes and hours
every pictures completely another blank
is this a game?
no definetely not, only notes that dropped off from the life 
could be from anyone eyes.

charge positivo :)

asiiik !

asiiik for every possibillities to have this wide angle of smile


after many years pray and efforts
creative creative world
to those who is believe in Miracle of The Majesty One
then there will be splish splashes of magic surrounding us.
what will be will be :D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Middy Time

Middle november,
Well i have wonderful 2 weeks with many unexpected people came from everywhere. That's all Positivo and fun!
Still running until now and for some proper time in the future. Kinda great, not only for personal but also the crative world where i surfed for this long . Lalalala gracias... gracias ... gracias ....
The long pray could be shown beautiful allowed by HIM.
Meeting many various person that could be great to contribute at the team is great too.

So far HIS gift is the charm one on this month.
Keep on cheers!  Keep on Positivo ^_^

Friday, November 8, 2013

N for November

N for november!
Can't say much at these early , but hey some miracles coming again.
Lalalala this year are full of unexpected fabulous moments and things like a sprinkles coming down face the earth.
For every miracles come hey thats feels great.
Never stop to believe in !
Who is handling the way to it? Well, that's HIM - having gratitude for all to HIM then.

many quotation i've been met in life, such those :

"There's A Great Big - Beautiful Tomorrow!"

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do"

"Add life to your days, not days to your life"

"The Happiest People Don't Have The Best of Everything.  They Just Make The Best of Everything"

Cheers everyone :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

smile to the dancing stars (^_^)

October 30 at am time ...
A quite after midnite that is having great view up there.
Between the darkness , that north star just blinked. companion with the other 11th that spread away just like a jewel. Beautiful ^_^
One of that star is shown blue sparkled, very amazed with it.  And the other just seeing as glittering red.
Just like a code, talked something to those under it.
Windy night with warm sphere came from HIM and made somebody who seen it smile.
Smile from the bottom of ur heart.
Its nice for sure.
Been long time for north star doesn't show up there, but few minutes ago it was there with the loyalti light as always.  Gracias dear Allah SWT, U just gimme another great gift.
Feel so peace at the moment.
Sweet also :)

For who you are outta, have a pleasure time with HIS creations.
May the time can joint you a warm and peace sphere.
Have fun every time (^_^)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

nyopas yang ini dari box samping - :D

Thanks for this :

Life's blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm.

Norman Vincent Peale


Monday, October 28, 2013

Soempah Pemoeda

October 28th,

Salam Sumpah Pemuda Indonesia :D

Satu Tanah Air,
Satu Bangsa,
Satu Bahasa,

Bhineka Tunggal Ika
Bersama Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh

Meski banyak aliran, kalau untuk Satu Indonesia itu helloooo semangat terus, never give-up to do many inovation, creativity yang GebraK! hahaha
Salam berkarya in POSITIVO juga ^__^


Indonesia is ... FOOD STALL!!
Yummy sluurppy food is here, (nulis dalam rangka inget mereka semua) :

1. Bakso
2. Martabak manis ma asinnya ;d
3. Satay ( ayam, sapi, kambing, sate mbo/susu)
4. Nasi Goreng ( nasgor kecap, nasgor kampung, nasgor modern, etc)
5. Gudeg!
6.  Bubur
7.  Batagor
8. Pempek
9. Surabi
10. Kerak Telor
11. Cilok
12. Cireng
13. Bala-bala
14. Sop sayur
15. Soto Lamongan
16. Soto Betawi
17. Cotto Makassar
18. Pisang ijo
19. Pisang eppe
20. Lawak!
21. Gado-gado , Lotek
22. Ampyang
23. Rangginang
24. Dodol
25. Baso Tahu - Siomay - Bakpau (sekalian dimsum yak :d)
26. Ikan bakar dari sabang sampai merauke sama segala bumbu khasnya
27. Ayam bakar kecap
28. Ikan Pindang kuah
29. Aneka macam abon
30. Kue basah

Peyeum goreng, es durian, es campur, jeruk hangat , bir pletok, candil, dawet (u_U) -- haiiyaaaah
lalalalala .
Banyak ternyata ya ... hehehe , wanna have this all at your tongue and mind? well well well just visit Indonesia then. Hahaha in every places yummy!
From Sabang to Merauke. Hehehe Tempe Mendoan asiik juga, kue 12 jam (eh atau 8 jam ya? mmm kue berjam-jam itu deh hehehe... x-p) okey, nyu'nyang, borongko, papeda, dll dll . Voila!

