Wednesday, January 30, 2013


(copas dari status orang tentunya --- thanks ya)
kita simpan disini saja dengan kepercayaan bahwa segala sesuatunya menuju arah yang PositivO

"there's a reason why people don't stay where they are ... "

thx sob :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yesterday morning

its a morning time when i saw manly blue on sky, companion with many shapes of ... there were a big white head dragon, phoenix, sort of heart, little girl, hands . Well, no captured this time just wanna preview it with both cool lens of human ;).
yeah just wanna looked at them with eyes without recorded it. Just blowing your mind and caught them into, don't forget to laugh too.  That what is in the wide sky, lets turn down to earth ... there were bamboos, butterflies, humming bird that very noisy with their juicy gossip companion with the voices of water flowing.  Ooow! this time there's a lil yellow-light green bird had flown dunno from where and stop under the bamboos.
Mmm there are regular green, blue, white-dark-yellow, white, an orange, black
then big brown-dark that flying smooth above the bamboos, big light yellow , big purple... they are run here and run there so fun to see all.
Ow! Ow! Also a group of dragonfly
Plus a classic music from player :)
What an interesting morning i had here yesterday.
Really thankful for all dear GOD.
Feel so warm inside mind and heart.
To catch genuine, may everything will on best system of natures without destroying by ...
Hmmm can you all feel the wind, the light one that will passed your skin in softly. (^_^)

Have a pleasant day all :)
Keep PositiVo

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wiken time

What is happening today?
Well uhmm there's only one named shown up in mind and its noted to Mr. Didi Nini Thowok, one of Indonesian masterpiece dancer.  May this year the positive way can conduct us somewhere for having told the unspoken thought hehehe ... (judulnya ni wish of 2013 ;p )

Happy weekend all

thought of today :

"Kemudian dunia beralun dengan sederhana, semua menari serempak. titik beretemu titik mengalir ceria dan temukan harmoni ^_^ ♥" 12: 44, 26 jan 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kok isoo?

watch movie ... watch movie .... and refreshin' mind mode on
this one is waww
why waww?
because of many things on script was describing him #eaaaa
pretty much stuff adjust including Simon Garfunkel, the music , the style of the actor etc etc
was watched something last night and LOL + "ajep2" aja deh lihatnya, and back mumbled this word
"hah??  dear GOD what this is all about?? Kok isoo?"
x-p x-D 

is this another sign , or ...

Twinkling in early years

The star is blinking since 2 days ago, never know why
Is it real the blinking star? or just things twinkling?
And something winking on the inbox
Voila, somebody said hello from ... dunno where the place is that?
It star not saying directly, just put a notes to other point and left that to whom it may concern.
It was arriving very well, grazie il padrone

I know u are somewhere, how would i know? because last night i was standing under durian trees and looked at the night.  There were a moon , not so far the North star is twinkling like give a shot of communication.  Weirdo , but that just the way it spoken.  After that,  i know that you are somewhere with those activities.  May be you are the good one called north star.  Well ... maybe just maybe, let's keep things good keeping good. Have fun with those.

Friday, January 18, 2013


dear tak ko dir ko dir dum di dum di dam dubidudidam
suddenly wants to write this:

so...what will going happen in the february 2013?
like a butterfly excited by the presence of nectar in lilacs .... (copas ya :D )

Sunday, January 13, 2013

at lil garden

lately ... just met them on our lil garden under a sunny day :)

ants part 1

red like someone shirt :p

Hello to the orchid , so pretty under the blue sky :)

ants part 2

Durians! Fell down like a meteorite *fiuuuh :p

a gift :)

Funny gifted from lil child that coincidental met last Friday, when a friend of mine a film-maker gimme an invitation somewhere.  Met a novelist too ( a mother of it son) .  Her son, called ryu had his time waiting and drawing while we were in the middle of discussion things.  All of us just feel so impressed to his creation on drawing.  Well it 7th yrs old with 3D object drawing and good perspective of.  Voila! what a life its incredible indeed.
When his drawing is end, then he giving that to me. He said this
Ryu : Dunno why, I want to give you this.  You are belongs to here (while he pointed the pictures)
Me : Where is this ? (on 1st pic)
Ryu : Its Chicago on windy session
Me : How about this one (am pointing the 2nd pic) ?
Ryu : Its North Pole
Me : Wow! That so far indeed ...
Ryu smiled at me then :D
I asked him to put his signature at those pics and he did it.  Hahahaha ^_^
Very funny day and time with this 7 yrs old child i met for the 1st time and dunno can meet again or nope.
Another Miracles i said so, gracias for it too dear YOU.

