Tuesday, September 25, 2012

old poetries

menemukan puisi lama!! lumayan bikin terhenyak sedikit, apa yang dipikirkan waktu membuatnya ya? nampak seseorang hahaha.  Gak nyangka pernah menguntai kata-kata ini :p.


Cloudy refresh and Cloudy romance
Cloudy love too
What a funny day
And inspired to whom felt it

Perhaps ... Perhaps ...

Lovable girl has return to the city
While carry on clean heart inside
And looking situation surround by

Windy, leaves, trees, birds, people, water
Saying hai @ her in a good way

Cloudy yelling then
"Welcome back Godest , May all bring happiness on you"
What I see in you

You are you
You are them
Skies, trees, nature, light, warm

When I saw you in 1st
Its like windy, knowledge, treasure, peace
You also pictured transformation, time and compass

You showed the world fully stars and footsteps
You are you
Full of spirit in crossing world
You are a great rhytm

Pagi di Bulan September

Mataku menerawang ke atas  sambil nikmati pergerakan awan pada rumahnya
Burung yang tak terhingga jenisnya temani waktu tersenyum pada alam

Angin dingin pagi ini, buat segar sekitar
Menari berlenggok kanan - kiri sempurna

Air terjun belum lagi tampakkan derasnya,
Namun tetap mengalir santai di bawah sana

Pagi yang merdeka dan ingatkanku pada si pengikut matahari
Suatu hari kawan, jika kita bertemu lagi
Kuingin membaginya denganmu

Sssht ... Dan ini hanya akan menjadi rahasia kita
Selamat datang pagi di bulan September


Come away with me

Under the tree
There are words flying
Come ...
Come dear friend ...

Under the tree
In a gloomy times
There are words flying
Come ...
Come dear friend ...

Under the tree
In the noon
There are words spelling
Come ...
Come Away With Me


hehehe an old booklet was stored somewhere and found them between some sketches book of poet
voila! voila! :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Be ceria!

be ceria sajalah
hari menapaki penjajakannya hampir tiba. ayo beres2, kepak2, siap2.
sambil teriak be ceria makan buah ceri di pagi hari gak akan bikin monyong cuma ceria dimana-mana.
hehehe ...
sampai kapan lagi yak ini, yak sampai kapan2 setelah perjalanan yaaa (tenang perjalanan msh 2 hari lagi, jd msh ada waktu segitu hari buat main tuang menuang disini) - ^_^
mu manja2 sama kereta plus puas2in mata liat2 yang wokey sambil cengar-cengir , celingak-celinguk, dll.
Adios amigos ...
Selamat memulai minggu terakhir bulan september :)

saat mendehel ...

bnyk bnr cobz nya
magnet2 bermunculan gini ... berwarna, menarik, hidup , etc etc etc
ada yg dibawah, mirip, di atas kualitas dan kuantitas
lumayan bikin mata kerejep-kerejep sempurna liat dan telaah
tapi si tungkai tetep ingin berputar anggun pd
dan menunggu yang biasa saja tapi gak kebeli juga gituuu deh.
itu kado munculnya dr atas , nyadarnya aja setengah mati
gak kaya bingkisan2 yg lg lewat ini
menarik dan kosong
bisa jd monyong ntar kalu ga liat2 yg bener
jd yaa dinikmatin aja deh monyong-monyongnya sendiri
aaah sudahlah ...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

time flies

everything is on the way
just a lil pffttt time when saw them stories that marking into 2nd, 3rd or 4th and so on ...
dearest lovely GOD may the 5th could be a happy memories for all
the 5th of friendship and 1st for everything ...
wide exploring time of many and much
playing everywhere untouchable corners
smiling for views from both in the same place
learning each other steps
dancing (perhaps)
jumping or

Friday, September 21, 2012

walking wishlist

to see him had a write is a pleasure thing . to see him standing still its a gladly too. to walk out in the middle of nowhere is one of wishes that came from very long ago, whether we are in any relation. to sip many mugs of coffee and tea under the blue sky and green forest is things that always blast here and there. to go somewhere filling cheers heart with also there under the list. to see him madly deep in love with the life around is beautiful indeed. to meet in new adventure of two's is undescribe , somehow the feeling come from nature always yelling for good. so, let us meet again when there are possibilties to catch each other hand and making steps.

blue paper butterfly and her

in the mid night like now ...
the mind is walking back to the moment where
the 1st crafty day was held, day full of laughing - cheering and seeing many and much
a friends had made a blue paper butterfly while his eye captured something that make his day colorful in the next day and so on
thought about that time, rainy season and view of love that framed were being a magnetic tic toc for.
say this and that , until known that reading lights becoming our glue that sticky this to that.
this isn't about me
this is about two a friend of mine ...
time flies friend, however soever, seen your gestures and eyes to her was being a scenery into mind.
hahaha - thanks for the day
thanks for the blue butterfly, because of it i could see the unspoken language that you threw to her
ow what so beautiful sphere i got there hahahaha.
may in the future we can spent a time together , like used to be . 3 of us smiling and chattering while learning some origami activities :p .