PS: for those who is living outta Indonesia dan notabene WNI hehehe pardon sangat ni lagi ngeluarin isi otak dalam rangka inget xixixixi :D :d , peace yaw (^_^)
also for them foreigner who've been in Indonesia before.

Be Happy :D

Sunday, October 27, 2013

may it listened to

with those kind of musics and lyrics came ... well, may the person could hear what world saying to
through those may the person just waking up and not said as a restless or elses
yea yea yea just pouring the day with UR best way to it realised from stupidity steps.
... may it listened to
may the sphere could touch down earth and give it a great hit.

meanwhile ... everybody just have fun with their world.
cheers + cherio!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Have a great time

 just find this one, good lines probably just shown somewhere and put it on book.  Now just wanna shared this here.  Btw for those already wriiten this before, thank you :)

The kiss of the for pardon, the song of the birds mirth, one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth " - Dorothy Frances Gurney
 have a great time all (^___^)

Outside the box

Where am i now?
Outside the box, to enjoy the moment with free thought without any separated wall.
Been in every angle so this time everything just launching out the sphere.
Flying free with many.
Yiiippiii duuu! Yumm :d

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

... (^______________^) ...

tempat lucu semalam, air pelangi , kerlap-kerlip dan lain sebagainya itu benar-benar tempat yang menyenangkan .  Tahu apa lagi yang kulihat setelah kepala menyembul keluar?  Hijau yang nyata segar, gerbang-gerbang tinggi dengan gaya classic yang unik, banyak manusia tertawa (lagi-lagi banyak yang berhidung lancip). Gak kenal siapa mereka ... tapi kenapa lapangan hijau itu gak asing ya?  Seperti pernah melihat atau berada di situ sebelumnya di masa yang lamaaaaaaaa sekali.  Ada sesuatu yang hangat menuntun membuat si senyum berada di garis terpanjangnya.  Orang-orang itu tersenyum sih, jadi ya dibales senyum lagi (sebagian dari iman bukan? ... ) hehehe :d :p
tempat ini sangat - sangat menyenangkan, berbedalah sama semua yang pernah kulihat sebelumnya.  Damai dengan angin-angin yang sejuk dan sebaginya dan sebagainya (tidak bisa dipreteli oeh kata-kata).  Namun ini mirip dengan sebuah tempat yang pernah kubaca di sebuah buku keren (well at least that book is kewl for sure to me and many people outta that having it). Bukan dunia fantasi yang pasti, hanya tak begitu mengerti ada di dunia yang mana tempat ini.
dan apa aku berhak mempreteli bagian yang ini? Hmmm gak yakin juga, cuma emang harus keluar dari otak supaya yang lain dapet tempat duduk katanya.  Antriannya panjaaaaaang.  Hahaha kayak lagi nunggu dapet giliran angkot atau transportasi lain yang penuh ya.  Aih sangat kocak!  Mungkin itu sebabnya banyak manusia melihat kereta api atau bis dalam kehidupannya.  Pun perjalanan dalam pesawat.  Lalalala dari untaian yang sepertinya gak nyambung ini saja, jadi lebih mengerti mengapa selalu ada gambar-gambar istimewa dalam ilmu pengenalan diri atau kepribadian. Dan heiii apakah kalian yang terlibat dan belajar juga menjadi master di dalamnya mengetahui yang satu ini?  Bahwasanya kinerja otak manusia memiliki ukuran yang tidak terukur? Eh tapi itu tak jadi masalah besar juga sih, ukuran-ukuran yang ada juga setidaknya telah memberian petunjuk yang baik demi kehidupan bukan?
Yang pasti dari semua perjalanan dalam otak kita, baik itu mimpi - memori - sesuatu yang tiba-tiba datang di luar logika pun masuk akal hanyalah sebuah cara untuk mengenal kita dan NYA.  Setiap peta yang muncul punya kuncinya masing-masing ada yang boleh kita keep sendiri, atau ada yang harus berbagi.  Hahaha dari hal sederhana itu DIA membuat kita sebagai manusia yang seyogyanya manusiawi.  Dia benar-benar mengenalkan kita pada dunia yang lucu, mungkin begitu sifatnya tersenyum. Senyum Sejuta Arti ^____^ lalalala dudududu dan heiii enak jadi sedikit ringan lagi.