by the way this is the pics

North Pole! He said :
Chicago in windy

Ryu ^_^

The 1st before windy and adding with line

1 st at nu year ^_^

These are the 1st drawing did in 2013. Who are they little kiddos? Well they are fam that very long time no see.  After all , please enjoy your eyes to see them :p, btw just made it using crayon ^_^, feel so fun when drawing both of them> hehehe, was made on jan 11th :)

Saturday Movie

What a busy week, and finally Saturday and movie!
Yiiha, have got one good to see the title is The Words , you can look at the Preview here :) .
Recommended to anyone who wants to be a writer or the writer it self.  The simplest idea of being on it field is nice to discover.  Hehehe kindly remember about my suddenly presented at some books communities here.  However so ever this movie is pointing to the good main object of story, just enjoying them then :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Northern Lights With Love

Where on earth you can find all places spreads in one land ?
In everywhere its look alike naturally
Where on earth you go through the cities and get one panorama like this without have to go farthest away?
This one memorable just took several hours ago ...
When I clicked them all only this word showing

" Northern Lights With Love "

Northern .... Northern Lights

Under blacky blacky night

And coldy coldy air

" Northern ... northern lights
under blacky blacky night
and coldy coldy air
where the Love say Hello
from the deep heart of one " -  BJK, 2013  few minutes ago :)


After the wedding :D

Yesterday on the road from our colleague wedding in traffic i've got them

The wedding flowers and the sky ... Smile everyone!

The Historich Building at Cimahi

When the traffic goes, ffiiuuuh .... 

Not known what building is, however they look okay

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Miraculous in 2nd

This might be none for everyone, but the awesome one to me.
Having some homeworking to know about great figure such as George Lucas, obviously the creator of that awesome Star Wars movie.  Read read read and read till have to save energy for others.  Then i went out and seen this cover somewhere, its a movie title The Odd Life of Timothy Green that having background music from the one i recognized before at some movie title ONCE,  yes you guys right it was him voice, Glen Hansard.  He had some rhythm that can knowing by people if that were his song. :)
This movie is having good enough moral value inside, sweet and bla bla bla making this one good to watch and enjoy for yourself or with friend and also family.  Simple! That packaging in a natural rhyme of the words. This one make my day delightful too.  Thank YOU for letting me went out and finding those miracle outta.
Finding this movie such as bring some memories of a quiz that my friend asked me few years ago.  I was answered it as a leaf.  That the answered given me some miracle too with the answered version of some personal that exactly have a same reason with mine version.  That person is very hard to reach out for gathering, but his answered bring some good point to discover. And chop! chop! miracles just coming in light also the footprint of.  So fun!  And still until this day i supposed.  With this person ... well fun is everywhere, warm and light and grateful stand in loyal as always .  Even the love word is sparkling like a pure diamond, ruby, emerald or else. The nature also find their fun in every sphere brought. Its good isn't it? ^_^
Back to the movie its a good one , maybe it doesn't have many stars but the feeling of life is a grant to catch. Oooh yeah another awesome things is pointing that named was on it film, yes it was form Disney and Lucasfilm.  Hahaha what a life!  Funny time i had here.  Like the way you brought about that pencil factory outside its own shelf (:

By the way I've got the lyrics too when hearing it at somewhere .  Enjoy enjoy enjoying this below

"THE GIFT" - Glen Hansard feat ...

This gift will last forever
This gift will never let you down
Something are made from better stuff
This gift is waiting to be found
Your heart's in wide receiving
Been to long in buried in the sand
Somethings require leaving
This gift will fall right in your hand
Just try to understand

If you long enough, and you don't give up
If you're strong enough, and you don't give up
And you'll be no harbor to the sorrow
Just let it go
Don't hang your head in sorrow
Don't give up just before you win
Don't wait around tomorrow
Open your arms and let it in

This gift will last forever
This gift will never let you down
Something are made from better stuff
This gift is waiting to be found

Just you believe it now


Am enjoying this music and throwing eyes outside the window and finding that the sun showering them in glory way.  Those leaves are in a gold dancing wind. Fantastic moment as your said in last mail , this is will be my BERKESAN things number 1 in opening years.

May many of you got the touches of LOVE by HIM too.