Sunday, July 27, 2014

Selamat Idul Fitri

Eid fitri night feel so gracious
For every enrichment way closer to HIM
This ramadhan 1435 H , well many questions answered.
May HE let us meeting again next year.
And so on.

Selamat 'Idul Fitri 1435 H. Taqabbalallah minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum,  Ja'alanallahu wa iyyakum minal 'aidin wal faizin, afwan zahin wal bathin. Syukran.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thx for reading

Somebody just reading this and opened page per page.
May there are similarity perhaps because we are only human that filling with fluctuated events and emotions that could be in same rotation even in the different part of world.
The one who written down the feeling and the one that read those so in every where people could knowing another person. Every seconds counting to learn.
Every what HE given us is a treasure of human being.
That's why all are connected and we are never going to be alone especially when u are everywhere with HIM.

Thank you for reading anyway :)

Play again

Once upon a time little voice asked for sumthing while it eyes stared to one corner of some desk.
...mmm is it cookies jar? What is that?
Which one?
Uhm ... that the black one and having these s-e-r-e-n-a word.
O ooo that one?
Yes yes yes ... what is inside?
(Smiley face) moon!
It can't be! Moon is living up there in the night sky. C'mon let me know what is that?
Hahaha smart child ... okay then u can knowing then
The can opened then, her eyes was expressing the fun impression . Its sparkling like a jewel.
I know all of this! These all yours, thought it were all lost ...
Hahaha u remember all?
(Smiley face again)
Then we juz play with them again juz like used to be . The different now is that she already hold all by her small hand. What a sweet moment to spent with.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mulailah untuk malu

Ya malu lah kalian pada segala tindak tanduk kebablasan yang meNuhankan beberapa golongan.
TUHAN yang sebenarnya itu ada.
DIA hadir setiap detik dalam pemikiran(mu), keputusan(mu), tindakan(mu).
(Mu) yang menuhankan pribadi2 yang sangat banyak.
Semua TUHAN? Aaah dan orang2 berpikir ini adalah jalan menuju Chaos.
Sombong itu menghancurkan bung!
Besar kepala pun merugikan jika tak bisa berbesar hati. Berpikirlah lagi apa di kehidupan ini melulu dunia(mu) atau masih ada yang lain.
Coba berjalan menjadi massa tanpa ada tunjangan segala kebaikan dari kehidupan(mu)
Menjadi terasing di masa tahun yang berbeda tanpa segala bentuk drama usungan tim(mu)
Tahukah bahwa segala usaha dibalik cerdas2 yang berjenis demikian adalah sebuah pengkerdilan cara berpikir?
Pengkerdilan yang membuat miskin dan terpenjara. Bagaimana keadilan bisa muncul jika sistemnya sudah berBAYAR sebelum dilemparkan pada khalayak yang akan membayar lebih banyak untuk pembayaran2 nanti.
Dan sesungguhnya para TUHAN-TUHAN ini memiliki kewajiban membayar pada TUHAN yang sesungguhnya tak pernah beranak dan diperanakan, mendengar,melihat dengan sederhana untuk sesuatu sederhana yang besar pun.
Mulailah malu bung! Malu(mu) akan tumbuhkan kecerdasan yang luar biasa dampaknya nanti.
Malu pun akan melahirkan nilai2 keberanian yang berjiwa besar bukan keberanian yang menjadikan asas premanisme adalah biasa.
Malu membuat kita ingat keTuhanan yang Esa .
Belajarlah malu sebelum malu dalam artian dalam tata bahasa yang melahap kehidupan(mu) selanjutnya.


Praying is like chatting
Praying is something great to do
You can share all stories with HIM as freedom as ur wish and free for sure
Praying to HIM is a simplest
Praying is the lovely activity and having a great friendship with
No worry HE always listening to your things
No worry about the answer too, it will become a true to those patient
Be happy and be glad to chat with HIM  then :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Deep Condolonce

Deep condolence for every bombardir time.
The Gaza *again.
And all conflicts that could be resulted bad injuries to many people around the world. Well the last happening is the one who bring MH17 plane crashed.
And else.
For i known there are reason for keep trying at liberty for something. Please remember dear you who is starting the war.
Remember that we are human ,just landing here in the world through a mother.
They are having pregnancy for 9 months with every kinda trial beating.
They are taking care of us with their caring system that was coming from The Majesty.
They are poured us with golden heart to be somebody better in the future.
They raised us for being a human with humanism side not the most animal instinct. (Even the animal has a touch of caring too) somehow , people more animal than the animal itself - for that situation as people have to be ashamed of. When the human having a beast from somewhere over the standard level then hello YOu PRobablY possessed by the demon.
He, our God just let the people for learning from the simplest to the complicated to be a human not a destroyer.
Simple example
When there is no woman , is it possible the world running ? Is it possible for u (man) to have a next generation as great as HIM creature?
If the reason of the war is that so you have to ask yourself about where are you come from?
What purposed u have to known and learn?
If u just cut some people alive just like that u are passing the line as a human being as well yet u are not HIM also. What kinda of responsobility to carry on when u just facing HIM later on after death.
Change is coming for the new positivo for every brothers and sisters. Change is for something global that having fine life inside.
Don't you all tired to be the antagonist in every side of life?
Many questions and reasons for sure in one War system.
You know why it can't be end yet? Because there are no Brave to be a real Hero beat the negative and be used to ne like that since long time ago.
Can u think why people having war  and destroyed countries? Whether we are all a human being, HIS great creatures.
At least that was inside my mind about all war happened everyewhere.
Deep condolonce for then.

