Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Hearts

Hearts at april , those were a purity sweet packaged coming at sky.
Early, middle and end of April
The 1st was coming in noon time , very big at sky, up our neighborhood. been captured ,tagged people and send to them in warm regards.
The 2nd also coming in the afternoon, it stand at Pasteur sky.  Captured
The 3rd was in the last day of April, captured that on 13:13 , funny heart that look a like things came out from Aladdin lamp.  Saw it on Setiabudhi area sky.
Lalalalala ^_^, Miracles i said so.
3 of them are awesome!
Thx for giving such as good story up there dear YOU.
May everyone could have their own treasure to capture.
Grazie for April Hearts

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kopi Selasar di Bulan April

Selasar kembali mencuri hati after very long time ... There's an exhibition that i want to see that time, poorly it was late .  Its a noon time and pretty , then I just took pics again somewhere there place (hahaha ...) .  Some corners that not yet clicked before. Happy spoil your visual to these :D

Kopi Selasar at april 27th full of joy.
What a wonderful moment after the last 2 years.
Thanks dear YOU for all cheers on that Saturday (^_^)
By the way HBD to you who'd been b-day too, may in the new upgrade time the life of adventures still keep in touch at lovely way.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

april (ku)

April was coming like ... hahahihi
Then continued to those ---> happiness

Happiness came to see them on some tradition cloths
at Kartini Day
Fun to see those cheers included parents :)
full colors indeed

What else ya ... april is rolling to see these snaps too

others just met again with many creative people and having time listening Karinding. yipikayey! Fun is everywhere. :D
smiling back by Caleb that already walked now on ^_^ -
Gracias dear YoU :D

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Buk book buk day ^_^

buk buk buk
book book book
hehehe it have same sounding
why I typed both
because of today is a Book day!
Happy reading the lines, catching pictures, inviting ur own mind into that
Hahahaha where ever you are
hmm what a day!

by the way thanks for Johannes Gutenberg as an innovator of press machine, so that we can really enjoying time in reading every lines everywhere. Been write about him (never know whether the book still on the store or nope), however I've got so many knowledge and point of views of life. The Man of Millennium thank you for being a part of world education life.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Indonesia Bangkit

Just wanna say this:

Indonesia Bangkit
Bersamaan dengan bangunnya pelopor-pelopor Nusantara yang lama tertidur dengan tenang 1/2
Indonesia bangkit
Bersamaan percikan cahaya muncul memecah kegelapan
Indonesia Bangkit
Sedikit demi sedikit, selangkah demi selangkah, maju tak gentar
Kembali pada tahta semula
Berdiri dengan keanggunan yang kukuh
Indonesia Bangkit
Sesuai dengan cerita-cerita lama yang dikatakan orang-orang tua yang tak pernah dimengerti di masa kini
namun Indonesia tetap Bangkit
untuk Persatuannya
Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang ( meminjam kata sang Kartini, red)
Indonesia Bangkit
dalam Cahaya yang benderang
bukan untuk sesuatu yang bernada perang
namun Indonesia Bangkit
dalam Persatuan
Indonesia dalam Bhineka Tunggal Ika yang semakin bercahaya

Jum'at 1:10 am
dengan spontanitas tersaring dalam bentuk tulisan
by me (BJK)


Both are people who likes to hang out
Meet many people from everywhere
They met on coincidental way as always
One go over in long distance and the other just walk away with joy everywhere likes being into
They are like and love the life that handling by HIM
Everywhere cheers, smile however their missed each other shape
Both are understand and trust their guts in survive until meet again somewhere
In every turning point there always a bright light to keep calm and carry on
Whatever it takes
Both are warriors that loved to explore the world with each other point of view
Farthest away in a powerful chain
They are communicate through their own style with no drama on it
Flowing like the life itself
In a ship with full of stories of their own trips
Farthest away but still stepping in the same rhythm
Sounding good harmony and symphony in simplest elegance
Everywhere they are standing in
for those keep the best for last :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nyasar Time :D

