Saturday, April 30, 2011

11:11- Saturday

its a pm time, while am still face to face with the screen and thinking the next scene.
its a pm time on weekend, not so good enough.
hmm ... (baah!!)
still u yeap, so TUMBEN - unusual things for this few days.
Commonly that think wouldn't come when I am on job field, but dunno what happen exactly for the last couple days...
Humm -

its ok - probably just probably ... hehehehe
let's finish the job again.

Ganbate B! :p

Make - up (ing) other link

Yes dear,

Too long I left for it because whole lost system memories. But after all, little memory someday is coming and remains thing. Including my other blog - well its a blog where you can see what my work for life actually.

Don't hesitate to go there. I just make-up (ing) it , not yet done but its good to see it now.
I'll saved it in my link list here. So when you wanna know just click it for coming there.

Btw, its already there on "Group or Person to catch :p"- just looking at the right side of this notes, you will see the one who named Belinda JK.

Thank you for coming here and there :)

Enjoy (^_^)

GOD bless u all.

Lil Pray for Success

new direction of life more clearly than before, and i am praying for it.

dear GOD whether its good just lent me it fantastic voyage.
new place where I could learn so many things that become next knowledges about world wide.

May everything return to the real for the parents especially. Amin

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smile and Rainy Night

Its a night with pretty heavy rain unstop and me who on the radio until I've got the instrument that i like but dunno the title, so i decided to ask him whether he knew and yes he answered it. Thank you so much (^_^) - appreciate it.

Not quite a long I've search for it on internet, because i remember whether there's a classic pop version that singing by someone famous. And I found the singer name. Its Nat King Cole

So here is the lyrics of

Songwriters: Charles Chaplin; Geoffrey Parsons; John Turner

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile



Remember the Forgotten

back to another spot where this several days GOD handed me to the road ...
road to remember about something forgotten a while.
its still a tiny but feel so extraordinary ... just to remember again the way you played a guitar , sang "I will survived" from cake that sounded smooth from the phone. its ur voice all over the weekend.

Every subject I was through mostly is yours too - in different beat of course, reminding our different world life ... amazing juz the way they put on by HIM.
Speechless for every wink came to this journey of life.
And yes for every delighted time U'd been given us GOD - so thankful for it.

Hope everything will be great 4ever.

Well, sometimes there are a good or bad stories, mine was both of them on this case, but I still believe whether there are miracles for all.
There are a geographic and timing for both of us, but the last still handing by HIM.

And I always believing about HIS existence for human being life.

Deep love for both : YOU and you
Have a free spirit then (^_^)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reach from History Corner

April 24th was another interested walk-out. Gone with the team to the place that called Sariwangi City. Through the pretty lil waving way but having great time when we were arrived. Its a house that our sorcerer have (Pak Yadi,red). This kinda rare trip for us in a team. Very pleased to know it place, kinda museum when you see some of photographs that I'll enclosed here. And yes we were all amazing to have noon walked out juz like yesterday.

Every side have a different section, there are British, Greece, Germany, Russia, Portuguese, Japan, America, French, Indonesia, China, Arab, etc. A quite good place to learn about history.

PS: wanna have a great story of History ... enjoy this one then, even not every stuff in original, but the replica also a good one for every section.

Thank you all (^_^)

American Corner

Japanesse Corner

Germany, Greece Corner

Russia corner

Friday, April 22, 2011

Free Your Mind Community and Kartini Day

mba meitha

Happy for this occasion

The atmosphere of unison

With two's Putra Kalimantan

When everything juz began and running :)
Yes we were all having a GOOD NEWS with this event. Not knowing whether we are all going meet at that building on Kartini Day. So full of energy when we are all united under that roof building. The most feeling I had is,
Everything comes like FREEDOM are we yesterday, so amazing, totally FALLING LOVE with that moment that bring us to meet old and new friendship.
Thank you so much GOD for this opportunity (^_^).

Jayakarta Hotel and The Editor

Meeting my ex editor is one of pleasure too, after long never seen because our difference project in communication, so they were we yesterday. Only for tic toc time in having chat about our adventure of life.
O yeah she's made a novel too - not yet reading them, but the preview is nice. (later then i'll let u all see the book on a photo)
From this met, again i can reach another link of journalism. Nice eh :)
Thank YOU like always.

