Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fresh at the end ^_^

Blooming time!
Colorful for sure 
Fun to see
Some of them got their fragrance
That so good
At the end
So why don't we fresh(ing) to
The PositiVo sight
And loading happiness
For years ahead
Lalalala ......

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crystal Clear ^_^

Crystal Clear!
That's all about many
To be sleby there and sleby here
Jump there jump here
Meet one to another
and Being Sparkle
as the Life given it to
the power of LOVE
like a JEWEL spreads everywhere
SMILE from the bottom of each HEART
Spell it out to the air within your every minutes PRAY
Never STOP to give a LOOK, a HEAR, a TASTE,
to whatever poured to that bowl that will be fall to
a big plate
that could make you really THANKFUL for every

Lying, standing, stepping, running, jumping , flying!
before landing again
and make wholes at great circle at symphony of our LIFE


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Emang lagi seneng mejeng :D
Whiiiww its about to hai again, probably just the same with next page only different words to say.
Hahaha yes because we are just we are.
Simple yet full of value.
In this life that modernisation surround, we still have respect to what traditional bring for life as its habituals that sometimes only the some whose thinks right understand why everything happened.
However soever in this end of the year just wanna say
Hai don't forget to be human as we are all here created to be it.
Human is human
Not a robotic or else(s)
Human is the naturalized one which its thought only made by The ONE so that the variety stand still for good aim.
People could add this and that through many ways, but still outthere somewhere or even the things close to us is still HIM the Majesty
Don't play as HIM while HE is trully saw whole.
Keepin' alive at greatness way as human beings task.

Udah dulu ah
Have a great adventure life on next year all.

Keep PositiVo (^_^)and laalalalaaa

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have A Wonderful X'Mas 2014

Listen ... listen smooth through the wind whereas the bell sounding everywhere
There's a twinkle twinkle miracles between its sound and whole sphere of this moment
Ring the bell ... ring the bell ...
Warm giggles
Warmest sphere of cheerings.

To those celebrate this moment, Have a wonderful x'mas 2014 all (^_^)

With the green-red-white that
Showering december
In good sphere
Christmas Time

Hahaha what an unfortunately coincidence
Having this on menu and remember those
Friends whi celebrate christmas time.

May the joy always be with u all friends

Di salah satu nadi keajaibanNYA ^_^

Indonesia besar
Besar Indonesia (ku)
Indonesia Ajaib
Ajaib Indonesia
Karena Indonesia adalah Indonesia
Dalam setiap lapisannya selalu bertumpu pada kepercayaan padaNYA
Tak hanya dalam diri juga dalam segala proses naturalnya
Indonesia sebagian dari dunia yang ajaib
Ajaib yang ada karenaNYA yang tak pernah bisa disamakan karya dengan tangan-tangan kita manusia.
Jangan bersusah-susah payah memahami kami yang beraneka ragam , nikmati saja keberadaannya dan kamu akan menemukan pengartianNYA pada setiap alur yang terlewati.

Dimana aku berkelana?
Di kelereng besar ajaib berjudul DUNIA
Juga pada tanah ajaib yang kadang mengherankan namun tetap Luar Biasa (^_^) bernama INDONESIA.

Indonesia dalam Nusantara

yang meyakini kebesaranNYA selalu,

Indonesia dalam Nusantara sebagai salah satu lintasan pada nadi keajaibanNYA

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Belu sleby dan kawan2 ^_^

Bermain , bercerita, menari,  tertawa, mengaduh (terkadang dalam jarang).
Dalam hati kami selalu tersimpan matahari yang memberikan sinarnya untuk membantu kehidupan yang berputar.
Dalam jalannya ada banyak doa dan pengharapan untuk membuka mata, telinga dan rasa siapapun itu untuk terus saling menoleh dan lemparkan senyum kehidupan.
Hidup yang benar - benar hidup.
Hidup yang benar-benar menapak pada permukaan yang menghantarkan semua perjalanan.
Gak muluk-muluk dan lakukan segala positif saja.
Untuk masa depan yang lebih baik.
Untuk semua kawan yang pernah dan sedang  atau akan bekerja bersama .... senang berkolaborasi dengan kalian (^_^)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sleby walk with coffee

Black coffee!
Been with it since 9 yrs old till now on.
Dunno that black is so delight to catch on.
Espresso double with no sugar please hahaha ... people will say r u insane? Juz put some sugar then.
Haha however soever some black coffee really don't need any sugar.
Juz like i tasted yesternight on placed name Terminal Kopi at Dago area, Bandung, Indonesia.
Not quite remember what brand i started at 1st time but surely not the one people get to used drink here. Anyway for years been tryin' good coffee that famous or else(s) got some brand knowledge ... then i met this on the way.
Dunno i feel something funny when having a mug of it. Feels like that processing complete each other steps, there are hearts on it. Drink it then i will remember the good friends of mine that been far away ... its funny. There are some warm too, voila this is good.
Not only that its like giving an inspiration for many good things. The good with pure heart, you could feel the genuine at sincere.
Where the heart and soul mixing into one and brightening the day.
Thank YOU so much for letting me know this kinda coffee.

