Thursday, December 4, 2014

Noon at dec 3rd with Jacques-Remy Girerd

"To Begin, begin" ( William Wordsworth) well its a quote I've got today, kinda being a reminder to always to do some consistence activities for what you always dreaming and want to catch to be true.
Yesterday i just somewhere to be yes to that event that held by IFI and FDGI for Screening Animation at Festival Film Perancis 2014.  Fortunately I could be there too in a hectic schedule, however soever feel gracious to be there.  Feels like hey! This is it, one of many good point in making something abroad.  Yes yes yes (^___^) .
On the time my friend said about this man on animation world, well am kinda get 'huh' expression trying to get remember who but can't reaching that point, even the friend been given those explanation. Hahaha sorry dude ... then I repeat the name in several days of this man, because inside i believe i'd been knows some literary about him before in the few past years. Yes, for so many years ago , i was a person that like to search anything i interest and like about world, lately i wasn't it because this and that.  Its standard life eh, do these and those and forget. Daa!
But, finally i could figure it out who is he with the animation studio that famous on earth too.  One that came from French name Folimage. Naaah you must be knowing who is he now yeah?
Yes, its Jacques-Remy Girerd that recently heard by the creation of Aunt Hilda (well not yet seen this full too).  Yesternoon, we were there and having fun with one of his, that famous too "Mia et le Migou" . Its a simple idea of stories that having many reflections, its a thing general that packaged very well with mixing emotions of its story.  As I am a scriptwriter , so I take intention to the path of the stories itself, yet I am starting all my job at Comic world - where the visual is a main things too, so I captured that movie from many angles.  Technical of it production things, well its look alike at the animation where I am  belongs there too.  But yes, his masterpiece having wealthy things inside, that was interesting.  I could imagine how the research process doing too.  Coz in scriptwriter world , especially comic and animation also movie or advertising we are something that make a decision how the communication will throwing into the audience.
Use the brain is a must , logic and etc. As I said being a Scriptwriter is a Challenging for sure.
Back to him at the rainy season yesternoon, it was fun to be there with all participants that having so many simple question , yet making the rhythm itself when answered all. Its a fine noon with good movie and discussion time.  Its great could be ask some question with a little confusing a bit yeah, fortunately I can captured the main answered from all explanation even we were in different languages (^__^).
Thank you dear GOD .

Well, this is some pictures taken by me and a friend of mine.

Have a bright valuable day everyone.

Mejeng dulu lah, hope my masterpiece in the future could be like him too
got for Oscar nommed (hahaha ... ) amiin!

Him with another participants , yippika yey!

That was a lil story of Sleby here and there with fun!

Have a bless time all. 
Keep PositiVo and be grateful for.

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