Monday, October 21, 2013

nice to see u all :)

Lets falling love the world said lately
Falling love just made the life beautiful , that heart beating to do so, feel awesome (must be!)
That spirits hiding somewhere just released step by step.  One by one ice just melted, natural seem so kind (and yes they are kind for sure!).
Just like in the new session of never been the same before.
Hahahaha its kinda happy too, seeing them felt the beating of heart as well as the world said lately.
Gracious to see people around more lively than before.
In every falling love session of you bestfriend and friends are my precious gift from HIM to take 'em stories as great lesson on the way.
To see u all bright are something memorable inside, cheers for all of you.
May the happiness could bring so much motifs to animated  ur life juicy than ever :)

Nice to see you all  everywhere (^_^)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dimana - mana hatiku senang :)

Duduk di sudut, pandang keluar hehehe

Belokin kepala ke sudut yg lain eh ketemu cermin deh

When the leaves meet window, love their colors!
Menclok dimana-mana hatiku senang, yipikayey! ^_^
Just FYI makanan di tempat ini yummy, porsi asik ditemenin sama interior yg asik pula plus udara yang sejuuuk.
Happy liat2 warnanya.

1st time hear the name of this place seem so strange , where the place is? Then asked pall and she's introduced this place with me who said "oooo and ooooo and oooo" again.  Hehehe
Fun after all when u just knowing this later, happiness is everywhere with old school friend ^_^.

What a life!
Stranger - come and get to know become recognize about many things - be happy.
Be happy not because the brand of it place , more to happy because that recognition sphere.

Fun time at warm day..
There's always something simple to gratitude. 

Simplicity that having an extraordinary value.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Btw , just wanna write this one from mayapada world

Hehehe can't remember exactly where i've got this quotes by Plato.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything ||
Based on my contemplate:

"In every way rhythm and harmony
In every pages you opened
In every scratch u had
In every fraction
in every where
In every real life!
even in a mute session
music still spinning around with free
the unseen that spoken thru
our soul" (BJK, 2013)

Have a great Friday All :D

Not everyone could doing great math, but don't forget to use simple math (add ; less ; multiply ; divide) everyday coz it brings you some fun and balance for life ^_^ .  What the connection between math and music?  Well, because the music is the part of Math system.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sleby between stories of TEPA SALIRA :D

Was invited to some lil exhibit of art *again. This was held on last Saturday at Gdg Indonesia Menggugat . were there a while and saw a little while looked up for yellow, blue, red and another colors and medium stand for shouted out they creativity at fulfill the theme.
My comment to this one is : good to see the youth have their own actions for being a reminder to the society about Tepa Salira things , one social valuable that hello ... not everyone still having it on their minds nowadays.  Something get less and yelled up again. Nice try!
This one is the 1st from Trilogy concepts its called Recognition.
Have fun ... in their simply deeply do :)

That's what I've got from my eyes :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Tau singkong kan temans?
Hehehe baru tahu ternyata ada hari Singkong .
Pas tanggal 7 oktober
Hidup Singkong!
Wah bulan oktober bener2 ramai ya
Tanggal 1, 2, 5 , 7
Lebaran Haji juga sebentar lagi
Huwaaa Oktober 2013 ni meriah
Jadi ikutan seru - seruan juga

Selamat Bersenang-senang ^_^

(Mmmm hari kentang ada gak? *keukeuh :p )

Monday, October 7, 2013


B for buset atau apa ini ya?
Nah loh?
atau dan atau dan atau dan atau
dan dan atau atau
aaah hari apa ini , aneh sekali??
M for molor sajalah
W for weirdo
Sekali muncul masih satu kawasan ex negara super gede yang pecah
Membelah diri? Hahahaha kayak amoeba aja, waduuh .
Tuing tuing tuing
K for kerja lebih enak nampaknya
Jangan lupa sama Tuhan yaaa
Jangan lupa bersyukur juga
Jangan suka berantem
Stay PositivO ajaaaa

... ?

Hello to anyone stepping the way at Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Ukraine.
How's world?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

art gallery tracking :D

"Sekali mendayung dua, tiga pulau terlampaui"
Sekali datang ke satu sektor area yesterday, there its flow hahaha.  With a friend who is intend to spread his portofolio for some galleries of art at that sectors, well we just tracking some then.  Only 3 gallery and shots in 1 gallery only- BIASA art space.

