Monday, March 31, 2014

Nyepi Greeting

Selamat Hari Nyepi bagi yang merayakan.
Semoga membawa dampak menyegarkan dengan segala kebaikan di waktu yang baru ini

Friday, March 21, 2014


Spread the eyes to the high place ... always like that cuz i can see the sky where blue, black, white and the additional colors just flying free up there.
Below it ,there are wider landscape that so rich in colors also have a different atmosphere. Every levels have their own uniques just like us human. At landscape we could see people and many things stand still sticky on earth.
Haha! Fascinating indeed

Natural singing natural laughing
Natural dancing natural crying
Natural steady
In every moments going to mix between the old n new things
In every grows symphony
In every ways rhythm
Music of earth
where we just say hai to much things.


Gracias! Dear Majesty One :D

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

welcome home!

Theres a place on a hill where the green shout hello to all members of family that been gone for doing things.
The green sway in a gentle way
The brown and yellow just chirp here and there in one coldie noon.
All are saying welcome home! And the people who are living there smile  at g

May u all have a blessed moment everyday.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Last Tracking on Mubadzir field

This one is a notes about what i see on the way famous named as Mubadzir.
Have u ever seeing another part of world that needing food for life?
On the last tracking i've been through well many people does mubadzir. They are pickin' this and that into their plates , consume the food lil bit and tadaaaa there are still a lot crumps or even the complete slice of things leave on.
Yes some tradition have so many stories about food itself...but if u really care about each other life, u must be ashame of being unpolite to its food.
This isn't about the food only, before u put them into ur mouth ... well there are so many process happened. Just think about that nature itself and their contribution for human life. What is the result of plant until its growing to be then filtered and cooked.
Again not only the long way of that , on process there are feeling from every person try to make something for the better life of others. There are love from the dear One to us.
Spreading love everywhere is the same way to remember HIM unconditional loyalty to us.
People cries for the hunger , but people also doing mubadzir for food.
What else u'll be doing whether HE dont wanna giving u process anymore to u processing all?
Dear everyone ... when u about had so much storage for food just seeing and giving them to others needed. This isn't about dealing bussiness just for do silaturahim and spreading love everywhere. For simple smile of human being.
Hunger n poverty way of thinking could be in a line to somewhere. May this lil simply notes could open our eyes wider to see whats surround.
Have a nice day all

yellow dot

lalala mm lalala :d

Always fun when back again to homeland.
Wanna hugs every palls and loading happiness with.
Wanna shared every points passed by on the way.
Lalala however soever, everywhere goes  Miracles just following to those believe in. It is for sure, don't forget to be thankful and blinking HIM love. And HIS love will showering anywhere we go.
Lalala have a wondie time whereever u are.