Friday, March 29, 2013


growing it said
no no no not said but it leads
to those believe in Miracles handling by HIM
from one tiny dots
into big trees of life
mixing by variety of feels
that make whole like heels
stepping in beauty and elegance
as it rhyme conduct
from sphere arounds
sparkling after
spinning and swaying in many positions
in real
to those find
never loose it
and be prepared to catch
as if it a brilliant treasure that is coming into
for once and a lifetime

have a pleasant day everyone.  just flowing them flying into this house of words :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Red O circle and the Bell :)

What a life! full of funny line inside
Saw things colored Red, it was a red O circle i caught up on some frame few years ago.
I clicked my friends there to get something hang up as a background view of it things.
Was forget , but somebody just click that notes again and reminding me to the bell up there :)
A bell as a sign to warning things lovely.
However a friend of mine was having her wedding time not so long after.
Btw, the point of this is
Everything is connected for sure.
From the red O of sensei and the bell up there hey - i just like that view from that circle.
Thank you for bringing that O stand-up right to the bell up there.
^_^ nice to see you again after everywhere rush. Hahahaha

Sunday, March 17, 2013

for the lucky one

just wanna write this ...

pretty woman only for the lucky one
how pretty she is, just he known it well
used to be there's a story about a dreaming path of his half
there's a line said : don't ask me how the look of her, ...
later then, one i know is her smile that only for you
dear lucky one
daa!  how lucky you are for sure
it was a great chain ever
tic toc tic toc
ticking ticking time tickle the world full of
ticking ticking time
may all coming in comfort way of zone

Friday, March 15, 2013


Bukan pastel camilan ya, maksudnya kali ini kembali menggambar menggunakan pastel
after long time no menjamah, finally i could play ground lagi. huwaaa what a wonderful life.
orange! orange! orange! :p
orange ceria temani saat-saat penuh joy dariNYA.
hmmm yummy tiba-tiba teringat es krim jeruk campur anggur di masa yang silam.
di lalalala land, what a gracious!

Gambar2 pastelkuuu ^_^

blur gbrnya? hehe buru2 tp liat si oranye nemplok rasanya ingin tersenyum terus :D
end dulu, have to go back for work.
Happy berkarya teman2 .

Monday, March 11, 2013

Berputar senang :)

menyukai, menikmati, menyukai, tersenyum dari hati kemudian berputar sesukanya
dimana-mana hatiku senang
bertemu, belajar, tertawa, berkarya
dan terus dan terus dan terus

Sampai kapan?

Akhir hayat :)

Pelangi March

Langit sebelum maghrib
dan ah wawww after long time no see that colorful lines was showing in the sky
and click right away.  Well, Money can't buy a moment for sure.

here they are

rainbow! rainbow time :D
and after that the sky was changed into

Beauty evening (^_^)
what a blessed! been so long not find the incredible like these ... may everything will flowing in beauty motion of life . amiin.
bless u all too , have a blast every where.

Friday, March 1, 2013

From North to North x-))

Believe to the one hold with tight , long enough the rotation said that we have to split a while so the life goes until the time HE let us meet again.
Believe to the one that whispering with powerful to stand still at that point.
Believe to the one who always sending us miraculous in every steps we through even its hard enough.
and still believe to you too who can think creative when the time not allowed us to see each other faces.
In every day many things happening and sometimes its scratchy our mind to try, every possibility is okay just say i do believe you.
And i do believe HIM let us to learn a greatness of everyday minus or plus with or without :)
Warm regards from North ... to North ...