To see a solo exhibition called HIGHEST by Nyoman Sujana Kenyem at Philo Art Space, then continued to BIASA art space at jln. kemang raya no 20 - an exhibition by Arya Panjalu named Garden of Delight that started from September, 30th - October,29th 2013. Well on these one is mixed by installation and painting, so far its okay.  Lil bit fresh to see green inside the coldy of air conditioner.  In this gallery the photos was taken.  And the last gallery is the one famous, Edwin Gallery , crossing with Biasa art space in the same street.  There were an exhibition by Mochtar Apin, well i saw many of lines in colorful mode.  So far , things i could catch from his masterpieces is the decision of using the right color that magnified the simplest become something that have great valuable.  To see his masterpiece is like hearing the classical music with good colors on it.

Indyra and MID LIFE solo exhibition

"This is a spiritual experience, whose effect can be felt on my body and my organs" - Indyra

There were line at cover of her booklet packaging .. yes finally I could come to that exhibition. Feel glad to be there on that sparkled October 1st, 2013 . Having a great time with the art of her is my precious and gracious, dunno that smooth touch is so adorable from my see sight.  Also the depth of spirituals meaning in each frames. At the end, her masterpiece is always stand in an elegant way.

Lalalala what a fun time meet and greet with new and old friend too as always.
By the way this MID LIFE - SOLO EXHIBITION still can you catch at Dia.lo.gue art space, Kemang Selatan 99A.  Will be there until october 27th, 2013.

"Visual Poetry"
acrylic & oil canvas
120 x 120 cm

Say hai to that room full of wings
 - hahaha :p, loved this part actually :)

The Curator of MID LIFE , Jim Supangkat
That's some of my visual session with her art.  Wonderful is on the air i supposed.
Well, well, well have a great time everyone ^_^.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just say ...

Adventure is start when we just born to this world
Lesson is get through by learning
Can you see, everything is a process
That HIM handled to you for keep in strong will for every possibilities
To keep running in think and do and breath and circling and viewing for every angles of life.
and to say thank YOU the almighty one.



Painting Exhibition (again) Lalalalala :p

Another cool on this October 1st,  if u have a long time in Jakarta don't forget to see this painting exhibition of Indyra Art . Its starting on today until October 27,th.  Gee if i could, i'll on my way to that exhibition, her creation absolutely (uuuuu...), one of the great between some great Indonesian painter I've known.
Curious ?
Well, well, well just come and see then :)
Have a pleasant day everyone ^_____^
Cheers and keep on PositiVo
Lalalalala ....

Kesaktian Pancasila day

October 1st!  October 1st!  What's going on? Well Today is a National Day named Kesaktian Pancasila
and so on , sing a song then :D

Garuda Pancasila, akulah pendukungmu
Patriot proklamasi sedia berkorban untukmu
Pancasila dasar negara
Rakyat adil makmur sentosa
Pribadi bangsamu ayo maju ... maju , ayo maju ... maju, ayo maju ... maju

Sejam setelah hari berganti jadi tanggal 1 oktober 2013, hanya lirik ini yang ada di otak.
Menyanyikannya sambil mengetik barisan itu di sini
Sambil kemudian mengingat lagi


1. KeTuhanan Yang Maha Esa
2. Kemanusiaan Yang Adil dan Beradab
3. Persatuan Indonesia
4. Kerakyatan yang dipimpin oleh hikmat kebijaksanaan dalam permusywaratan/perwakilan
5. Keadilan sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia

Kemudian mengingat segala bentuk cerita-cerita yang splish- splash dalam segala perbincangan ataupun yang di'luar' logika.  Perhaps some of u just see a tree , phoenix, chain, star or even a bull-head. Daa!  I just know what it means today, in this minute why in every stories there always them shown.  Guys, have u ever get it the continued of all that point of view? Or not yet?

This is kinda a question for yourself and answered only by yourself that handled only by HIM through many ways. Voila!
Who are you?
What is your purposes as a personal?
For who you are living for?
Where are you come from?
What view angles you get after all this long?

Well, u can arrange them in a randomize , then look outside and breath , what u are finding then?

May you all get the same answer with me yaaa.
Now I just can smile in a bigger line, because what we through is nor a dream it just a reminder.
Every each told another in varieties way of story telling, powerful chain i believed so.

