Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adventure Girl! :D

Adventure Girl! i named this pic made by several days ago.
Why? because it said so ^___^
Full of cheers, spin, happiness
New color , etc etc
LOVE it anyway :p
Made this in gambar time with lil kiddy named Chiara :), using marker pen, crayon plus color pencils.
She likes it .
Spoil ur time on this one then :D

Adventure Girl ^_^

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy meet up time :d

Meet up time...Meet up time!
Yipikayey , this one is the great one coz we were all say hai again in face to face after humm ... pretty long.
With spidol oranye its been a year since she left to somewhere faaaaaarrr.  Spidol oranye is one of my best friend - a multi task person in art if i said so. Her capabilities on it well i wont say now on, maybe the future can describe it :) . While the other is a sculpture man - hohohoho you all can see his masterpiece at GEOTI . And the other boy is our friend too, this one a student of art too and having a great tunes in music.
That day was our day to meet up , btw kinda happy coz spidol oranye could met her friends again after long nope ^___^. Me? yeaah finally can have a photographed time along with the sculpture man (hahaha ... *norak dikit gpp la ya :p) The coincidental that bring happiness to those feel the sphere.Here's our - another simply time as a treasure of life (maklum jarang2 pd bisa ngumpul semua :D ) :

Simply Analogical

How can people understand what the meaning behind all silences.  Someday words without action could be destroy the world u trying to build.  Different, yes everyone is different and unique that's why communication has born to be simplify  all.  People just people not a mind-reader, they wont know whether you don't say things to them.
In several parts of life, well some communication action in real time absolutely charged.
Even if stories flowing in fluently, someday it's only a line at story, poet or etc.  While in real life there were never a path to shown well uhmmm, what planets u live on?  Don't think so its an earth.
U must be knowing the story about ships that everyone told since long time ago.  There were ships in many variation, coming all together and split to some points.  In every ships they have a different aims to lead.  To the corner of world it said.  All are having different directions depend on the schemes they had.
Question : what r u going to do with the people on ship when u as a commander already have a blue print of the adventure ring?  R u going to silent or say things to the crew about the destination?
R u let the crew just sailing around with blurry or U let them sail with the schemes u've got?
(its a simply analogical, why things left when u just try to build thing on the right path)

to those try to build things precious, please consider what the main direction u want to get in ur life as if u r the commander of ur own ship.
why written this notes? just because the life always giving a reminder of it, not the one who digging, many of us doing that and get the positivo result after. so why don't ya try too?

have fun all, may this Ramadan giving us many knowledge that'll leading to the POSITIVO :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sleby Stories :p

buki-buki day just got them from parents as a gift
happy for sure! ^___^

birdy - birdy time in a sleby sleby time.  Hahaha saw them again at pal
home after long time nope. The white is a daughter of the white one I posted
here few years ago name aliona, this one named ilona. Her mom was dead already

This one called WEDANG JAHE, pretty good for those feel cold and
consumption this food.  Its a ginger , so warm inside when u ate them
so slurpy indeed :d

Here's a view captured from tol JORR, before went home
what a Sunset time :)

Again! Traditional food named ULEN and KUE LAPIS .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tulus , Conceit

Funny ...
The last it spoken and decide well, the universe like swayed shouted out things
Kinda somebody or some system just locking you - up to be watch from somewhere
Yeaah everything is possible right?
However soever the step is already decide, the result still on Langkah Tegak Maju Jalan.
The question of things wasn't her anymore.
Whether there are lots of thought, well the way said u should known whereas the lack area of urself.
Talk to GOd could be a better idea , He usually handling to the answer you find.

Have a fun day! ^_^

Be Tulus is asiik, Conceit isn't good.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Lost the appetite
Yes that's go somewhere, dunno where
Gone with the wind it supposed
Couldn't say more
The smart should things why and how
Nor woman obligated
Just the time said to lost the appetite
Think creative
Why the lost could say hello to her
Is it yourself letting her go in a mist slowly?
Your silent just give a dead-lock
Now is your time
Bring the dead-lock to the unlocked like before
Whether u are the half so you can think and decide rightly

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Joining The Sun

Over the edge it said couple years ago, hmm dunno what is the meaning of it.
But this time,
Juz wanna shout this out :

Over the edge and preparing fallen, not for dying but more to wake up and joining the sun
Seeing all colors in harmony for sure
From the eye of a phoenix