Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Samar dalam Pelita - hmm apa jadinya?

Samar begitu polanya.

Melihat seperti hanya melihat yang biasa.

Mendengar seperti yang tak acuh

Berbicara seperti ala kadarnya kenormalan

Dan samar dalam






Juga samar dalam pelita

Monday, May 30, 2011


hai ystävä ...

Tämä pieni tarina oikeastaan
Sain työtarjouksen opettajana kouluissa koulutuksen kenguru maassa
hmm voisi vahingossa vuoksi antaa hänen veljenpoikansa, joka oli koeajalla oppimiseen:)
ne - Student2 mitä sanoin oli vahingossa lähestyi ja sai minut rakastamaan heitä.

Rakkautta ensi silmäyksellä ...
Haluatko menyelaminya.
Wish sain ya:)



Electric Red Line

Coincidental ...

Every objects came was connect

on that Electric Red Line at Blue Sparks Zone

Coincidental ...

He juz showed up there


Saturday, May 28, 2011

5000 times read by ^_^

Hahaha just step into 5000 readers for this blog...maybe its so slow ... however soever, thx for being with me until now.

May this blog will be here forever with huge love to spread (^_^)

Love u everywhere all <3
Once upon a day,...

What color surrounding you dear?

Lots of

Can you spell it out some?

Mmm alright, i'll try

Let me remember...

its a color of passion, happiness, love, hard work , learning , have fun, creative , movement , development , hope and wish , dream , etc

and it can happen on creative section of life, could be everywhere on the system ;0) ... most of them are mixing with humanism value too. So it'll be interesting activities ever.

Image, Branding and Globalization ;)

Image, Branding, Globalization are some good impression standing on this weekend.
Creative source and work also companion like always, with new perfume and make-up spread on the sky...
Lets catch the sun on the sky with friends
Lets go work hours for doing business for world.
Wanna have a good taste on fashion, so just hop hop hop!

Friday, May 27, 2011

27 mei 2011

Good Friday! Good Friday (^_^) ... i am here stand still with this merry things inside.

HE put me some happy talc so whole over my body and mind add with the sunny that prettiest than yesterday.
Everything feel so LIGHT and full of CHEER hohoo might be good to stand under the CHERRY BLOOM too. Yuhuuuu

With that good heartbeat ai ai ai ... feels like having trip to the sky.


Have a great pleasure time everyone.
I'm spreading you one from here fully of love \(^x^)/ <3 <3 <3

Passion for Change :)

New passion just stop by in front of me, very delighting wholism of mine.
I will take it for granted GOD, time to fast forward .
Time to change :) in gaining more positive effects at the future time without a failure.
GB me ... amin.

Change! (^_^)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

They make me fallin' love

Before today, i just spend my day through that way and that place.
A school with a white color that not too far from my living area.
Finally, after couple months the place was state, me that unintended juz arrival there.
Well - i am accompany LUI that having a trial session.
Not so long after I went there are student, his name is Fabel.
Fabel is only one of few that was came next.
Dunno why , am just like to have em a greet so that they feel like save at 2nd home :)
Its all flowing like a water, and never expected that they were all like it.
Even one of the staff offering me a time to be there with them...huh?

Yes they did. They make me fallin' love. With everything their plus and less ability, they are all looking so perfect on me.
Huff may I GOD, am in the back for the last 6th years, maybe this one a chance to stand at other side of education. Hmm...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

about 32 days to...

hmmpfff... there will be something on the 32 forward days.
hopefully that'll be a good time to spent out.


To stand like i do now is a horrible one

everything is possible

Monday, May 23, 2011

Arti Sebuah Nama

Hari ini saya mendapatkan sedikit pencerahan mengenai nama-nama, gelar dsbnya. Sebuah perangkat lengkap pada diri seorang manusia akan keberadaannya di dunia .Banyak dari manusia saat ini yang sering menganggap "Apalah arti sebuah nama..." kalau begitu saya patut bertanya PENTINGKAH SESEORANG MEMILIKI NAMA YANG PASTI DAN HARUS DISAHKAN SEBAGAI YANG TERDAFTAR DARI SEBUAH NEGARA?

juga menimbulkan pertanyaan-pertanyaan lain seperti:





DST ....

Setelah ini apakah kalian masih berpendapat "Apalah arti sebuah nama?"