Have fun everyone, thx to YOU again coz already make me met them all on the way to somewhere POSITIVO life.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleby at Locafore \(^_^)/

LocaFore 2013, that's the name of some routines events that held at place named Kota Baru Parahyangan. This is an active support to creative people that initiated by Mr. Jim Supangkat, a curator, sculptor also art critic of Indonesia .  What we could enjoy when be there? Well, this is an action for them creative at sphere like Art, Design and Jazz.  So, that's I've got when were there.  We could see an art exhibition that enclosed to 43 artist. its came from many subject of art such as sculpture, painting , installation and others.  At design sphere, well there was a design transparent spot that filled with tents.  Each tents was represented their own product design , its quite interested to have a joy there.  How many tents? Hmm its many , i saw more than 20 ...probably around 30 to 40's gee! a lot eh? hehehe.  their product are awesome too.  Not only selling the products , in some tents we could say hello to do some lil workshop , so entertain.  Btw this spot had good layout design that very simple and attractive (poor me , the cam juz end suddenly, couldn't have that angle to share on this notes)

What else? Hey i didn't mention that Jazz thing!
This Locafore that held in 3 days were companion with 24 great musician of indonesia such as Ireng Maulana, Ermy Kulit, Glenn Fredly, Benny Likumahuwa, The Doctors & The Professor, Barry Likumahuwa Project, Margie Segers, Sandy Winarta, Dira Sugandi, Sierra , Raisa , Jafuzz Cobre on trio session and many more.

Whose i met there?
Well I met friends that having good creation at drawing pictured, I called him Seniman Zodiak, why? because he is good for sure to draw people character based on their zodiac through his see-sight.  His name is Rukmunal Hakim.  Then met others too named Ario Anindito.  Both are having different style of making paint but got right spirit into this world name of Art :)

Who else?
Hmmm i've got bonus again from HIM, I could meet Indyra art ( if you remeber, i was wrote about her few times ago). Yeay! So happy to see her again, old and new friend that long time no see.

The most precious from all is i could see colors in every point I stand. That's lovely indeed.  Gracias for those time i spend and filled with smiley face everywhere. Lalalalala (^___^), what a day! what a moment full of happiness.
Sleby  at Locafore with friends - yiiha , fun and wonderful.

Finally, have fun with those :D

Indyra Art (the one worn hat) and Friend

This one is great :)

People and their action at :D

Some situations at art Exhibition

Their Stage + Booklet + Lampion! ^_^

Colors! :D

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spirit Sang Pesawat :p

"Pesawat Terbang penuh cintai itu layaknya manusia yang berjalan menuju daerah baru tanpa menapak tanah namun masih berjalan dengan segala pikiran-pikiran manusiawi yang tetap bertumpu pada kebaikan sekitar.  Sesuatu perjalanan baru dalam biru yang luas hingga berakhir di hijau yang membentang sambil memiliki ragam cita yang ingin dicapai.  Sayap-sayapnya bilang pada kehidupan manusia untuk mencoba hidup seimbang, tidak berlebihan ataupun berkekurangan."
BJK, Sept 2013
Terinspirasinya dari sebuah peristiwa memang, sesuatu yang bahagia en penuh cinta tentunya :)
Mu liat?
Boleeeeh , silahkan menjadi penumpang Pesawat Terbang Penuh Cinta yang satu ini.
Semoga bermanfaat ya ^___^

Monday, September 9, 2013

Salam nyengir :D

grateful for every way passed and come in many colors.
grateful for every meet with anyone unexpected
hehehe smile for positivo :D
have a bright life everyone ^____^
hidup berkreasi!
salam nyengir hahaha

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sprinkle Sprinkle September

the 5th september for belubellobelle here, may the 5th could be bring positivo as always.

Sprinkle sprinkle september
Where the new season come
Sprinkle sprinkle september
When the orange room feel so amazed
Sprinkle sprinkle september
To those step forward, may this month become ur happiness
Sprinkle sprinkle september
Just the way it moves
Enjoy the life then :D

yippi duuu (*_^)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Crunchy crunchy times

Crunchy crunchy times
Flown Smooth to the air of an august
Where the crunch just poured by a chocolate that made all sweet
Crunchy crunchy times
Where it belongs
To those believed in Miracles
Crunchy crunchy times
YOU just made our bites of it in a fun way
Crunchy crunchy times
Thank you so dearest


Lalalala just a lil poet made fresh from the oven!
Baked it a while and taste it ^__^

have a blessing day everyone.

