Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the way it spoken :)

in the mid of my job desk, i flown my eyes to the shelf and pointing with smile at one book.
then i grabbed - opened - stopped it at some random pages then re-write this sentence on the wall.

have u ever remember this?
well, am just grab the book, opened and stop in a random pages of it, then took this lines and put it here ^__^. Put for put none else reason behind.

... "as if the saints and the angels of the universe gathered themselves in a form of light, up there, partying with the rain of colours and performing a tranquil ceremony in the air. in that cold night, the stars began to form their zodiac patterns, and i was still wondering what was going on. I was stilled."

"Starry-starry night, what are you trying to say to me? Who is getting married up there?" ....

...." Goddess of Dawn, Aurora." ....

hehehe there's none else reason behind it , just wanna put because that was the lines i put Oranges color on.
loved the way it spoken.
Hahaha :p

and now i put these to here .

Suatu Hari :D

Suatu hari ...
Di angle yang lain dari biasanya :D
Come come just come to this little space and spread your wings of free mind where ever u point it.
From little things to giant world full of cheers.
Was there with that lil boy who was happy to run here and there with many fantasized stories inside his mind - hahaha what a day!
met raspberry too :p
blue, white, green, red, oranges, etc.

all photos taken at 2013, :D

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Vesak Day

Hello everyone
may all in the good way of life
stop a while here to say
Happy Vesak Day ^__^ for everyone celebrate it around the world

Monday, May 20, 2013

Intermezzo in exhale

yummy shot of art

discovery what to have discover

art of nature under the blue

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tahu Gejrot

Tahu Gejrot lalalala
He wanna come home early and having tahu gejrot
Do  you know what Tahu Gejrot is?
Well its one of Indonesian traditional food from Cirebon, made by fried Tahu (tofu) that cutting into small cubes and be added by dressing/sauce contain 'em (chilli + red (spanish) onion + sugar) . Served in small plates, called layah.
How the taste is? well you should come here and try by your own self :D

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue , door , step ...

Get this twit from a friend of mine TL , think it kinda text from somewhere yeap? well not so sure whether its a song or else anyway just wanna put 'em here:

Take me as I am 
Put your hand in mine now and forever 
Darling here I stand, stand before you now 
Deep inside I always knew 
It was you, you and me 
Two hearts drawn together bound by destiny 
It was you and you for me 
Every road leads to your door 
Every step I take forever more

Probably because to many blue sphere here flying free in magical way
funny funny life but love the life itself
like a sparkling stone
lalalala  :p

Monday, May 13, 2013

v for view :)

Ketika Adzan Maghrib berkumandang, 13 mei 2013
I've got beautiful panorama in front
now on
That's what behind the durians for this long

Friday, May 10, 2013

chirp chirp chirp ^_^

listening to its beating heart

dream, explore and capture, enjoy all motions

smile, cheers, grateful

sometimes sadly is allowed (well we r human right?)

then re-fresh

and flying!

happy in ground happy in middle happy in up

full of love

have a nice moment with grants of love in merry

belubellobelle said chirp chirp chirp  ^___^

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kesederhanaan dan Horison

Dalam standar yang biasa, kosa kata yang sederhana ,alunan itu terjadi.
Tak banyak kosa kata tak berarti bukan pemimpi - petualang - pekerja yang hebat
Tak miliki banyak kata, bukan berarti kehilangan horison yang luas
so jangan pernah menyerah dengan segala kesederhanaan yang kita miliki ya.
semangaaat ^_^ ( BJK on may 8th,2013)

Miraculous - Gracious - Grateful :D

Mi  ... mi ... mi ... mi ... miracles just coming again hahaha coming in a simple way
A little silence was showing the fragments from life
and boom! something twink ... twink ...
full of energy plus Positivo
suddenly great! as always
no matter hard the life itself
sounding of the bell spreads to the choosen
that purity smile just bright a time
sparkling in beauty
cool! (^_________^)
thanks for every breadcrumbs YOU'd been share for us , human
Miraculous gracious also grateful

Monday, May 6, 2013

Pensil 3B

Cherio Pensil 3B
may in the generous time we are all can gathering in a splendor
an old funny memory just bring one of pensil 3B came out suddenly
and made the other twos were having haha hihi time full of cherish
sparkling pensil 3B on the way
guess we are all in the same tut tut train of happiness
amiin :)

By the way B, have u ever known that balcony is too far for reaching things precious, u've got to move down to earth and get your own worthy of happiness.  I bet with your sharp - eyes you just knowing who.  Enjoy the life then.
And meet you again somewhere ...

5 mei 2013 in the morning w/ pencil 3B, thanks dear YOU.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yumm Noon

Nom nom nom ... hahaha sounds like playing a games from somewhere eh? x-))
Btw this is why i said that ... the taste of it well just make you sounding that rhyme .
Where the place is?
Well it called Food Gallery at Setiabudhi Supermarket 1st floor, Bandung, Indonesia.  Have to say it coz in this supermarket you will finding few points to eat in different floor. Hehehe happy tryin' that when u are all here.

Nom nom nom ... this one can make you sounding that rhyme
hahaha , yumm! sushi ... 

Corner that i shot from my chair

My cold drinks named Hawaian Dancer
its slurpy indeed :p

My friend dish, its a chicken salad 

Another shot of it place, i took from my view
there are some good spot there
pretty neat and comfy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

M for May

M for May Day
Month of May
May everything just going happiness
May everyone never forget HIM
May the rights still hanging on right place
May the results of things flowing good too
May every vacations get awesome stories inside
May you always in fit mode on too
May every each could smile bravery
May , there's on field many people shook hand than doing battles
May shouting!  May you get your happiness instead of thinking only
May the adventures going great all the way
M for Miracles
M for Merry
M for Month May
God Bless you all ^_^