Saya rasa ini adalah sebuah ujian bagi kita untuk lebih mempertajam rasa pada seni hidup...karena pada dasarnya NAMA dibuat untuk mempermudah sesuatu.

Bagi manusia NAMA adalah DOA.
Jadi apapun nama yang keluar dari leluhur atau orang tuamu, bersyukurlah untuk itu :).
Karena Tuhan tidak pernah menciptakan sesuatu yang sia-sia bagi dunia dan se-isinya.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It'll be North anyway

Where the light begin

And when its over

Northern ... Northern Nightingale

Fly fly away through those dimension

Till find the simple rest room

At long long journey

It'll be North by the way

From every corner passed by

North ... North Light

Where everything become one

And divide into many

Northern ... Northern Light

With a pure heart

There will be you find it

Dear youth prince

The treasure you looking up every time since

It'll be North by the way anyway

The sign you give her hopes

The last step where she'll be end finally

It'll be North

Where the land stand still

Waiting for you two

Leading behind the castle that order by so many knights

It'll be North

A farthest land

of ours


Yes I am smile

Smile that come from a truly heart

Smile that is dedicate for the one I love

Near and far this is going to you through the time

Dudududu di dam dam

May the warm can conduct to the right path of life

May the journey bring a greatness wind to enjoy

With smile , i sent my warm regard to you where ever you are

Lui = love u indeed

Luim = love u indeed man!


what a beautiful after mid nite

may all of you got the pleasant time everyday


both of them

its not an easy to judge every steps of somebody life.
however so ever, when u are about in the middle, u have to filter it so well from every angles, not to be a subjective.
think an objective as you can, so that the circle wouldn't crop beneath somewhere.
to both of you, can't comment too much ... every angle are having so many positive and negative sphere, just take a granted for an objective ... so someday in the future we are all still stand up in a powerful chain.
life is learning, hopefully u all can be glad with every decision u both made.
my opinion : just be good :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oom Bintang ... oom Bintang ... apa kabarnya?

Ooom bintang apa kabarnya?

Lama gak kelihatan, mmm ... prajurit-prajurit kecil kadang bertanya seputar keberadaanmu loh.

Apa kabarnya oom bintang kata nya dan nya yang sebentar lagi kan kenalan denganmu (^_^).

Hahahaha lucunya oom bintang, kemana pun pasti prajurit-prajurit kecil itu mengitarimu dengan tawa-tawa yang tulus.
Dengan segala macam "skill" yang nantinya menemani hari-harimu.
Hmm, suatu hari nanti oom bintang pasti akan tertawa bersama bintang kecilnya dan prajurit-prajurit bintang potensial lainnya (^_*)

Request untuk oom bintang : "Oom blognya diisi lagi dong, kami kan haus ilmu, biar sepintar dan secermat oom :)"

Thursday, May 19, 2011



that word coming always between us

since the 1 st move till now a days


stand still without any max voices

only starring from other angle we never know


always companion us through the time

without an appointment


make every lil become bigger


that sounding a grace


is gluing our world

that arranged by so many pieces of art and history

of life




The Special \(^_^)/

Special Friend,

Hehehe this note will be talking about him, a friend that so unusual ...

What he looks like?

Mmm apparently, he is like everyone, with a normal perform , simple - maybe he is the simple one too.

Then what makes he became a special one?

Daa! ... he is good with the mind, means when you are talking with him, me Gosh! there are so many interested thought there. And when he is on write system , well so many info u will get too. He have a good task at it, to report a difficulties become a simplest. Whether it was on feature or annual depth report.

Another word for this is an amazing one, hehehe ... am must be glad to have him as a special one.

Because to find an important thing or someone you ever searching for ain't easy. Somehow , so many people outta cut their luck and choose another line before catch the right. So sorry but not every way are the wrong, maybe GOD has given them the best line for life.

Eh, how come u said that, have you ever become them (means u are on their position)?

Hehehe ... yes I was. For a long journey of life I've been there. Looking up for something, taking another lines for none. Then I do some contemplation for everything happened in the past. Talking to HIM like we are a best friend ever. (Hey u should try to speak with HIM).

(Hahaha, okay i'll try it ... talking to HIM) Let's continue then ... so what else that makes him sounding special to you?

