Friday, March 30, 2012

pinky blooming

be wise with the choice bull-headed
the wind is blowing hard this year
u might be somewhere up there for good
but in the other side just keeping save that secret garden
caring for the special flower

its blooming time
different session for a year
bees are coming to that secret garden from many point
and patch affection
with divers way for special one

under the blue and black sky
whether its heading to the sun
when there is no clarity view
one of the great bee will picked it

blooming blooming time
pinky blooming
as in the heart of earth
its stand for
like a crystal clear
forward to the new stage of angle view

to those lucky it'll be said yippie!
and for none just goodbye left

Ps : be happy all (^_^)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


When we are searching about history of the past life for some adjustment in the future, there are so many un invited things coming as an invention, conversion, additional like a virus.  However soever, the right - wrong and blank are connected..
Never give up for learning from every sight view, things outta box , reading from the substantial to special or the opposite (like open and close pyramid system), asking to the right, etc2.
Everything happened just like when u are face to face with the depth news.
Be a good watchdog and deep filter of info is an important things u must have and learn continuously.

Ganbatee (^__^)

fun friend :p

this march is soooo marching march with every surprised inside that could make speechless, shockin' or even merry.
Including this one :
met a friend of my pal yesterday under the bright sky in my town.
he is an engineer that been living at Stockholm and passed some years at NZ, now a days he is living here in indonesia.
Hohoho great bonus in a hot day! yiiippiii (at least somebody is reading the black swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb).  Beuugh ... long time no see ppl who is reading this kinda book. It is the good one indeed.
Another coincidental label here - hahaha
Dunno why just feel fun in meeting this person.
Santaiii kaya di pantai - asiiik :))

Friday, March 23, 2012

Incredible of March 22nd

Were meeting cute child named Diba (^____^) and her parents coincidental  at Heritage, then we all together spent time at Humming Bird resto at jalan progo (yummy menu they've got - recommend). And continued to Anak Kecil at cimandiri. I've got funny story here with Diba, lovely indeed.
In the night time I could met guardian star after looooooooong time no see.
And saw those sparkling up there when going to back.  Clean night sky and cold weather.
Starry starry night, there it was the northern star shine like always. Yuhuuuu

Every what happened on this march 22nd are the incredible after years nope.
Thanks GOD :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Hei :D

Hai to you that are reading this lil home of notes from Hongkong, Belarus, Georgia, Pakistan.

Colors of Smile

Hahaha juz wanna put some pics of us that loved to smile. Those are compilation from old but still good to see.
Just feel the warm from all pure heart around. (^_^)




Some pics were taken by me and friends in many places
that was a pleasure time can passing with them all that coming from different cities in Indonesia and countries in the world. Juz a lil of them am putting here but hey this is us that living as part of world live (^__^). Colorful and delighted.  Art, social , economic, politics, humanity, sports, hobbies, etc are united all together.  Everyone have their own style that enrich the way of life.  Cool GOD that providing whole system of life, hehehe ...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dalam lingkaran yang lucu

Hahaha lucu sekali hari ini, entah kenapa begitu bersimpangan hal-hal yang berbau si karib. Dan selalu muncul dari hal-hal yang tak pernah terpikirkan sebelumnya.  Muncul selalu dalam label "tiba-tiba".  Beberapa hari ini otakku terdampar di kata may star (baru saja diceritakan), lalu beberapa literatur yang terbaca berbaur seputar lili; lilian; lily of the valley; flowers; syria; rhodes; etruscan (aiiih jadi ingat sesuatu sambil *gigit bibir*).
semua serba klasik.
Mmm apa lagi ya ... saat melihat-lihat di sekitar pun ternyata ada simbol panah yang menunjuk sebuah bintang. Celingukan adalah yang selanjutnya terjadi.  Lalu teringat pembicaraan di waktu yang lampau mengenai arti jasmin di namaku. Tersalip (kalau gak salah) ku menjawabnya dengan "melati kan bunga bangsa".  
Hubungannya sama hari ini? 
Nah di bawah simbol tadi ada kalimat yang menunjukan bahwa melati adalah pagar bangsa.  bagian dari kalimat itu menerbangkan memoriku pada pembicaraan kami saja, membuat tersenyum :) . Cukup banyak yang membuat terbelalak, tertawa dalam sebal, bengong-bingung, marah, dll semua campur aduk jadi satu.
Kemarin, saat melihat cakrawala di belakang sana ada sebuah pemikiran yg mendatangiku.
Betapa banyak yang ditemui dalam perjalanan kecil di sini di bandingkan yang besar disana, ada gesekan-gesekan yang kadang membuatku tergesek, juga ada tendangan-tendangan yang membuat terlempar dari sentral (menyebalkan kalau mereka datang dalam jumlah yang banyak dan menggeser tempatku sebentar- huuh!!) .  Beberapa saat setelah terlempar pasti melupa datang, namun Tuhan yang lucu itu rupanya senang melihat aku tertawa karena label "tiba-tiba".  Dan proses "tiba-tiba" selalu muncul di saat- saat yang tak di duga, seperti kemarin ketika dibangunkan olehNya lagi.
Dalam lingkaran yang lucu Tuhan tak lelah mengingatkan aku, hal-hal sederhana yang menguatkan sesuatu.  Pada lingkaran itu , aku juga teringat ttg catatan kecil yang berbunyi " apa yang kita mulai tak pernah diketahui awalnya dan tak berakhir"  .
DIA adalah sahabat terbaik yang selalu mengingatkan kesederhanaan dan kemurnian akan sesuatu.  Menguatkan dan melindungi dari para pengganggu. Hahaha ... jadi kesimpulannya itu meski kita melang-meleng kemana-mana karib, kita ada dalam lingkaran yang lucu ini.  Di jaga ketat loh sama Tuhan, makanya ada aja kejadian-kejadian gokil sampai menyebalkan. Itu takaranNya biar enak pas diaduk, biar pas dengan segala murni sama sederhana itu.  Hmm Tuhan, kalau semua takaran udah pas kayaknya bakalan jadi kue terenak sepanjang masa ya (^_^), dibuat 7 tingkat boleh tuh (jadi ingat sidratul muntaha :D).
Dalam lingkaran yang lucu ini tak henti-hentinya say thankful sama Allah SWT, plus Jibril dan penolong-penolong yang menjadi perangkat perjalanan menuju kebaikan. Amiin

