Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kindness 😊

Looking to their eyes, hearing their stories about what happened in life through their memories about many things somehow its a bless. However what people shares to, must have a beautiful lesson behind. For those thing happened in life grateful coz the experience of life being a best teacher after school. Even the old man somewhere said, "hei kid never boring to keep your dreaming on, life isn't only life, it's a huge library with uncountable action. To dream and believe then the people surround will helping in built-in that. Be grateful for someday you become someone keep smiling for everything happens for a reason. What reason? It's a kindness" Some people might not known us anyhow life is conducting to meet our path and walking on it. Meet the great people, with or without our command and happens. Behind all that lesson are much kindness through process. Those who are eager to learn and believe their dreams that still humble are them awesome. And some said again, "hei you just keep The Majesty in your heart, so wherever you go you are never alone. With HIM you'll find friends from everywhere and said lalala on the way to everywhere". At this time I was asking what is lalala and this is it, "lalala is love love love" then I said O to smile. We are not counting well coz the perfect one is only HIM counting, however so ever just relieved to get know that we are surrounding by the people with great attitude in how their direct the life at the right track to kindness. I said them as manusia 2 kuat, from them I learn many things, others fun stories that always be back to kindness. So be happy then. Keep positivo, positive keep 😊.
Hmm there's a reminder too from a song about those who believe, in a word refer to HIM way only. Bila bukan kehendakNya 😊 All happens because HE allowed something happened in built us to the best pattern of our time.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Local local masterpieces everywhere 😊

Most favorable things been written is the comic about weaving fabric of Indonesia . Its remarkable for sure as the making of those, whole beautiful process come by natural surrounding. Fabric weaving is a special, none everyone could understand that local product have so many education inside. Weaving is the reminder of our identity whereas people believe into something great than everything that giving life on earth. In weaving we learn how to respect the One whose create world also people, philosophy,creativity,etc. Weaving is unconditional love that brings around us here to be a reminder about the essence of life itself. So,have you respect them made that creation? Whether not yet just educate ourselves from blindness. Opening for everything positive way is there awaits to explore and make life brighter. Wherever you are especially the Indonesian please take a look what's surrounding us. Being a caretaker of the traditional masterpiece is our part responsibility for the future too. How far you proud to be Indonesian? Is on your way to everywhere. How its masterpieces bond you? Well well well the answer is only yours that reflect who you are later. Local wisdom is a wise for sure, keep learning for many. Don't let it died by centuries. To whom been stand up and content it masterpieces, respect. May in the next day and so on the kind of that cognition could bring great movement in learning for our fabric stories and other things. Be happy to find knowledge everywhere positive. See you all around and catch positivo everywhere 😊.

Cakrawala Pelangi Agustus 2017 😊

Agustus penuh kado untuk negeri... 2017 penuh 2017 meriah 2017 tersenyum untuk semua keberagaman yang muncul. Melihat lagi semangat manusia-manusia menggunakan lagi atribut kedaerahannya dalam satu yang besar. Apa yg besar? Satu bangsa besar tentunya. Agustus bangun, bangun untuk berdiri, berdiri untuk melangkah, langkah menuju kemajuan yang berarti bukan bangun yang sementara. Kalau besok - besok semangat bangunnya melempem ingat saja Agustus 2017 yang seperti pelangi dan mengapa ada pelangi-pelangi yang banyak di berbagai pelosok Nusantara. Seberapa jauh mu bisa memaknai pelangi-pelangi Agustus 2017 di Nusantara. Cakrawala Agustus 2017, sejauh mata memandang pelangi antar nusa itu hei! Saling menyemangati 😊. Be happy at your August moments all 😊. Keep positivo, positive keep.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Agustus dan tali temali. Tali temali yang seperti jalur jelujur, mengaitkan satu titik ke titik lainnya menjadi garis-garis teratur yang hasilkan bentukan kuat. Hei tali-temali, hei dunia salam saling mengaitkan positif-positif sederhana menjadi baris dan deret luarbiasa. Selamat Hari Pramuka! Keep Positivo, positive keep 😊.


Seluas apa? Sejelas apa? Sejauh apa? Seberapa Sportif? Speaking of sportifitas... Cieeeee udah sampe situ belum ya? Atau masih sibuk mengelola kata sportifitas menjadi banyak yang akhirnya memenjarakan sportifitas itu sendiri? Jadi seberapa sportifitas kita untuk ada dalam proses menuju. Yeah lebih ke proses ya,kalau tujuan dulu mungkin saja sportifitas itu hilang di tengah jalan. Mau kemana? Ini pertanyaan tentang tujuan, sepersekian banyak manusia punya tujuan silakan menjawabnya dalam hati. Dimana Sportifitas berada? Dimana cing? Di niat, di perjalanan atau dimana kira2. Silakan lo tersenyum untuk si Sportifitas. Kira2 seberapa besar ego yang ditaruh di dalam sportifitas itu? Cukup untuk diri, berlebihan dan atau dan atau... Hahaha semua jawaban hanya ada pada masing - masing kepala. Hingga berenti di seberapa berani kita menerima semua hasil dari tindakan sportifitas itu. Semoga hari-hari menyenangkan datang selalu di sekitar kita. Salam sportifitas temaaaaaans Keep Positivo, positive keep.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Myriad of

Myriad of thought, view, sound, taste and etc in life are the best gift of HIM to us, human being that learning to be human. Be grateful for all as HIM smiling for our self effort to do things better than yesterday. Not to be so sad whether it's not working like the way you want it best otherwise just do, the results are there for them patient. Believe that everything happens are for the best of life. Whose life? It's myriad 😊. Why myriad? Coz human is a social person, every decision you make are yours to other and impact to everywhere corner you touch down by it. Time isn't replying so just do, HIS scenario is never the same as our, human being. Let's be human less pretend like to be HIM so the life will giving you so many perspective that colorized perfect. Be happy Be grateful Keep Positivo, positive keep 😊.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Stepping free wherever in happiness because the great homework just spread out everywhere. In every corner just decide what you have to decide. Pay attention to the purpose life of yours. See the bigger vision from those trip bringing everywhere smile ☺. What you wanna gain in this life? Through where, with whom, how to and many more theory that not only theory. More to do things and applying in your life system as a human. Life told us and giving so much explanation thou its reasonable or not that will always turning into right reason for everything. That's why the dear One (The Majesty) loved them whose thinking in Positive. Just be happy with all present HE given us on the way to everywhere. Saved for the rainy day its a simple lines with many good essence behind. Not everyone being great in a second coz instant have a process too. To be or not to be, process of things stamping there in loyal. The great of you only works by yourself while the bridge stands for you. Which and where only you decide. Be grateful as HIM giving us the great pattern to breath. Keep positivo, positive keep.