Tuesday, September 23, 2014

wiken wiken wike

Yesterweek is the time where so many agenda was fabulous stand. Could make you feel can' t stand to have 'em all in your activities.
Can't go to the Locafore 2014 is feeling lil bit aargh! But then HE showered other quality times with .... Friends!
Feeling fine and happy to meet then after so loooong never seen each other faces directly.
Hehe wonderful wonderful to known them again with so many stories they had.
And for coincidental back again to that place and found some art exhibit.
Down hill up hill weekend mixing altogether be sumthing shine on is a delight, juz love it! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Seringai Sleby di Setpember

Met crew of some movie, behind the screen
With good sphere to share and talk to
In a fun! Way
Yiiipppiii sleby here sleby there

Lovely day with oma yippi n friend
Lalala chat, cheers n enjoy
The breeze at, within green harmony

Akhirnyaaaaa! Beli setelah bertahun2 ngantri pinjeman ga dapet2
Hehehe ....

Sleby goes somewhere and met them nu friends on
Some place 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Positivo September :D

well some words juz came few days ago
its a PositiVo burst i said so

now i just wanna shared this to you all reader

it said
"Every Positive Thought is a silent prayer which will change your life"

Smile again then
while feels whole frequent of Positivo in the air today

Have a nice day, fun week, gratitude month
in your September
Amiin (^_^)

Sunday, September 7, 2014


as sweet the little things its picture gift
dunno what's inside
its said am sharing this to
its a share from the one who is like sharing so many things inside and outside
the first time met the room and sees those painting stand
well, well, well
kinda familiar with this all
the same part at my own pictures
do i having my own to what i've been drawn before?
voila then
miracles miracles just about to say hai again
to the little me
its somebody hiding and following for all this time
back the trees and like to see the moon
and say many about this and that
its somebody that shouting from years
none see enough but always there
waiting to find and see by the right
its a time for taking its to
the bright and shine on
voila! voila! voila!
its somebody within many amazing
may the gracious sweet always stand by
with fully of love

Friday, September 5, 2014

So long and Cheers

So long time no see
So long time abandon
So long time thrown the un acceptable words
So long in Time
and Time itself healing all
when the heal comes into
the Change happened
those saddy becoming cheers time
the cheers that twinkling by an Amazing friend on the way
is that a fairy?
well it could be ... it could be ...
the funny one that GOD told him coming from nowhere
Nowhere? Are you sure?
Hmm not quite sure, thinks it coming from the Moon land
Whoowww, how come its happened?
Dunno its just like a blink, suddenly and the world turns into hahaha time again after long in saddy
Hahaha is good rather than huiks huiks huiks
Then just enjoy the rest it said so

ps : been so long time no written this kinda poet of fairy and moon land and around
hahaha :D

Happy smile again all (^_^)