Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Smile

Just a smile that already sticky for this three days

never know what the means, but feel so glad with it.

many hard things passed so light with it.

make every day like a bless for me and friends.


Something good after said some unspoken things - hey maybe this delight smile is coming from that things.


Thank YOU again :) because let me release it to the air. (^_^)

May everyone around have a bless with their smile too.

Amiin :)

Gelas Nenek

Gelas berisikan syrup tjampolay ini bukannya sebuah gelas berkemampuan...

Layaknya gelas lain yang berfungsi sebagai penadah air untuk diteguk bagi mereka yang membutuhkannya.

Hanya sebuah gelas yang biasa digunakan oleh seorang nenek dan kemudian dipakai pun oleh cucunya.

Pemotretan ini hanya mengingatkan keberadaannya yang telah lama bersama kami, juga mengingat kebiasaan nenek yang telah pergi. humm nenek ... - miss you a lot.

Intermezzo sore

bagai mengawini sesuatu yang tak pernah terlihat rupa namun lekat di hati...

meski dilongok pun tetap tak terdeteksi se onggok benda

hawa itu hidup dalam pikiran yang pancarkan kenyataan

bahwasanya sesuatu itu ada pada jarak

dan hidup di waktu yang sangat lama

tak terlihat namun terasa

hanya oleh ku , - mu dan NYA


dan sangaaaaaaaaaat lama

bahkan sebelum ruh mu dan ku berjumpa di sebuah titik


yang entah kapan akan membuahkan hasil nyata

dan ranum untuk dirasakan bersama

Sunday, March 27, 2011

morning at 25 march 2011

this is several frames that make my day feel in an awesome.

whole was taken in the morning, when the gold dancing in a fascinating way

lighting and warming the cold

take a seat and let your eyes feeling this nature alto cumulus speaking.

Thank YOU so much for this moment GOD :).

bandung , indonesia , 06:06 am

bandung, indonesia, 06:07 am

bandung, indonesia, 06:07 am

Still ... Until ...

Still there

full in charge

someday less but still full

never know till when will be like that

even others complain about

they might be said that fully like a foolish, but the true that is a fullest

a still that so long not appears and stolen by, until came up to a journey jar

A still and until

a fullest jar that guiding by GOD to whom it may concern

a purpose that showing by HIM too

so the world will be compromise one to each

with whole fullest feel

that stand by so on

never know when the jar will be empty

thing I know that every single of it is standing because of H(h)im

may everything will be okay for now and forever

A still ... until ...


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wish the best

wish the best, yes this all about working hours where the creativity really exist. hehehe ... nice jump and eager to learn more.
So wish the best for it.
May the lucky star always be with , amiin.

So SHINE ON everYOne (^_^)

about the package :)

apologize for late delivery , here I've got some task to do before. the address already pin at and been saved at right store it'll be in a patient line now. thx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

To Catch The Sun

To catch the sun, that is something little do with big impact for the future.

Something that always I'm saving it on mind.

Some dream that is starting clear day by day with pulse everywhere. Something important and so meaningful.

Hohoho may there always be sparks for it so it'll be something great when receiving the invitation from far away land.


Fire on your spirit everyone, in gaining good value for tomorrow (^_^)

FYM crew and Friend at Bita Zushi

That's it!
That is the name i was recalling for ... a named of sushi place at jalan Sukajadi, Bandung - Indonesia.
The average place with average price too, but still have nice taste on their menu.
It's called BITA ZUSHI, placing on Sukajadi street no 122, across way from Paris Van Java (PVJ) mall. Their place is not too much wide in scale but good enough for us to spent time while chatting around with friends :)

Oooh ya you can see the first notes about this place at "Walked out and sushi Time"

Well , the crew of FYM however are containing with several people that having free spirit to testimony lots of things. With our differential back up idea of thinking we are all discussion about something and mixing those together in some good solution.
Like this Saturday when we were hang out with friend...never plan to go there, just from mix and match some chats so here we are, at that sushi place enjoy the time :O).

FYM crew and friend ... mmm ...
Just look at the pics then (^_^).

mb meitha from FYM and Yonna (friend)

Me and Yonna (friend)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

joyful sight ;)

diving in new place that bringing JOY everywhere

and GOD please me meet this JOY person who had so many SIMPLY lines on his masterpiece

dear GOD, hope someday can looking his creation in a JOY time

might this JOY could give another perspective of life

through YOUR way and permit off course

to lent more spirits in love and peace

enjoy your life then :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

3 then 5 then almost whole day between oceans and continent

Spoken and shared some stories through the air between oceans and continent. Feel so awkward someday but that calculation hours make the day giving a wide smile.
And that 3 ... 5 ... and almost a whole day sometimes being a good companion for pleasure time to spent.
Thanks for those opportunities that YOU lies on me GOD.
May everything can bring HAPPINESS for all.
Amin (^_^)

Walked Out and Sushi Time (^_^)

Walked out with some friend, enjoyed the wind that touched our skin, feel so "ufff I love this!"

Then stopped at some spot, the usual place and caught some views from that big window.

view from the big window @ Reading Lights, noon March 11
always sit at that couch ;o)

After that we were continued the time to get sukajadi place, heard that some sushi place to catch. We took angkot - public transportation to go there and did a little walk.
The time flown away when we were walked out at that Sukajadi street. Those kaki lima seller success to help me see so many colors of life.
Hehehe pretty hectic with all but still enjoy that time.
And finally we were arrived there at small and lovely place of sushi. A little place that looks so sweet and I forget what the named of it, but took some angle...enjoy it then (^_*)

mb meith n yonna :D

love this angle "when green and red collide ;p"

Thanks for everything friends, may in the next day we could caught up some new place yaaa.

