Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie Days

Wuff finally after...I could stand by for a while and joy some nu movies such as:

1. Christmast Carol - 3D version by Walt Disney
2. Serious Moonlight - hey there's Meg Ryan there :D
3. From Paris With Love - Travolta rockin'
4. Percy Jackson the Lightening Thief

And here's my comments:

1. Christmast Carol

Well, it same story like before on human version but this time they made to 3D right? Still nice to capture coz there are attractive scenes that can't get in human version and got in this version.
Still a great touchy moral there.

Lets move, next....

2. Serious Moonlight
Well, it just a funny story packages. U can put ur smile on when saw this one. The story pretty well okay.

3. From Paris with Love
Yayyy! They were rock my breakfast time...Pretty nice with Travolta there.
"Why don't ya try the subtle way", said the diplomat one hehehe - that's the nice scene u've got there. Elegant way in crossing line, so entertain enough.

But still THE GOOD SHEPERD (daa! if I wasn't wrong on spell it). Yes that the best agent movie I've ever known then Bourne Trilogy :D, Series of La Femme Nikita, etc

Then slippery to the last one called,

4. Percy Jackson the Lightening Thief
Almost none comment at all, pretty entertain and very light compare than Trilogy of LOTR and Harry Potter or Narnia...Pff sorry just my opinion.
Like seeing traditional mutant art camp there. Lil blur area between ancient and modern also mutant things.
But okay they have great stuff on defending enemy.
See there's always plus even in minimum ^_^. Not bad at all.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Morning Sunshine (^0^)

Morning everyone ^_^

It's lovely Saturday morning here in my place. The light of sun is showering our time this morning.
What a blessing morning i've got here :), how's yours?

Really great after couple months on gloomy. hahaha ... i wanna have bright smile and hang out in joy. Feeling again that warm wind touch our chick and playin' around our hair.

Love YoU always GOD for every single things happen in this world ^_^.
Let's play with those butterfly, swimming and merry with all.

Have fun all \(^0^)/

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amazing Diamond Guardian

Blue and sparkling, that was the 1st time saw you in the depth of forest.

It was snowy time.

I was took a walk with a friend, and there we found you above the lion head.

Like a magic come from the sky and sparkling like a diamond, we both saw your face.

At that moment, my friend know u better.

He looked happy to see your face there, while I just stood and pay attention for both of you.

There you two seem like a brother, yes I think you both are.

You'd been look at me, like we have met before somewhere i don't recognize it.

You given me smile, so I smiled back at you.

Without any words come from your mouth, meanwhile those diamond eyes spoken.

I just remember that you told this to your brother, "take care of her because she's precious".

Then both of you stared to me on the same time, while I just smile and confuse because of your words to him.

My friend then back stand beside me and smile like always he did.

We were saw you faded then.

On that faded moment I still captured it spoken eyes, very deep and touch my feeling without excuse.

Weird, that's what I felt.

Then your brother took me over from that place after your sparkling gone.

We both continue our expedition of life.

And smile each other.

Since that moment, sometimes I feeling you guard me behind with unseen mode.

Can't see you clearly, but feel so close.

Somehow it gladly ... thank you dear amazing diamond guardian.

(This came in one of my dream on 2008)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Amazing Australian Women I've ever Known

Exactly 1 weeks passed by.

Here in Indonesia our family got an amazing news from Aussie, that Mrs. Van Beek still alive on her 92 yrs. What an incredible things, since we never get a long together again. I met her once when I was child, she and her husband were coming to Bandung. They stayed at my home for several times. It's nice knowing them, feel like have another grandma from other place. Both of them is my mom friends from Kanguru country.

The poorest fact that Mr. Van Beek already passed away a year before my real grandma, means in 2006. Humm feel sorry to hear that, coz i do like Mr. Van Beek too. They are great couples i've ever known, love both of them :). They like to around the world, wherever they want, together. Sweet right? ^^

Unfortunately I couldn't speak with her on the phone last week, coz I've got things to do. Eventhough my parents have been spoken with her. They told me that Mrs. Van Beek still in prime on her ages. And still remember our names in clearly.Cool right? (^-*)

Dear GOD, thank's for brought us the news about that old lady, an amazing one I've ever known.
May you Bless her always, so we can meet someday on the future :), amin.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Brave

Marianka lil marianka little shape on brave mode.
With lovely purple there making those who seen it smile.

Christina Piece's

What can I give him,
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb,
If I were a wise man
I would do my part,
Yet what I can I give Him —
Give my heart.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hug Connection

There's someday I've got surprised on warm way. It was happening very sudden when my lil nephew, Andrey run to me that came along from some moment with friend.
He just called out my name and there he was. Hug me on sudden but can felt the connection between us.
It felt so amazing, while he never do it before.
Impact me so much like a high jumping on trampolin. ^-^
Now I believe that a hug can bring some feeling .
Great to know it :0)

Another color of life, delightful

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

out of the blue

it something must have to turn.

tryin' to get back full colors and out of the blue.


Sure about somewhere there are having so much nu direction to catch and enjoy.

To stop by at some points and get relax.

Well, the engines will starting on nu road, push button starter, click and go!

Drive safe so that you can get great views ever .

Even we aren't the pro adventurer, but so many things can get on the way.