April 21st

A special day when everything will be rolling up with miracles (^_^)

Refer to KAA articles on museum

Bukan sembarang tato

When those ambassadors danced together with sounding of percussion

Still in having pleasure time at Kartini Day...this is a remarkable year for me to celebrate it after so long not - hehehe.
Everything happen on this april 21st was coincidental beside the one when I had met my ex editor at some place. After that the time bring me to the air where PASAR RAKYAT ASIA AFRIKA were held. Some friend were told me to come there and yes I did.

It's doing at GEDUNG MERDEKA (-venue of Asian-African Conference on 1955) - located in the middle of the city.
What I've got there?
Many, starts from the opening where some of youth ambassador introduced their name, education and countries where their belongs to.
The event much pretty well happen and was flowing in a good direction by Theorisia Rumte the MC (master of ceremony).
After that I've got an enjoying time where there were a good perform of traditional dance that recruits by several dancer communities here in BANDUNG.
A percussion show that combine with angklung, arumba, electrical stuff and also sing a song - its kinda pop art percussion music - was interesting one.
A dedication dancing and singing too from those ambassador.

After those kinda showed they were bringing us to have a museum - tour at that building. NICE!
and ending it with a traditional snack such as BAJIGUR, GADO-GADO, MIE KOCOK , etc. Also companion by modern music that singing by the other performer.

Hahahaha...after all it's a delighted time under noon sphere at KARTINI day with those activities. THANKS GOD for its day celebration :)

With a youth ambassador from Russia

someday will be with them too in UN :) - hopefully

Me and world friendship (^_*)

Smile beside Moh. Hatta ( our 1st vice president in Indonesia)

Merdeka! ( this is our 1st President in Indonesia, Soekarno)

Have an energizing day everyone (^_^)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kartini Day!

Voila everyone, may the time goes well for you all.
Today April 21st is celebrate as a KARTINI DAY.
A day that celebrate every year on 21 April for Indonesian - its national day because of her heroic action that bring greatness for future.

Who is Kartini?
Kartini is a person who is involved at development of Indonesian native woman. One of womanizer that providing knowledge / education for the better future. She was lived on an era where the woman straight to the traditional activities. Born at 21 April 1879 (hehehe long time ago indeed). She was came from an aristocrat family.

Just like we know every nation have their own time for some revelation ( - something that delighted environment for the positive idea in the next day). So do Kartini, the person that having source of knowledge among the woman on her era. She's trigger her thought for make it all real, so that the woman can have other perspective for life.

She's famous with an emancipation thought for Indonesian. Not only that field she's tried to help but the others to like a social stuff. Blessed her because she can speak more than one language - it's dutch that helped her to do some correspondence linked.

This great ma'am was died on 25 years old (young still, eh?) with all her creativity in advert woman vibration.

By the way, for you all readers who wants to know more about her could search her name with type the keywords : R.A Kartini . On this day usually many woman will having great time in wearing Kebaya or Batik.

So, happy KARTINI DAY to those who celebrate it, who don't just try to reach her too, may u've got some valuable thought to generalized :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Funny Noon @ Angkot :p

Juz wanna laughed at it

That day i had full time at some seminar and not a lil bit thinking of somebody.

Hehehe positive for my creative world work.

Fortunately, i didn't drive any car that day. I went home through public transportation / angkot.

It's Cicaheum-Ciroyom that was lead me on smiling head from Sumur Bandung, st until Gandok.


Because ... suddenly I recognized my friend face at a child face that became a passenger on that vehicle.

I couldn't open my mouth only for asked to that junior high school boy. I thought only his face, but later he was speak to his friend and Ooowww ... he's got my friend style of talk too. Mi GOSH! really want to spell all out from but can't

Hohohoho...until am arriving home and told the story to him straightly via the air :p

However so ever friend, where ever you are , I think it'll be sticky on my mind for a long time. because it's funny. How come yeap? hehehehe :D

GOD is funny indeed, thanks anyway for let it happened (^_*)

"People are People" - D' Sound

I am the one
who believes in all that you say
I am the one
who never wants to define herself
I am the one
who's paralell, upfront, behind
I am the one
paddling like crazy through the night

Refine, old time, colourblind
Big sign, do time, doesn't rhyme
A lot, to much, standing tall
And I'm crying in the valley:
“I shall never, ever fall!�

People are people
and I feel so strong
People are people and I'm
going on

I am the one
who stirs it up every time
I am the one
who never knows how close she is
I am the one
who'd rather be dead than confess
I am the one
trying to be good, wanting to be bad and so on

Excess, temptress, big mess
Phoney, lonely, it's a test
Be still my heart, don't you fail
And I'm crying on the stage floor
“I will always prevail!” and

I’m going on…

source : google search engine ( )