Icip2 si blend coffee
Bikin suka cita tralala trilili

Meet the owner too!
Wuhiiiww sleby walk to coffee talk
Captured black simple warm heart on it

Monday, December 15, 2014

Garuda at Monumen Pancasila :D

Widdiiihhh looked at to the wing!
And those view up there
Feels great!

Wohoooy! Fly with Garuda
Hehe fun to be here anyway
Finally :D
Love all spirit that suround that place. I mean theres a Semangat berjuang untuk segala hal dalam konten kenegaraan (spesifikasi)
Fuuuun and grateful to be here at last.

Friday, December 12, 2014

december december o december

Meet new again on the way! #friends
Many simple that enriching as always.
Whatever and wherever just hearing that sounding of life rhythm with right.
Fun, delight like chocolate and warm like the sun.
We never know what is the next story will HE put when the harmony play, but the rhyme is good. Don't speak to much about these and that happened lately.
Just let it roll and dance.

Be happy ^_^

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Menyapa Random

Waktu menyapa random datang lagi.
Untuk semua yang tersapa heii senang ada kalian meski ada yg belum  ketemu ( dan atau lagi).

Monday, December 8, 2014

To The Top of

Hahahahah lalala nananana
Life is full of education right
The simple that could through anywhere as long as u loving to do all subjects
Lalalalala nananana
Let's shine on together people!
To where?
To the TOP of Everything with our abilities that could hold many subjects
What for?
Shining the world its self at simple smile of knowledge of life.
A simple smile that came from our hearts as pure as it can.
For every burst PositiVO

Cheers all
Juz am said to the fam outta, now i'll said to you everywhere too.
Meet you all when i meet you.
That POSITIVO spirit may make us meet on the way coincidental.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sweet 7th ^_^

being a sweet day at december 7th this year.
sweet sphere in the noon time, windy and peace its fun then we juz ran here and there.
looking at my lil Freideline that reflected her face is a blessed.
all best pray for her that been sleep for years. ^_^

This is sweet 7th where the cherish spread out from everywhere gracious.
Dear you all fam outta, someday I'll meet you on the way to say Hai ^_^
Until the time is coming later be happy (^____^)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Noon at dec 3rd with Jacques-Remy Girerd

"To Begin, begin" ( William Wordsworth) well its a quote I've got today, kinda being a reminder to always to do some consistence activities for what you always dreaming and want to catch to be true.
Yesterday i just somewhere to be yes to that event that held by IFI and FDGI for Screening Animation at Festival Film Perancis 2014.  Fortunately I could be there too in a hectic schedule, however soever feel gracious to be there.  Feels like hey! This is it, one of many good point in making something abroad.  Yes yes yes (^___^) .
On the time my friend said about this man on animation world, well am kinda get 'huh' expression trying to get remember who but can't reaching that point, even the friend been given those explanation. Hahaha sorry dude ... then I repeat the name in several days of this man, because inside i believe i'd been knows some literary about him before in the few past years. Yes, for so many years ago , i was a person that like to search anything i interest and like about world, lately i wasn't it because this and that.  Its standard life eh, do these and those and forget. Daa!
But, finally i could figure it out who is he with the animation studio that famous on earth too.  One that came from French name Folimage. Naaah you must be knowing who is he now yeah?
Yes, its Jacques-Remy Girerd that recently heard by the creation of Aunt Hilda (well not yet seen this full too).  Yesternoon, we were there and having fun with one of his, that famous too "Mia et le Migou" . Its a simple idea of stories that having many reflections, its a thing general that packaged very well with mixing emotions of its story.  As I am a scriptwriter , so I take intention to the path of the stories itself, yet I am starting all my job at Comic world - where the visual is a main things too, so I captured that movie from many angles.  Technical of it production things, well its look alike at the animation where I am  belongs there too.  But yes, his masterpiece having wealthy things inside, that was interesting.  I could imagine how the research process doing too.  Coz in scriptwriter world , especially comic and animation also movie or advertising we are something that make a decision how the communication will throwing into the audience.
Use the brain is a must , logic and etc. As I said being a Scriptwriter is a Challenging for sure.
Back to him at the rainy season yesternoon, it was fun to be there with all participants that having so many simple question , yet making the rhythm itself when answered all. Its a fine noon with good movie and discussion time.  Its great could be ask some question with a little confusing a bit yeah, fortunately I can captured the main answered from all explanation even we were in different languages (^__^).
Thank you dear GOD .

