Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing point

Not much to say in the last day of year 2010

Pretty thankful enough for every notes HE given to me about life

One comes and goes by

Best present this year is to have feeling about the unconditional love

Best learning of all is to let it go for a while so that every things can be a better learner for the next life

Until the spring come and taking around with that wheel

Loyal perhaps wont gone easily, but it will be part of a learner too for every corner

Define love for your self please - hehehehe....

Well well well

Be in a cherish moment everyone, ending this year with a brave heart and keep on smiling for world (^__^)
GOD bless you all friends

Meet ya all next year with next journey of life


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My quotes

Place where purity standing still, am going home :)

BJK, december 2010

Apparently life make a big contribution for me in arrange words into sentence

That's the latest i made


Why the heart is always capturing on frame?

Because i love something that doing by heart

Because i love that simply purple pencil heart

I love heart because it's an important thing for human being

Heart is the place where everything starting to feel alive

It's pomp every second of our smile, chats, hugs, sad, touches, mad, happy, climbing, jumping, sleeping

seeing each other steps, learning

Heart that beating when I see you, them and everything come and goes by

Juz as simply as that (^__^)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Tulisan ini diunduh dari blog seorang teman. Selamat membaca

Wanita Dengan Liku Likunya


Wanita berkata ingin menjadi bunga terindah di dunia

Dan pria berkata ingin menjadi matahari.

Wanita tidak mengerti kenapa pria ingin jadi matahari,

bukan kupu kupu atau kumbang yang bisa terus menemani bunga…

Wanita berkata ingin menjadi rembulan

dan pria berkata ingin tetap menjadi matahari.

Wanita semakin bingung karena matahari dan bulan tidak bisa bertemu,

tetapi pria ingin tetap jadi matahari….

Wanita berkata ingin menjadi Phoenix…

yang bisa terbang ke langit jauh di atas matahari,

dan pria berkata ia akan selalu menjadi matahari….

Wanita tersenyum pahit dan kecewa.

Wanita sudah berubah tiga kali…namun pria tetap keras kepala ingin jadi matahari,

tanpa mau ikut berubah bersama wanita.

Maka wanita pun pergi dan tak pernah lagi kembali

tanpa pernah tahu alasan kenapa pria tetap menjadi matahari….

Pria merenung sendiri dan menatap matahari.

Saat wanita jadi bunga, pria ingin menjadi matahari agar bunga dapat terus hidup.

Matahari akan memberikan semua sinarnya untuk bunga agar ia tumbuh, berkembang…

dan terus hidup sebagai bunga yang cantik.

Walau matahari tahu ia hanya dapat memandang dari jauh dan pada akhirnya kupu kupu yang akan menari bersama bunga.


Saat wanita jadi bulan,pria tetap menjadi matahari…..

agar bulan dapat terus bersinar indah dan dikagumi.

Cahaya bulan yang indah hanyalah pantulan cahaya matahari,

tetapi saat semua makhluk mengagumi bulan,siapakah yang ingat kepada matahari?

Matahari rela memberikan cahayanya untuk bulan

walaupun ia sendiri tidak bisa menikmati cahaya bulan…

dilupakan jasanya dan kehilangan kemuliaannyasebagai pemberi cahayaagar bulan mendapatkan kemuliaan tersebut….

Ini disebut denganPENGORBANAN

menyakitkan namun sangat layak untuk cinta.

Saat wanita jadi phoenix yang dapat terbang tinggi,

jauh ke langit bahkan di atas matahari…

Pria tetap selalu jadi matahari agar phoenix bebas untuk pergi kapan pun ia mau

dan matahari tidak akan mencegahnya.

Matahari rela melepaskan phoenix untuk pergi jauh,

namun matahari akan selalu menyimpan cinta yang membara di dalam hatinya hanya untuk phoenix.

Matahari selalu ada untuk phoenix kapan pun ia mau kembali

walau phoenix tidak selalu ada untuk matahari.

Tidak akan ada makhluk lain selain phoenixyang bisa masuk ke dalam matahari dan mendapatkan cintanya…..

Ini disebut dengan KESETIAAN

walaupun ditinggal pergi dan dikhianati,namun tetap menanti dan mau memaafkan..

Untuk para wanita…..Siapakah Matahari yang ada di dalam kehidupanmu??

Bila engkau sudah menemukan dan melihat Matahari dalam kehidupanmu..


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Free Your Mind Community

Wow this is about our Free Your Mind Activities, not knowing how but the fact that our group were being watched by several people we never realize before is nice.

