Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bowl and The Dummy :p

I know that on d-day i wont here to make a pattern of sentences. But anyhow I feel glad for everything I did for several days ago.

That bowl really enrich by so much ingredients and tasted so good. Yummy and I wanna add some more into it. Now I have a bowl of soup, next maybe can eat spaghetti or other with sprinkles of magic and miracles. Du du du di dam dam what a great week I had last week.

To be in the 1st as an opener wasn't the easy, but I was there standing and struggling with my own self just to read own creation. And hey what a bless being there on 1st, feels like when I did dance at long long day ago. And the great that i wanna try it again sometimes and somewhere.
Haa! U NEVER KNOW UNTIL U TRY IT , hehehehe cool.

Brand new day already coming and present so I pray for the best to YOU as usual for everything.
Thank you so much for brightening my day with a mountain of expression, faces, events, loves and cares, friends and more. and behind all thanks for giving me "PR" to life.

Dummies word for the dummy (LOL!) -- might there's a way yaa, that love things look more shine than before. U might open the door that so long not be open dummy, thanks anyway and let's share the earth full of smile everywhere (^_^) yiiiipppiiiii.... Feel free to it love.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

That exactly blast place from the past
with those white marbles
with the view
with whole story include
with that peace

Holly and just find it now after 4 years passed
through the messenger notes

May I

May I falling with this messenger person?

Very funny question guardian, you already know eh? For several this time you just know that person is the messenger u searching for. And you just silent because of your position as a special guard.

Well, uhmm ... i'm not so sure about all.

Da ... da ... da ... you know why we are giving this task to you?

Barely not sir, why? even I already told you that I'm finished with this one. Then you said it wasn't end yet. and I have to continue guarding that person.

Why u wanna stop from this task anyway? while it wasn't exactly u want to...

Like I've been told you Sir. Too much wave, sometimes it feel that i'll drowning.

And are you ?

Not yet, but maybe ...

A! A! just leave maybe child, even you are not drowning yet and won't. You are you, one of special guardian that have so many spaces to defend. How hard it is you can through the wall ... with all optimistic view you've got there.
Now a days you just slipped for a while. Later you can finishing whole with well. DON'T LET THE FEAR GROWING BIG THAN A FACT.

.... to be continue

Friday, June 25, 2010

2 days more

it'll be 2 days from now everything gonna be change a lil bit. A big bowl will be fill with new ingredients of life.
never know that u will pour something into or not.
the one i know for sure that i'll pass that day without anyone just me and life that spreads in front of my face.
dun worry be happy every day is special right , so I just wanna thank Lord for it.
thx for every nice person U let them known me even just tiny pieces.
I know i'll be surround by unknown people that day but again I'm blessing for it present too, coz that is from U to me.
May life become greater and greater everyday. (^_^)

Love u all friends :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In The Arts Island Performance 2010

Well actually that's an art performance held at pinting gallery called Museum barli, here in my place - Bandung, Indonesia. Pretty excited coz there are several famous art contemporary dancer on it field that fill this exhibit. Imagine that when u just knowing them by virtue world then it's become real. You are coming on that occasion and showed them on LIVE mode. That's so amazing eh?

To get their spirit when the dance showed.
To get known them too on relax time without cut off by the paparazzi (LOL!) ;p
To get connect directly in other time through other electronic media
To learn about their world too

That's so fascinating right? :)

Humm GOD thank You so much for tonight.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FrOm OtheRs

When u are doing some activities it's okay TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX.
Not wearing the regular thought in accomplish the aim.
EveryOne is UniQue without they are realize so JusT ENJOY and ComFY with all of that.

Thank's for friends who always remind me about this so that can help us gain FRESH atmosphere.
Thank's for GOD again coz U are letting me to not stop learning about our environment.

GOD bless you all.


