Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Learning from trees

Even the trees are listening, being a great listener of human life at earth. They are dancing with the wind for sure.
Haii for trees around the world from us here. May the world keep fresh and the health air could companion living life everywhere between. Trees listening. Trees growing up as The Majesty One giving life to human being. Universe is universe, continuity of particles inside that describes about the greatest of HIM creation. Syukran to breathe. May the peace could be helping us from big curiosity about this life. Keep positivo, positive keep.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Kutilang on May 😁🐦

May!listening to the sphere outta and hey! May!Captured Simple of birds that seem happy 😊 May Noon Cicitcuittuiiit 🐦🍃🐦 Happier Kutilang chirping here chirping there and everywhere.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Everywhere 😊😊😊

To be everywhere steps its your destiny to the next destination. What you will get on the way? Its secrets for real depend on The Majesty one, however just doing step as the flowers blooming everywhere. It might be not the bigger steps however it is growing.
Meeting with natural of world is fun that born respect and so many pretentious perspective in an advance. Be happy! For feeling HIS gifts. Keep positivo, positive keep.

April moon 🌓

April and the moon at good vibes. It shown beautiful at after midnight time. Beautiful... Beautiful moon, thankful for that moment caught up on camera. Here's some views I captured, may it brings PositivO spirit to your day. Have a great vibes everywhere people 😊😊😊.
Lalala what a peaceful time captured that stunning one. May everyone could have the best time at captured your own sightseeing wishes, yeaay! Keep Positivo, positive keep.

Pesona Perca Nusantara at Terbang Tinggi Layang Layangku exhibition

Flying flying flying high as our dreams comes true. How it could be fly so high? It will be when doing play the kites at the right time. Flying flying high wherever smile on the way being a companion. How you seeing your own kites? Is it the great one or common one? Well whatever your kites kind are, be happy in flying them away as HIM given us the great times and feelings to play it. Speaking of kites or Layang - Layang (in bahasa), there's an exhibition for quilters artist too. The named of exhibition is Pameran Kreasi Kriya "Terbang Tinggi Layang - Layangku" held in Museum Layang Layang Indonesia at April 5th - 8th 2018 where two's creation of Pesona Perca Nusantara been flying there at the museum. Yess! Pesona Perca Nusantara still on the road, preparing this and that in walking everywhere. Remember about Sejuta Bunga? Well these two are coming fly from the form of flowers blooms that arranged by members at Pesona Perca Nusantara to be kites form. Starting these kites project in earlier years that sounded by Meraki Sister Hood. Thanks for sounding it, then Pesona Perca Nusantara could make some creation for the event. Flying together as the quilting world of Pesona Perca Nusantara always engaged at teamworks. Inches by inches and never give up spirit being mixed-up at process, however its bringing up smiling face everywhere. Well, this is ours.
Yess the kites up there and that butterfly are Pesona Perca Nusantara creation. Happy to meet all on the way. Keep up the spirit in making creation good people! Thanks for the great event and meetings from everywhere corner of world. See you around 😊.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Somewhere breathing

Its somewhere breathing. Its somewhere holding breath too. For captured them on the way. Hello flowers, birds,butterfly and friends :).
Processed and smile everywhere. Be happy for the simple sight yet its full of meaning. Meaning that not lost became meaningless, but more importantly than only shapes. Somewhere breathing and click! 😁 Somewhere breathing and stepping. Keep Positivo , positive keep 😊. See you when I see you!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Forrest Walk Time

Trees! Stepping stepping time at Forrest Walk where green meetings this and that. Stepping stepping time where brightness is coming. Stepping stepping everywhere with simplify sphere of nature. And smiling \(^_^)/ for the views.