Now a days there are some people that want to get involve to help us is so wonderful thing. Three of us are so grateful for that. Thanks GOD coz U still handing and guiding us to where we are. I hope it'll be stand for long lasting period. Because this group essential is belonging to what people can do in positive way for helping next future. This is all about humanism acts to other.

And so many people asked us what exactly Free Your Mind is?
Then I'll say Free Your Mind is "WHAT U GET IS WHAT U GIVE" for positive things.
What u get from formal or informal education perhaps can u share to another that wants or needs that information, so that U can give or share it to them.

Just like the term of free, so do that our activities flowing out . We bring free section from heart that having benefits for others who really wants to accept it. So whatever section of positive and creative activities that u wants to load up just say hai into our links at:

Time is rolling up and we are trying to grow , slowly but sure. We are still a little baby now on 1 year. But we are all having strong will to continue this activities with good touches.
In our 1 st year, we already held 3 moments that feel prettier life, and having good impression from they who already attend and helped ours.

So, as a crew from Free Your Mind activities., I'd like to thanks to :
1. Kafe Teko that allowed our 1st occasion for represent young creative writer Vahd Mulachela that have a book titled Vahdventure.
2. Museum Barli that allowed us to bring the happy moments in our publishing book of Free Your Mind that already implicate 15 wonderful and creative people for they masterpieces.
3. STV that already becoming our friend that appreciate about our activities
4. Salamatahari , i-zine that be our friends too
5. Sky FM, that already let us speak up in on-air for Bandung
6. Friends who already get in our action before and later, also a reader too

Last but not Least back again to Museum Barli that already have a trust to give us space on the 3rd occasion - that fully of workshop and sharing moments.

What an adventure with you all ... May our hand in hand could be strong day by day.
Because all happened is for tomorrow. Not only for our personal but also they.

Thank you very much for all.

Christmas Greeting

Huff Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrate it yeap.
May the Joy always keep in touch for everyday so do the love and peace.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


There's a land that being a part of my background ... they called me for an adventure on June. Dunno why but today it called feel so strong day by day.
Might be there an adventure on going home and meet whole system from each world.

humm, can't wait for any great news that 'll be bring happy hours for every one at any world :)

S'day home is where everything seem so white and pure, very calm and gorgeous ... like heaven.
hohohohho might be am going there after everything is end.


hoff still trapped with job desk, ...
need the correct , but the other wanna enter and knocking
they asked for me to play

hahahaha ;p

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Lamp




More lamp that stand still a long the way, where you, she, he walking out through the air at noon, night even an early morning.

A loyal companion ever that way had whole it ages and pages.

Falling love it'll be forever ... haa sday it said simple.

To fallin with lamp because of their simply function as a light, more complicated than a candle and having so many pajamas that catching our eyes in every corner u passed.

The Kingdom

There's a movie I've been watched last night at TV. It called The Kingdom, i thought it's all about middle age story, but non.

It's telling us about what people doing in saving lives...could be from any perspective to get a PEACE.
And I wanna have a clapped hand for the scriptwriter because they are remembering us the key about it.
HATE, ANGRY, MADNESS are the causes why every war happened on this world.

Every single person who already prepared by this arrange words will be a killer and killing each other until the world end. Here's the words whispered when one of the member get killed with or without an exception on the field. It's sounding the words that "Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.

The worst from it sentence that everyone can use it freely not only by a child but mature system too. Feeling so horrible and terrifying with that eh, while we are all want a PEACE.
So how's to be a nice person that wont be a monster who likes war?
That is another simple question with simple answer and hard practice...believe it or not but that's happened for over years from the old time until now on.

We are on gigantic ball that filling with a half person who likes PEACE and another half who likes WAR.
But I HOPE and WISH that so many person who will be like LOVE and PEACE adding every seconds to save the next generation.

HATE, ANGRY, MAD, or something impulsive that rotating in over reaction aren't good for the vibrator of this world. When u want something just try to reach it, when u not rich enough to enjoy the world just be PATIENT for anything and keep on believe that GOD will helping you out from anything.

Because every wealthy and everything is coming to us handed by HIM, so when we are dead later we wont bring our wealthy into that hole. Only OUR TRAITS when living on this world that will representative to GOD. Only that will guide us to where HE wants us to spent the time. Heaven or Hell.

o let's speak the world into PEACE system with save traits. Be the right for everything with all LOVE that human beings blessed already. Spread it with heart, mind and ur breath so that world will back alive. Amiiin :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

She who is mumbling at night

once upon a night,

She who likes peace was mumbling,

Dear God

What ever will be will be

Next time when there's a gorgeous trip offer where ever it belongs , so I'll be there

To fit in every valuable route

And get out from this chimney, flying free over the rainbow

Meet n greet with another majesty of YOU are

Light and Love from Him

God bless God bless

In every hard time He always put some little dot for us to keep in breath, see or listening.