Well, uhmmm he's pure heart ... we are all the same u know...- not perfect. I saw him tryin' to find the perfect for whole his life, something that make him probably act like an conceit or cold for some task. Even he is covering it with well, (...and hey to undercover a thing is a casual too...so never blame for it..)

Having a friend like him is one of big trial i had with all plus and negative habit he got. With all that kinda habit , he teach me to be a patient person and also a thankful. Hahahaha ... not everyone can get that chances huh? :p

Finding him is like meet another reverse of, or meet another side of coin.
Even still try to deny someday, he is feels like a mate!

How come you've got a feeling like that?

Hehe ... its a difficult things to say, but something happened when he flown away few years ago. Felt that a half of mine was broken into pieces, while am never had that kinda feel when having friendship. I was trying to sew/stick them again but its arranged unwell. Something missed and need containing with the right.

Sometimes I'll try to stick with other material but hey it wasn't working good. Pff ...

Hmm wow ... he is so meant to you eh?

I think so ...

So what are you going to do with this all?

Hehehe ... juz be a patient and let HIM arranged the best way to draw anything HE wants to

Hahaha...so you just choose to be like other people that we had talked about before?

Nope, I am in the patient line for something I believed on that GOD would speak or drawing for the right one.

For whole your life, are you always asking about someone you want to from the outside angle?

hahahaha, this is funny question ... but yes I do that. I am a normal one too dear interviewer, I had imagine for every pray that i'll meet someone that highest enough than me, smart, good looking, etc. But lately, it was turn into simple things because of the whole angle i was through before. Yes, even with the good looking one if it not good so the taste wont be okay too.

Life is running everyday, used to be we could be a best gambler ever but the sharp could be turn into usual things, so even life is a great gambling system ever, not everyone can be the best forever. I am stopping to be it and choose another way. Not again on that rule, not again with so many speculation...Just wanting the simplest.

What do you mean by that?

Well, this is a real time for me to save energy dear ... I'm not in the place to offer that special one a motion. My task above him is over, the solution wasn't in me anymore. It is on HIM and him.
Do you get it?

Hmm ... okay I think I get it. Wow!

Yes so wow for everything yeap.

Yes, like to do this...never thought that you are the one that through many ways of experienced of life. Yet I know everyone must have their own problems.

:), thanks ... a wise said that is an art of life - how hard it is just go!

A-ha! That a good point to not give up easily yeah. Wish you the best for everything. May HE is giving you the best present ever.

Amiin :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Calling from Philadelphia

Howdy you there pal :) ...
It's a morning time when I woke up earlier and not so long it phone rang.
And voila ... its you who'd never rang for several time.
Btw thx for every stories u've been told, sounding like a light on my vacation day.
*high five* for every chat loud up few days ago, take care then (^_^) and enjoy the life outta.
Will be give u another auction whether it'll be.

Well,,,well,,,well,,,see ya.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Days with Lui (^_^)

Spend several days with Lui is something great, remind that we weren't met yet for a month. Cute, that was i thought when few days ago finally looked at her.
She was giving me a sweet smile when I juz arrived at her place.
With those blinking eyes she had, felt so Whaaawww! (^_^)
GOD bless

Lui = Love You Indeed :-*

GOD is remarkable with every things HE made of including the sphere that HE aloud so fresh when I was with her.
Thank you for lil rest u handing me into SIR, so entertain

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pilihan itu ...

gak ngerti d sama sikap orang yang pelantat-pelintut gak jelas, padahal tu orang cerdas, kok ga bisa yah berpikir tegas untuk sesuatu yang penting buat hidupnya sendiri.

nanti ketika sudah dilewatkan kesempatannya, lalu dia akan bercokol pada dirinya sendiri bahwa dia melakukan kebodohan a, b, c dan atau hingga z. Hehehe percaya gak percaya nih, kasus kayak gini biasanya akan berulang terus dengan berbagai versi sampai akhirnya yang diberi persoalan bisa memutar otaknya dengan baik dan membuat sebuah perubahan ke arah yang lebih baik.

tapi kalau masih gak merasakan apa kesalahannya sendiri ya putarannya akan kembali. Nah kalau mau jadi sejatinya manusia dimana kamu akan berdiri? Tetap seperti sebelum2nya dan membuat hatimu sakit or tersakiti atau kamu BERANI mengambil keputusan yang membawa PERUBAHAN baik bagi kehidupanmu sendiri.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sederhana yang Anggun

Hanya orang biasa yang dialiri darah-darah istimewa , dan seketika adalah perjalanan luar biasa harus dihadapi, disitulah ku berdiri.

