Saturday, July 9, 2011



What is paskibra?
Paskibra is derives from Pasukan Pengibar Bendera (a group that having task for bringing and flapping the flag).

Minor for friends that they knew about this on my story. Hahahaha's begin when I was in primary school (SD) and there was a moment that children picked-up to be on it for a championship. Because of my height some teachers chosen me to be participated on it. Then I said YES! Ma'am--Sir...I'm in (spontaneous)

We were practiced hard, with this and one know that to be at Flapping Group is the hardest part because we can't wrong at step, balancing the flapping moment with the song, can't be wrong when open the flag at the 1st place, can't falling the flags too. When we did it then some punishment will lend as soon as possible.

It's hard indeed , but i did it for very long term since age 11 - 16 yrs old. The funny from this, is the moment i began a fellow of Paskibra when arriving at the end of 15 to 16 yrs old. Hahahaha ... But for very long time, being a part of it is wonderful. We can learnt that the flag is something special, not only some materials that coloring. Way good I guess to whom that created that system.

Thank you so much to them who brought that fun into my life, so I could understand much of disciplines, history, appreciates, defending, cheering, etc. You can feel warm about solidarity on it field. Trust, obligation, manner to honor your country, deserve to be the best.

Through this step I can define how passionate a world of Nationality Feels. It bring some greatness, elegance and strong basic that will applying in how to be a viewer as a part of country also the life time.

Very glad to know this all GOD, may someday everyone on this country will be a good fellowship from that stuff, with a pure heart :)
Warm thankful for YOU too for every pieces of situation and good memory about.

Okay, I guess that is an introducing about what is Paskibra. Juz a little but may the next generation will loving the country through it. (^_^)

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