"Slow Me Down"

Songwriters: Emmy Rossum; Bridget Louise Benenate; Stuart Brawley

Rushing and racing
and running in circles
Moving so fast, I'm forgetting my purpose
Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning
Getting nowhere

My head and my heart are colliding, chaotic
Pace of the world
I just wish I could stop it
Try to appear like I've got it together
I'm falling apart

Save me
Somebody take my hand, and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
'Cause I'm ready to fall
Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life fly's by
I need you to slow me down

Sometimes I fear that I might dissapear
In the blur of fast forward I falter again
Forgetting to breathe, I need to sleep
I'm getting nowhere

All that I've missed I see in the reflection
Passed me while I wasn't paying attention
Tired of rushing, racing and running
I'm falling apart

Tell me
Oh won't you take my hand and lead me
Slow me down
Don't let love pass me by
Just show me how
'Cause I'm ready to fall
Slow me down
Don't let me live a lie
Before my life fly's by
I need you to slow me down

Just show me
I need you to slow me down

The noise of the world is getting me caught up
Chasing the clock and I wish I could stop it
Just need to breathe, somebody please
Slow me down

Slow Me Down

its a fluctuate time bring me somewhere at past time when a friend was fully his room with this tune, it's said Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum.
Me who heard that song at that moment were like it in a spontaneous way, love it sound.
He said this is good song Belu, ...
Then I said can I get it and few more, if you don't mind?
And he was okay with that.
Lovely day when got those song that day....
Hmmm what a long time, its all about 3 yrs ago not quite long before we both were enjoyed each activities time.
He is a close friend of mine (can't tell the name here) , the one who was brought up the yellow book. A friend that where ever i am - i just know that u are still keep watchin' me somewhere till later, like i always do before since a long time ago when we 1st met on 2003 :).
Humm every one is a unique, including you too dear friend.
Whiii finding this music was reminding me to our adventures ... miss you buddy , may in the new day someday we can meet again.
Me, you and him (that adventure man) on a pleasure time. (^_*)
Really like it when everything are going to happen.
Because our time of adventures was turn off a moment before I met that guy who wrote the yellow book.
And because of you too all are rolling like the way it is.
Somehow I just have a planning to catch u both in one time.

Cheers to you where ever you are now.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Time Between

Huffft there's a time between old memory - lost and new memory ...

A place that i want to share with someone that i am respectful

A radio station i'd like to hear with at same room

Side by side in spent time together

Cheering up

Laughing about life

Under the lamp on bench

Between the green green grass

(hehehe where ever it'll be ^_^)

Everything is fluctuate independent without my command

The funny is, where ever it's belong ... that thought always coming up

Well never know what is the meaning behind, maybe it'll be someday somewhere with someone that full of meaning to me

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Message

However friends we are all brothers and sisters, parents and children also in everywhere on this earth.

Coming from one source and just cut to many lands.

Not again war, we just hope for PEACE without any harms things.

Lets hand in hand to shout for loving each other, I believe much people want to gain that point.

Happy loving everyday for you all then :). May GOD bless us too

May this little things can help us to beat hates and angry lost and blowing LOVE for this universe.

Amin (^o^)

Monday, April 11, 2011

My 1st Dago CFD

What is Dago CFD?
Well, CFD is a short from Car Free Day. Dago Care Free Day is a routine activity that happening in Sunday morning from 6 - 10 am. Since it was established couple few months ago, yesterday was my 1st time launched there. Went with my big sister and her family (husband and child).

Morning was coming and she's yelling c'mon! let's go there...Not so long then we were all about slippery to those point. Not 100% walking, because of they want to continue to other parts of Bandung city that day.

Wanna know what you can see on Dago Car Free Day?
Let's find out below (^_^)

in front of Arumba and Angklung show by pasundan 2 senior high school

my big sista and her baby in the middle of street and people

some bicycle communities that parking at some side of dago street

With coloring people hehehe - they are an icon from one of cellular provider in Indonesia

feeling free with baloon up there - yiiihaa back to the past! she said :p

a snack that we found - its a potato plus cheese sauce - good enough to taste :d - nyaaammm...

Well...well...well next time you come here just taste the time when Dago CFD is full with them. Not only walking, we can find some interesting view such as walk a way dancer - it could be traditional and modern dance and another art performance for free indeed, skateboarder, culinary, etc. And shopping too...daa! :p

Sunday, April 10, 2011

After Mid night Time

Mmm so sleepy but can't do that very well so here i am in front of the screen...searching some lyrics and sing it....

