Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tetap Misteri

Suatu hari seseorang bertanya, "Apa ya yang akan terjadi 5 menit dari sekarang di depan kita?"
Kemudian yang lain pun melontarkan sesuatu, "Gak pernah tahu bung!"

Yes gak pernah tahu even kita bertemu orang-orang hebat pun, semua kembali lagi padaNYA.
Misteri dan selalu that's life called.
Dan setahuku MISTERI adalah nama terhebat untuk sesuatu yang terjadi di dunia ini. Betapapun kejadian demi kejadian adalah sebuah pengulangan di masa silam. Selalu ada kemungkinan baru dalam sebuah pengulangan yang terprediksi.

So dun forget to remember HIM always everywhere u are.
Coz he the mystery guest is the ONE and the Greatest.

Hebatnya si Tetap Misteri.
Have fun with all ur activities then :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flying Again

Hmmm what a life lately...Seem this is the other things i have to do.
Flying to the new journey of life.
Now I'm being a leaves that ready blow by the wind.
Just let the pattern flowing me somewhere to get new story.
New vision, newbies, new direction, experiences, knowledge, people, feelings, etc
All I know for sure is I'm flying again in learn something fresh.
Wish me luck then ;p

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When I See Your Smile

Finally I got it after years passed.
Many people said to be patient is important thing,,,so I'll try to learn it. It's heavy indeed but still move on till today.
Amien for that one coz GOD gimme the result, just a little thing HE put on my life but it was huge.
Just for a smile HE already brighten my days.
When I See Your Smile it filled up with Happiness, Merry, Cheering, etc
When I See Your Smile it likes Peacefully sounded me
When I See Your Smile I really like it
When I See Your Smile I'd like passing the day with it


Friday, September 18, 2009

GOD secret & Happy Iedul Fitri

We people just a dust in a huge field that growing by lots of variable. We never know what GOD thinking. Even someday we try to predict but still HE is THE ONE. The kind who create universe and get along with us always.

And someday he was reveal some of HIS secret to the lucky one in so many ways. From the worst way till the brightening one. Then make some people who chosen feel so incredible with that experiences. Just like what I got last day in the early morning after did SAHUR. Never recognised too that was 27th of ramadhan days. There up the sky while it still dark i saw a group of stars. It's about 9 stars with 3 of shining very. Beautiful!

Amazing this : u just stand up on the roof and saw them that felt very close with you. Plus the wind blowed in cooling harmony and companion with voice of people who read Al Qur'an. Quite well symphony. Feel very blessed in see it. Perhaps that's called Lailatul Qadar Night yeah?
Your heart beat so relax and feel so calmly. Peace in front of your face and GOD like standing near to you. What a sweet morning I had last day.

May everythings i do in the next will be bless as it time. Amien

Btw, the ramadhan events will be end in this two days left, so I'd like to say Happy Iedul Fitri for those who celebrate it. May GBU too :). Amiin

Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer weekend in September

Pffiuwww what a day lately! Hot very, yes! summer already come friends. Preparing your summer fits to feel and enjoy it outside. Dun 4get to bring hats to cover ya all from sunshine attacked outta. Uuugh wondering wanna hunting for new hat now, that having fashion style on it :).

Btw i've gettin' on the road last weekend. Everythings rolled up by accidential, without any preparation i went to Jakarta city. Leaving Bandung with my sista car and her chauffer. What a lovely view I captured outta when took off. There's so many things i never see lately and feel it again. Touch of Sun in early morning, sawah between some dvelopment of resting area in freeway, trees that plant for Bandung Go Green,etc. Oh yeah the freeze wind was accompany us through the way. Cold indeed but fresh too ;).

Arrived in Jakarta it's still in the morning time where not to much public transportation outta.And looking forward some pumps to get fuel for the ride.After that we ready to catch new baby born at hospital. Yes looked up forward my sista baby named Amandha. What a catchy names and beautifully baby. Swear GOD that's for real ;).

Helped my sista to went home in the noon, taking care my lil Andrey for a while (from noon - night)...'Nebeng' relatives of my twin sista to catch the way to RS Haji @ pondok gede. a lil bit lost in space coz i have to stay a night at Bekasi. However it pleasure night coz finally I could come to my close friend home in that area. And meet her with her fam is make me happy. Yeah meet a good people is always make ur heart glad ad happy.What a happy family,loved to see 'em.

In Sunday morning i contued my trip to RS Haji intend to meet my pal that was canceled on Saturday night. Long way enough in the mid of hot day but i moved on to the point. And finally successed to arrive there. Pffiuwww after chit chat, laugh here and there, met the baby gal that also beautiful...It's time to tracking the way to some area called Pondok Kelapa. I took BB for ride me to that place. Alhamdulillah I've got nice driver and 'cekatan' enough in searching for addresses (great huh?!). Then we were ok till that point.

It's about Sunday noon I was back to Bandung with my twin relatives and her friend also the chauffer. And here we are in the mid to back again for Bandung city. Alomost slept all the way, but got a great panorama when this eye opened. Nature view that i wont missed in the quite freeway at noon time. Some owesome had been captured and never forget. Well, that exactly happened last weekend. Exhausted but still fun and lot of little bless from GOD. Thank You again for guarding me always SIR :).

Oh yeah last but not least...something miracle between lots of moment is hearing voice of friend that meeting in the old days. Only couple seconds, but if u once read this notes I wanna say 'Hey nice to hear ur voice again :0)'. That's a real spontaneous act but still nice. Okay then...I gtg for other activities now, so see u on the next chap yeah.

Bye then