Sunday, December 29, 2013


could get some refreshment area to exhale is a GOD bless.
hello all thx for still reading this lil house.
do anyone have a great plesure at holiday seasons? hope so
here some people just do it and some again keep loyal to do activities
well, working of course, never give up for get the main idea why doing all activities
what i've got lately ... mm many and fabulous
something that never predict to happen before then just slap it on face directly
feel so fantastic!
grazie to HIM as always
Btw, may everyone get a great gifts and life
Meeting a harmony also the symphony
Remember HIM always as the life companion and give a shot everyday

God Bless You All
Have a pleasant holiday season and stay PositiVo

Thursday, December 19, 2013

poho (sundanesse) = lupa
poho for a nickname is things resulted smile
its a positivo smile anyway
meet poho stand somewhere is like finding a reminder
not to be poho with HIM -- The Maha Kuasa
meet poho is recall to see that the language is very rich
so many kinda , but at the end everyone can recognise it to something wonderful

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sore Cemerlang Sore yang Hangat


voila! and the Sun just came suddenly when the gray and cold are everywhere almost whole the day.
this is the noon where I told ya about Human and Rainbow (well its in another blog - hellobellobelle)
goldie goldie light in the noon
goldie goldie time with a wider smile
under the blue between greens
goldie goldie sphere
where the love just about on the way to share
What a Joy!

have a warm view everywhere then :D
Sore Cemerlang Sore yang Hangat
Bermain bersama Pelangi oooh indahnya :D

(^_^ ) [^_^]

When door to door got their depth meanings everyday face to faces
with or without our command its make our life wealthy
be grateful for every knowledge come and go
... gracias for every meeting
thankful for every Love HE swing to us, human being

Have a warm time everyone (^_^)

Friday, December 13, 2013

BeluBelloBelle: Best of Indonesia

BeluBelloBelle: Best of Indonesia: Is when u are finding this:

Moment when our national flag is flapping companion with our song "Indonesia Raya"
so simply, eleg...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Flying flying night *

flying flying night
flying without wings
with those spread stars above

flying flying night
flying without wings
cross the border

flying flying night
flying without wings
catches each other

flying flying night
flying without wings
where old and new just about beginning to meet

flying flying night
flying without wings
with spray of Miracles
that say Hello for all

flying flying night
flying without wings
in an unique ways of blessed

flying flying night
flying without wings
on december 11th
warm cheers everywhere

BJK, inspired by so many people surrounds

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Color of ... :)

@bandung, jakarta, malili, towuti with our flag nation and randomized pics

@bandung, yogyakarta, palembang for the weaving pattern, some museum and park 

Sleby here and there and everywhere
Sleby with colors of places and things
Not so many seen here but those color been decorated my country - Indonesia
How do you feel ? Are those warm enough? ...
Well well well u should come to and feelin' it
From Sabang to Merauke
U are going to feel the difference sphere in every part of Indonesian ( west, middle, east )
By those mountains, lake, ocean, beaches, grassland, river, forrest
By our two weather in summer and rainy session
By the culinaries

Monday, December 9, 2013

Masa, massa

masa yang waktu
massa yang berat
massa yang banyak
dalam ragamnya penuh warna
why bother
just be happy
as joy giving to you
by HIM

Thursday, December 5, 2013

BeluBelloBelle: Belinda JKNusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatin...

BeluBelloBelle: Belinda JKNusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatin...: Belinda JK Nusantara tidak bisa dibeli karena hatinya tertanam subur dengan akar yang sangat kuat. Hanya akan lebur melalui kehenda...

Celoteh hari dan malam bilang

Hari kemarin berceloteh,

purposed - angle shot - window - lens - view finder -  mirror - reflection - sleep mode - button

dark room - film - filter - etc

Hari kemarin tetap berceloteh

Put the heart to the objects,  choose the right point that alive whole dots

Lalu malam bilang

tunjuk satu diantara mereka dan itulah kamu yang berjalan mencari bagian lainnya untuk menjadi satu kesatuan yang utuh.

Spare part that complete another parts to stand, cooperate for operate ... Hand in hand without annoying each parts for One vision of life

Nanana lalalala belajarnya bisa dari apapun termasuk kamera yang berproses sederhana namun mengena
untuk sebuah tumpah darah
Bahu-membahu dari aliran yang berbeda untuk sebuah satu

Malam kembali berbisik,

Psstt ... Ini hanya teriakku untuk mereka yang melupa jadi sederhana dan miliki hati

Semoga mata-mata itu terbuka untuk melihat NYATA dalam bagian kelereng yang menimangnya selama ini.

Sebelum pulang tanpa hasil.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple Orange Candy :D

Candy candy!
not that comic just a sweet orange candy from lil angle
Candy candy!
a simple smile from it
Candy candy ... The Orange Candy
At some gracious time of our
Happy warm and greet :)

Funny languages of HIM

Sinatra at gloomy time on the radio!
December 1st and it song title Strangers In The Night just pour some smile into a bowl of
Hahaha just cheers to HIM and lalalala after
Grazie gracias dear YOU for every funny stories lies on
Better and bitter, all just okay.
and lalalala again


Dec dec dec

December just arrival
Lalala happy time!
Lalala water time.
Lalala crystal time
Lalala healing time
Some are frozen and some aren't
Some are cold and some are warm
Some are white and some are colorful
At the huge ball
Called an earth
All under the love spelled of HIM
December just arrival
Best wishes for all friends and readers