Don't change or run right away, wait ...

Wait for some moments, having a slow motion, running with heart and less stuffs that spinning around at your brain

Feel the breeze

Closed your eyes for a while and open it again

Feel the atmosphere that loading with full spirits of life

Listening those environment around

Listening your heart beat

Grips both hands into the air

Feel it

From the deep deep inside your mind and sense

Then saved it all in your mind

Open both eyes then

In looking for the new direction in front

With the LIGHT

and passion all with LOVE


have a blessed day everyone :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

My December

Fully of miracles, smile and happiness...

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

Just see around around around around

Smiley faces spreading all the way

Fully the emptiness from

With so much care, laugh, cheers, merry

Thank you ... thank you all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

People Story about Meteor and I

Meteor and wishing are always connected...
Dunno why today I just wanna have that view - if i'm lucky enough to see it
Something tickle me inside for wishing ...
Wishing a special about life
and You

Never doing this for whole time but time changing me ...
When u asked about my sleep time...actually it's about my wish

Before, it's the time for denial everything GOD had arrange for
But something happen and considering about all
and it finish at
An unconditional love lines

Hehehe at least that door finally open after years close tightly
Without our conscious , u just open it without my permit
So this time is the right for wishing the best 4 last
May everything goes well in the future

Say thanks for people story about meteor
And GOD like always

May the miracle of this december make all the way are becoming warm everyday till later.

BIG SMILE then and LOVE smile too

Monday, December 13, 2010

Extravagant study (2010)

This is the extravaganza year i'll passed by.
Since the 1st till the end i guess
Meeting new interested friend that could combining whole world puzzle by new light.
Happy and bless for having friends like u all.

One of the day that I wont forget is on december 11th when i met that russian galz.
A girl from Bolshoy, a place that i want to go someday.

This year is remembering me again it's true that EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.
Me, you, they, her/him, our
near, far
we are completely each other.

Thanks again Allah SWT for bring so many subjects of life that feel so complex but warm enough to keep in our memory.


Happy Holiday for u that celebrate essential moment of life (^______*) amin

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Purpose of December

Never know or never think even

After a year fully activities, and headed so much invitation or meeting or any kinda it with them who never know u for real too.
December is born for touch you deep on remember they who u feel as someone , somebody close to you.
December is calling you to back warm in solidarity with whom you concern.
In mine word it means "silaturahim" = gathering

What your purpose on this month by the way?

The Graphic Time :D


am doing some activities at home and continued to the studio where I serve them as a scriptwriter for comic education.
I came noon and checked some of it before met some friends outside the studio.
Then back again to the writing stuff ...
Heavy rain was about came when I and another writer intend to go home.
So ... no one could go out.
Way heavy and dark too.
Then we were back to finish all uncompleted while waiting for the rainy stop.
And there she is, the manager of studio -- bringing some paper of graphics with colorful sign on it.
Hahahaha...long paper with our draw script session. NICE ;) - am kinda like it that.
Feel so lightening by it.

Delight mode on in the new studio building. May Allah blessed us always in doing every project. Amiin :)

and hahaha again seem I'm gonna have busy time with scripts like the last year.
typed, typed and typed again.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Flying To The Past

It'll be land on 9 yrs sphere....uhmmm where am I on that age?

A-ha! Remember's the last time i spend a week at catholic school near house. After that I was having study at general school. It's different rhyme but had great time too.
9 is the transition world before up to 5 grade in the school.

Why I wrote this notes?
Well, it's inspired from Ramona and Beezus movie, there's a a scene that showed how the child at that age had act.
How they pretend that parts of her/his home is a big boat, then we swim at seas with all stuff for diving. Hahaha it's so fun...
What else?

What u remember about the past?
What kinda game u played that moments?
Hehehe fun and happy one...

Pretend that
We were on a battle field and those paper ball as our weapon system for beating the enemy.

Fantasize as a Super hero like Power Ranger or a Super-man with that wings sly.
Or someday me and friends will be played as an police officer and the bad guy.

All of games were playing at home or school almost everyday and it's so entertain. well at least, that the last time I played it before moved to new school.