Hahahaha , anyway it's kinda lifting up the tired from mind, cool eh? :p
and the lucky singer tonite is .... "STING" hehehe one of my fave too , this time with his song that titled Fields of Gold. And the last i heard is "A tHOusand Years". Well ... like the tunes gones by him , it's so him sound of music. Cool! :D

Anyway ... here this a lyrics from it:

A Thousand Years


A thousand years, a thousand more,
A thousand times a million doors to eternity
I may have lived a thousand lives, a thousand times
An endless turning stairway climbs
To a tower of souls
If it takes another thousand years, a thousand wars,
The towers rise to numberless floors in space
I could shed another million tears, a million breaths,
A million names but only one truth to face

A million roads, a million fears
A million suns, ten million years of uncertainty
I could speak a million lies, a million songs,
A million rights, a million wrongs in this balance of time
But if there was a single truth, a single light
A single thought, a singular touch of grace
Then following this single point , this single flame,
The single haunted memory of your face

I still love you
I still want you
A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head

I may be numberless, I may be innocent
I may know many things, I may be ignorant
Or I could ride with kings and conquer many lands
Or win this world at cards and let it slip my hands
I could be cannon food, destroyed a thousand times
Reborn as fortune's child to judge another's crimes
Or wear this pilgrim's cloak, or be a common thief
I've kept this single faith, I have but one belief

I still love you
I still want you
A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves
Like galaxies in my head
On and on the mysteries unwind themselves
Eternities still unsaid
'Til you love me
Then continued to The Police, Chris Botti, Norah Jones , Eagles with their Hotel California on Live Acoustic version, Dave Mathews Band - "where are you going",

Coldplay with their "TALK"

Oh brother I can't, I can't get through
I've been trying hard to reach you, cause I don't know what to do
Oh brother I can't believe it's true
I'm so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
Oh I wanna talk to you
You can take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or write a song nobody has sung
Or do something that's never been done

Are you lost or incomplete?
Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?
Tell me how do you feel?
Well I feel like they're talking in a language I don't speak
And they're talking it to me

So you take a picture of something you see
In the future where will I be?
You can climb a ladder up to the sun
Or a write a song nobody has sung
Or do something that's never been done
Do something that's never been done

So you don't know were you're going, and you wanna talk
And you feel like you're going where you've been before
You tell anyone who'll listen but you feel ignored
Nothing's really making any sense at all
Let's talk, let's ta-a-alk
Let's talk, let's ta-a-alk

What an after midnight :D and Janggo - Jempooolll :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainbow noon

it's an april 7th,2011 (yesterday,red) around 6 pm here in my place. i was fascinated by the clouds because of the goldY sky at that moment. it went so beautiful then I captivated it through my simply phone. i can't take my eyes of them and not realized that something nice was there too until...

until I looked at another side of sky and found it in a coincident time.
A rainbow after all not shown for a loooooooooooooooooong time.
So the next is my shot about that.
Have fun :)

1st shot - juz wanna take that Gold object

2nd shot

3rd shot - still not known whether there's a line :p

4th shot - hey! there's a rainbow - not to fun because the color i've got :(

5th shot - the better color - lined up with the goldies and voice of adzan maghrib - what a wonderful noon.

Thank YOU like always for every amazing panoramas and experiences of life YOU gifted me.
May there always treasure to catch up (^_*)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Noon and Squirrels

Squirrells! What a lovely day can see this animal again, after long ... long years never shown up.

But there's a big big BUT because of some men that shot them. Well i didn't recognized before what were the object of.
I captivated the guy who brought that gun ...
Sadly, not in the moment when one squirrel fell from the top of bamboos :'((
Then I was yelling him (in bahasa) "Heeeeiiii kenapa ditembak? Memangnya hama" he ignored that then started to shot another one.

Then I yelled again "Wooooiiii jangan tembak-tembak tupai kenapa!!!" , this time he is stopped that activities and jump to the down. I heard another voice down there, mmm seem they just shot squirrels for pathetic :(

Looking the snipper from my angle :-/

Huffttt may GOD bless those squirrel around.

Free Your Mind Crew "Kongkow" Nights

(Meitha, Gorky n Joe Hass in acTion ;d - meeting nights)

Its some night when we (FYM crew) having some dialogue together. Finally we can share about something. Btw , now on our crew was adding by one new comer. His name is Joe Hass, welcome! welcome may everything will goes well like a sailing trip with big big smile for the future (^_^)
Keep the spirit on everyone :D.

Like we do on the last meeting of ours.