Good tunes in the noon time while the warm still smiling for us under
Great atmosphere is spreading companion by easy listening music
What a beautiful day
Let's enjoying this
Oooh ya don't forget about tea n some crackers too

Have a pleasure day everyone (^,*)

Monday, June 21, 2010

a line by Rumi

"The minuete I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along". - Rumi

BillY The LioN

Yes it is, the old poem that I've been written about last year

it's called BiLLy The LiOn

Billy the Lion that's what they called him
Not a big lion but brave enough
Billy the Lion,that he is
the one who familiar with expedition and explore world
Billy the Lion
the best strategic thinker and like to know everythings
He's a free willy until time call him later
Billy the Lion..Billy the Lion
Juz yelling us to fight with you
Billy the Lion..Billy the Lion
finally my eyes catch u

Saturday, June 19, 2010

to your 2nd yard

there's a time to go outside humid for a while for catching some occasion at your 2nd yard.
haa! if it possible may there's a time for spend time.
visiting places that not yet taken...
before you are landing at another part of world again.
( supposed to do it again eh? like the word said standing around 4 to 6 inside and several years outside, but someday it depends on situation too)...aah dun worry be happy :) coz obligation is on everyone life.
okay then c u later then, may all acts right.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks 4 Everything

Grateful stand still there to YOU again and always for every miracles U shown us.

Thanks for not made that vehicle stopped at Reading Lights couple years ago. Haa dunno what the story will be if it persisted mind by that time.
Might be it'll be bad or a shame coincidentally to remember. Because it's situation.

Thanks for all moment U are already arranged for everyone in gaining happiness into their heart so there wont be an aimless.

Thanks for giving a light to the dark or dim room where locking for long long time. For inserting it with new atmosphere that freshen our brain :) .

Thanks for letting us to learn old mistaken that repairing to right one.
Thanks for letting us catch the new dream for better way of life.
Thanks for being a BlUr condition be a ClaRity one.
Thanks for making Liberty meet Peaceful and collide...
Thanks for showing and remembering us about love and care for people around
Thanks for teaching us to be a real human with all characteristics stock U've got

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Extravagant Year (2010)

Why I said so?
Because it said so since the beginning of the year.
So much unknown things show up like a relationship between close friend or new comers.

There are several new comers from out region that have a brilliant idea about everything.
Huuu GOD so wonderful if we can having those meeting for upgrading our ideas. Collide it become one FRESH packaging that can be helpful for everyone need it :).

Another extravagant from this year is ...

Few journeys to make all accomplish in the right dot.
Amin :)
Let's flyin' then to catch that fantastic dream in reality.

GANBATE! Let's let's have a venue here, pick one great place to discuss all (^_^) and finish it with well.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dream From the Past (part2)

One , two, three, .... a week, a month, two, three months and so on. But the continuity from that dream is blank, never showing for long time.

Until someday about 2 yrs later the dream was back... In the time that never know before. It just came and happened for several days.

The man still in position for waiting, so do the woman.
(Can you imagine that?! -- after 2 yrs passed they both still on the same position ... WOW!!)

On this second dream some intuition was there for both.

The woman can have a feel that there's a silhouette of man that wearing suit is waiting for someone. She just knowing that the silhouette is the one who likes staring at the window in some place. He have a beautiful smile, looks like having good impression for everyone around him, lots of woman at the office like him.

"Hummm what kinda treasury I'll get on that floor ya? what the connection between that silhouette with me anyway?"

Ping! the lift up one level to the 7th floor. Very weird coz in this stage the elevator feel moving in slow motion than before. While the woman be curious about it silhouette ...

Ping! now is in 8th floor.
"Hmm not so long anymore, now is 8th floor...May GOD bless this meeting without any distractions anymore".
On it's floor the lift stopped little longer than before, few people just came into. Dominated by men's. And they all looked so polite and nice. One of them was talking to her.

She wants to ignore it, but finally they were having conversation until next floor. The man who asked question seem interesting to that woman, but not his lucky day coz that woman didn't have any meaningful respond to him even they've got same interesting. He is kinda have a hope but the answer already there obviously, so he just moved out while say goodbye and smile until the door closed again.