Bright Smile

Bright smile on last august.
Is there any miracle happened?
Humm seem Yess!
Something fun in noon time, companion with the warm of sun.
Delight time with whose exited so much with many colors of creativity idea things.
Delivered stories about some great projects, very funny to feel all and make hahaha hihihi time.
We'll see ... we'll see in the next step how's all goes ... May the merry always near ya. Lalalala ... belobeli it said (-__-"), this person completely in love with whole news came to (hahaha ... ).  Made the day full of smile time bomb.
So where the part of miracles just happen to you?
The part where the bright smile happened, that's one among, while the time not shown to have it before.
Smile is something luxurious i said so, not everyone can conducted it very well from the bottom of heart.

Saved by bright smile on last august, like somebody did show u colors u never been.
Thanks GOD to surround me always with them precious people.

Hey! May yours goes alright too in the last of august (^______^).
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Black Eagle

That black bird just flyin' smooth and gentle
Shown again after long nope
Not in the back yard, just met it in the middle on way home
Spin ... spin ... and spin ...
Black ... Black ... Black eagle how great to see it again
Whiiii ^_^

Do you have any good view today?
Wish you all have :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

august 22nd at Galeri Nasional Indonesia

22nd of august where am i? where am i?
This time i was in Jakarta to see an art exhibition from ceramic senior artist named F. Widyanto.  The title of it is Drupadi Pandawa Diva that held on Galeri Nasional Indonesia.  This is the 14th of his solo exhibition.
What i've got there? Well, I've seen 30 sculptures of beautiful woman called Drupadi.  Drupadi is pictured as an ideal proportion of a woman (white skin, great nose , long hair and have a great height too). So Perfect woman on earth i guess if it bring to the real life.  Btw, this Drupadi exhibition is a creation of F.Widyanto from the legend story of Mahabrata.  Not only Drupadi but there's another object to such as Dursasana and Semar also others ceramics that a form of flowers, dice, dragon, birds, frogs, deer and etc.  He was make some ceramic based in some points under the woman sculptures, it's interesting for sure and for those none seen that side mostly just stepping on it until some "clink" sounded - (hahaha).
Very interesting indeed to see his motifs on a material, seem like a real woman wears a real cloths. Awesome for this one. His waving lines absolutely smooth and very alive to the object he presentation about.  Just like u are there and face to face with the real Drupadi and make a contact with her.  Fabulous creation ^_^ . I said it is Garis Cantik :) .
Not only the sculptures, but there are some frames of Drupadi also those certificate about his creation at that exhibition for each Drupadi sculptures.  Great!  The guests of it opening exhibition were so enthusiastic as well.  I saw many beautiful ladies wore Kebaya as it night dresscode for the guest. Many of them get photographed near the sculptures they want to have a pose with :) . We are welcome to captured the object, so do I whether didn't bring the camera then I clicked some from the phone camera.  Not too many like the others taken, but pretty good enough to catch by your eyes and senses.  Wanna see some of Drupadi sculputure, well just see the pics below.

What a motifs! Garis Cantik i said so for every details he made of

Just see what a woman yeap! Drupadi in many varieties.  In every corner
we can find many actions of her based on
creation of F. Widyanto

By the way for those interesting to see this sculpture, you can hang-out to Galeri Nasional Indonesia at Building A it goes until august 30, 2013.

Click-clock with Marky Jahjali (^_^)
Before the exhibition started, there was a performance of Drupadi Puppet Show that  brought by an artist that also an actor and director named Marky Jahjali.  On that puppet , the guest were served by its introduction stories that divide into 4 parts.  He was represent performances in mixing Bunraku and Javanese Puppet married to the light system also the gamelan music that could lead audiences to the sphere they never been before.  For whole scenes that presented, Marky and team just did good project.  Most of the audience appreciated it creation very well.  Everybody just clapped their hand for it.  Congratz Marky! Just go ahead with another creation of yours too.

Coincidental meet my fave writer too,
Sundea from Salamatahari ^_^
Got bonus too there from HIM, on that nighty nighty time then met Salamatahari, hahaha then the nighty glowing itself trough the light of her. Lalala how happy I am pleased to meet her again after long nope ^_^.

btw, because it is orange color, just wanna put this below.
Sleby with an orange! not a fruit one but something fresh too ^_^, lalalala

an Orange!

Well, that's my lil tracks lately, may you all have find something good too outta.