Saturday, March 17, 2012

May Star

May star it said so, the title of a chinese resto at Grand Royal Panghegar, Bandung city, Indonesia.
They have nice food with the delicious spices. They were processing every kinda meat at soft stage, feel good for real.  With a "Juice Segar" that mixed from some fruits.
I recommend for their roast duck, its good taste indeed :).
Whether u are not in Bandung city, u can reach them at Jakarta.  There are several place too such as Central Park Mall, Gandaria City, Emporium Pluit mall and Hotel Le Grandeur ( u probably can search their addresses at search engine).  :D
For the few days later I just spelled about different subject with same line, May Star.
Then rewind it few times in a #freelicioustime for none, just want to say it.
What a weird march with may star i said so
Then some May Star just twinkled for several time around.
Dunno why , i remember my friend that has a nickname May.  I was unlocked the kompie and found her at Kebaya in her profile picture.  And i said whoaaaaa dear GOD this is awesome!
I thought the session of it words just ended when the awesome showed up.  In fact , its showed up again this noon.
Its blast in big size , like when we find a line that written by capital letter "MAY STAR".
What's this? I was thinking, what happen with this line ... why the blast is bigger than usual? Do i missed something.  Hmm maybe there's a happiness day somewhere and bring luck for everyone. Hahahaha ...

May star ... may star ... do i have another may star that will bringing happiness inside?
Hmm may is running 2 months from now maybe something good arriving there for merry time.

M for :

M to M = May to Merry :p - LOL!!

Hmm by the way this noon "May Star" just made me smile in spontaneous.  Hopefully that will be precious may star that singing and shine on from HIM. (^____^) -- blink ... blink ...

Yippiiii duuu.
Bless u all <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hmm ...



another colors of march 2012, take a look my ribbon stock :)) - also some embroidery thread etc
a team of bear doll that i found somewhere outta Bandung city and
the last is Homemade Martabak by mum that for very loooooooong time not made :)) - yummy slllrrpp.

unbelievable march

March session is unbelievable
Everyday is a learning time.
I chase for the better tomorrow then.
Best luck for everyone.

Happy Wedding Nuke :)

at that moment you came to my house, that's the 1st time i have some premonition that you will be on a merry time. every time we enjoyed the time to go there and everywhere, there's a feeling "she'll be happy and showing the best match for her life".
you might be remember or none when we chat and i said, "nuke , lucu ya perasaan gw kayak mau ngedampingin lu ke waktu bahagianya.  hahaha sama siapa pun itu yang terbaik buat lu.  Sepertinya sih gak lama-lama amat pulang dari Bandung, entar tiba-tiba ada yang ngajak merit gitu".
and the stories goes somewhere, ...
until u said that you will be on Bekasi (if am not wrong) for proposed time, and i said "kyaaaaaa, so happy!"
hahahaha ... and few days ago , both of u were there, standing together to stare new perspective of life. Yiiiha, awesome pal!
Happy Wedding Day for both of you, may Allah SWT blessing you and fam in every inch, step, jump etc.
Love you dear Nuke.

See you around (^_____^)