Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday 😊

Sunday chill Sunday here Sun in the day May its shine on your heart Sunday chill Sunday here Sun in the day May its bring great new panorama Sunday chill Sunday here Sun in the day And smiling face everywhere. Sunday and so on, keep positivo - positive keep 😊

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Two Zero One Eight What's happening? Keep walking, starring, learning, grateful, smiling, cheering, etc. Keep positivo, positive keep. Be happy everywhere you are.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Looking this, that, and everything :)

Its a circle, leaves, sky, flowers, sun, wind blow, people Plantation growth by so many friends on the way. Take your time for breathing, seeing around, smiling, crying, praying, alive. Enjoy the time to see real often is smiling for very long time. Thankful for beautiful minds around. Be happy wherever you are.

Happy Holiday

Everything in this world are growing. Seeds are everywhere. What is help they growing are surrounding us. Where are they coming from? Hahaha they are gift from the dear Majesty. Like people, whoever they are when we allowed to meet them... Remember, they are already have their own stories that we never know before. We might become their seeds to grow or we growing up by them. We might not alike what everyone's doing for us anyhow The Majesty always giving miracles to us for believing every gifts HE presented. Thanks for them telling the story, grateful for the knowledge. Smiling for every input and output finding on the way to reach brighten life. Cheers and chill with the love of HIM, Majesty One for us, human being that learning to be human. Keep Positivo, Positive Keep. Happy holiday friends, wherever you are.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Desember dan Craft Gathering

Desember datang, bulan penuh ceria dan cerita, kebersamaan dan senyuman. Desember dan Craft Gathering kembali hadir dengan banyak keseruan, warna-warni juga tawa hangat bagi para pengkarya dan masyarakat umum. Sebagai salah satu cara mengapresiasi seni dan budaya yang ada di sekitar, Pesona Perca Nusantara berkesempatan untuk menyelenggarakan acara Craft Gathering III bertempat di Museum Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. Dua hari penuh keseruan workshops dan acara lainnya bisa menjadi pilihan untuk menikmati waktu akhir minggu di 16 dan 17 Desember. Jalan - jalan ke ibukota jangan lupa mampir di tempat kami 😊.
2 hari + 16 workshop menawan dan ceria akan menjadi teman berkarya bagi siapapun. Bertemu dengan para pengkarya Quilt, mendengar cerita seluk-beluk para pengkarya dari bidang kriya lain, ikut membuat karya, menikmati pameran dari artist Quilt Indonesia bisa jadi agenda menyenangkan. Kegiatan Craft Gathering III penuh keseruan ini diramaikan dengan kelas workshop asik seperti free motion long arm machine, frame wallet, modern quilt, mistery quilt, block, reversed applique, melukis kaleng, mini felt mermaid doll, leather card wallet, fringed clutch, sculpture painting, scrapbook mini album, mandala needle punch, basic hand lettering, macrame hanging shellf, rusty book box.
Seru! Mari bertemu dan saling tegur sapa sekalian ikut berkarya di acara yang satu ini teman-teman. Gak hanya karya saja, pengunjung juga disuguhkan Craft Market dari berbagai penjuru Nusantara. Catat lagi tanggal mainnya ya, 16-17 Desember di Museum Nasional Indonesia dimulai dari jam 09.00 - 16.00 Informasi kegiatan workshop bisa ditemukan di instagram @pesonapercanusantara dan fb page Pesona Perca. Yuuk kita ketemuan lagi! 😊

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November Sphere

Nova November 2017 ... How's the day? May all in cheers and full of energized to do many things. What's surrounding lately? Much ... much ... much ... however just wanna share this , who knows it can be your mood booster even if in the misty time.
Nova Nova November , where the "berrr" always coming with many ingredients of word and inspiration. Nova Nova November , keep on PositivO - positive keep (^___^)
Mist and green and the spirit of keep on going ! Enjoy every corner as it the great gift from HIM. Breath well (^_____^)
To see and feel the peace around.
Sometimes, its ok to be relax for a while before get ready to the next journey. High - five where ever you are traveler of life, may all the journey will be in a great values. Have a gracious moment all (^_^).

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kindness 😊

Looking to their eyes, hearing their stories about what happened in life through their memories about many things somehow its a bless. However what people shares to, must have a beautiful lesson behind. For those thing happened in life grateful coz the experience of life being a best teacher after school. Even the old man somewhere said, "hei kid never boring to keep your dreaming on, life isn't only life, it's a huge library with uncountable action. To dream and believe then the people surround will helping in built-in that. Be grateful for someday you become someone keep smiling for everything happens for a reason. What reason? It's a kindness" Some people might not known us anyhow life is conducting to meet our path and walking on it. Meet the great people, with or without our command and happens. Behind all that lesson are much kindness through process. Those who are eager to learn and believe their dreams that still humble are them awesome. And some said again, "hei you just keep The Majesty in your heart, so wherever you go you are never alone. With HIM you'll find friends from everywhere and said lalala on the way to everywhere". At this time I was asking what is lalala and this is it, "lalala is love love love" then I said O to smile. We are not counting well coz the perfect one is only HIM counting, however so ever just relieved to get know that we are surrounding by the people with great attitude in how their direct the life at the right track to kindness. I said them as manusia 2 kuat, from them I learn many things, others fun stories that always be back to kindness. So be happy then. Keep positivo, positive keep 😊.
Hmm there's a reminder too from a song about those who believe, in a word refer to HIM way only. Bila bukan kehendakNya 😊 All happens because HE allowed something happened in built us to the best pattern of our time.