While the woman have a thought, "What a nice man ... I hope GOD is giving him the best for it attitude".
" is going to 10 floor. Oow...feel so nervous here. GOD GOD help me to get relax in facing this all. Amin"

The man:

Still busy with his job, there are several bundle of papers on the desk. Seem a pretty hectic guy -- whew!
And something happened to him too.... in a moment he feels that his body is moving to another room. He is inside the elevator, behind a woman. And his thought said, "there she is, a woman that I 'm looking for ... wow GOD she is so simple and beautiful too with that wavy hair, i like the way she smile ... so truthful, her white skin and that shady eyes -- make me feel so calm".

He wants to put his hand to her hair , but something happened...
That elevator is stopping and the door open! on 10th floor.  Suddenly, he's back onto his room with those paper.
"Oowww , what happened GOD? what's that?...pfff...."
"Well I must prepare now, she is about here on this floor. future is here. GOD please give me a courage to face with this matter".

The woman stepped out from the elevator and seem a little awkward about all this things, but the faithful still there and encouraging her to move on. There's a people that she asked about the room and explain it to her in nice way.
And she was there standing in front of a door. She was about knocked it when someone arrived from another room and said, "please waiting for a moment, I'll tell him that you are already here".

Not so long, the door is open. Her eyes busy to catch that silhouette on that room ... white and clean even there are lot of bundles paper. Hmm it's an empty room, where's that person??
While she was waiting , there's on his desk lay some papers, it contains story. It lines speaking so fluently. At that moment she mumbled, "what a nice story here, I like the way this person write it down. Just like someone I am searching for whole my life. Oooh my GosH!"

"What an unbelievable things , how come all this happen?? ... GOSh! Like find my own treasury, yes this is mine...I'm speechless here GOD. U just answered my whole life pray", she was silent for couple minuets when it tears came up and made her cheek wet. Yes she was shocked but happy too for everything.


Then a man touched her back and said, "hai don't speechless about it, i was made it from the deep heart like i always do when write it all".
"it nice to meet you , finally after ..."
The times then like a freeze motion when they are face to face. Eye to eye and everything seems flowing well. They like understand each other when it happen. There's a gladly come from both of them. No doubt between and they are continue all to next level of life.

A precious moment, full of miracles and connection that feelings only by two of them.
Full of happiness when they are together. A blessed unison that GOD give, very extraordinary but it's done.

===== the end =====

Haa! that's the ending of it dream that already delayed for 2 yrs. Hahahaha funny right? I think that dream wont be have an ending, but you are all knowing it now...It's ending.

To me , having this dream is like a key of life that sound, "Never Give up to that unison moment!Your treasury is there".

Hummm thanks GOD coz U aleady gimme this precious dream.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spending the Day with LUI

stunning for that little angel

how wonderful day

exploring the world in front of that sparkling eye

ow ow ow so beautiful

that pink line that always smile

just making whole time vivifies

precious time

what a pleasure experiences

hip hip hip

Thank You GOD (^_^)

may in the future U can give the gold, silver girl n boy too :)
and will be sparkling for the world

Monday, June 14, 2010

Might Be

It might be you

the shadow that always there still stood

it might be you

who is like starring the nite sky full of diamond

and feel the gentlest of Moonlight

and when the weather is change

it might be you

who is enjoying nature under the Sun

and feel the warm wind touch those face

while they are all playing good with your hair

Oow, what a day

Dream from the past (Part 1)

That was a day when I just sat and thought about all moments that has been through with unpredictably. Happiness or even saddy moments and between them there are miracles gray that stand still where ever you go life.

The miracles that make you amazed by it, without your command and the outer limit our mind. I know that everything happen have a purposes behind, even someday we are people very late to understand all the meaning. Just like them, she or he, and mine too.