Nyasar lagi dan hepi hahaha.
As u all see that i like to captured things behind the lens, so do that day ... coincidental made me click-clack things surround the place.  How happy I am can made a shot the flyover again after long time none.  In the past time , one of the street photographer here just like the way i'm compile it.  Gracias!  Can u imagine how fun hat time when the digital not yet everywhere like today. hahaha ... however so ever just happy to meet the street again and doing click-clack hahaha.
By the way ,in a coincidental too i met somebody that i recognized him as a photographer because of his lens and camera brand.  Only several people using that kinda lens and camera to shot things... well at least not much people using that brand, while i known that brand is using by many great photographer .  Unfortunately, i can't mention who is he because never saw his face before (hahaha) or just forget because of the rolling time.  When we had a lil chat and he given his name to us, only one link in my head (its fotografer-net) but not asking it rightly.  Anyway he is good person, positivo is around him.  Pleasure to meet one of the great Asian street-photographer yeaay ^_^.

Meet pak Erik Prasetya ( the photographer) Yeay! ^_^

Just shot what i like ;)

all photos were taken on April , 2013

what a happy nyasar day , when the Positivo keep spinning around
and result cheers everywhere
just say Grazie to the dear GOD
that always allowing Miracle happen for true ^_^

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

banana and Indonesia :D

Putri Noong (that's the name of this snack)
Was spending time to eat that simply snack , traditional one from Indonesia.  Noon and Putri Noong that made from cassava and banana.  Almost a week ago, that the 1st time recognized that there were traditional food named like that. Very funny indeed to have known a little about it.  Mom whose made it just said that Putri Noong was one of traditional food from her childhood era.  Then i checked on engine whether there are information about this traditional food and the result said that Putri Noong is one of Sundanese food.  It tasted sweet so yummy.
Well this is the view of it food (snack)

Green plus Pink with coconut
how it feels?
Yummy if I said so (^_*)


What is Barongko?
Well Barongko is one of traditional food that came from Indonesia too, South of Sulawesi - Makassar.  That 's the 1 st time i met them in a house of family.  It was made by banana that packaged with steamed of daun pisang.  Adding by daun pandan too.  The tasted of it hmm it sweet for real, u can companion with a plain tea or coffee.  I prefer black coffee without sugar when eat them.  However so ever the proportion of sugar can be regulated as ur own sense of it.  Could be in less or much depends on the habitual.
Btw this is the face of Barongko

Sweet indeed and delicious too :p

Sweet as a paradise with many colorful life inside ^_^, happy try them when u just landed here in a country name Indonesia.  Both of them were a little examples from lots of traditional food from ... enjoy the day then :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

HIS love to those patient

Proud to you as always
May the smile always cheering like that until later
Thanking HIM for everything lies on life since time shows every steps, thought, dances, beauties, etc etc
Everything still the same
Keep calm and carry on  at steady point
Well stubborn is always companion too, but HIS love to us just spreading everywhere like heaven
Do I have to grumble, don't think so.
I just have to BERSYUKUR untuk semuanya :)
Gracias very well ^_^

The Bugis :)

Just found this on one of family line at her wall.  Dunno, maybe because i am part of it too, this lines of comment boost the high spirit indeed.  If it in Harry Potter might feel like when the 1st time he was riding a Nimbus 2000 ( hahahaha)
Thanks to you who is having this commentary ^_^ :

The Bugis are a high spirited people, they will not bear ill-usage. They are fond of adventures, emigration and capable of undertaking the most dangerous enterprises. (Thomas FORREST)

I think this is the Thomas Forrest a navigator one ...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

hap ... hap ... hap ... happiness :)

hmmm what smell is this?
its making us who is smelling that smile in bright moment
something good will coming from far
well well well
can't say things
just beating it from nature system
in every chirps, musics, lyrics, wind blows
green stuff
water flowing
bright sky

however so ever it result to Happiness
swing and sway

full of cheers too

Have a pleasant day everyone