Thursday, September 20, 2012


powerful ... super power ... etc

where u all can gain or build power?
are you powerful enough to build whole system by yourself?
everything have a reason
why there are thing called a group or team
because nobody is perfect.

every human needs another to reflect what they want to build on
human needs earth and whole ingredients of it
then share all into positives
don't be a greedy person
no one can stand alone

just doing some positivo without making a harsh things.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dunia Oranye

Dunia oranye finally coming as new arrival things. Very fine to look at, hope can having much time at that place.  To learn, act and flying as fast as the flash hahahaha.  Dunia oranye is consist of people that having pure alarm to do the best things with their creation.  And the alarm world said to them wake up and doing a gathering in create things out loud than before.  Make the world FRESH with every compiles.
Dunia oranye is like a magnetic thing, its attracting many people to translate simple to become something luminous and loved.  Dunia oranye is an extra grant things will surround with its own style.  Them, who lies on Dunia Oranye will feel things to unite.  Unconsciously, the path had leading them into point to point and say Hallo each others.
New arrival has come! new arrival has come! with an energetic spirits to giving health for everyone in simplest. Dunia Oranye Collab then :) -- yiiiha and yiipiii

Monday, September 17, 2012

ost rumah ketujuh

Rumah ke tujuh is the song that companion time now.  it may said as classic music now a days.
Present by Indra Lesmana as a soundtrack for movie titled Rumah Ketujuh (old movie - packaging simple - gud story idea)
However so ever the song is having fun and sweet lyrics just find it then.
Hwoooaaa , kinda similar situation with a chatty session couple weeks ago with somebody.
Wanna laugh now ! x-D

Reading Lights after long no see

reading lights after long no see
to come and
to feel the sphere again
a lil change stay there now but comfy just stand in loyal
hummm, hmmm :)
finally can filling the day with them at writer circle and gaining a new info about writing world
finding things that not everyone knew about
hahaha everyday reading (^__^)

Just Think Straight

Think straight for every happening session
Think smart too
don't forget to HIM ; Allah SWT/ Allah/GOD/ The Majesty one
in every inch of life is for being with HIM later
if you just believe to the nature system then you will accept that bad minor could be in positive track for
gathering point.
when every evil shows up ,then the heart will attack the black become clean with many ways of process and progress.
for every bad thinking-acts or whateva, am just comment : there's a thing called "Washing" from that wash word of course ... when somebody doing bad action then HE will give us some shot for being at that point. Someday we even not realized with that system but its happen for real thou.  Human being could sleep very well, but HE never sleep indeed.  HE is watching , taking care, listening, singing, telling stories, making receipt, guarding, etc for us everyday. whether someday we are shouting HIM because our delayed package. Don't forget that something beyond us is an exist.  We can't see but can feel and grateful also become HIS friend for life.
Its Him that always brighter the day with many efforts :).
Let's help HIM to clean the negative sphere into positive .  Can be from lil things around ya all.
Place HIM upon everything so do the Peace within life.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

everywhere heart beat

finally can see what u see muka jendela :p

the angel door :)

and this lil things being a reminder to  tuan peri pohon

Belu!  I'm a friend of the prince ... sezz that leaf
let's have a walk

So do with this one, all smile and given encouragement
in front

I'm the highest plant here miss B!  I know ur mind about this corner
calm down, the whispering of ... can be known by us here and all everywhere
 whether the object located farthest much.
the nature is having amazing system for doing communication.

"warm light ".
remains a warm hand of angel
that sticky everywhere I go

enjoying every smooths track

Seeing someone under the moonlight

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miraculous Twinkle

for few days this simply is stamping to mind

to hold each other hand and stepping new routes together
hmm ... may there are possibilities to rejoice
and sparkling too d(^____^)b

what a miraculous twinkle!


What else then?? ...

... Otherwise don't forget about HIM , The Majesty one
that always giving smarts way to lead the human being into the light
POSITIVO linking everywhere u r state in.