Once upon a day in the last 4 years ago, it was a dream about some guy who is wearing a suit. He is standing and seating on some room. Alone while starring at the view in front of big window. The room color was dominated by WHite. He was doing so many travel of life since the old days. That time he was waiting for someone. Someone that he assured having some beat with him. Very important person that finally come up after long journey...
In the same time, 4 yrs ago exactly there's a dream too about a woman that's wearing a white dress with white shoes. She is standing out some building that surrounded by tree, lil bit fresh since it was located in full populated city. The woman is standing near the black engine, then somebody told her to enter that building coz there's a person that wanting meet her. She even never recognize that person before...but deep down on her heart there's a powerful faith that it person have some same rhyme to catch.

Feels so wow when I remember back whole scene on this dream. Just like u watch some precious story of life that full of Miracles, Magic, coincidence, Passion of Love that bring so many happiness to those captured it. Both of them can feel each beat even not in the same place...They are feeling each other since a long long day ago but just met with one coincidence.

Let's moved to the next scene

On the building

The man who was busy before with his job, then stop his action for a while. He just have a feeling that the important person he's waiting for just arrival downstairs. And again, he's feeling her rightly, while pray to GOD that it person can arrive with well until that floor.
He said to his self " time is come GOD, hope you handed us in great unison. Amin"

And the woman is entering one of lift on that building. She's feel a lil bit nervous in a sudden, but still praying to HIM so that she could step forward until that floor. It said on the 10 th floor, that she will find that treasure. A precious one and only for her no body on earth can take it away.

"Oh my GOD, what exactly it is?"
"Is there somebody I was knowing before or ...?"
And the lift walk away in smooth mode.

Something whispering her to not be a weakness in the middle of that step. And she' s a lil shocked about that whisper. The funny is deep down of her faith something pushing her to continue that.
The man :

"Come ... come just come here please. Coz u are completely me with indescribably. But u are the one I'm searching for whole this journey of life".
"Dear GOD, thanks for that coincidence".

He was silent when something blast on his mind. Suddenly, he's feeling about that person downstairs . He caught some doubt from her, it said that she will turn down. On that moment he back to pray and asked GOD to give him a chance.

"It was went not right on the past GOD, let me do the right this time. Just let it that person continue the way until this floor. I can't wait another time coz it will be to late".

And he is continue waiting...

The woman :

What a smooth way how this lift go up there. Humm, I'll probably back down, Yes I'll do it now.

On 4th floor then she decided to stop her move to go up stairs. She was intend to stop and change the lift. She pushed the button and the lift stopped. In front of her there's a blank room with lots of door. Very quite, she stepped one movement ... and back again inside.

There, inside her mind,
"How fool you are! This is a rare situation, after u are praying all the time. How can you be not polite for what HE already show to?"

"Your real treasure is up there waiting ... don't be so silly...just facing it!"

The lift then stopped longer at 6th floor, some people entry. Almost all just smile at her, while few woman not. That few seem unhappy with this woman. They were argue with their self, and someday said bully word to her. She was shocked af course, so that make her positive to go up stairs and meet her treasury.

Humm...what about this all woman! Freak!, she said on mind.

You know what happen then friends, this dream just cut on that part in a long - long time... so
suck eh??...


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dark Room

On that silent night I was stayed un-word there.
Just scattered that computer screen while this eye rolling on the words.
Feel awkward , amazed , shocked about all signs.
I want to believe but suddenly scared showing up.
For sake it tears will be out very soon if not pushed it back.

And silent is the only way to do while all pieces are flying free in ur mind.
Dear GOD just make everything goes well yeah.

Amin .

Friday, June 11, 2010

Word Puzzle

Today I just re-read my friend blog. He write it with a good rhyme inside, someday he used usual like a report of some event or moment he'd been through. Or pointing some problem that pretty much happen around life sector.But someday he wrote it with full of direction about something like a Word Puzzle. He want us capturing what inside the story. Dig dig just go dig till the deep.
However ... it's still a delight time for me reading yours. It's activated our brain to keep fight for finding those present of life from ur packaging sentences.