Well, this is some pictures taken by me and a friend of mine.

Have a bright valuable day everyone.

Mejeng dulu lah, hope my masterpiece in the future could be like him too
got for Oscar nommed (hahaha ... ) amiin!

Him with another participants , yippika yey!

That was a lil story of Sleby here and there with fun!

Have a bless time all. 
Keep PositiVo and be grateful for.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sleby at magnificent road ^_^

Hang-out time! Hang-out time!
Well, apparently these are #latepost but still in sleby here sleby there tralili tralalala
Simplicity roads and made Hati Gembira (^_^) lalalala - lilili lagi bersiul-bersiul ceria (bahkan si ceria masih hidup saat penulisan ini dibuat).

Yuk yuk yuk just check these picture dudududu
Jalan-jalan itu menyenangkan !

with friends from #Animation world
at Baros International Animation Festival - BIAF 2014
fortunately they juz had booth on that event, while me just
the one who sleby here and sleby there
tralalala trililili :D

Juz captured some situation there in the Animation Festival one.
Fuuuuuuuun view (^_^)

Bought some Post Card that made by this illustrator name
Norma Aisyah.
Look at her, just like the animation itself hahaha, she is good person indeed.
Been known her a liitle while at Animation project too :D
Every creative people i met and do Illustrate, well they are having their own style
just like her too, when you want to see some of her creations then you can touch down to

atau atau atau atau ataaaaaauuuuuu

kesini juga boleh, silahkan loh ^_^

Lalalala again to get that sweet Post Card at the event yippiiiduu

Where am I?
Where am I?
Where were those come from?
Hahahaha this is a place name Dusun Bambu ( been knowing by many people too)
Its a place you can read and search through search engine, don't worry be happy
you'll find it anyway.
When Sleby meet those Green well its a fun time too
Its pretty nice to walk anyway.
Coz the view are more lively captured well when you just do the walk.
Have a delight time to search this place and just come there when you have a time.

This one journey is coincidental road I was had.  With a friend of mine that did some research
for his work.  This place is located at the way to Maribaya, Lembang.
This is a Special School for the special-needs kid.
Its much a long road to get this address but finally we just there and meet who should meet.
Thank you for my school-mate for the info about this place, so I and my friend could be there on time
plus get to know more about these special kids.
Just met with them too, its fun time.
This one is a lil bit seriously experience but still glad to know that more inspiration could come from this
Thanks for the Principal too, Ibu DRA. Sofiah Eniasmawaty, Spd that allowed us to get many info about these kids
its wonderful as always.
For this one photo , i thanks to Anita Kresna and Marky.
One issue could embrace many things valuable.
Sleby at serious issue and still feel Great ^_^

"Educate yourself from blindness about what surround us is a Magnificent!", BJK 2014

Another one fun!
Hahahaha remember this person from couple years ago?
Yes, he is the one painter friend i've met on the way.
Prabu Perdana.
This time we were on some exhibition that held at Selasar Sunaryo.
Just take a look for his friend masterpiece there.
Voila what a wonderful fun ya.
Sleby everywhere smile ^_^

Well, those are mine that happened before this month coming.
Cheers in heaven i said so.
Meet new friends also the old .
Meet new perspective of life from simple as always.
Gracias dear YOU for everything.
Amiin :D

For everyone read, may GOD bless you always to enjoy every minutes full of meaning at life.
Be PositiVo as always.
And remember HIM too in your heart so that the direction wouldn't run everywhere.

Have a bright journey of life all (^________^)

Bunga Wijayakusuma

Biasanya tiap nemu bunga yg satu ini
Nutup, nguncup kayak gini.

Naaah kmarin akhirnya dapet juga yang ngebuka meski gak
Mekar2 amat
Menurut bacaan bunga ini mekarnya malem2
Well kpn2 nongkrong malem2 ni demi dapet gbr
*niat banget soalnya ga mekar aja cantik, apalagi
Kl lg bntuk sempurna.
Lihat foto orang, sama kalo jepret sendiri pasti beda rasanya.

Thank you for coming here pak Soedjipto

Stepping on the bookstore few months ago and opened a book titled Kearifan Raja-Raja Nusantara , Sejarah & Biografi.
Mmm look at to the back cover to known stories plus looking at the refferences page. Voila just met this link on it, coz of not yet find the address of the writer. Mumpung saya ingat sekarang... thanks for coming to my little house of words. May it source of Museum Kareta pictured function with well. Congrats for your book too.
Salam kenal pak Soedjipto Abimanyu.

Lalalala sleby framed just put at one of best-seller writer book!
Yippikayey :D