Having a brightside to educate ourself from the blindness then. Let the future is growing better than yesterday.
Keep PositiVo and remember HIM inside yours.

Have a great moment everyone.

Thx for reading .

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

bright light in the noon ♡ :)

Subhanallah is the word spoken when saw it yesternoon.
In the middle of cold sphere HE gave that light.
Amused when saw it, how come im not ;)
Its showered the room with beautiful.
Thank YOU so much for it.
Simple, mesmerized, enchanted, etc.
Gracious for sure.

Subhanallah ♡♥

Monday, July 14, 2014

17 celcius

17 celcius degrees plus warm
Earth colors :)

17 celcius degrees plus
Homemade shabu2 for warming
The day after fasting time

17 cecius degrees and custom design
 For somebody pretty :)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

yesterday sky

Yesterday sky was wow just love it so much!
At yesterday sky well there's heart in blue so wonderful!
At yesterday sky thete are Aslan too! Even can't captured it because the phone just on charger time.
Have a blast from those then.
Yippiii ^_^ ♡♡♡♡♡

keep on PositiVo

This fasting month well so far it feels great .
Many fun and cheers around.
Be happy :D

Many simplest show in beautiful way of HIM.
Lalala lililili
May the rejoice coming to those do this fasting too.

Keep on PositiVo all :)

Another grayday

Grayday grayday hmm maybe this because of some weather impact.
In this grayday i remind her stories about many things awesome.
Remember him said about his uncle named Joseph Palmer that having great ability to play violin and very often came to Nusantara.
Haha i remember her story about her childhood time too with the chicken or the way from home to school and etc fun.
She is a good story teller indeed ( at least for the grandchild )
She is very good cook for traditional food also. Yummy for every simplest her do.
7 years been passed may the goodchart still on her side. Dear God thanks for made her being our grandma as well.

its about Kleerissa and Daniel

July just come with something.
An old atmosphere just come again about gathering family from the far land where green is spreading wide.
Been so long to not mention this, but somehow that whispered just sounding again.
Give up to do tracking?
Well, nope just dont have much time for loading it
On this few days i juz remember her, grandma without any thought of other things. Suddenly this early morning something just knocked it request to end.
Only that i can expressed with.
Hmm what exact i remember about this, been so long to catch.
Here's come a story from her when i was little. She told me that she is a daughter of englishman that married with a chinesse woman. They are heavenly met at Nusantara. While the englishman is a son of a bussinessman that produce biscuits on their land. And the chinesse woman is a son from a bussinessman too (not qite clear what exactly their specific about).
The englishman named Daniel Palmer , (a little forget here with whom he could be here with). And the chinesse woman had change her name into moeslem name knowing by this Murdinah.
They do marriage and having 5 children from it. 2 boys and 3 girls, one of the girl was named like their grandma its Kleerissa Palmer. So this child girl just named Kleerissa and that is my grandma.
Little Kleerissa have a fun, sad and more emotion as her life goes. Fortunately its rare for her to mad for things.
My grandma is like to read qur'an since her youth until the last time of her life. Its a great book she said.
When i asked her about Daniel job then she only said that her father is a busy person and have so many time to meet many kinda people but still got time to remember HIM. He is like to pray a lot to HIM. He is a bussinessman anyway, she said again.
In that time the father also went to his land for several time to meet his family. Once upon a time the fam just came into here too. Many subjects thrown, one of the subject is that the fam requested him back to their land and manage the biscuits company and else with one requirement.
The requirement that he can't approved for a reason only he know.
He is Daniel Palmer who is coming here and falling in love with this place, finally lived here until the last time of his breath too.
He know where his trully heart belong, i believed he want a peace too.
Not so long after his death, some people from the far land juz came and had question about the palmer fam that still left. But they dont get one because of some rumor the people around was asking to sealed their lips. So that is what happen next.  While the people from far land keep findout they aren't succeed to meet the rest of Palmer. They probably met but they don't know.
I was told that they were coming here to talk about that tea horticulture. However so ever it never meant to be at end. Dunno what happened next with that horticulture tea. The horticulture place still there until this time and taking care by the goverment (if am not wrong, sorry if i am).
Well however i dont have any attention to that kinda property. Mine attention is still to the family tree that cut somewhere and questioning WHY?

Still dont know the exactly reason until now, however soever in the time i was tracking those ,i met positive and negative. Well not everything is thru happiness of course there are saddy moments too. Its LIFE anyway ...but for this case, i believe when there's a bad in the past,it could be develop into good at the future. Keep think smart and positivo would be the great stuff. Don't hate each other beliefs coz at the end of days we are still family.

Sometimes i just want to end this research, way heavy indeed ... its like a movie that dont stop since the medieval era to now on. Fiuuuh ...  however every info just enrich my view about life itself ... so see you when i see you all handling by HIM hand.

only can smile for everything come-up without expect it. Things happen for a reason that is what i've got from this.
Be happy all :)