Menempa, membaca, melatih, berwicara, meruncing ilmu, berburu, bertahan juga bersiap untuk hadapi yang maha kuat dalam warna yang kadang hitam atau abu-abu. untuk serta merta selamatkan warna-warni agar tetap menaungi rumah-rumahnya.

Hanya yang biasa dengan penunjukan luar biasa dari NYA dan maknai kesederhanaan dengan sederhana yang anggun dalam masa nan luas terbentang di hadapan. Di raja-i oleh RAJA yang sesungguhnya, dilindungi , disayang, dilatih pun olehNYA.

Gending Sriwijaya

What is Gending Sriwijaya?

Gending Sriwijaya is a dance that is perform for welcoming the special guest such as head of countries, ministers, ambassadors or some people on that level of life. This is kinda dance that showing for a good relationship between the host and the relation guest.

This traditional dance is coming from Sriwijaya kingdom era - Palembang, South Sumatra that sounding of hospitable, merry, whole-hearted to the guest.
At the old days, the background music for this dance will be companion with gamelan and gong, but nowadays it is come with only cd's or dvd music.

By the way, there's a lyrics from the Gending Sriwijaya ... let's take a look :
(unfortunately, can't translate it yet for you all right now - i've got lil space time today)
Di kala ku merindukan keluhuran dulu kala
Kutembangkan nyanyian lagu Gending Sriwijaya
Dalam seni kunikmat lagi bahagia Indonesia
Kuciptakan kembali dari kandungan Sang Maha Kala
Sriwijaya dengan Asrama Agung Sang Maha Guru
Tutur sabda Dharmapala sakya Khirti dharma khirti
Berkumandang dari puncaknya Siguntang Maha Meru
Menaburkan tuntunan suci Gautama Buddha sakti.

Borobudur candi pusaka di jaman Sriwijaya
Saksi luhur berdiri teguh kokoh sepanjang masa
Memahsyurkan Indonesia di daratan se-Asia
Melambangkan keagungan sejarah Nusa dan Bangsa
Taman Sari berjenjangkan emas perlak Sri Kesitra
Dengan kalam pualam bagai di Sorga Indralaya
Taman puji keturunan Maharaja Syailendra
Mendengarkan iramanya lagu Gending Sriwija

(Me, myself are love the way it dance when accompany with gamelan and gong. The classic and grand extremely great... - yes it's rare this time to get one like that). But this is still a good dance from Indonesia too.

However, so ever it'll be can speak on the wedding too. Still in the wedding of special people too.
It's a beautiful dancing for sure. May HIM giving me a chance to meet that kinda classic within the real gamelan and gong.

Enjoy all for you who wants to see or hear just try to search it on internet. :)

Smile of a Moon and Blinked Star :)

That was a day

When I met someone that felt like a rewind session between restoration memories.

Felt like the 1st time we met long time ago, only this time ... stronger than before.

Since old time is all about our shook hand way.

Like something GOD put an ingredient there so that can't break as simple as ordinary shake hand.

Hmm blessed us

The last shook hand was saving me from lil stormy mind about something. Well not yet a hundred percent feel save, but its good. Just a glad one to find save after a day before in the mid of it.

That was a day when I saw smile of a moon and blinked stars :)
Well, maybe just maybe, perhaps just perhaps too but beyond that perception there HE is who always guide us to the right path of life.
So thankful for every efforts and way to feel all.

I'm steady to see the smile of a Moon and Blinking stars in another day.


Have a fantastic time everyone :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Between 7 and 8

Wufff 7 and 8 are our last week end on week 1st at May.

Both are an important to me coz finally me and friends can be in one place altogether.

Even on 7th have to pass in a heavy with some lil dizzy news ... lill and success to break all the system about ya.
But something come to hand me in a good way ...
Something powerful to continue the time with all stock happiness I had.

Just let it flow to the 8 in a smooth, so I said thx for the whole weekend times.

How's next? ... mm ... juz enjoy it :)
May everything will be okay.

As usual "rush hour man" - nice to see u even at shorty time. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Stranger come near

Yesterday I was having fun with friends and when the night came, we just walked away under the sky full of star.
So beautiful, ...
And some other time then the lines just splashed "He's here not in a far land, just a while ... but he's here"...

