Saturday, February 28, 2009

back for not the last time

waww what kinda title it is ya?
aaaah ya sudahlah just wanna said that i went home early this weekend,for accidental cause...;(
alias sakit gigi gueeeeeeee.uiks...uiks...seumur-umur nih ceritanya baru gw berasa sakit gigi yang 'jedak-jeduk' rasanya. can u imagine when u were in work then tsiiiiing. ada sesuatu menyentuh saraf2 di pipi lo and that's feel horrible and made u terrible at job =,s....
Tap...tapi gak semuanya jelek siy at least bisa balik bentar even gak niat-niat amat hwahahahaha...and coming to some venue called "Jeune#26"- Enjoy your lucid dream at Rumah Buku yang notabene lumayan deket ma rumah gw yang homey itu.
Not bad coz there's a special perfomance from HOMOGENIC at the end of shows
Oh yeah there's a fashion show too,yeah lumayanlah...mungkin lebih keren kalo udah masuk majalahnya ya.
The bad thing is the atmosphere enak banget bikin 'goyang' just...just dunno why there's no moved there....?!
Klo gw siy tadinya udah ngebayangin versi lainnya...becoz of bla,bla,bla so it ended only in my head. Damn!
Ooooh yah today Bandung feel so freeze , jadi tadinya gw mikir untuk drink something .But...but hey somebody watching up there. So gak jadi deh.....Ah yasud lah better in concious mode lah ya daripada yang lain2...secara tomorrow gw bakalan di'belek'.Whuaaaaa
End for today deh.In the last day of february 2009
Ciao... ;p

Thursday, February 26, 2009

smashed into

now isn't bloomy day or shiny one
everything seeing in cloudy
but something smash into
make everythings so clear, bright and goldy
like a glowing crystal in the hiding place
sparkling and twinkling in the big hearth
and lighting the whole world

Monday, February 23, 2009

Falling A sleep

Whoaaammm it supposed the great energy come this morning, but it wasn't
It's a bright day out there. i stepped out with excited last morning just like commonly i did.
But in th office when i stareted to hunt the ingredients of story then...Bam! something close my eyes and falling a sleep.
It's not because of less sleep but others
Hmm what is it ya?
Aha i got it...
That because i didn't make any breakfast today, empty fuel at home
No providing food in storage
Whuaaaa so dicilous ya?Hk...Hk...Hk...
Whatever Keep in fight gal, to the better future

Monday, February 16, 2009


Lime squash
Something contents with S-o-d-a and some B-u-b-l-e-s inside and F-l-o-a-t-i-n-g look cool for now
Hey I just need them to breakin' my mind for a while
Taking a rest from words, sentences to catch world full of color
Seeing fresh idea out there
Just need to be REFRESHING

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unison Of Stars

Somebody had told me something through his drawing picture. It was a story whereas the stars show one by one in one term. Every stars were awakening by something ... every stars knowing denial at the first moment they come. But they learning as fast as the life goes away.
From zero to be Hero someday...Every stars i saw in that picture always get their external time bonus for upgrade their ability.
Stars is always star, however they looks, they always up there shining the world in the dark night.
Dear stars out there when the time is coming we will unison together.
GOD know it ;)

Galatic & Milky Way

what a life!Today i was sitting on my chair as commonly i did.
I was opened my blog and showed an incredible view on it...yeah the pic from NASA file about some Milky Way vs the Galactics ... Awesome just like looking at the palace of mine hehehe
What a beautifully panorama I've ever seen for the rest of my life.
Yeah of course beside the companion of stars glow in every room i was through everywhere ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fast Tracking

Moving?...Yes I'm in the fast track now on. Trying nu world, well not new at all but more specified than before. Making another short script for children knowledge books. Pretty hard at the first, just like when the first time I jumped into comic world. Wanna puke-lah, dizzy-lah, crazy too.
But Hey I choose it as my life line, so I'll try hard to keep an existence on that way

Fast..Fast...Fast rolling up and down make a headache. Sometimes couldn't think clearly what people talked about...But Once again man! That's L-I-F-E.
Remember that Paulo Coelho told in his books "Alchemist" just thanks to the dream because it can help you to find out what you need in.

How long is not a matter as long as We can S-U-R-V-I-V-E for make it real that the art of Life. Nature of Law it is.
So even me in the fast tracking today, I'll keep my best being alive in this Giant ball.

Amiien ;)