PS: How blessed I am can have friend like you are who always fallin' love with life. With all genuine capabilities that facilities u as HIS creature.

\(^0^)/ hip hip hooray...

Cashier Machine

Once upon a time, when I spend a day accompany my mum at store near house.
I just realized that Cashier Machine have a sound like a choir when it sing a long together. Of course when it store having much customer that doing transactions. Hehehe...
To me it's something awesome caught by the time. Haa! (^_*)
This kinda things ... not everybody aloud their self for enjoying that rhyme.
So, I'm writing this to you all for get a relax a little while when u are in store.
Feel them as a choir that sing a song for you...feel it with your heart.

Have fun everyone...exploring the world full of treasury :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Me And Them

Some moment with best friend (^_^)

with Bebi

with Lilian

with Foppa

with dion and bebi

with Yona, Camellia, Mira and Bebi

with Rumi, Bebi, Muti and Dewi 'Donald'

with Deri and bebi

Me and twin sista :)

How glad I am to have them as my best friend from any era I've been through. There's my twin sista including to that list too. Hahaha :D

They are all great woman on each personal life. world world world it's lovely surround by u all even we aren't in the same town anymore coz mostly are a carrier+house wife and the man are busy too. How I missed the time when we were chat, do some GOKIL motion , sing a song, laughing for something , celebrating special occasion and etc.

Huu might in the future we can do it again. Hmm...we'll see.

May GBU all (^_^)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pray By Them

It was a noon where I met a woman that I called bi* uti. She is my best friend aunty. Because of her kindness , I feel that she like my own aunty too. she likes to have a conversation about life, giving us "petuah" . However she moved out of town to Banda Aceh about 2 years ago and back again to Bandung on this June.

And last noon was my 1st meeting with her and the children. Yaa! She's got 3 children with 2 girls and 1 boy. And three of them pretty close to me, since they were little :D. How an impression to meet them again and they are now teens. And still have lovely attitude like they do in the past time.

The funny one is the younger, Hani, she is still keeping a bag from the past. Her sista told me that she wont trash it so that she can feel close always with me. Whoaaaa it's so beautiful, isn't it?

Then a moment where I had to go home, Bi Uti asked about "the guy" and I just smile for that.
Smile and silent of course. This aunt always praying the best for me since the old day. Well they are all good friend that become family to me.
I never say anything and she said a line that shocked me a little while.

Before I opened the door she said this "We are (especially her) all praying the best for you Bel. The good guy is there, amin".
Whoww! And for the 2nd time I got speechless and just smile.
Then I said thank you so much for the pray.

(I might be remember the magic sentence she thrown this noon for couple times later, and it'll make me smile again)

Note : * : Bi = On Sundanese it means aunt , but in Indonesian means housekeeper

Enjoy your day everyone (^_^)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


That is one of my friend, that i meet her from the link of my pal at FB. She is younger than me but having a fantastic spirit in herself. I believe that u feel the same way like I did if meet this person.

Waww another great friends YOU already gimme to me. Thanks for YOUR way to give them on my way. Cuz they are all make me having ability to stand longer than used to be.
Thanks for Gracia too coz U make my world colorfull with ur positive energy. GOD bless you my friend.
For every step u are going through I will pray for it too.
May we are going to meet again someday in the future after your journey at DC end.

Yipikayey! (^_^) enjoy the world and life outta.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Morning still,
so Gud morning everyone :)

I wake earlier than usually today, then it word was accompany me everywhere I go.

Still asleep even and dancing all over the times. Pffiiiuwww
But yes this month is special for me , in fact every years this one always important.
Every this month I have to change or add something into big bowl of life so that will be more delicious than before. Even yes the family recipe is already there for more than hundreds generation :).

Yes! Something must CHANGE to next step.
Up one or several level than before.
In every corner and full that bowl with fantastic ingredients. (^_^)
Feel spoil and yummy by it taste.

HUmmm June and Change.
Let's move on :D