Thursday, December 31, 2015

Be happy :-)

Giggles here Giggles there Just like the way it goes Sleby here Sleby there Finding grace on the way To everywhere Fun And Fine Captured what fun to catch Learnt what HE given to Walking the path in grateful For every lessons thanks For everything hey! I am smile What's next? Sleby here Sleby there Keep walking through This is a huge universe Explore, expand view, cheers n be happy As HE stored many for us enjoy in all. Keep PositiVo, positive keep (^_^) #thankful Today will be yesterday Yesterday are lessons Tomorrow is tomorrow Keep walking and across all Be happy :-)

Colorful life

Land of Life :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The beauty of diversity

To learn in knowing Nusantara = knowing world = knowing KeTuhanan Yang Maha Esa Its the beauty of diversity Be happy to learn about everything and reach the rich through all your sense. Burst PositiVo :)

where r u?

Where r u? Graciousland Why u called it that? Coz just the way it is The place where the diversity living in a longest time with so many miracles happened. The place where the brainy are staying in humble way. The place where every lessons will reaching us to rich the mind in positive tollerance. Broad minded goes to the world and alive. Where am i ?here with those wow people. Whole are great chain in diversity. Every points of this land, well its a bridge to the world, so colorful to say. You must known first then say something. Respect to its diversity value. Well this is my see sight , yours peobably different. Anyway just the way it is. #thankful

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Be :)

Be The Sparkling One in Simplest Its okay to inspired by But No need to be somebody else Just be you Sometimes blink blink is too much Just take it easy and sliding everywhere Its okay to start all from zero coz life and HIM will leading you somewhere meaningful. Life isnt always about one feeling, life is contains by mixed feeling. Just be alive without annoying or forcing harmful things. Bon voyage to every journey of life ! Keep PositiVo, PositiVo keep.

Blessing December 2015

Blessing time in this december Happy Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW for all moeslem in the world Merry Christmas too In both we know how to respect every point of view in living. In both we learn to spread love and caring. Be happy may the joy of kindness and caring will finding everywhere at your life. Blessing blessing blessing time, have a warm cheers to you all. Burst PositiVo See you when i see you people (^_^)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Outside Reside :-)

Outside the window where that simple view stand. Like something stories from the past, where it said thats the way HE is giving smile for everyone. Be happy for you all where ever corner of the world. May the simple charities of smile could companion us. See you when i see you. (^_^) Burst PositiVo . Wihiiiw thankful to HIM, our Majesty one.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ber 7

Ber 7 Dalam ceria Pesona Perca Nusantara (P2N) Craft Gathering Warna warni asik laiknya Pelangi Yippi acara santai dan burst PositiVo everywhere. Untuk segala minim hei lagi2 DIA tersenyum untuk acara ini, dibuatnya suasana yang manis dalam berbagai cuaca. fuuuun! Sampai bertemu tahun depan kawan (^_^)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

haiii love haiii world ^_^

Have you ever find activities this weekend? Well this one might be a good idea to catch. To see a different beat also rainbows in the middle of green sphere. Tadaaaa! Or been so long not to go here? Good things to be back again then with another captivated colors. Be happy and welcome to this agenda all ^_^ where the universal love attend to say haiii to the world :) .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

dec ^__^

Dimana-mana hati senang temu suka cita dalam kegembiraan sederhana itu renyah rasa hmmm rasa surga ( something yg tidak terdeskripsikan) however soever its delight for sure. Just like universe giving us happiness all around Like having meal with corn flakes and friends then meet heavenly ice cream at rainy season continued with dinner somewhere next to big window and sees that simplicity of human life. Simple simple simple cheers cheers cheers smile smile smile With whole charities of HIM, be happy (^_^) Circling at great path of goodness ♡♡♡