Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Belajaaarrrrr kenal

Hidup bilang belajar Hidup bilang kenal Hidup bilang bertemu Belajar,kenal,bertemu akan hasilkan berjuta2 lembaran cerita kehidupan bahkan hingga tak terbatas. Bertemu yang seperti apa? Tidaak selalu yg sempurna karena sempurna hanya milikNya. Belajar dari mereka yang tak biasa dalam artian kesempurnaan fisik kadang jauh lebih membuat hidup semakin hidup. Banyak nilai bertebaran di dunia dan menyenangkan. Nilai yang membuat manusia lebih menjadi manusia lebih asik drpd nilai yang membutakan banyak hal. Heii kawan masih banyak banget banget yang kita gak kenal di dunia yang luas ini. Yuk ah seliweran dimana-mana hati senang sambil belajaaarrrrr 😁😁😁

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Step to TahunTanah 2015 exhibition

Januari 2016! Di #tahuntanah2015 #Jatiwangiartfactory Sliding here sliding there in a fun way and be happy (^_^)yippii This time at Salian Art where this exhibition just on till February 11th. Not everyone knowing much ( sama si saya juga )until gone to this exhibition and how they (the artist) revealing a value that captured by many subjects from our environment. It presented by the artist from Indonesia and other country whose learning about the culture (kinda forget where she's come from) Some instalations says about the life of people that having a life from Genteng. Kinda like the spot whereas the materials were reflection of human behavior to what surrounds them. How the modernized could be something deadly to some people who works from it field. Etc, may those pics could sounding you something. O yeah that mini museum made by is something new knowledge too! ( thanks for the artist that made that pieces (^_^) ) And the 6 frame that showing hands-print, was interesting to know about Gotong-Royong behind because of there weren't plates in a some occasion time. Etc . Lucky time for us that came at the night of opening were could leads by one of its artist named Ferrial Affif, met her several years ago where she's already being an artist. Her masterpiece here , you can see at 1st frame of them. To me this is a fun way to get some education where the science and art collide. O yeah this exhibition was curation by Grace Samboh. PS : for those interest to know more story about Genteng could go to museumgenteng.wordpress.com Thanks for giving an invitation from you guys my eyes having so many knowledge that never known before. #behappy

Saturday, January 16, 2016

1 and 3 and pencil 3B

1 and 3 and pencil 3B A pencil 3B Pencil it for Born Pencil it for Bravery Pencil it for Bright All doing and done by HEART Where every points stare at THE ART A Symphony of Cheers in PositiVo "BRIGHT UP THE WORLD! MAKE THOSE COLORS STOP AT SMILING SEASON" - BJK,2016 Fully Grateful for every passing study and so on. Never give up. Be in the great path of life everyone. May HIM light always Bright-up your steps (^_^)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Good vibes

Good vibes! Everywhere Every looks Every breath Every steps Every fragments Every smiles Every rhymes Every dances All in many shapes of beautiful To those knowing best just cheer up to the max! PositiVo sight be a loyal fellow ever. Bright day just coming to those believing. Warm as sun smiling at sense to the world. Shine on \(^_^)/ For every good vibes surround Be happy Be thankful to HIM too For every treasures meet on the way to somewhere precious.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

TD January

January Two O one six :-) Where the book of adventure is begin again What stories will load? What view will be upload? Answer : will see
"Ring of 2016" Be happy :-)