Pen It Please :0(

Humm miss my dearest pal, long time no stories out...
What exactly happen ya? r u stuck with something..?
miss those juicy and spices of - huff

can't write more than "hey miss ur stories, just pen it when u r have a time"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Miracle is coming from far way

Hehehe funny March is when something out from nowhere and make an awesome miracle.
Might be this is some way for release finally
For that good news, i will survive for named so many object and subject around
May the miracle that is coming from far way will be patient
New adventure will be

thank you again SIR

Sunday, March 6, 2011

1st week on March

Can't sleep yet ... phewww ... the only distraction is how to make whole ingredients of my paper work will done like the flash - hehehehe - gone in a sec
So many huhuhuhu ... but have to keep on walking!

Humm btw...btw... yesterday I saw an amazing view behind our house.
Between that bamboos there's a blue bird that flying so gentle. And this is not the same kinda blue-bird that always stand still at

This one have a different blue and size of body. It stopped at one highest tree that growing between the bamboos. On it time the bird just saw me too, well seem weirdo when u just stare by an animal. However I like that bird, so manly, and having a cool motion when those limb open. So beautiful define (aw aw aw). Swing so good in a harmony...seem a good dancer - prikitiw!

If it a man, might be might be a good partner to catch for doing waltz dance :d ... wkwkwkwk
Seem like it will guarding and making me safe, glad and etc - some of astonishing moment will conduct. So peace and lovely and elegant too, comfy with those thing.

-- btw another happens too, a GOLD star showed up when i was in direct my paper work at night...pretty big enough and sparkling beside me. it like said SHINE ON then B! I'll be here always watching for you - huffftt still wondering til now about it's time. Anyway GOD as a human I just can say thank you for all experiences. LOVE YOU dear Majesty - always. ---

So now I am yelling to you all for SHINE ON! So that every time will be a GOLDEN treasure for us to remember, learn, help, etc.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Color of Life that opened Our Mind

Thank you GOD to let me learning at many corners of life.
I might be not clever as they are
not perfect like they are
not having knowledge about things
not gadgeting
not much prefer than others

but YOU have been facilitated my life in a perfect library ever.
You put me between those talker with their mind, environment, body language, dance, music, opponent attraction, mobilities, track, communities, etc
You put me on symphony of life that not everyone get it
You sounded a beautiful rhyme in mixing them all
You charity me with so many ways to understand what the purpose of being a human

When the darkest come then YOU will giving something for SHINE ON and companion me to through the life, how hard it is
Everything could be a book, sign to read and practice
When meet stuck YOU handed me to catch the brightest stars so everything becoming a clear session
YOU blowing those wind, water, fire and land in front of
YOU give smile as a spirit to not give up for everything

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lost again

lost again .... well it wasn't mine this time, but she is still part of mine because of our twin system :p
today she just lost her communication gadget pathetic...we didn't make it a big deal for the stuff, but somehow its all the data inside.
poor her, but may ALLAh give her strength always.
i believed u will get something new about this lost.

just like mine lost at fb, and skin blogspot, i believe tha GOD already purposed something good for HIS created.amin
May you always handed by gOD twin sista...amin

Good Bye Pakde Wagiono

today we've got a lovely morning here in Bandung...bright is everywhere.
unfortunately not with the news
it's a bad one
this man that we called Pakde Wagiono just died
a good uncle that I know as long as he life.
like to smile and yes he is the funny man, lots of people laugh when he said some stories

once upon a time he got stroke, but then became health and came to our house.
it's about a year passed I guess
like usually, he always asked about my job at writing world
and I said it is okay Pakde
then we were in the middle of conversation about writing style of people famous early
we passed the time with laugh ... laugh ... and laugh ...

then in one second he was giving me a notes about marriage things, he said who's gonna be yours?
mmm...Pakde will praying for you always then, so that when the time coming I will be there. May you got the good one out there ya 'de linda.

the other things that he said that i've got a good talent in making book or poet, so he will praying for my career too . never give up! he said so

until couple month ago he got stroke again plus complication so he was in KOMA several weeks ago, and back alive. pretty glad when hearing that news, i thought that he'll be good till later. at least until the happy day...but GOD decide the other thing. humm good bye Pakde, may HE always helping u at the long time sleep. thank's for being a funny person :D

thx GOD coz u are always bringing me around good people and having time with them.

New Skin

Yipikayey! Finally...

I've got the good color here, still the basic one and simple
but like it

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

magic box of us ( :

remember something about pal

once upon a time I thought u already gone somewhere, when I came to that place. I handled the door to open and feel lil shocked when it's open and there was you behind wanna go somewhere.
what i remember that time was ur red shirt and mine red skirt :p ... seem met my reverse shadow
we were having chat for a while before both gone.

and long time never seen each other until dunno when
that time I was in an appointment with another friend of ours but she left me behind. I was tracked the stair with a reason to chat with someone up stair. its out my habit to turn left first, but that what's i do. Passing the room where u stand but never thought that u are (like always I thought u were someone else) until u caught me to say hi from the place where you stand. And again I feel "Gee it was you..."
So ridiculous but hahahahaha when remember it.

somehow it seem will be put on box that will be open again somewhere in da future, when we are going to meet. I put it on the way under the row of trees where u used to play around at childhood. just to laugh it together, because so many stories will coming out from that box.

for you, that i liked so much seeing your expression when said a story or whatever, u might never knew this before, but i let you know later when the magic box will be open again. hahahahah .... x-p