So, bubye ... and out of the blue in gettin' much (^_*)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Centaurian...centaurian back to work please.


Because that prince already prepare gone somewhere on unpredictable time.


Don't say to much pff. And you the originale one please do your task till end.

Moi? what task? Mine is over, right?

Haaa a beg you pardon... over?! says who?
Unfortunately not yet over dear, your task still running so u have to finish it.

Twew!! Why me? please just choose another. My time is end sir, I don't think so can handle this task again. Too way hard, full of confusing emotion.

Mmm do you remember the icon dear?
Which is said "How hard it is only the brave can be a success one. With a strong will indeed".
When this task came to on the past, you already took it for granted dear. U absolutely sure with those stuff.
Be a great one dear, even this is not easy at all. But we are all sure that you can finish this till the end. Please, be a survive one from this trial.
Trust me wherever you are dear, inside , you are the real centaurian.

Hmm...okay sir, I'll try to do the best.
I will survive.
May AB me.
To you (whereever you are hiding) as they wish I'll guard you again.
As peace in the world.

8 stars

Up there few hours after big rain on some night, i saw them directly.
What a splendid group, sparkling bright.
And they remind me of something...changes.
Perhaps there's a big lucky fortune for us who seen it that night.
Yes something happened on the air.

8 stars up there with the Northern Star, just like last year when changes ran out the line.
Seem i'll turn left while you right and back together through the air.
And something unbelievable will be back again.
(0,o)" Oow...

How hard the way are GOD, I'll try to pass it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crossing choices

Wait or move forward?

Wait! ... Move forward! ... Wait! ... Move forward! ... Wait!

Hufff , looks like a hard choice yeap. R u okay?

Mostly... i'm okay but some tiny rock still lock somewhere I couldn't find it

So, what will you do lady?

Hmm ... what do you think? Can you help me?

Hey lady! Listen to me, I the one who is asking! Now u asking me back? What the heck???

Whoooo what's the matter for you fella? Mad to me ... what exactly your problem?! Hey, I'm asking you polite dude.

Pfff well, alright ... sorry for that lady. Let's back to 1st impression about this all.
So, what will you do lady?

Trully, I don't know whether suppose to wait or move forward. Why it feel heavy yeap?
Thou I already know that everything must be happening again. Before this, I'm practicing early on facing this case and feel READY. But now, heavy and hard are coming together like bond each other. D***!

And just knowing if I 'll asking somebody else , they might be said just MOVE FORWARD. And everything must be back on me right? My decision is my life still. Huff ...
That's why I'm asking you for sake. so can you help me now?

Whoooo heavy indeed, hard correct! But lady dun 4get to pray coz it precious moment between.
So please MOVE FORWARD must you do of course.
Remember for your own goal, purpose of life, etc. Don't waste your time with something blur.
That's from me and decision still on yours , lady. Shows up from the deep heart of you.
May GBU.

Hmmm thx for your kindly opinion yeah, lil bit look a light there.
Yes, I'll pray for it.
Yes, I move forward too
Thanks a lot

Thanks for ur trust too :). Well, gtg now see u somewhere then.


Monday, March 8, 2010

When Mom asking ...

Yes she is the greatest mom ever -- at least that what I felt on her.
Last week exact there's a bad things happened, some of her friend got a bad news - husband was dead. And she feel sorry about it.

Few days later, on some time she shocked me up with a statement. Usually she just relax with 'this' case but not that time. She was asking me to get into married section. Ow Mi Gosh! That's so ... well moi still speechless describing all.
Weww dear GOD can U help me for this case?
Huff.. :(

Its about Friends (2)

Yesterday i feel something on coincidental , that some of my friend really on deep busy job.
Then i saw an airplane picture somewhere and thought spontaneously that u'll gone. Twew... am I right? or it juz a wrong feeling?

Dunno why when there's no sms reply there are few possibilities between u don't want to reply it, u r in the middle of sthing (kinda meeting, preparing some stuffs, etc) or u r flight somewhere. Hii just like u always do :o). Thx anyway for the last news ^_^, take care.

The weird one, when I writing this notes ... feels that u r not far from my position, aaarghhh?? -- alright done here. May you r in safe, health and prime mode on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

R u busy enough?

Hmm that question is tagging for one of my pal of course.
A guy that loved to write, mmm where are you exactly ya? It's been a month I guess.

Humm there's a lil girl who likes reading yours asking. "What about the writer guy? Why he disappeared? Is the monster hunting him, so that he couldn't write some notes? Holy! .... " ^_^

Oow...it could be lil girl ^,^...he was running out by the paper monster. He was trapped for a while between the ocean, continent or mountains of paper. Even the tic toc needle couldn't saved him. Oh My GOD! Poor him yeap (u_u)". Or even something was exploded -- Holy! Not this one I hope , just make him on the healthy mode always yeap GOD. So that he could release all and coming to tell those stories that still sticky on his mind.

Hohoho ... what else we can say from here writer guy, mmm R u busy enough?

Dear writer guy

When you come back from ur routinities don't forget to tell us another story yeap.
Just really like with all of ur notes.
GBU always.

--glowing star--

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loving March

What this is about ya?
Humm dunno it's showed couple seconds ago in my mind.
Nice title yeap maybe it'll bring shower of love this year ^,^.
Oi oi oi LoVe You Just the way it is :0), what a day!