Dwenk - who??
Must be wrong, its an indication that he's on the plane when the gadget in the off mode. hehe juz dunno where exactly he is :p.

Then i enjoyed to the sky above and another shot happen "He's here Belinda"
I kinda felt something too that moment.
Felt so that u are here indeed (haahh??...)

I arrived night at home , dinner and go up stair to do something. Not long, on the pc and checked my email. And the feel of him is so powerful, was coming without an invitation (GOSH!) and I didn't care much.

until i read a text that my friend told me this day...
Gduubraaaag!! - wanna fell out from the chair.

My GOD, this stranger is the one who always made me fell from the chair with all amazing way HE handed of ...
But hey best friend, nice to know you lil bit ;O)

The Songket

So fast! Isn't it, juz like said it about 11 hours ago and this noon its already arrived.
Red and full of gold pattern with beautiful motif .
Just falling in love with this one.
It was make me speechless ,made me decide to turn off having an international wedding style - which is gown and tuxedo into a national one which is wearing a traditional costume .
The atmosphere of nationality really stick on it Songket.
Huhuhu ... (terharuuuu ... duh mpe bgini)

Feeling like the second time falling in love with.

Mmm the one i think when saw it few minuets ago is Hey I will representative this to the world.
Yet I know about what is Kebaya and Songket in an eyes of people from outta country.
Humm just like a national revival :p

Hahaha my nationality back on this notes...

I know this person who told about what is Merah Putih. And He was give a clue read M.Yamin book - 6000 yrs Merah Putih

you can see this link



Woopsss i think , i just know what is the like when the red and white blood collide as in balance as our body system have.

Thank you so much mom ... and Allah SWT too.

Very happy and I just know the way to serve will lead on the way. Yippiii i am in new level before the last :)

May you all have an extraordinary experience too, GBU (^_^)

Racauan Bintang :p

Mari yuk pakai bahasa ibu sekali-kali (mmm - kok rada2 aneh ya rasanya :p - sorry ma'am). Ah ya sud lah dont worry about the language alright.

GLOW LIKE A MOON AND FLOW LIKE A SEA ... so that's the life walking ... :)

I do respect for the Zen too for Silence as wisdom. Hahaha...

OOooww kenapa jadi melenceng ya?
Mmm gak gitu juga sih, karena tadi malem itu pas jalan-jalan di bawah langit penuh bintang semua kegiatan kehidupan menuju ke satu artian itu.
Even so many hard time, HE already given the great time, passion of life, think, and etc for this simple life at earth.

Apa yang Anda sebar itulah yang akan dituai.
Everything is a huge rotation
Connection is everywhere

There is something good in the center.
The last from fifth.
And that's a bless system :)

Yes I do meracau ... but hei mereka memang harus dikeluarkan dalam semesta otak yang tak begitu besar . Hehehehe
Maklum segala sesuatu yang sifatnya lebih atau kurang pasti harus ditambah atau dikurangi bukan?, sesuai keperluan.

Balance is the way good too
Yin Yang :)

Hehehe opo seng thoo mba yu?njelimet bae , ora ngarti
Sumuhun neng, naon ieu teh, pang naroskeun atuh mani heunteu kaleresan titadi
Bicara apa ko ces? ndak mengerti saya tawa'



Selamat bersenang-senang

Asking to HIM?

Mmm...dear GOD

Is this will bring to the end of guarding someone?


Mixing is Mine

Hehehe mixing is mine ...
That is the answer when someone asking for - where are you come from? why this (bla bla bla) and why that (bla bla bla)
Used to be I always said the detail of and make them VOILA! So many mixing blood u had anyway Belinda.
Then i smiled them.

Later when they asked I just say it that Mixing is Mine.
as an Indonesian it was mixed by South Sulawesi and Javanese and South Sumatran too. as the outer there were Chinese, English, and some places in south-east also south Asia some places too in Europe. All side have a powerful thinker and art, diplomatic, political senses and etc too. hehehe not quite lots of ... but still mixing is mine.


Hey gtg sleep anyway...bubye all


My mom, hmm dunno what happen with her, she is suddenly offered me a songket.

She said, I'll have to prepare it because you have unusual size for local people :p

Any other reason?

No, just incase u'll have a marriage season.

Hmm ...