To : Bela

Today, just wanna say this here :
Hey you! Bela or whoever ur name is today
Just be a good guy when the time is return to you meet Baby
Just accomplished everything to all of them you left behind.
Don't waste ur time stupidity self and blaming - just finished all
7 years lost wasn't okay, don't you ever think about your own fam today.
Hellooo ...
Never know where r u now Bel, finishing all is ur obligation to them.
Whether ur time is in limited u have to come up for everyone u left before.
ur Inang and Amang.  Esp inang Beeelll ...
Asking a polite apologize to ur parents, also baby family for everything happen as long as you were gone .
That's the way you meet PEACE.

(everyone said u just a paper of story from few yrs ago, as i am thought you are somewhere like always - hiding ,,, dude! just ending all okaay)

biskuit - teh - susu - de el el :D


voila september!

was reading my pal blog continued with world historic literature, and checking some old blog. now is shown 03.05 am reading noon and canon plus listening that song through the cell phone.  was realized that is a notes that i wrote a year ago exactly in the date now (well here is sept 13, 2012).  funny but in the same time there's a hand beside mine, feels like a hand of somebody i know. hmm not spooky at all, its the warm one :) - believe it or not my cold hand is become warm too (whoooa??...)
voila! maybe this is a part of miracles HE made for ^_^
gracias then

by the way the world historic today is feelings Wow!! more than normally
hmm very extraordinary life of a monarch system , diplomacy, etc, etc  -- feels so headache with all the data
but very blessed can reads them.
in every faces passed on i just saw the face of families in old version.
never knowing what is the main purposed about whole point left, the one I'm sure just for a unison of big families that lost somewhere because of this and that.  all are connected .
never looking for bad purposed, everything is pure positivo --> gathering of big fam in Peace
2012 will be the 13th years learning of this family root - an extremely exhausted way but have to stand anyway.
and let's doing something better for the future.
as simple as that.
 in every connection of all
 a conspire of universe is stand with loyalty
all answered of many questions are revealing by it self
the natural system of HIM just showing in same rhyme with the life goes on
from one era to the next and for the better future
balancing for everyone to get harmony in every field
glad to find this truly squire of
that suddenly shown from some corner and leading a path to discovery

voila september!
end for now
captured other next time ^_^

may HE is giving you all the best shot of miracles everyday in Positivo.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Selewat aja

Hahai cuma mu lewat sambil bilang

kebutuhan hidup memang banyak tapi jangan serakah ya, itu sifatnya setan dibuang sajalah.
be POSITIVO jalanin aja "alon-alon asal kelakon" , tulus , gak macem2 dan tujuan tercapai itu penghargaan besar dariNYA . gak usah juga berharap terlalu tinggi kalau memang gak siap untuk rasain kejatuhan, atau kenegatifan dari harapan berlebihan.
Menang itu ketika kamu melakukan Usaha .
Menang itu POSITIVO BISA, sesuatu tanpa proses itu GAK MUNGKIN karena kita manusia bukan tukang magic yang kabarnya bisa ngerubah daun jadi duit.  Postivo itu transfer - sharing tentang apa yang tadinya gak ada atau kurang menjadi sesuatu yang ada dan terpacu jadi Bisa.

so happy Positivo day yaaaa.
GBU all
voila again!  met those words from search engines.  and will compile in random to be like this below:

They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true - Big fish 2k3

Tell her the truth - aladdin

If u've got no love in your heart, you've got nothing ... no dreaming, not story, nothing. - australia, 2k8

i  know every mile will be worth my while, when i go distance, i'll be right where i belong - hercules

the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible - alice in wonderland , 2k10

i have a love in my life. it makes me stronger than anything you can imagine - punch drunk love, 2k2

be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies - mother teresa
live everyday as if it is your last, for one day you're sure to be right - breaker morant, 1980

lead me to the one who loves me - peter pan

a new days waiting to start. you must meet it , wake up, and greet it - the three caballeros

God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn't. Trust and let go. Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there

With the promise of forever, we will take the past and learn how to begin - pocahontas II

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Beautiful indeed!

spotting frames where my friend (primary school) who is filling her lil child as a swimmer and somebody at broadcast-line now a days was action as freedom as life circulation. Fun-tas-tic! to see her underwater with whole creature :), very alive!

another athlete of horse riding
she is the one who standing still at that field and grooving at broadcast plus a novelist. its gud to see her again riding the horse.  when there's a silhouette frames of her, the spirit of life just given us great feel too.
she is my classmate at senior high school

what a belle life!
not only for them who succeed to be somebody through their medals
what a ring!
a splendid one with many exotic accessories and coloring marbles sticky on
what a fresh line to enjoy
thx for it dear YOU  

