Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday with Salamatahari at Giggle Box & Free Mind's Masterpiece


It was noon time when we were met.
There were me, Meitha, Gorky and sundea from salamatahari. Not so long mae come too.
Sit well at place called Giggle Box at Jalan Progo to have some interview about our book.

A Bundle of Free Mind's Masterpiece - The Sun. It's content on 238 pages and filled by 15 people.
They are coming from different background such as poet writers, writer, librarian, cinematograph, ambience - musician, artist and many more. This book is kinda the positive one because we just sharing today for tomorrow that means sharing positive thought for tomorrow that will bring happiness and love around the world without a separation gender, age, religion , etc.

I like to be part of this creation because I realized that we are one. and LOVING is better than WAR or another harms things. With being a fellow on this means I just donate some new spirit to people around the world for stay tune in pEaCE. And still make the world having meaningful colors :) - coz that the life it is.

Btw here's some pics of us when the interview goes on:

The Place

Just Giggle Box :)

Crunchy Interview by Sundea -

Click with Sundea - one of lovely writer here (^_^) - how happy I am

with other member after Sundea gone

Oooww unfortunately, on of us were come too but she didn't met Sundea for the interview time. So here them, killing the time for a while n chat :D.

However hat was a great time to know that place, simply en ... (just fill it by yourself then)

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