But ma'am im going to wear a gown not a traditional one, and she looks lil sad.

Then I said, okay mum I'll wear the songket for "akad nikah" - so that the atmosphere of life will be great than ever.

At that time she looks so happy with it.

Hehehe ... well not a bad idea too, i thought then coz several people said that hey You are Look Like a Princess wearing those attribute. You should representative of Indonesian outta.
Usually I wil say hahahaha, but now a days I will bring all task i know about this country to the world.
Sparks the world as could as I can. If there is a possibilities so why not (^_^)

(mind) - btw mom there isn't someone asking for that yet, why bother about - gileee cuek banget ya gw.... - jitak,red :p

btw2 juz my feeling for the latest few days that "my mamoru" will showing - hahahahaha
but hey feeling can be distract by something too eh :)
Still the same - hehehe dear Allah SWT, u just know what i mean right ;0)

well,well, mommy just we'll see where the fortune come is it about that things or another.
thanks anyway for asking and discuss about it even not yet in a good loading for my mind.

love you :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Tadaaa (^_^)

Im back! Im back! For spreading many smile for world.


Smile and take a breath


Have a grateful everyone, may the happiness being a best companion ever

The Secret Royal

Yesterday and the Palmer things ...

Dear grandma if you just still alive, you probably like to see what I traced at internet.

Found lil piece again about your family at English land.
After take a look of it, I still believe that someday it'll be arriving at some point
That's why the whisper get close into day by day.
We never know , what it'll be happening there somewhere, but something great will be
An unspoken secret will revealing

Your family still at that position that very important to the principal.
When some Royal was lost somewhere it might be something happen.

Miss you a lot grandma (clarissa palmer, red)
Dear GOD just help to finish all puzzle that not arrange at perfect

Monday, May 2, 2011

Splashing Things

Splash things are coming for this several day...

its all about that old locomotif (i remember already told you here around 1 or 2 yrs ago)...that whispering to the new land and the prince who is waiting for, the old lamp, that green frog, that all stranger people who are waiting for me too - somewhere in england, new york and etc. That old building, the white one (gown, flowers bouquet, shoe,horses), blue ocean, the trees , sword, miracles, stars, moon, sky ...

WHITE to BUILDING - the old one where we can see the row of tree in a good line, while u can find some fond on the pool
WHITE to BUILDING - the modern one - sky scrapper - full of windows with minimal interior and view where the green row also in the best fit for our eyes to catch.
WHITE to BUILDING - where there are a man who likes to be a viewer and spent so many time waiting for the right moment
WHITE to BuILDING - like a big mosque that have a good scene near the ocean where the dolphin likes spinning around

wow what is the meaning of all? why they are all coming in fast mode and altogether ...
hmm...maybe the luckiest will coming into mine for work at the new place.
hahaha - amien for that then...
*smile to HIM

aaah but we never know , just trust to our intuition and HE will happy bring us to the new map of life.

Even a lil bit weirdo GOD, thanks for remembering me always.

Welcome May

May the road will answered in a good way to transfer another stories for them.

May those surveillance are less than before? just a tiny bit so that everyone can have an air to breath
Feeling again the life in a best way , so that Fresh mind could be release too.

May is May
May on this month GOD is giving more literature to spread away beyond the limit.
May this month those who had sleep for a long time will be in a good strength to wake.
Wake and see to your heart, who are you?
What the main purpose of you living in this gigantic ball?
Remember who love you always and will be spent their life for?

When the lost memory already turn back again, just make your mind to decide what you have intake or not.
Where you will sailing your boat, is that north, south, east or western?
Where you want to light the world for shout out the LOVE for living... to respect every human being and also the fills.

May ... May ... May ...
I know several of you might have a happy day on this month.
So, to you all I give my best warm regards may everything is going to be alright.
Just feeling it in your heart when the day is coming, just remember every smile on this earth, feeling that warm with your heart then look at to the sky and thought about breeze.

To those who believe in HIS Miracles maybe will be meet someday and somewhere. If I didn't recognize you - just remember me with this note. Then yes let's take one time to feel the breeze of world full of smiles (^_^)

Geographic and timing are important, but the TRUST will be the plus valuable to defend every trial. So just be it, i know you can ... we can.

well,well,well i gtg sleep for a while.
have a best day everyday everyone. GBU always - cheers (^0^)