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Patron is standing loyalty everywhere
Unicorn just giving the best time to shut up and working well with the Lion
Nobody realized that
but things flow just the way it is
things burnt for centuries will be showing up someday
no need to hurry
just give the best shoot for a beast
Beast will cracking up to those that aren't awaking from their sleep
Beast slipping the day with fake this one here and there
And the Patron is things that so cool and stay until later

whether all result are true ... then the historic will be a great one in earth
a unison of great countries including this land
thx for the past history that always giving a light and tons of human study etc
thx for that powerful woman in history too
the root is never die
only saved on somewhere out there
knowing that her appreciate about sacral things is a great deal
tududu di damdam
root of to be free
freedom for real
in peace
V for Victory!
that's a bond things
hello world :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

just a free thinker and student of universe that learning since the birth until the time for sleep coming

ppl said this is all about art and science


... enjoy all frictions
till the simplicity n purity 

Friday, September 7, 2012

what's inside your mind?

hmm ... V for victory
            Some dynasties at everywhere
            V for volume
            ice cream
            corn soup
            great people
            an apple
           classic music
           garden of the white swan
           breathing well everywhere
           smiling to the world
           ... etc :)


inside - outside

watch outside
stay inside
read outside
sing inside
listening outside
framing inside
sounding outside
drinking inside
standing for inside and outside
meeting inside and outside
joy in everywhere
bringing from outside and linking inside
catching from outside and printing inside
whole trips at universe
with special train, ship, air balloon
for every single things coming into yours
be grateful
don't mention how big or little the matters
just appreciate them
with ur big heart
without took other rights
or spell bound un appropriate words
just be a good human

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

windy day and him

what a windy day!
colder than yesterday
it sphere is here spinning with fun ...
brr ... brr ... n brrr again
on this windy day
all nature just spoken about him
plantations, radio, music, picture, some topics,
even if his name also shown at timeline
made an expression such as hyaa here and hyaa there
took a deep breath then
hmm have to stop here
and try to turn on the light
seeing all as crystal clear
none with the fog
... an hour
... a day
and so on
peace and bright
and okay
trying to stay right now
with that light HE shown to carry
inside the heart
Add caption


just expel the words
sometime life is about to begin not in a lines of notes, book, etc
everyone need that as a Real as its worthy living
coz the result will be showing in real and not a realm
this kinda thing is not a speech files that yiu can arranged very well
this is all about an important stuff you should released on the spot
eyes to eyes
they said this kinda time full of nervous indeed .... every time! for every man
but once it flow ... they are being a winner of their own self
and told this : Gee ! I should do that for very long time ago! Gracious
knowing you not so well, but wont let you be a foolish one again (and written like the "m" notes)
never mean to push the river, but flowing in unclear water wasn't a good one too
its a thing just like the text said in every you lost the main object :
"To The Point Please"

Monday, September 3, 2012


Here's for september :), as usual  got them through internet world and friends gadget, now i'll make little notes from it to become a simple lines (^_^).

There are words that works like magic.  You'd be amazed at what they do - owl, the book of pooh

Love, shall we deny it when visit us?  Shall we not take what we are given? - the new world

People come and go from your life all the time, but the right ones will stay in it :)

Imagine how different your life would be if you said literally everything that came to your mind

Money is not prime asset in life.  Time is -  Wall Street : Money Never Sleep , 2010

Appreciate every moments that you have ... before they become memories

PS : Clap our hand for them who've been succeed make those sentence

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September begin :)

Happiness shot on September 1st
That lil crop had been through step to see world (yiippiiiii!) - feels great in the morning thou.  Still in tiny of course, however good to see it grow.
Then ...
Families and old friend of ours was coming suddenly and bring a great color to the day \(^__^)/
To see them who is long not to be seen are such a miracle comes from HIM.
Happy , merry, cherish, etc.
Thank YOU for the gathering, in every corner there are splashing of cheering.
Everything happen today wasn't captivated by the cam , coz they just gluing perfect at nature camera and memory.
Btw, I've got beautiful scenery too, in the place where we used to do fam dine ... the green green grass were decorated by fun for a wedding ceremonial.  Well, the place (Maxi's) is one of favorable restaurant that having good performance of building and the yard for wedding occasional.  Its the classical one , being there is like you weren't here (Indonesia).  It feels somewhere wonderful - daa! you have to try by your own self in getting right meaning about its place.  They've got good taste of food too, highly recommend.

Humm what a beautiful and an inspiring day.  The atmosphere just resulted a very nice nuance.
With those who you care and love.

Have a great weekend everyone.