Friday, January 28, 2011

Rakas tuntematon kaveri

(Mielestäni kukaan ei tunnistanut meidän ystävyytemme kunnestänään)

ei voi nähdä valokuvia, jotka olet tehnyt ei ole hyvä niin
Kaikki sanoi, että se on liian huono
mutta se oli tapahtunut

Ensimmäistä kertaa tunnen hyvin pahoillani siitä, mutta myöhemmin ajattelin tulla mieleen
Ehkä tämä on osa läksynsä
Minulle opiskella sitä ja myös teille

voisimme saada eri opetukset, koska meidän genre
mutta sanon saman näkökulman elämään
me molemmat rikas oppitunnin jälkeen kokoontui ensimmäisen kerran
ja myöhemmin

hyvin, hyvin, hyvin
voisi tulevaisuudessa vielä kävely yhdessä

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Red Lines

(you can see this one at

Too many traffic at mind for this two weeks ... can't beat up the time for writing some notes. But now i'll try to remember what is on whether that time..

Hmm yes I remember that I found some link to one sculptor here in Indonesia. The name of his studio is so unique. It's GEOTI studio ... that line make a called to my soul and made a result that i have to find out what it is?

I opened that link and found a simple elegant sculpture art that so enchanted!
Looking for few style of that art is one of my fave things to do. So many cool and great sites from every country with their own development style...but this is the first time for me got in touch very deep with it. It's bringing me to the space where Free Your Mind stand.

You can feel the breeze of nature when see those creations, even juz look at by the photographs.
Fortunately I've been enjoy one of the real sculpture by it studio.

In my country - Indonesia , at the cities called Bandung when you rest and spoiling your eyes at Jalan Ir. Hj Djuanda, you will find a RED word spell "D-A-G-O". Simply deep touched that make it corner look so nice to see and enjoy.
In some other day you will meet one of bike community stand by there for several time before they continue riding to other corner of the city.

Btw, the 1st time I saw this new font stand up and enjoyed it, I thought "nice work! will be happy if i can get connected with the artist behind it...".
It's few yrs ago and forget.
But today with unexpected way from GOD, I could say hai to the man behind the scene. Feels so wonderful indeed, even not yet face to face with him but having two way communication through words is some fascinating too (^_^).

Well...that's the one i remember for now, maybe next notes I'll tell you about the man behind the scene :D
Have a bless day everyone :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lil Prince

Hohoho , not that one ... the book? ohohoho yeap not that

However, sday the journey of life is the best teacher u ever known.

So many prince and princes in this giant ball, i met several or load of them that came from around the corner.
Over load? well, not exactly, coz every premier have their own capacities for bringing them to the right place.

This lil prince i met is such a beautiful, because i met him on the way and make a best friendship ever until now. He ' s the one i called as a guardian star. Hahaha finally the answer is coming in a right time...very glad when some secrets are revealing. Yippiiiii may GOD bless u and fam like always yeaaah :)

Nice to know you pal (^_^)

Jasmine All Around

Humm for this one i'm not really sure how long this already happen?
It was start at last year when I smelled something like a jasmine at home but none...Hahahaha!

While we don't have any jasmine at home.

Not only there, seems the fragant is somewhere on my twin sister place too. There's a time that I always smell it everywhere without any jasmine flower around or perfume on that house. weird but make me laugh.
Just like the other two days ago when I scented of it's more powerful than usually .Hmm what's going on yeah? coz not everybody could smell it.

Well, there's some believes in our tradition if u had that case...Usually it connected with a marriage stuff. It can be means that u will in new level of life - married.

If u ask whether I believe or not? Then I'll speak so - so :p
Remember that I'm already in enough time to bring my life into that dot.
Humm if it yes, that means I have to prepare leave all behind. Must be ready for everything HE faced me up.
Maybe to leave you too, haa!
So what will be will be

Not because my name is Jasmin too but that Jasmine All Around had recall me somewhere to feel alive than before.

Hehehe enjoy then (^_^)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rainy day on 13th January

What was on this date?

Well, i woke up early anyway and found the gray sphere in the morning. Not so long then "wrrrrr...." the water was showering hard from the sky.

Weww...felt so cold in a moment. Lucky me I wasn't in my place, hehehe so I jumped out and started the activities for watched out the crowd.
Some other time, I was on screen with my bb list friend , chat something and playing some quiz to warm them who might feel cold like I am. Hehehe ... daa! and it's work. Lovely :)

Oooh yeah thanks for my friend who had an initiative to spell out chocolate cake so that I could get one here, in the morning companion with a mug of warm tea (daa! so great - thank you very much). An outstanding choice in da morning (hahaha-wanna hug you for that brilliant idea).

And not long from it I was starting on work. Seeing the whole information that dancing in splendor way every day and minuets even seconds. Hehehe , checking the all email that captivated on my box, chat with some colleagues, and reading of course. Then I staying quiet long when see some pages of an Illustration called Michael Kloran. I remembered that name , few years ago I guess from the book I've read somewhere. Hahahaha...what a day i said so, terrific!

Well, not quite enough get the ingredients for the comic today, but having great moments while it rain. Thanks for ... I gtg to make another job. So have a nice day everyone, may GBU always. bubye for now (^_*)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Why Hugs?

because so many close friend did it for the last few days,

usually they just 'know' me

but GOD give me HIS heart

so we are all in to that


feel so pleasure with it...especially doing with your close friend or person u know it better.

and that HUGS given some spirit into each other


Love it much :)

like a relaxation made by GOd hand



Pure from heart

Amazing :)

Thx friends (*_^)

Journey with soul

An extravagant news arrival already at my box

It's mention about the journey recall, where the life will be feel extraordinary than before

The miracles that come from GOD. Wow so thankful about it !

To share with them and shouting out some hidden talents that i never aware for so long time.

Fully effort indeed, but i believe that this journey will bringing any positive energy around the world.

Not too big but glad to join the team.

And learning more and more new technique of understanding, communication and how to interaction with others in so many corner of world.

May this is will be one of great way to feel alive than before.

Amiin (^____^)

Love u always from the bottom of my heart GOD.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Way

2011 is a free way for sliding everywhere
and i'll do it with full heart

Dun think so something can disturb hahaha
Feel so free
White and different colors are whispering all the way
More than before

There might be a great adventure intake
Very challenging journey more than before
I'll beat it then

Hey! I left one level to the next
Am not in that dot anymore it's healing anyway
So I can start the new one
Free way and FRESH
Can be smelling, looking, chattering
Keep on rock!
Huhuyyy!!!....Time for doing JUMP! JuMP! JuMP!

only the tough excuse can cut this one
I'm out fella
Last time is last time have a blessing day always
See ya somewhere in da future