In this new school I started to play a doll - like any girl around. Every day we have a different stories to tell ... Hahaha how creative we are when young :)

Since my first school always giving craft session so do with this. Have so many memory about it.Lovely.

How about your story? :D

December 7th

She will be in 93 yrs old if still living on this world, but wont because she already passed 3 yrs ago.
However, this december 7th is a good day. I've got new present that have to make another comic book about Benjamin Franklin.
So I start searching for the ingredients of my script and I found another clue about my family at there. Feels like "Ooh my Lord! This is awesome ... I'd been thinking so clueless before". I jumped out the chair and yelled mom then we had a quality time for chat again about it.
When life is all about arranging the puzzle so mine part is adding. Of course everything are happening because of Allah S.W.T hand. Thank You so much for it surprised :). May everything will be okay for the rest stories that will go on in the future time.
(dunno why..just wanna gain back whole family in one big reunion since it was loosing already for many years duration)

am dedicated this notes for Palmer family from England that had been arrival at Indonesia many years ago and living here...Clarissa Palmer that have a choose to marry with person outside the country (while choose another believes too) then they were coming to Indonesia and lived at Bengkulu. They both got children which the named are Daniel , Joseph and another female called Murdinah.

Daniel is my great great grand father from my matrimonial side. I just know that we've got big talents on art, printing, writing, baking, diplomatic and economic also.
I knew a lil story when u guys on England was coming to Java Island and asked whether the Palmer still living there or not through the government that had a power authorities that time and the people says not for some reason. Everything u've got here in Indoland is charging by another company nowadays.
For the baking world I know that ur biscuits had sold here in Bandung at middle time of world war 2nd - if i'm not wrong. The funny from this one is ur biscuits was sold near ur family house, hahahahaha...well because my grandma "Lil Clarissa Palmer" (Daniel daughter) were living around that store that sold ur stuff. What a funny old story when I caught up every parts left.

Well, may GOD blessed me on every where in searching of this database.
On this december 7th I wish to HIM can meet whole family again just for a gathering. amin

GOD bless u all friends with all stories of life that GOD let u to feel of (^____^)
Keep spreading the spirit of LOVE yeah.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

White House, Dark Blue Suit and White Simply Dress Lady

White House...

Dark blue suit with tie

And those smoothies eye

Waiting and thinking like always

While watching the nuance outta room

White House...

Dark blue suit with tie

And that heart beat

Between some paper mountains

Looking for balancing life

White house ...

Dark blue suit with tie

That always have running thought about things

Standing still with silent

While looking that long river in front the window

White house...

Dark blue suit with tie

Enjoying some flashy light

Between those tree rows

Through that big window

White house...

Dark blue suit with tie

Dark long vehicle stop by at door

White simply dress lady

White shoes

White bouquet of flowers

Warm and pure heart




To make their world better till end

Somewhere in the White Christmas time

And sparkles each other

With smile

and feel so PEACE

(brought to you from an old dream that always rewind without command)
Enjoy it then :)

2010 is ...

it wont be so long again to step up to end...just few hops and arrival there.

2010 is like rainy season...
full of stories
transparent , cold, fast, incredible, make the day wet but sweet still
very alive, beautiful
so many fragments fallen

2010 is crunchy year
with fantastic taste on it
companion with miracles too
brave heart
strong will

2010 is a diamond that showering world with magic, love, reliability
it's shining slide
that feel so charmed, blessed, thankful

2010 is like a rainbow
with 7 colors playing around
and telling them stories of a memoir
singing different rhyme in great melody of PEACE

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hop in December

Hop in to December and quiet hectic here and there.

Almost can't grab what I was planning before...pffiiiuw.

But there are a great news coming from one of my lecture at university before.

Something that caught me deep to do it works. Will be need extra power and thought but I wanna try it.
Lil bit different with my later life, but so challenging enough.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome december

Welcome december...

Uuuu I can smell it from here ... cold december with warm touch.
Grace is everywhere
Light also stay tune , ready for turning all worst becoming good present for anyone

Ding - dong!
Ding - dong!

Oi oi oi look! look!
So many shape of hearts down to earth and say the word for many more you out there.
Those spirits are jumping, yelling all together in one harmony
Making the world sounding full of peace on heart, mind and life.

Somewhere, someday it feel quiet of course...
But...but...hey in fact it isn't quiet at all, so many voice spreading for us on the air.

Look! don't ya forget something too in every condition ... it's SMILE
Cherish moment will companion us till the end.
Huwaaaaa what a splendid time.
Let's lets lets doing some charity from heart to world , while adding more happiness.

Amien (^___^)